Dog Food Reviews

Her fur started growing back

2011-03-073/7/2011 - I adopted my dog Ginger from the Delaware County SPCA.  She came home emaciated with fur missing on her back. About 2 to 3 weeks of eating CANIDAE Lamb and Rice formula, she put on weight and her fur started growing back. 3 years later, she is still eating the same food and is in AMAZING shape!! Thanks CANIDAE!

Roland R.

It has made him feel like a puppy again

2011-03-08a 2011-03-08b3/8/2011 - This food is amazing. I have a thirteen year young yorkie named Hap who was eating another premium brand. Hap was having good days and bad days. His bad days seemed to be mostly due to upset stomach and poor digestion. A good friend told me about CANIDAE, so I picked up a bag of the senior formula.

I mixed it in with his old food to avoid a shock to his system. Then I watched as he proceeded to remove all the old food from the bowl, place it on the kitchen floor piece by piece and devour the CANIDAE. He LOVES this food, and it has made him feel like a puppy again. He is up to his old antics on a regular basis. Thank you CANIDAE!!

Leah G.

I won’t feed my dogs anything else

2011-03-09a3/9/2011 - CANIDAE has truly improved the appearance and the health of my service dog Trevor. He has been on the CANIDAE ALS formula for over 2 years now. When I received him from the trainer they were feeding him [another brand]. Trevor was kind of sluggish and his coat just was dull. My friend who has a field dog suggested that I try CANIDAE ALS and he brought me a sample for Trevor to try. After being on CANIDAE a short time Trevor’s coat was shiny, he had more energy and had gotten back to a workable weight. I am so happy we made the switch, and now I won’t feed my dogs anything else.

Sam F.
Marysville, CA

She has done GREAT on CANIDAE… what a lifesaver!

2011-03-163/16/2011 - I just wanted to say how thankful I am that I tried CANIDAE for my boxer Roxie.  We got her from a boxer rescue and she had been having stomach problems the whole time she was with her foster (over a year) and for quite a while after we got her. We tried all different foods but usually had to resort to cooking plain chicken and rice to get her stomach settled.  She would vomit sometimes three times even during the night.  It was exhausting for all of us, especially Roxie!!! We looked at all ingredients and took forever at the store to try and find something else to try for her.  We finally heard about CANIDAE and decided why not give it a try…. we did and what a change. She has done GREAT on CANIDAE… what a lifesaver!!! Thanks again!
Tammy R
Concord, NC

Our dogs had significant improvement in just a few days

2011-03-223/22/2011 - My 6 year old golden who had such bad allergies is so good, our Vet was amazed how fast she responded. I took her in for a yearly check up and she said she had several patients who have recently switched to CANIDAE. I had printed out the ingredients for her and she said it looked like an excellent food. She said it can take 3 months to see a real difference, however our dogs had significant improvement in just a few days. The dogs are just so much happier, more energy, it’s nice to see. They are loving their new dry & canned food.

We also switched the four cats to FELIDAE and they love it. I give a little canned for morning & evening treats, and leave the dry out. No one is overweight but they love it and it seems to be going pretty fast. My kitten had some minor allergies and they are all gone. I also got the dogs the Snap Biscuits and the calm one who always waits for me to put it in her mouth jumped up & grabbed it from me. She could not wait! She just keeps looking at me and then the box every time I go in the kitchen. Her allergy problems are completely gone. 

Thanks very much!

Melissa A
Valley Center, CA

Our dogs are very healthy

2011-03-114/11/2011 - We run a small but very active dachshund rescue and we feed only this dog food. We have really soft coats on our rescue dogs. Our dogs are very healthy, even the strays. Best of all, less poop to pick up! We go thru 2 of the 44lb bags a month… now have 14 dachshunds in rescue. Thanks again.
Karen M.

I only wish we had known about CANIDAE sooner

2011-05-035/3/2011 - I have attached some pictures of our Great Dane, Dez, for you to use along with our testimonial. I truly cannot praise our experience with your products enough! We were so happy with how well she does on the food, we even switched our treats to CANIDAE as well. The small Snap-Bits treats have been perfect for training, and she loves them! The large Snap-Biscuit treats fit perfectly in her toy to keep her occupied. We would spend any amount necessary to ensure she is well. Having adopted her from poor living conditions, her well being means the world to us, she is just a sweetheart, and deserves it. Finding this food has made such a huge difference, I really wanted others to know, and maybe help someone else. I only wish we had known about CANIDAE sooner.

Thank you again.

Shannon B.
Spencerport, NY

They love your product

2011-05-185/18/2011 - Just a quick “atta-boy” for you! I have two little dogs, a Chihuahua and a Pug/Dachshund mix, and they love your product. I will go out of my way to go to the nearest store to purchase it for them. We’ve got the Chihuahua’s peritonitis in control, and the Pug/Doxie is full of energy. The Chihuahua is Jordan, and the Pug/Doxie is Charlie.

Joelle J.

It is so nice to have found a dog food I can trust

2011-05-195/19/2011 - I just wanted to thank you for making such a great product! I have my Lhasa Apso/Shih Tzu mix puppy, Alexi, on your Lamb and Rice formula (I want to keep her away from wheat, soy, and corn), and I couldn’t be happier. She seemed to get ill frequently on [another brand of] puppy formula her breeder started her on, and now that she is completely transitioned, she couldn’t be happier! I even tried a 1 pound sample bag of [another brand of] Lamb and Rice formula, and Alexi threw it up. 

It is so nice to have found a dog food I can trust. I buy both the dry and the wet Lamb and Rice formulas, and I’m encouraging other dog owners to switch their foods. Even other holistic brands don’t necessarily keep their formulas free of wheat, and I so appreciate finding a great premium food that is within my budget.

My parent’s dogs are on a prescription formula, and I keep trying to get my Mom to switch her babies off of that expensive junk food and onto your senior brand. I guess you can’t convert everyone…. On the other hand, I recently got a friend with a cat to switch to FELIDAE, as her cat is on chemotherapy and needed a premium food, and they said they saw their cat perk up a bit after starting the food.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for making a great product that isn’t making my baby sick!

Allison P.
Los Angeles, CA

Both dogs eat CANIDAE and look fantastic

5/26/2011 - Nacho (German Shepherd mix, about 3 years old) was abandoned and showed up at my husband’s business in Southern California. He was skin and bones, and had been on the streets for quite a while. He stayed in Southern California for a couple of months before we got him home to Northern California. He has been with us a year2011-05-27d and a half now. I also have Saffy, my beloved 11 year old Lab mix. Both dogs eat CANIDAE and look fantastic.

2011-05-27bI like that I can feed both dogs the same food and both are at a healthy weight. They also love the Snap Biscuit treats!

I also have two cats (Abby, older female from animal shelter, and Leroy, younger male that someone dumped off in the field near our home). They both eat FELIDAE.

2011-05-27aIn addition, I raise pure bred chickens and I supplement their feed with FELIDAE. Many people ask me what I feed my birds because they look so good. They are large breeds of chicken and benefit from the animal protein in FELIDAE.

Here are some of the chickens that get FELIDAE treats. These are called Buff Orpingtons.

Linda H.
Roseville, CA

He loves it and we love CANIDAE

2011-05-305/30/2011 - I have a 5 year old Golden Retriever who had chronic ear infections, dry flaky coat, and anal problems. After 6 months of vet visits, my doctor finally said to take him (Cashie) off of the food I was feeding him, all treats, grains, chicken and lamb kibble. So we started him on CANIDAE Grain Free Salmon [now named CANIDAE Grain Free pureSEA™], then every other month switched him to another flavor of your grain free formulas. After about another 6 months, I noticed his ears were clearing, his coat was shiny and flake free, and he stopped his “scooting.”

No more monthly visits to the vet.

We have had him on your grain free product for over two years now, and he is completely clear of all allergies, ear and anal problems. He is also far more fluent in his running. He was just about immobilized with arthritis in his back knees. He always smells like a fresh clean dog, even between quarterly trips to the groomer. I can’t help but feel this is due to the purity of your product. Yes, he gets some treats, but mostly apples and fresh carrots.

I recommend your product to anyone who wants to have a happy, healthy, active, clear eyed dog. And he just inhales the food! He loves it and we love CANIDAE. Thank you to you and your team of animal nutritionists who obviously care about the animals they are feeding across the world.

PS: I have attached my favorite photo of my handsome guy doing what he loves best… tunneling in freshly fallen snow!

Judy L.
Lake Tahoe, CA

Thank you for your wonderful product

2011-05-315/31/2011 - We have two beautiful Golden Retriever brothers, Chevy and Hemi, that are seven years old. They have been fed CANIDAE All Life Stages since we brought them home at 9 weeks old. They thrive and do not have issues that other owners have had. They love their food and usually try convice us we didn’t give them enough. We have a new Australian Shepherd, Cody, that is doing wonderfully on CANIDAE also. His coat just shines. He loves his CANIDAE food. Thank you for your wonderful product.
Laura K.
Palmyra, WI