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Thank you “CANIDAE”, you have truly saved Rocky’s life!

Rocky_BeforeRocky, a three-year-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier, came to us as a rescue. He was to be put down because of a severe case of eczema. As you can see in the ‘before’ picture, his fur is gone along most of his back and the skin is swollen and oozing. He was miserable, to say the least!

After three weeks, a diet of CANIDAE , you can see the difference! Swelling gone, and what we thought were dead hair follicles; the fur came back to life! What a miracle! In 25 years of breeding Staffordshire Bull Terriers, we have never seen such a remarkable improvement in such a short time! Thank you “CANIDAE”, you have truly saved Rocky’s life!

Rocky D.Rocky_After

After three days of feeding CANIDAE, she’s more energetic than ever

Maggie_01I just wanted to thank you and send my testimonial. The president of the rescue group I volunteer with, feeds CANIDAE to her dogs and recommended it when I told her that my three-year-old border collie/lab mix Maggie was frequently licking her paws. I had been feeding her Iams Large Breed dog food. After researching your product online and comparing it with several others, I bought and began feeding it to Maggie on September 13, 2004. Just three days after feeding her CANIDAE she became more energetic than ever! Within two weeks she began eating two regular meals a day, and her coarse fur turned soft and shiny (without being recently bathed). I have also noticed that on our daily morning car ride to take my children to school, she has become surprisingly less car sick. This greatly pleases me because she loves to ride along everywhere! After several months on the Iams food she had gone from eating two meals a day to barely eating one, which puzzled me. And ever since we adopted her in September of 2003 she easily became carsick. Now she occasionally shows signs of carsickness, but has not gotten sick since we began feeding her CANIDAE. Thank you for your products. We’re trying the snap biscuits next!

Laurie & Christopher, children, and of course Maggie
Omaha, NE

Also, I thought I should add that Maggie no longer licks her paws to the point of having hot spots on the pads of her feet. I can only attribute it to the CANIDAE! Maggie also has a much thicker coat of fur.

My name is Jake…

jake2Hi, my name is Jake and I love CANIDAE dog food. I have been chowing down for about 5 months now and I am already big and strong. I love to wrestle with my best friend Mazart back in NY and he always is very surprised to see how strong I have gotten.  I am fed 3 times a day but that is never enough. The taste is so mouth watering that I wish I could just have a little bit more. Well CANIDAE, I want to thank you for your wonderful dog food and I will continue to grow strong and healthy as long as I keep eating it.

Thank you again,
Your biggest fan, -Jake-

We just love your food

Hi, Just wanted you to know that 10 months ago, I started feeding my 9 yr old American Bulldog, “Jane” your food CANIDAE dry and the senior can food. She is thriving and her redness on her under carriage-belly is finally all gone. Finally after 9 years, we don’t have to take her to get prednisone shots! Yaaaaayy!! We found the perfect food for her.

We just love your food and I am telling everyone I know about your dog food!

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Alene B. :)

Thank you SO MUCH for your awesome food.

Baron_BellahIt is so hard to find a food that truly is good for our dogs. I like every ingredient in CANIDAE. We had trouble with our young Selah German Shepard keeping weight on with other foods. But we put her on CANIDAE and she no longer has a weight issue at all. It is so nice to not worry about whether or not she is getting the right and enough nutrients. We now have both our dogs on CANIDAE and our lab/hound mix is absolutely gorgeous. He shines and shimmers.

Thanks A TON!!!
Elizabeth S.

Piggy loved it and all our problems are now over.

I would like to thank you for providing such an excellent food. We have a Black Lab mix that we adopted about 4 1/2 yrs ago. She was about 2 when we got her. Since the day we brought her home, we had constant ear problems. We took her to 5 different vets, tried numerous ear treatments and still had problems. I was at wits end with the constant black ear goop and head shaking and scratching the ears. We found out about CANIDAE from a breeder and decided to give it a try that was about 6 months ago. Piggy loved it and all our problems are now over. I can’t thank you enough!!!! What a relief not to see her in any more discomfort. I’ve recommended CANIDAE to my family and friends and will never buy anything else.

Holly B. & Piggy

Sing the Praises!

When we got our Rhodesian Ridgeback, Layla, my mom (the breeder) was upset with me that I wasn’t going to feed her a “Large Breed Puppy Food”. We raised our Australian Shepherd, Aurora, on CANIDAE with awesome results, so we saw no reason NOT to feed it to Layla! When we switched Layla to CANIDAE, off of Science Diet Large Breed pup we failed at the gradual change. We tried to mix the two together, but Layla would just pick out all the CANIDAE and leave the Science Diet scattered all over the floor! Layla is now 5 months old and growing wonderfully! We couldn’t be happier! Her coat is shiny and soft, her eyes bright, and her bones are growing at just the right rate! I was warned that large breed pups can grow in such a way that they look out of proportion at times. Large breeds are also notorious for problems with bone growth. Not our Layla! She is in perfect proportion! We can’t wait to get her in the show ring!
Attached are a few pictures of our baby girl!

Kerrie K.
Buffalo, NY

I have a brag that I believe will interest you greatly

welshieOur Welsh Springer Spaniel “Dillon”, Ch. Glyndwr’s Winchester Legacy recently went “Best In Specialty” / “Best Veteran” / “Best Veteran in Sweepstakes” at the Welsh Springer Spaniel Club of America (WSSCA) National Specialty Show, Friday April 29th at Lake Matthews CA.

Dillon was the oldest dog at the specialty at 12 years. Quite an accomplishment for an “OLD GEEZER” who had been retired from showing for 5 years!

The judges for the specialty were very complimentary concerning Dillon’s “fitness”, appearance, beautiful coat quality, and “soundness”. He still moves like a 3year old in his prime! In fact one judge stated: “If he’s this good now, he must have been absolutely fantastic when he was “specialed”. During his prime, Dillon was top winning WSS for the years 1996 and 1999…he was in the top 3 for 1997 and 1998. He had won “awards of merit” at previous WSSCA nationals and at “Spaniel Club” shows.

Now if you’re still with me after my brag, the reason I bring all of this to your attention is that Dillon eats CANIDAE EXCLUSIVELY! While you’ll agree that breeding, conditioning and training are extremely important to a show dog’s career, it is my contention that without the nutritional support of CANIDAE…I might not be sending you this letter. I was in the pet industry for 20+ years, and owned 2 retail pet supply stores of my own before CANIDAE came on the market. I do know something about dog food. With Dillon’s winning record, believe me I have access to any food I choose to feed. I chose CANIDAE after seeing the beautiful coats on a very close friend’s Welshies, the best coat color and quality I had ever seen, and made the switch soon after. That was about 4 years ago. The results speak for themselves. He has gorgeous coat, fluid easy movement, and at 12 years old…he is pretty much problem free!

Anyway, thanks for listening, and thanks for a great food for my best friend!
Al & Cris R.

I wanted to tell you how fabulous your CANIDAE All Life Stage is!

It has literally made feeding my two dogs a peaceful experience.
I have a 14-year-old beagle mix that has a malignant brain tumor and is rather inactive. I recently got a sweet lanradoodle puppy that is now 4 and 1/2 months old. At mealtime it seemed as though the dogs were playing musical chairs! Britt wanted the puppy food, Dharma wanted the ‘brain function diet food’ (bah!) and it was not an easy chore to keep them separate.
The local feed mill here in Lebanon, PA suggested CANIDAE All Life Stage and I began to gradually switch their food – BOTH can eat the same food and I can be sure they are both getting what they need.
Britt and Dharma LOVE CANIDAE and I tell everyone who has a multi-generational dog household about it and I never fail to mention that (maybe it’s in my head, I am not sure) that Britt seems actually more ALERT and peppy these days! I am thrilled with this food!
By the way, my hubby likes it too – not only is it less expensive that the other ‘best’ brands, but he’s picking up less doggie doo before he mows the lawn!
Thanks for developing such a fabulous product!

Holly L.

They sold me CANIDAE for Willy

willy.beforeWilly the dog, 11 years old, had been fed grocery store foods, the Vet. had offered no help other than to switch to another brand of grocery foods. John asked, the Pet willy.afterProfessionals at Farm Supply in Paso Robles , CA. for help with his dogs condition, They sold me CANIDAE for Willy. This is the results in only 45 days on CANIDAE Dry food only. Willy looks and feels 100% better!!!

Thank you CANIDAE,
Willy and John S.

The Best Food on the Market

Me-&-the-Kids-Thank-You-(2)I really don’t know how to start out this email, I have so much to say! I have been feeding CANIDAE for a little over three years now and I have to say it is probably the best food on the market. I have three Dobermans (a 1yr old, 2yr old & 4yr old) which I train, and it is so convenient to feed them all one food! You also don’t lie at all about the coat conditioners. I have people ask me all the time what I use to make my dogs so shiny and I tell them it’s the food! I also wear my CANIDAE T-Shirt to a lot of my obedience trials, hoping maybe people will ask me about it. …

Ava-&-Wryley-Small-(2)…My male Dobie had so many skin problems when I got him that he was developing large bumps all over his body. His previous owner was feeding him a VERY low quality food (she should have just fed him whole corn the way she was feeding him) and complained about how picky he was. As soon as I whipped out the CANIDAE he was all over it! His skin problems have also gone away. A few weeks ago I convinced a woman to switch her Newfoundland… to CANIDAE because her dog had very dry, scaly skin. Just the other day she came into the store and almost hugged me because she was so thankful for showing her your food! Our store usually gets 2 or more pallets (50 or so bags per pallet) of CANIDAE in at a time and we just fly through them. There are many breeders in our area that are on your breeder program. It is great how you use these promotions to get your food out there. (I especially love the MANY coupons!)

The main point of this email was to say thank you for making such a wonderful product that actually DOES do what the bag says in keeping our pets (family members) healthy and happy.

Thank you.

More Power to CANIDAE

CANIDAE All Life Stages Formula is the best! I’ve never been more satisfied with a pet food product before. In comparison with other brands like Eukanuba, Science Diet, and Pedigree, your product is much, much more superior! CANIDAE made my dogs more active and vibrant. Aside from their healthy coats, they’ve become more healthy and active. I love it. I love your product!

Gerald P.

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