Dog Food Reviews

My white greyhound isn’t shedding anymore

2010-11-19a11/19/10 - I have two dogs and two cats. I try and save as much as I can when buying food. I just purchased a Doberman puppy and I was told by the breeder to give him your dry food only. Well, what a stir it caused. My other dogs decided to not eat their food and ate all the CANIDAE instead. I have purchased several bags of your dog and cat foods now. My cats, Maine Coons, eat it like it’s ice cream.

2010-11-19bMy dogs also eat the Snap Biscuits. I was told by the breeder to send you some information for coupons to help with my costs. I’d prefer them staying on this diet. My white greyhound isn’t shedding anymore with this new diet.

Can you please send me coupons or vouchers towards the new diet plan? I would really appreciate any help in saving a few dollars here and there. The reason I ask is because I am 100% D.A.V. U.S. Army Corps. I am on a strict budget so I would appreciate your full cooperation in helping me keep my animals fit and trim.

Staff Sergeant Joseph D.
Peabody, MA

Her diet is the best it can be

2010-12-06a12/6/10 - My testimonial for CANIDAE’s great dog food products began this past June in a quest to find a female Golden Retriever puppy to join our family and in time to train her as a therapy dog to work with hospitalized children. In scavenging breeders’ websites via the web and obedience training ideas, CANIDAE’s dog food kept popping up in my research. Knowing and trusting that a dog’s behavior is very much tied to their nutritional diet, I gleamed CANIDAE’s website to ask the customer support representatives a few questions and to also locate a distributor of the dog food (Marshal Grains in Fort Worth, TX).

2010-12-06bMy husband and I also have a 3 year old Chocolate Lab mix we rescued two years ago, but previously we had owned a female Golden Retriever, and I felt this breed’s laid back personality and intelligence would be the best match to train as a good therapy dog. Recently my husband retired from 36 years in a medical field and a new ministry of his working with a therapy dog at a local children’s hospital would be a wonderful way to spend his retirement years. We have four grown children, who are all married and seven wonderful grandchildren, so this just felt special and right to venture into as our new puppy matures.

2010-12-06cBrioley joined our home on August 25th at 8 weeks of age and began her diet of CANIDAE All Life Stages. Also Abigale, our Chocolate Lab mix, was switched to CANIDAE Lamb & Rice from a previous high end dog food from a local pet store. Her skin and coat do best when she is on Lamb and Rice blend. They both are pretty amazing dogs and I’m thankful to know that as Brioley entered her second level of obedience training classes at age 5 months recently, that her diet is the best it can be as we move one step closer to her being an incredible therapy dog for children. That she continues to be a very laid back golden retriever I attribute to her breeder and CANIDAE. 

2010-12-06dI must share that Beth, one of CANIDAE’s Support Representatives, has been amazing in answering my many questions, along with being so supportive in raising our new puppy to maturity. Her answers have come back not long after my questions were sent and I treasure this bridge of support with her. Since this time I have cheer-leaded and shared CANIDAE’s brands with Brioley’s five litter mates, our neighbors, our breeder, our Vet, and a special friend, who has therapy assistance dogs for soldiers at Fort Hood in Texas. This list is never ending, as I have even more opportunities to share CANIDAE’s products. Many blessings to CANIDAE.

Betty O.
Fort Worth, TX

We love that they are so healthy

2010-12-08z2010-12-0812/8/10 - Just wanted to say that we really love your Snap-Biscuits! Our two and a half year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Polly Browne, absolutely loves them, and we love that they are so healthy! We buy the treats all the time.

We never give our dog human food, so this is her absolute and only treat food, which is the way it should be in my opinion :) And she’s all the more healthy and happy for it.

Thanks so much and take care,

Fleur W.
Baton Rouge, LA

My family all now uses CANIDAE

2010-12-10a12/10/10 - I have three Labrador Retrievers and back in 2009 our Lab “Bruiser” started having seizures. We investigated every plant, vitamin, and rawhide we had given him. The only thing we could find was the food we were giving our dogs. We were giving them the “Twinkie” of dog foods. I won’t mention the brand, but we did our research and decided on CANIDAE.

We have three Labs, one a rescue and one from a “puppy mill” and well because our paperwork was wrong had 12 puppies and we kept one. So, three dogs later; our dogs no longer have ear infections, no longer have “hot spots”, and our “Bruiser” no longer has seizures. This is one area my husband and I won’t compromise on. Thank you so much for creating a healthy dog food. My dogs are so beautiful and healthy.

2010-12-10bIt is tough to get my dogs sitting for a photo but we did our best. Again, Bruiser, our yellow lab, has not had a seizure since August 2009 and it was about 3 weeks after we switched his food to CANIDAE. Dakota, the larger black lab, really put on the weight after we had her fixed and that is why we changed her to CANIDAE Platinum. She is doing better and again we do not have skin issues which is pretty tough for dogs in Florida. If you look at their coats they are just like silk. My family all now uses CANIDAE and also the dog owners on our street and anyone I have been able to explain the importance of good nutrition too.

Christine E.
Largo, FL

My dogs are happy and healthy with this food

2010-12-13b12/13/10 - I currently have two dogs, both eating CANIDAE All Life Stages. My older dog began eating the food when I got a new puppy in April. I wanted them on the same diet, which also meant changing her diet from a Grain Free. My female dog was a companion to another dog that we lost earlier this year. My female dog had really bad dandruff, and when I contacted the manufacture, they told me to add a supplement.  Since having my dogs, both rescues, both mixed breeds, I have noticed how shiny their coats are. They barely allow me to put the food down for them to eat. I have also begun fostering, and with the experience, I feed CANIDAE to them as well. My dogs are happy and healthy with this food, and I recommend this to everyone.

The bigger Lab dog is Chase (Utely-Philadelphia Phillies) and the smaller dog is Simone (Gagne-former Philadelphia Flyer). Both rescues from the group that my husband and I volunteer with.2010-12-13a

We just got a new foster today, and he has cleaned his bowl twice already.

Kate S.

I start all my puppies on CANIDAE

2010-12-1412/14/10 - I am in the Breeder program for CANIDAE and feed all my bulldogs CANIDAE All Life Stages. I show my dogs in AKC Conformation shows and thought I would let you know that my bred-by male just took winners dog and best of winners twice at our regional specialty in Charlotte NC.

My dog’s name is CH Lakeshores Can’t Keep a Good Man Down aka Zeus. I LOVE CANIDAE food and the Breeder program is wonderful. My dogs are all healthy and their coats look good. I start all my puppies on CANIDAE and send them home with with the CANIDAE puppy packs.

Thanks again!

Sabrina P
Lakeshore Bulldogs

Since he was able to eat dog food he has been on CANIDAE

2010-12-15a2010-12-15b12/15/10 - Here are two pictures of our dog Bear. The first one in the picture frame is from when he was two. The second picture was taken in September 2010 at the ocean. Bear will be three years old on December 21, 2010. Since he was able to eat dog food he has been on CANIDAE. His coat is soft and clean and has been VERY healthy.

Bear has one cup of your food each morning and we walk approximately one to two miles per day. He also gets four or five of your Snap-Bits each day as a treat when he does his business and when he is good.

2010-12-23Bear was born in Center Harbor New Hampshire by Sherene Cairns who started Bear on your food and uses it on all her puppies. We are very pleased with your dog products and the way they perform.

Thank you,

Mr. and Mrs. William B and Bear
Bristol, CT

Great customer service just is an added benefit

2011-01-051/5/2011 - I have been using CANIDAE for at least 2 years now with my 2 dogs. We switch back and forth between the Orange [CANIDAE Lamb and Rice formula] and Tan [CANIDAE All Life Stages] bags, the 35lb size. A couple of weeks ago I bought a new bag of the Orange and a couple weeks after that the dogs went to the vet for their annual checkup and the vet recommended I switch them to a “lite” type of dog food. Your Silver bag [CANIDAE PLATINUM] is the equivalent. I bought the small size last week and started the transition, mixing as indicated and am at about half and half now.

I’m so happy to find such a good quality food that my pets would enjoy eating and be good for them. I’m so happy there are no by-products, which makes me feel even more confident I’ve made a great decision having them eat the CANIDAE Line of food. Thanks again, and their great customer service just is an added benefit to a well rounded meal.
Jennifer W
Berwyn Heights, MD

They both act like they are puppies

2011-01-07a1/7/2011 - Since I’ve been giving my two dogs CANIDAE, which is about a year now, my husband and I have seen a great improvement in their coats, so soft and shiny. They both act like they are puppies even though they are both about 6 years old.
We are happy when our animals are happy, all 8 of them. We have 6 cats too. Thank you for producing such a great product for all our animals.

Linda and Joe G.
Plantsville, CT

Her skin and coat are amazing and she is in perfect health

2011-01-101/10/2011 - As the owner of a German Shepherd, what I feed Madison has always been of great concern. She developed a sensitive stomach early on so I fed her a Lamb and Rice formula and then she developed an allergy to corn and along came CANIDAE! She has been on the All Life Stages formula for nearly two years and her coat and general health are amazing. Her stomach and allergy issues are a thing of the past. Just recently she developed a problem with gas and once again along came CANIDAE with a Single Grain All Life Stages food. I decided to give this a try and we are now into our second bag and her issues have subsided. At a recent visit to our vet, his comment was, “What ever you are doing with Madison keep doing it! Her skin and coat are amazing and she is in perfect health.” I am a very satisfied CANIDAE customer and Madison is living proof that no matter what your dog’s issues are there is a CANIDAE formula to fit your dog’s needs while still keeping money in your pocket!

Jo-Anne B. and Madison (Age 6)

No longer has any skin issues

2011-01-111/11/2011 - My Sheltie Laila first started having skin problems when she was only 6 months old. We tried everything from Omega 3 oils to prescription meds from her vet. After visiting a pet supply store we decided to try CANIDAE. CANIDAE was the only dog food that did not upset her stomach when first introducing it to her diet. Laila has been eating CANIDAE for over 2 years now and no longer has any skin issues. Her coat is beautiful and she is healthy and happy. We now have a 8 week old sheltie who is also eating CANIDAE without any stomach upset issues. I have attached a picture of our shelties, Chase our 8 week old and Laila who just turned 3.

Thank you for making such a quality product!

Melissa T.
Harrisburg, NC

The best food we could be giving

2011-01-121/12/2011 - Sammie is our 4 year old Golden Retriever. She has been eating CANIDAE since she was a pup. Our breeder recommended that we keep her on it for her lifetime and I am so happy we have chosen to do this. Sammie is so healthy and beautiful. I attribute a lot of this to the food she eats on a daily basis. She loves it too! We will continue to feed her CANIDAE and feel confident that this is the best food we could be giving to her.

Kelly H. 
Huntersville, NC