Dog Food Reviews

A noticeable change in my Australian Shepherd’s coat & skin!

September 16, 2014

I have compared other grain free dog foods and have noticed differences in all of them. One noticeable difference is the change in my Australian Shepherd’s coat and skin. The only food that has greatly shown a difference is the CANIDAE Grain Free Pure Land with Fresh Bison and CANIDAE Grain Free PURE Sea with Fresh Salmon. He went from a dull, dry flaky coat to a shiny, soft and flake free appearance after feeding him these foods. He also has more energy to do his Therapy Dog work, Frisbee and Chuck It ball throwing. I wouldn’t trust his baby blue eyes to any other food.

Catherine F.


Peanut Butter & Oliver – The Bow Tie Brothers!

  sunSeptember 9, 2014

I adopted PB when he was 4 1/2 months old & they recommended CANIDAE, which I’ve used ever since! I loved that I didn’t have to switch his food from puppy to adult & that it was/is a high quality product. When I adopted Ollie just over a year ago- I immediately began the switch to CANIDAE. I tell everyone that I love CANIDAE because it is high quality, always on the top list of recommended brands & never on the recall lists. My boys & all the dogs I have that come through my house that supposedly aren’t good eaters and/or don’t eat their food, love it.



Canidae is Yummy!

dogsSeptember 3, 2014

We are so excited when our owner serves us CANIDAE!!! We love the dry and wet food! YUMMY!!!

Belladonna & Bogart

His coat is extremely thick & he hardly ever scratches!

dog-hatSeptember 3, 2104

For years we struggled to get Duke’s skin allergies under control. He suffered with extreme itching which left him with bald spots and sores. The vet prescribed steroids and antibiotics, but after several cycles of this I knew we had to attack the cause instead of treating the symptoms. We tried different natural supplements to boost his immune system, but he just needed high quality natural food – CANIDAE. Now his coat is extremely thick, and he hardly ever scratches. Thank you again for your product!

Doris B.

We are so happy with this food!

jump August 29, 2014

My almost 9-year old Golden Retriever, Chase, has been a picky eater her whole life. From puppy on, we have run every test in the book to try and figure out “what is wrong with her”. I’ve never known a dog to only eat every other day at best. Every test came back negative. We knew she was just going to be picky. The problem is, she is also an athlete. She competes in dock diving so I know I have to have good food for her to keep her strong and healthy. After much research and trying different foods, I introduced Chase to CANIDAE Large Breed Adult Duck Meal, Brown Rice & Lentils Dry food. Not only does she eat it, but she now eats every day, it’s a miracle! We are so happy with this food. When her little sister Chance (who is 1) was ready for adult food, we switched her to CANIDAE as well. She loves it too! I can’t thank you enough! After years of frustration and worry, we have finally made Chase happy!

Jen H.

Santee, CAcar-ride

I wouldn’t give my pugs anything else!

August 29, 2014

beach I have been feeding CANIDAE All Life Stages to my two pugs (ages 13 and 6) for their entire lives. They love CANIDAE, and I have the confidence of knowing that they are getting all that they need to be healthy and happy without the worry about inferior ingredients. It’s clear that CANIDAE takes special care with their products, and it shows in my pugs’ energy, gorgeous coats, and overall good health. I wouldn’t give my pugs anything else.


Loralee S.

Los Angeles, CArun

A grain free, chicken free food at a reasonable price!

on-grassAugust 29, 2014

Thank you for creating such a high quality reasonably priced dog food. One of my labs suffered from constant ear infections. I could not get rid of them. I had him on another grain free food, but it didn’t help. The doc told me to eliminate chicken, but it was hard to find a grain free, chicken free food at a reasonable price. Then I discovered CANIDAE Grain Free PURE. What a blessing! Both my black labs, Midnight and Row Row, love it.  The boys alternate between the CANIDAE Grain Free PURE Land with Bison and CANIDAE Grain Free PURE Sea with Fresh Salmon. No more ear infections for Row and they both play like they are puppies!

I love the fact it is made in the USA. I tell everyone about it. Thank you so much!

Bonnie C.

Charleston, SC

Canidae has contributed to his long healthy life!

August 18, 2014 

JackKThis is my dog Jack. He turned 16 on April 1, 2014 (unusual for a dog of his size – around 58 lb.). He was originally a stray, so his birthday may be a week or so off, but he was approximately 4 months old when he joined our family in 1998. On the recommendation of a friend, I started feeding him CANIDAE All Life Stages dry food. I confess to sometimes adding a little canned food (various kinds) or table scraps but CANIDAE All Life Stages has been his primary food for his entire life. I’m sure some of his longevity has to do with genetics but I feel your product has definitely contributed to his long and healthy life. He is hard of hearing now, sleeps a lot and sometimes is a little stiff when he wakes up. But he still loves going on walks and digging in the yard and occasionally runs down the driveway at full speed. And he’s still enjoying CANIDAE.
So thank you for a great product,

Carol K.

I wish I would have found Canidae sooner!

photo-5July 31, 2014 

My 5 year old English Pointer mix came to me as an orphan rescue puppy. Mikki has always been energetic, happy, and does well with everyone- from babies and puppies and up.
She had no known health problems until she was about 2. Mikki began having chronic ear infections, as well as infections in between her toes. Thanks to a knowledgeable employee at a pet specialty store, we were able to figure out that Mikki was allergic to grain. Once we switched her to a grain free food the infections stopped, and we were relieved that our pup wasn’t in pain anymore. Mikki did start to develop seasonal allergies, which we were able to remedy as needed with OTC pills. Everything went smoothly until Mikki turned 4. Suddenly, her stomach developed sensitivities to what seemed like everything. It took us over a year to figure it out, as we tried cutting out individual ingredients, adding probiotics and various supplements on a trial and error routine. She was miserable, as she couldn’t make it through the night (let alone 2 hours) without having ‘an accident’. He coat became wire-like and very coarse. She lost her spunk, and everyone in the house (including her little ‘brother’ Sam) was down.
I had narrowed Mikki’s problem down to her need for grain free food, and discovered that she did better on natural food without additives. She started making it through the night, although it was obvious her tummy wasn’t 100% better, I was relieved at any advancement. The natural food I had some luck with was fish based protein, so as an experiment, I tried slowly switching Mikki to a grain free, natural chicken based food. All progress that had been made was lost- so an important discovery had been made! I began to search for grain free, natural, fish protein food. CANIDAE met all of Mikki’s needs. I ordered a bag of CANIDAE Pure Sea with Salmon. I slowly started switching Mikki to the new food, and the results are amazing.
She has been enjoying her new food for about 3 weeks now. Immediately the ‘accidents’ stopped, and her energy came back. She wants to play all of the time, and she is back to being the picture of happiness. Her coat has become soft and shiny, and her seasonal allergies even appear to be better! I wish I would have found CANIDAE sooner, it has made an amazing difference for me and my family- thank you!

Jenna M. photo-4 photo-1 (1)

Thank you for having an amazing product!

canidaeJuly 31, 2014 

This is my Pembroke Welsh Corgi, JB, he turned 1 in June. He’s been on CANIDAE All Life Stages since he started solids and loves it!! Thank you for having an amazing product both my dog and I love!

Amber J.

We absolutely Love CANIDAE!

July 30, 2014 

We absolutely LOVE CANIDAE! We have been on other premium dog foods but many caused us tummy upset and a lot of unwanted gas. Our parents finally made the switch to CANIDAE Platinum Formula Life Stages dry dog food and we have been doing great. Not only are we doing great but our parents are saving money and getting a better product. We also enjoy our once a week “special” CANIDAE canned dog food. We have heard our parents say how it actually smells good vs other brands we have had. We also have many foster siblings coming and going and they are all fed the same as us, to make sure they get a healthy second start. Thanks for everything!
With Love,
Hershey, Reeses and Rolo


No more drippy eyes

  DSC00282July 18, 2014 

I have been using CANIDAE for my Bichon for 6 months or so. Abby used have drippy eyes with staining that was nasty. Since my switching to CANIDAE Grain Free she is clear!  My vet’s secretary asked me about my “cure”,  I have recommended CANIDAE Grain Free PURE Land. I also work at a grooming salon where I also share my story.

Patricia G.