Cat Food Reviews

A well deserved praise…

2006 - I run a very small cat rescue group in my area. I find homes for as many needy cats and kittens as I can. I currently have several cats that are a combination of my personal pets and rescue cats. Some of the once wild cats came to me feline leukemia positive which we treat with Alfa Interferon. Having so many mouths to feed, I used to feed supermarket brands but became frustrated with the horrible ingredients I read were going into this “food” and felt terrible about what I was feeding my little friends. Most of my cats (leukemia positive AND negative) vomited each time they ate it. So, I began researching alternative foods; from homemade raw meat diets to vegetarian diets and everything in between. Then I was fortunate enough to be given a pamphlet about your WONDERFUL product along with 3 samples of FELIDAE. Even my most finicky little “Tuffy”, who sometimes even refuses chicken breast, loved it, and so did I! I began feeding it to everyone one week ago and the results have been immediate and amazing!!! Not one of them has vomited even once, their coats feel like silk and shine like sunshine, they are more contented and calmer, like a stress has gone away. They eat about half as much as they did before because they are getting the nutrition they need instead of bulk. Their stools are smaller, less smelly and in just one week those with diarrhea have improved. Your food is a wonder food and it’s the best thing a person could do for their cat. I only wish I had known about it years ago. I tell everyone I know about FELIDAE and I cannot tell them enough good things about it! My Mother is going to start her cats on it too! I am anxiously waiting to see what effects it will have on my leukemia positive cats (and my cystitis girl) as I am sure there will be more results as time goes by. I know that it won’t cure the leukemia but between the Alfa Interferon and FELIDAE I know their lives will be the best they can be. I have worked FELIDAE into my budget and am so dedicated to feeding it that I will cut my personal food budget before I go back to feeding any of those other cat “foods”.

I switched him to FELIDAE, and he is very happy about it

2006 - Thank you for your wonderful cat food. I brought home a couple of sample packets from our local pet store, and mixed some of it in with my Monet’s (my cat) regular food. He chose to pick out every last piece of FELIDAE, and completely ignored the rest of his food, which is unusual as he is a cat that loves to eat. After I ran out of the samples, he started eating his old food again, but very little of it. As a result I switched him to FELIDAE, and he is very happy about it. So on behalf of Monet, thank-you for a great cat food. You may publish this with your FELIDAE testimonials if you choose to.

Yours Sincerely
Gail Lamb

I would never feed my cats anything but FELIDAE

2006 - I just had to say that I would never feed my cats anything but FELIDAE food!! I first tried it when I got a free sample at the pet store and my kitten tore the bag open to get into it and ate nearly the whole thing. This is an FIV + kitten who had never in her life been able to eat dry food due to mouth problems caused by complications from the FIV. I tried *every* possible food for her, even a home made diet. She loves FELIDAE, as do all my cats, and I know it gives her the nutrition she so desperately needs. Her mouth problems have greatly diminished, her coat is beautiful, and she is happy and healthy.

FELIDAE is the best cat food for people who care about their cats. Hands down. And if anyone doubts that, they are welcome to contact me for her story.

Thank you for making a great product.

Sonya S
“mom” to Emma, Nietzsche, and Cecil

Now on FELIDAE, Jasper is gorgeous and feels like silk

2005 - Our friend Mike Lynch, who owns Lakewood Pet in Healdsburg introduced us to FELIDAE and CANIDAE. I see that most of your on line testimonials are from people with show dogs. We don’t have any show dogs or cats. Our 9 cats are all rescues from the street. We started FELIDAE about 3 weeks ago. Jasper was a wild cat we socialized. We’ve had him about 7 years and he has always looked like a scavenger, even with premium foods. His coat was always rough feeling and scraggly looking. He tried, but just couldn’t shine. Now on FELIDAE, Jasper is gorgeous and feels like silk. He loves to be petted and stroked, and now it’s much more rewarding for me!

Our old Sadie cat has had chronic dandruff and oily skin. That has cleared up and she also feels like silk. She is old and not able to clean herself as well as she used to, and the FELIDAE helps her to not be so icky. She’s happier. She’s also diabetic, so I hope this helps her health. The coat is the most visible evidence of improvement. Rhodie came from Eureka, CA. She lived on the street for many years before she was rescued. She also had the chronic dandruff. She now feels like velvet and her dandruff is gone. We have 6 more that have improved slightly, but didn’t have any problems to begin with. It’s nice to see these creatures enjoying beauty and good health. We won’t be claiming any ribbons, but at least they get to look like they could!

Let Your Light Shine
Rev. Pamela G

Then I found FELIDAE

2005 - I have 12 year old Himalayan (female), who had urinary problems for 9 years. The vets could do nothing, put her on prescription Science Diet (to no avail), collected thousands in testing and medications which did nothing. The poor thing suffered, and I suffered. Then I found FELIDAE, and figured I might as well try it. (I was at a Dog show, and your representative had samples). Well, my cat was cured within a week. This product is a lifesaver. She has no more problems, and is so much happier, as am I. I sing your praises to every cat owner I meet. Do the vets know about your pet food? It’s the greatest medicine I ever found. Thank you.

Karsten B

Maine Coons enjoying their FELIDAE

felidaefamily2005 - I am attaching a picture of our happy Maine Coons enjoying their FELIDAE. This is Ves’tacha with her daughter Dharma and her son Buddha, two of the 11 healthy kittens we are currently raising on FELIDAE cat food. Please feel free to add this to your testimonial page, I am listed under Liscoonvarna. Right now I am talking with my local distributor about becoming a retailer for your products, and I am looking forward to providing my friends and clients with superior quality food for their pets.

:-) Lara L

She Gobbled Up Like It Was Going Out Of Style

2005 - I must say, you make an excellent product. My cat was totally off of her food, I usually feed her Nutro Max and she was getting sick from not eating. I tried many different kinds of foods and finally found FELIDAE which she gobbled up like it was going out of style :)