Dog Food Reviews

Her coat looks amazing

2011-02-112/11/2011 - My standard Daschund Maya was a rescue, and her foster mother gave me a small bag and some coupons to try the food. Maya was 10 weeks old and now is turning 3 years old in March. Since she was a puppy until now she just loves meal time. Her coat looks amazing, she dark and tan and she just shines. A 5 pound bag lasts me a whole month, it’s important to keep the food fresh… I have a dog walking company and I tell my clients the importance of a perfect balance meal for pets, and by far CANIDAE has proven to be in my personal experience the best choice for my pet. That is what Maya loves and I do too. Thanks for caring CANIDAE!!! Thanks for caring and making great food for my pet.

Noticed a huge improvement in their coat and metabolism

2011-02-132/13/2011 - We tried CANIDAE All Life Stages from a testimonial of a breeder. We have 10 large breed dogs, 8 are over 100 pounds. Within the first month we noticed a huge improvement in their coat and metabolism. We were so impressed we started selling it at our Dog Daycare. As we have gained ALS users, the positive feedback has been overwhelming. Your product RULES!

John N.

Both are bright eyed and bushy tailed

2/14/2011 - Maggie and Layla have been on CANIDAE for 2-1/2 years. Maggie turned 10 this year and still acts like Layla who is going to be 3 this year.

2011-02-14a 2011-02-14bBoth are bright eyed and bushy tailed, when they aren’t couch potatoes.
Karen A.

Their dry skin was no more

2011-02-232/23/2011 - Our dogs’ coats were dull and they scratched all the time. Our neighbor, who raises Golden Retrievers, suggested using CANIDAE All Life Stages Formula. In two weeks, we saw a definite difference and their dry skin was no more. Thanks CANIDAE!

Myron and Susan C
Sanger, CA

It’s the best dog food on the market

2/25/2011 - Just wanted to personally inform you of how much I, well my dogs really, love your products! I was unable to find them for a little while but where I live now, the Ace Hardware store across the street sells your wonderful dog food. My dogs are Nala, a 20 year old Egyptian Pharaoh Hound mix, and Isabelle, a 2 year old Bull Terrier mix. Both were rescued from shelters as puppies. Nala is very picky but she goes crazy for your All Life Stages formula, which I am able to purchase in 35 lb bags thankfully, because Izzi just inhales food! I go through 35 lbs almost instantly because of her appetite.

2011-02-25a 2011-02-25bPeople still think Nala is about 5 or 6 and she’s constantly being called either a fox or a coyote. When I take her for hikes and run into coyotes, they take her in as one of their own and she gets to play with the smaller ones, thanks to her irresistible personality as well as her physical features.

Really love this food and I’ve even managed to convert some friends after donating some of my food to them. Once they saw how much better their dogs liked CANIDAE and how much shinier their coats were, they were completely convinced. That’s how good it is. Hands down, it’s the best dog food on the market. Thanks again!

John M.

I am so thankful your high quality food is available for my babies

2011-03-013/1/2011 - We are very happy to feed our four dogs CANIDAE. A friend recommended CANIDAE and I am so thankful your high quality food is available for my babies. Our eclectic group love to nap after a great morning run and breakfast of CANIDAE Chicken meal and Rice for the big dogs, and Senior CANIDAE for the little dogs. Piggie (foxhound), Muffin (pitbull), Rico Suave (chi/pug) and Sophia Loren (Brindle Chi/Italian Greyhound) all get along fantastically. Our cat Linux has lost weight and loves the Salmon FELIDAE. Sorry to report that Linux was in no mood to have his picture taken, though.

Thank you for making such a quality product to feed our babies.

Kathy Bieganski 
Concord, CA

Maddie is incredibly healthy, full of energy

2011-03-033/3/2011 - Maddie has been on CANIDAE for almost 5 years now. I tried other brands but quickly discovered CANIDAE was THE best choice for her. She loves the taste…. Maddie is incredibly healthy, full of energy and her coat is always shining. Thank you for making such a fantastic product that my girl enjoys, and that I feel good giving her!

Jill M.
San Francisco, CA

Her fur started growing back

2011-03-073/7/2011 - I adopted my dog Ginger from the Delaware County SPCA.  She came home emaciated with fur missing on her back. About 2 to 3 weeks of eating CANIDAE Lamb and Rice formula, she put on weight and her fur started growing back. 3 years later, she is still eating the same food and is in AMAZING shape!! Thanks CANIDAE!

Roland R.

It has made him feel like a puppy again

2011-03-08a 2011-03-08b3/8/2011 - This food is amazing. I have a thirteen year young yorkie named Hap who was eating another premium brand. Hap was having good days and bad days. His bad days seemed to be mostly due to upset stomach and poor digestion. A good friend told me about CANIDAE, so I picked up a bag of the senior formula.

I mixed it in with his old food to avoid a shock to his system. Then I watched as he proceeded to remove all the old food from the bowl, place it on the kitchen floor piece by piece and devour the CANIDAE. He LOVES this food, and it has made him feel like a puppy again. He is up to his old antics on a regular basis. Thank you CANIDAE!!

Leah G.

I won’t feed my dogs anything else

2011-03-09a3/9/2011 - CANIDAE has truly improved the appearance and the health of my service dog Trevor. He has been on the CANIDAE ALS formula for over 2 years now. When I received him from the trainer they were feeding him [another brand]. Trevor was kind of sluggish and his coat just was dull. My friend who has a field dog suggested that I try CANIDAE ALS and he brought me a sample for Trevor to try. After being on CANIDAE a short time Trevor’s coat was shiny, he had more energy and had gotten back to a workable weight. I am so happy we made the switch, and now I won’t feed my dogs anything else.

Sam F.
Marysville, CA

She has done GREAT on CANIDAE… what a lifesaver!

2011-03-163/16/2011 - I just wanted to say how thankful I am that I tried CANIDAE for my boxer Roxie.  We got her from a boxer rescue and she had been having stomach problems the whole time she was with her foster (over a year) and for quite a while after we got her. We tried all different foods but usually had to resort to cooking plain chicken and rice to get her stomach settled.  She would vomit sometimes three times even during the night.  It was exhausting for all of us, especially Roxie!!! We looked at all ingredients and took forever at the store to try and find something else to try for her.  We finally heard about CANIDAE and decided why not give it a try…. we did and what a change. She has done GREAT on CANIDAE… what a lifesaver!!! Thanks again!
Tammy R
Concord, NC

Our dogs had significant improvement in just a few days

2011-03-223/22/2011 - My 6 year old golden who had such bad allergies is so good, our Vet was amazed how fast she responded. I took her in for a yearly check up and she said she had several patients who have recently switched to CANIDAE. I had printed out the ingredients for her and she said it looked like an excellent food. She said it can take 3 months to see a real difference, however our dogs had significant improvement in just a few days. The dogs are just so much happier, more energy, it’s nice to see. They are loving their new dry & canned food.

We also switched the four cats to FELIDAE and they love it. I give a little canned for morning & evening treats, and leave the dry out. No one is overweight but they love it and it seems to be going pretty fast. My kitten had some minor allergies and they are all gone. I also got the dogs the Snap Biscuits and the calm one who always waits for me to put it in her mouth jumped up & grabbed it from me. She could not wait! She just keeps looking at me and then the box every time I go in the kitchen. Her allergy problems are completely gone. 

Thanks very much!

Melissa A
Valley Center, CA