Dog Food Reviews

Great customer service just is an added benefit

2011-01-051/5/2011 - I have been using CANIDAE for at least 2 years now with my 2 dogs. We switch back and forth between the Orange [CANIDAE Lamb and Rice formula] and Tan [CANIDAE All Life Stages] bags, the 35lb size. A couple of weeks ago I bought a new bag of the Orange and a couple weeks after that the dogs went to the vet for their annual checkup and the vet recommended I switch them to a “lite” type of dog food. Your Silver bag [CANIDAE PLATINUM] is the equivalent. I bought the small size last week and started the transition, mixing as indicated and am at about half and half now.

I’m so happy to find such a good quality food that my pets would enjoy eating and be good for them. I’m so happy there are no by-products, which makes me feel even more confident I’ve made a great decision having them eat the CANIDAE Line of food. Thanks again, and their great customer service just is an added benefit to a well rounded meal.
Jennifer W
Berwyn Heights, MD

They both act like they are puppies

2011-01-07a1/7/2011 - Since I’ve been giving my two dogs CANIDAE, which is about a year now, my husband and I have seen a great improvement in their coats, so soft and shiny. They both act like they are puppies even though they are both about 6 years old.
We are happy when our animals are happy, all 8 of them. We have 6 cats too. Thank you for producing such a great product for all our animals.

Linda and Joe G.
Plantsville, CT

Her skin and coat are amazing and she is in perfect health

2011-01-101/10/2011 - As the owner of a German Shepherd, what I feed Madison has always been of great concern. She developed a sensitive stomach early on so I fed her a Lamb and Rice formula and then she developed an allergy to corn and along came CANIDAE! She has been on the All Life Stages formula for nearly two years and her coat and general health are amazing. Her stomach and allergy issues are a thing of the past. Just recently she developed a problem with gas and once again along came CANIDAE with a Single Grain All Life Stages food. I decided to give this a try and we are now into our second bag and her issues have subsided. At a recent visit to our vet, his comment was, “What ever you are doing with Madison keep doing it! Her skin and coat are amazing and she is in perfect health.” I am a very satisfied CANIDAE customer and Madison is living proof that no matter what your dog’s issues are there is a CANIDAE formula to fit your dog’s needs while still keeping money in your pocket!

Jo-Anne B. and Madison (Age 6)

No longer has any skin issues

2011-01-111/11/2011 - My Sheltie Laila first started having skin problems when she was only 6 months old. We tried everything from Omega 3 oils to prescription meds from her vet. After visiting a pet supply store we decided to try CANIDAE. CANIDAE was the only dog food that did not upset her stomach when first introducing it to her diet. Laila has been eating CANIDAE for over 2 years now and no longer has any skin issues. Her coat is beautiful and she is healthy and happy. We now have a 8 week old sheltie who is also eating CANIDAE without any stomach upset issues. I have attached a picture of our shelties, Chase our 8 week old and Laila who just turned 3.

Thank you for making such a quality product!

Melissa T.
Harrisburg, NC

The best food we could be giving

2011-01-121/12/2011 - Sammie is our 4 year old Golden Retriever. She has been eating CANIDAE since she was a pup. Our breeder recommended that we keep her on it for her lifetime and I am so happy we have chosen to do this. Sammie is so healthy and beautiful. I attribute a lot of this to the food she eats on a daily basis. She loves it too! We will continue to feed her CANIDAE and feel confident that this is the best food we could be giving to her.

Kelly H. 
Huntersville, NC

It’s a wonderful food, and all my dogs love it!

2011-01-171/17/2011 - I am a foster and volunteer with Carolina Boxer Rescue. I began several years ago using CANIDAE dry and wet formulas with my own dogs who were then 4, 17 and 11. It was so convenient to have one food for all 3 dogs who were at different stages of their lives, since they all enjoyed eating at the same time and would get in each others bowls. When I started fostering a few years ago, CANIDAE was the perfect food especially since I never knew what age boxer I would be fostering! It’s a wonderful food, and all my dogs love it! They have beautiful coats, digest it well and I like knowing I’m feeding them a quality food. Thanks CANIDAE for making such a great dog food! Love your product!!

Missy D.
Myrtle Beach, SC

He looks fabulous

2011-01-181/18/2011 - We started our 3 golden retrievers on CANIDAE last June. The girls were both very over weight. We put them on the reduced food and both are now approaching their normal weight. Lilly, our oldest Golden at 10-1/2 years, is doing so much better. She is acting like a puppy again. Kodi, our field line male, is on All Life Stages. He needs the extra calories because he is so high energy. His coat has gotten so soft and glossy. He is a deep red color. He looks fabulous. I have been told by many people that my dogs look very nice. We used another brand for years but now will remain on this food forever.
Denise A.

Switched him over to CANIDAE All Life Stages

2011-01-20a1/20/2011 - When Dalgo came to us at 5 months as a rescue he was skinny, had Lyme disease, terrible manners, and the worst stomach imaginable. He was being fed [another brand] – Can that stuff REALLY be called FOOD? Yuck! We treated the Lyme disease, taught him the lessons he had missed and switched him over to CANIDAE All Life Stages and when you made Grain Free ALS available we moved to that. He also gets 1/3 of a can of CANIDAE Chicken, Lamb & Fish with a splash of warm water and a quick stir… yummmm. Doggie delight is served!

His name on his AKC papers is Hidalgo Vom Zuverlassig. He is a 5 year old red sable German Shepherd with a “plush” coat. He is the PR dog for Springpoint Farm, our horse farm. He can win over the most fearful, timid child. He shows them how to play kick ball with a hundred and ten pounds of hairy dog love. He sleeps in the bathtub, yes… bathtub! And has done that since he was big enough to hop over the edge, it’s cooler!

2011-01-20bHe loves everyone and all creatures. He has the most gentle, loving temperament and an amazing drive to work. I have had GSDs all of my life and he is the first one that everyone ‘wants him for their own’… and no, he is not a grooming nightmare, the dirt just falls out. Unless he has been playing with our summer campers in the arena with a hose… THAT requires a bath!

He has a video on YouTube – killing a physio ball, not intentionally! I was trying really hard not to laugh and make him worse. He just wanted to roll it. He was quite disappointed. Beware the puppy bark!

I should be a sales rep – I am constantly sending folks to your site for FELIDAE or CANIDAE. ;-)

Gena M.

We can feed two Newfs affordably and well

2011-01-25a1/25/2011 - My two year old Newfoundland, River, is on CANIDAE and has been since she got home. She has the most beautiful coat and is very healthy. Strangers always comment on how soft and shiny her coat is, and they ask what we do to keep it that way. We always respond, “A lot of brushing and good food – CANIDAE!”

2011-01-25bWe also love the reasonable prices for such a quality food. Our second Newf joins the family in about a month, and we know we can feed two Newfs affordably and well on CANIDAE.

Jackie P.

Eating your foods and thriving

2011-01-271/27/2011 - I just wanted to tell you thank for making such a wonderful, high quality food at a reasonable price! I have 9 dogs and 1 cat, all eating your foods and thriving!! In addition, I am a pet sitter and suggest your foods to my clients!!  You can’t go wrong!!

Kristin W.
Eustis, FL

CANIDAE is the best food I’ve ever fed

2011-01-281/28/2011 - Here is a recent picture of my two Terrier Mix Pups. The black one is “Shasta,” I believe a Schnauzer and miscellaneous mix. She is 7 months old. The blond one is “Abby.” She is a Wheaten terrier and American Eskimo mix. She is 14 months old. Both have loveable and gentle personalities, but Shasta still gets into everything and likes to chew things up! I adopted both from the Cowlitz County Humane Society in Longview, WA. I buy my 35# CANIDAE All Life Stages food from the Dog Zone in Longview where I also take the dogs for Doggie Daycare usually once a week. I have been feeding Shasta and Abby CANIDAE for about 4 months. They both like the food and their coats are looking great, and their energy levels are excellent. I am an experienced dog owner, and CANIDAE is the best food I’ve ever fed my numerous pets, and the results show it! Thank you for your great website, and customer service.

Ed D.
Kalama, WA

Bella made the transition to CANIDAE All Life Stages so easily

2011-02-022/2/2011 - My fiancé and I adopted Bella, a 5 year old American Bulldog mix, from a local shelter 3 months ago. Bella suffered from skin allergies and was severely underweight when we adopted her. She also had a very sensitive stomach and had experienced some “potty issues” when we first brought her home. We were absolutely amazed that Bella made the transition to CANIDAE All Life Stages so easily. She is slowly and steadily gaining weight, her skin and coat have improved, and her potty issues are a thing of the past. We were so impressed with CANIDAE that we recently switched our 4 year old cat to FELIDAE! We were thrilled to find a high quality, natural food that doesn’t break the bank.

Adrianna C
Elmont, NY