Dog Food Reviews

I would NEVER give my Kali or Gingerbread anything but CANIDAE

2010-04-204/20/2010 – About three years ago when I rescued my then 3 year old female Newfoundland, I wanted to make sure I was giving her the best food that I could. My veterinarian wanted her to loose a few pounds and put her on [a different brand of] dry food. She hated it! I did some research and spoke with a large network of Newfoundland owners who swear by CANIDAE. They suggested CANIDAE PLATINUM to help “Kali” get those extra pounds off. Well, she lost 6 pounds and absolutely loves the dry food. Not only does she love it, but my newest rescue, just under a year old, is “Gingerbread” — a 90 pound flat coated retriever who will ONLY eat CANIDAE Platinum.

I always read what other people have to say about a product. It’s “word of mouth” in my opinion that makes the difference. Had my friends never mentioned CANIDAE, I would have never known what a healthy product it was. Whenever I am engaged in a conversation with a fellow pet owner, I somehow always ask what food they feed their animal. When they tell me, I am compelled to tell them about all the nasty by-products they are feeding them, and how I would NEVER give my Kali or Gingerbread anything but CANIDAE. I swear by it and would never think of giving my babies anything but the best.

Thank you for getting back to me and thank you for making a truly healthy product for my girls. (It’s one less thing I have to worry about!)
Tina K.
Colts Neck, NJ

Thanks for making our little orphan healthy

2010-04-264/26/2010 – This is Lucca! She had been abandoned at a truck stop near Missoula, Montana and we adopted her from Animal Control. We think she’s an American Labrador Retriever because she’s slighter in build, but she is all Lab when it comes to playing, running and swimming! This is her at the beach in Oregon on her first long road trip. Her sweet face, long whiskers and shiny CANIDAE coat remind us of a seal, so that’s her nickname!

Thanks for making our little orphan a healthy and full-of-life part of our family!

Sharon and Rob W

Their coats are beautiful and shiny

2010-04-28a4/28/2010 – Just your faithful CANIDAE customer writing again asking for more coupons for your exceptional dog food!

I love, or should I say my dogs love your food and do really well on it. People ask me what I feed them because their coats are beautiful and shiny and I always proudly proclaim “CANIDAE“!!!

2010-04-28bAttached are two photos. The furry guy in the bedroom is Coco and the brown girl looking lazy laying her head down is Bella.

Wendy M.
Scranton, PA

Now we’re a complete CANIDAE and FELIDAE feeding household!

2010-05-03a5/3/2010 – We started using CANIDAE after a bad experience with another brand. They always seemed to have runny stools that never improved, and they were turning their noses up at this other “super-premium” food. We did some research online and found CANIDAE. I was excited about it because it had no corn in it, and the price was reasonable, and it also supported our local pet stores rather than the big corporations! I emailed CANIDAE for some samples to make sure the dogs liked it (with 5 dogs you’re almost guaranteed someone won’t like a food), and they devoured them. I think they thought the food was a treat! So we went out and bought CANIDAE All Life Stages right away, and the dogs simply LOVE it. They even picked the CANIDAE out of their bowls when we were mixing the old and new food together. Even our older, pickier dogs picked out the CANIDAE to eat. Just recently I decided to try the Chicken and Rice version, and they loved it as well. I think it’s great CANIDAE offers a few different flavors that I can rotate so they can have some variety in their diet while still eating a great nutritional food.
2010-05-03bWe also have two cats, and decided that since the dogs were on CANIDAE, that we might as well try FELIDAE. They, just like the dogs, picked their FELIDAE kibble out of the bowl and left their old food. They made that decision easy for us :) So now we’re a complete CANIDAE and FELIDAE-feeding household! We even buy the Snap-Bits and Snap-Biscuits and they dance in circles in the morning for their treats!
Their customer service is first-rate – always quick to reply to emails and offer coupons and frequent-buyers information. How can you go wrong with such a great company?
The photo I’ve attached shows the two pups of the family (they’re about a year old now). River, the black and white Siberian husky, and Charlie the one-eyed husky/collie mix. They’re my children and I wouldn’t feed them anything else! The cat is Phoebe, a shelter-kitty. They all say thank you for such a great food! They’re all happy and healthier than they’ve ever been.

Thank you again!
Carrie C.
Chandler, AZ

I finally tried CANIDAE All Life Stages and the dogs dove right in!

2010-05-055/5/2010 – I have an 8 year old Schnauzer mix, Scruffy, who has been on many different foods in his life. He was most recently on [a different brand] and had bumps with scabs all over his body. We also just adopted a Pit Bull mix puppy, Trina, from the pound who came to us on [a different brand]. Her stool was so stinky and she had so much gas. She also had missing patches of hair! I knew I needed a better food, so I got a few different brands to try. They either wouldn’t eat it or they would get loose stools with gas. I finally tried CANIDAE All Life Stages and the dogs dove right in! Their stool firmed right up and they have NO GAS! My Schnauzers’ skin also cleared up and both of their coats are nice and thick and shiny. I will never change foods again. I love that CANIDAE ALS is the best food for my senior and my puppy so I can feed the same food to both. Thank you CANIDAE!

Gina W

I have been buying your food for my pets for years

2010-05-265/26/2010 – I have been buying your food for my pets for years and trust it completely. We have four cats and a standard poodle named Reginald Jewel — RJ for short — named after my grandfather. The lady at the pet store said CANIDAE had incredible customer service. Thanks for your great service and support… RJ loves your food!

Peter S.
Lakefield, Ontario

I no longer have to mix canned food in to get my dogs to eat kibble

2010-06-01a6/1/2010 – We absolutely LOVE your food. After finding out that our 10 year old Staffordshire Terrier had severe grain allergies, we tried a few brands, some at the top of the price scale, some lower, you guys are right in the middle and are the best. I no longer have to mix canned food in to get my dogs to eat kibble.

2010-06-01bThey are looking awesome. Gizmo (Staff) lost her ear infections and skin issues after eating CANIDAE. We feed CANIDAE Grain Free All Life Stages, sometimes switching to CANIDAE Grain Free Salmon for a change. It also has been great for our 5-1/2 month old German Shepherd, Cullen. He is very active, working both in training for Schutzhund, and for conformation shows.

We will be acquiring a female GSD later down the line to participate in the same sports, and possibly breeding, and will still continue to use your products!!!! Thanks for everything, you guys are so great!!! I am sending you pictures of both of them taking a day off at the beach this week!!!! Gizmo likes rolling in the sand more than she likes the water, but at 10 years old, she still has the heart of a puppy!!!

Kristi M.
Virginia Beach, VA

My 135 lb. Landseer Newfoundland, Shiloh, thanks you too

2010-06-07a6/7/2010 – I looked up your website as I wanted to ask why you do not make the 44 lb. bags easier to open. But surprise, surprise, I find you have already done that. Way to go!

It is always a mystery to me that the smaller the bag is, the easier it is to open and reseal. Thanks for fixing this.

My 135 lb. Landseer Newfoundland, Shiloh, thanks you too. She loves your Grain Free All Life Stages food. We get it at Pet World in Lakewood, Co. — a nice store!!

Shiloh would say, “CANIDAE is the healthy choice in dog food for me. The grain free formula is very helpful with my allergies and is tasty and nutritious. CANIDAE Grain Free ALS twice a day really works for me.”

Doug H
Lakewood, CO

I want people to know how awesome your food is!!!

2010-06-14a6/14/2010 – Hello! My name is Sarah and I have three fuzzy children who are my life. I just wanted to let you know that I am in awe over your dog food. I want people to know how awesome your food is!!! I put my three dogs on CANIDAE. They ALL have sensitive tummies.

2010-06-14bMy deaf and blind dog Keller has severe trust issues as he was abused when he was a baby. (He’s only two now!) He won’t eat treats, any table scraps, hates toys and it was a daily struggle for him to finish his dry dog food. I had him on a hypoallergenic prescription diet for a long time due to his sensitive tummy and he never really liked it but it was all I could feed him.

When I moved to California, the prices of the prescription dog food (which wasn’t the healthiest food out there, anyway) were asinine. I decided to switch their food. I tried a holistic diet by [another manufacturer] and all three rejected it. They all three hated the taste and their stomaches hated the digestion process.

2010-06-14cDesperate, I emailed you. You gave me peace of mind that your food was natural and holistic and all animal protein sources were not from cruel places. The food has US ingredients and I had to give it a try.

INSTANTLY, Keller is OBSESSED with the wet CANIDAE formula. He cries and jumps on the counter when I prepare it with the CANIDAE Beef and Fish Meal dry formula. His food is literally gone in 1 minute and 43 seconds! (I timed it today, ha ha ha.)

Everyone looks forward to meal time and they all have solid BMs.

I want to thank you for your your comfort, your prompt response to my email, and most of all for the amazing dog food that I will never take my boys off of. Your company is amazing. You’ve all made my life so much easier and three tummies a whole lot less grumbly.

Sarah M., Buttons, Einstein and Keller

I could not take care of them without CANIDAE

6/17/2010 – I think CANIDAE should sell tee-shirts to its customers. I have been feeding CANIDAE for 4 years now, my dogs love it and I recommend it to everyone. I’m a dog trainer and I love to wear tee-shirts featuring responsible pet ownership to my classes. I think CANIDAE is responsible pet ownership and I would love to wear it proudly.

2010-06-17I started to feed CANIDAE dog food after a bad experience with another brand of dog food. I was so freaked out because I was told by vets and fellow dog trainers that what I had been feeding was the best. So I did my own research and decided to try CANIDAE ALS. Best choice I have ever made. My two Pembroke Welsh Corgis loved it. Spike, who has allergies, has done very well on it, and Annie will actually eat it. I recommend it to everyone I meet including all of my training classes. Thank you to everyone at CANIDAE.

I purchase CANIDAE and FELIDAE from Joe’s Pet Depot in Rock Springs. It’s a bit of a drive but I love my pets more than anything and I could not take care of them without CANIDAE. Thank you again for being exactly what the canine members of my family need.

Chelsey S.
Rawlins, WY

I know this is the best food I can give her

2010-06-216/21/2010 – In my search for the best food I could possibly feed my new service dog puppy, Maggie, a Standard Poodle, I found Dan Enlow at Pet Pros in Renton, Washington.

I called, asking about the best quality food he had, what made it so good and what else he could tell me. Not really expecting too much information or much of his time on the phone, Dan was so wonderful and helpful. He took all the time I needed and let me ask all the questions I could. He offered to take time with me in the store as well, showing me the dog foods, comparing labels and ingredients and explaining what makes which better and so on. He was so kind as well as amazingly knowledgeable!

2010-06-21bWe discussed CANIDAE, and decided it was the best food I could possibly feed my Maggie. I decided on the Grain Free Salmon, because of known wheat and chicken allergies. I picked up a small bag, to have ready at home for her when we picked her up from the breeder. She loves, loves her dog food! She also loves the Snap-Bits treats! She is only 9 weeks old, and her little digestive system is handling this food beautifully! She will be my service dog, and as hard as she will work to learn all she has to, I know this is the best food I can give her to help her be as strong and healthy as she can be. Thank you CANIDAE for providing such healthy, wonderful pet foods. The quality of the ingredients, how they are made and the safety of it all really matters to me, and after Dan explained so much to me and helped me to understand what really matters in feeding dogs, I am so grateful that CANIDAE provides all that and more.

I have never had a salesperson, at any store, much less a pet product store, be so kind, helpful, knowledgeable and sweet as Dan. Pet Pros and CANIDAE have a real gem in Dan!

Maggie is not just my service dog in training, she is my baby, and I love her with all my heart and she deserves the best. CANIDAE is the best and I know there is no other food I will feed her. Thanks to Dan and CANIDAE!

Nancy M.

It is amazing how long he has lived and I cherish every memory

2010-07-06a7/9/2010 – Scout is a 15 year old Chocolate Lab who started feeding CANIDAE All Life Stages dog food when we introduced it over 14 years ago. Debbie, a good friend of ours for many years, bought Scout for her son from one of our first employees back when we were getting started in the mid 1990s. We believe he started on his all CANIDAE diet at about 6 months of age making him one of the very first CANIDAE customers!

2010-07-06bDebbie’s son Duncan is Scout’s owner and told us Scout was his 8th grade graduation present. “My parents saw a “Labrador Puppies Available” ad with a photo of the litter on the bulletin board at San Dimas Grain Company in San Dimas, California and decided it was time for me to have a dog of my own. When it was time for me to choose, there were so many cute puppies that I had the hardest time picking one. I remember looking over the group of puppies and seeing a small shy puppy among all the other strong energetic puppies. He was getting pushed around and most people would have looked over this shy puppy. I fell in love with him. I don’t know what it was, I just could not leave without him. We named him Windy River Scout after his mother, Marilyn’s Windy City, and his father, Mad River Burt.”

Scout, who is now fed our Platinum formula for seniors, is still doing well in his senior years and is an energetic, happy boy, still loving life. He earned his American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen certification many years ago, and attained his Rally Novice title at 11 years of age. “It is amazing how long he has lived and I cherish every memory,” said Duncan.

Deb and Duncan
San Dimas, CA