Cost to Feed CANIDAE

Cost to Feed CanidaeHow much does it cost to feed your four-legged family members one of our CANIDAE® Pet Food premium brands? Not as much as you might think!

Use the 4-Step calculator below to find out just how affordable it can be to feed your dog and cat a super premium diet of CANIDAE® Life Stages or CANIDAE® Grain Free PURE.

Dog Cat
Step 1: Choose Formula
Step 2: Indicate Bag Size
Step 3: Select Pet's Weight
Step 4: Enter Price of Food

Cost to feed calculations are approximate and based on pet weight ranges. Special circumstances such as a dog/cat that expends a high amount of energy through work or lactation may require additional food. Dogs/Cats that are overweight or advanced in age may require less. These calculations are designed to provide an estimated cost only.

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