I wish I would have found Canidae sooner!

photo-5July 31, 2014 

My 5 year old English Pointer mix came to me as an orphan rescue puppy. Mikki has always been energetic, happy, and does well with everyone- from babies and puppies and up.
She had no known health problems until she was about 2. Mikki began having chronic ear infections, as well as infections in between her toes. Thanks to a knowledgeable employee at a pet specialty store, we were able to figure out that Mikki was allergic to grain. Once we switched her to a grain free food the infections stopped, and we were relieved that our pup wasn’t in pain anymore. Mikki did start to develop seasonal allergies, which we were able to remedy as needed with OTC pills. Everything went smoothly until Mikki turned 4. Suddenly, her stomach developed sensitivities to what seemed like everything. It took us over a year to figure it out, as we tried cutting out individual ingredients, adding probiotics and various supplements on a trial and error routine. She was miserable, as she couldn’t make it through the night (let alone 2 hours) without having ‘an accident’. He coat became wire-like and very coarse. She lost her spunk, and everyone in the house (including her little ‘brother’ Sam) was down.
I had narrowed Mikki’s problem down to her need for grain free food, and discovered that she did better on natural food without additives. She started making it through the night, although it was obvious her tummy wasn’t 100% better, I was relieved at any advancement. The natural food I had some luck with was fish based protein, so as an experiment, I tried slowly switching Mikki to a grain free, natural chicken based food. All progress that had been made was lost- so an important discovery had been made! I began to search for grain free, natural, fish protein food. CANIDAE met all of Mikki’s needs. I ordered a bag of CANIDAE Pure Sea with Salmon. I slowly started switching Mikki to the new food, and the results are amazing.
She has been enjoying her new food for about 3 weeks now. Immediately the ‘accidents’ stopped, and her energy came back. She wants to play all of the time, and she is back to being the picture of happiness. Her coat has become soft and shiny, and her seasonal allergies even appear to be better! I wish I would have found CANIDAE sooner, it has made an amazing difference for me and my family- thank you!

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