Cat Food Reviews

Everyday, she got better. I feel like I have a new cat.

2010-06-08felidae6/8/2010 – I just wanted to send a note of gratitude. My cat is doing so well after being on FELIDAE. I just cannot say how much I appreciate having a healthy, happy cat again. Thank you for making such a fabulous product.

Pictured is Jasmine, she’s almost 10. All her life she’s been such a picky eater. And then she got really sick with Feline Upper Respiratory Disease. I was so concerned because she got so thin and she wasn’t eating ANYTHING.

Someone recommended we try FELIDAE. Well, she acted like she had never been fed. Everyday, she got better. I feel like I have a new cat. She’s more relaxed, not jumpy. She’s more playful and happy. What a difference in her appearance, her coat is gorgeous. I can’t thank you enough. =^^=

Marlene A.
Abbotsford, BC

This food beats other Natural/Holistic brands

2011-05-265/26/2010 – I have a cat with Eosinophilic Gastroenteritis (EGE). In the beginning we thought he had food allergies and we tried many different things and it was suggested to go to holistic/natural foods, but he was still having trouble digesting and was still having other severe symptoms. It was then suggested by a store clerk from Pet City here in Land O Lakes, Florida that I should try FELIDAE after Thief’s EGE diagnosis.

The food works wonderful, he loves it, doesn’t get sick, has not had any lesions, has been using the bathroom normal, no blood seen, and I get to give my vet a positive update every visit.

This food beats other Natural/Holistic brands and provides a complete and proper balance of everything they need. He is the best looking cat around and now the healthiest. Thank you for your care and compassion for the betterment of Cats and Dogs. >^.^<

Lauren V.
Land O Lakes, FL

Now we’re a complete CANIDAE and FELIDAE feeding household!

2010-05-03a5/3/2010 – We started using CANIDAE after a bad experience with another brand. They always seemed to have runny stools that never improved, and they were turning their noses up at this other “super-premium” food. We did some research online and found CANIDAE. I was excited about it because it had no corn in it, and the price was reasonable, and it also supported our local pet stores rather than the big corporations! I emailed CANIDAE for some samples to make sure the dogs liked it (with 5 dogs you’re almost guaranteed someone won’t like a food), and they devoured them. I think they thought the food was a treat! So we went out and bought CANIDAE All Life Stages right away, and the dogs simply LOVE it. They even picked the CANIDAE out of their bowls when we were mixing the old and new food together. Even our older, pickier dogs picked out the CANIDAE to eat. Just recently I decided to try the Chicken and Rice version, and they loved it as well. I think it’s great CANIDAE offers a few different flavors that I can rotate so they can have some variety in their diet while still eating a great nutritional food.
2010-05-03bWe also have two cats, and decided that since the dogs were on CANIDAE, that we might as well try FELIDAE. They, just like the dogs, picked their FELIDAE kibble out of the bowl and left their old food. They made that decision easy for us :) So now we’re a complete CANIDAE and FELIDAE-feeding household! We even buy the Snap-Bits and Snap-Biscuits and they dance in circles in the morning for their treats!
Their customer service is first-rate – always quick to reply to emails and offer coupons and frequent-buyers information. How can you go wrong with such a great company?
The photo I’ve attached shows the two pups of the family (they’re about a year old now). River, the black and white Siberian husky, and Charlie the one-eyed husky/collie mix. They’re my children and I wouldn’t feed them anything else! The cat is Phoebe, a shelter-kitty. They all say thank you for such a great food! They’re all happy and healthier than they’ve ever been.

Thank you again!
Carrie C.
Chandler, AZ

I thank you for making great food to keep our gang strong

2009-12-15a12/15/2009 – Words can’t express how important my gang is to me! I want them to be healthy and strong and thanks to your food they are!

Our newest baby, Little Guy, was rescued by my husband who found him very sickly and so weak he could barely eat canned food.

Little Guy quickly made great progress and is now ruling the roost and thriving thanks to FELIDAE Grain Free canned and dry formulas! We think he’s finally off to a great start!

We have two other babies too: Meg who is 16 and Spotty who is almost 15. As soon as I opened the first can of FELIDAE Grain Free they both came running and chowed down. Now all three are happy, healthy cats. The first picture [above] is of Little Guy the day my husband brought him home and the second is of Little Guy just two weeks after we started feeding your grain free canned! He is really strong and healthy now thanks to your food and I thank you so much!
The third picture is of Meg, our 16 year old polydactyl who is still going strong thanks to FELIDAE grain free food!
2009-12-15dThis last picture [left] is of Spotty on the couch. He is our handsome big boy!

Thank you so much! I am one happy human and will have to order more of the big 13 ounce cans. I thank you for making great food to keep our gang strong!

Mare A.

There were no hairballs

2009-10-13b10/13/2009 – I began feeding my two cats, Milton and Lucy, FELIDAE Grain Free dry cat food at the beginning of September. After approximately 2 1/2 weeks, I noticed there were no hairballs being thrown up around the house. Previously, with other food, I had that quite frequently. I’m so happy with the results since I switched to FELIDAE. They love the taste also.

Thank you,

Mary K.
Jenison, MI

She has never thrown up and only once did I find a tiny fur ball

2010-01-04cat1/4/2009 – Angie, named for an angel. She is a rescue cat and since she decided to live with me I have not had another sad day since. Angie is 4, acts like a kitten. I have had her for two years.

I can cut her nails, brush her teeth, she does not scratch on furniture, curtains, or anything else except her scratching post.

She has never thrown up and only once did I find a tiny fur ball. I believe this is because of the nutritious FELIDAE wet food I feed her.

Bruce N.

It was like we had two different cats!

2008-12-15felidae12/12/2008 – Our two middle-aged boys, Simon and Claudius, were generally happy and healthy cats, but they weren’t looking like their regal selves. We decided to switch them to a more natural and nutritionally balanced food, and FELIDAE was the choice. Within a week, it was like we had two different cats! They love the food, and there are no more digestion issues. Claudius is sure to let us know, sometimes with force, if he can see the bottom of the bowl. Their appearance has improved, including smoother, shinier coats and half the shedding – a big deal with a Himalayan! They’ve also transitioned from two fluffy bed pillows to these whirling dervishes chasing around the house. We can’t say enough good things, and wanted to thank you for putting out such a high-quality yet affordable product. 

Rey & Courtney M
Sarasota, Florida

Bouncer and Archie love the change

10/21/2008 – Wow, I’m not sure what was done to improve the FELIDAE Cat and Kitten Formula but both of my cats are crazy about it. Prior to the change my cats seemed to eat their dry food because it was all that was available. Bouncer and Archie love the change!

Harlan E

Thank you so much for improving FELIDAE

gslr8/26/2008 – I just want to tell you how much my cat loves the new FELIDAE formula better than the old one. To be honest, I bought the food because I really liked the ingredients and knew it was the best for my cat, but she really didn’t eat it that well. Well I thought I would give you one more try before switching brands and OMG my cat “Chloe” won’t stop eating the new food. I have to measure her food now or she will over eat. After two months on the new food her coat is better than ever and she just shines with health. Thank you so much for improving FELIDAE Cat and Kitten food.

Jennifer B. and Chloe
Eau Claire, WI

Wish we had tried FELIDAE years ago

IMG_04408/25/2008 – Oh boy did we have trouble with our finicky little cats. We have four of them and they are all over 8 years old. For the past six months or so they have been vomiting on and off and their fur looked scruffy. We thought maybe they were just getting older, but took them all in for a checkup at the vet who didn’t find anything wrong and suggested that we try a new food. She gave us some brand names to try but the vomiting seemed to get worse. A clerk at the pet store said FELIDAE Platinum was just improved and he’d heard lots of good feedback. We gave it a try and the vomiting stopped. What a relief! All of their coats are starting to look shiny and smooth again. Wish we had tried FELIDAE years ago. Thanks so much for making a quality cat food.
Villa Park, CA

She is back to being her happy, healthy self

7/9/2008 – Thank you for a MIRACLE! A friend who feeds CANIDAE heard that our cat, Taz, had chronic diarrhea which was terrible for her and us humans too.  I had tried many food changes using organic and “natural” foods to no avail.  We spent hundreds of dollars with the vet and never got a clear diagnosis or improvement.   Finally, I took my friend’s suggestion.  It wasn’t easy to get the food in our rural location but your distributor, Cloe’s Barkery in El Paso, was so helpful and made arrangements to have it shipped.  Then the miracle happened.  Within two days of switching to FELIDAE canned and dry food, Taz’s two-year long problem went away entirely.  It’s been nearly three months now and she is back to being her happy, healthy self and our house is a happier place because of it. THANK YOU for saving both Taz and our sanity!
New Mexico

Thank you for your commitment to the health of cats

5/23/2008 – I just wanted to say thank you for making such a wonderful cat food. We have had problems with one of our cats throwing up for the last four years despite having tried a multitude of “special” foods. We learned of FELIDAE through a family member and decided to try it. It is wonderful! Our cat no longer gets sick and her coat is thick and shiny. Our veterinarian saw her yesterday and remarked at how healthy she was. Thank you for your commitment to the health of cats.