Dog Food Reviews

CANIDAE saved my dog’s life

2011-06-216/20/2011 - I have a maltipoo named Princess. She is still new to the family (2 months since she was rescued from a kill shelter). I tried all different kinds of food and she would not eat anything, and got very sick.

Ever since I tried CANIDAE All Life Stages, she devours her food and is a healthy 12 lb dog. I feel that CANIDAE saved my dog’s life.

She gets along great with the family and loves to cuddle with her mommy (me). She also loves to watch other dogs on TV.


They love the food and scarf every last bite!

2011-07-057/5/2011 - We have 3 Yellow Labrador Retrievers: Rusty 9, Lola 7 and Casey 5. Although everyone mistakes them for triplets, they’ve all been adopted from different local shelters. We are celebrities in our neighborhood because of their looks, and we simply cannot go anywhere in public without getting attention (which they love!!).

We switched to CANIDAE All Life Stages a couple of years ago from another dog food and loved the change. We’ve done a ton of research on dog food and we love the healthy ingredients your food provides our dogs (without breaking the bank!). Our older lab Rusty gained a bit of weight over the last couple of years, so about 8 months ago we switched all 3 of our dogs over to the CANIDAE PLATINUM. Over the course of a few months he lost 15 pounds and has been maintaining a healthy weight ever since. They love the food and scarf every last bite!

Thanks for making such a healthy product that we feel good about feeding!

Jodi C.
Lake Tapps, WA

We get a lot of compliments on their shiny fur

2011-07-27a 2011-07-27b7/27/2011 - My two boys (Raven- 3 year old Lab, and Shadow- 1 year old rescue Lab mix) love your food. Raven is highly allergic to grains and poultry but does really well on your CANIDAE Grain Free pureSEA.

I’m attaching a picture of my two boys to say thank you for caring about the well being of our family members. We do get a lot of compliments on their shiny fur. People always ask me what I use to make their fur so shiny and I don’t use anything, just watch what they eat. Raven had a terrible time with his dog food at first until we figured out that chicken and grains triggered his allergies (ear infections, dandruff, itchy skin, diarrhea, vomiting, etc.).

I had him on several other holistic and grain free foods, but they also caused problems. Then I tried the CANIDAE and he has been doing wonderfully on that. When I took Shadow in last year, I started him on CANIDAE too. They are both very happy pups. Thank you for making a food that can be trusted.

Elke W.
Beloit, WI

You have a satisfied customer for life

2011-08-02a8/2/2011 - Thank you so much for producing such a great product for our beloved four-legged family members. My husband and I have four babies… actually quite the crowd. We own two Great Danes (Athena and Zeus) who are one year old and eight months old. As you can imagine, they can be quite entertaining. I want to tell you about our struggles with our female Great Dane. Athena can be considered the definition of a “finicky eater.” When she was a puppy, we tried at least 10 different brands of food, and could not find anything she would eat. She was underweight and had dry flaking skin due to poor nutrition.

2011-08-02bMy husband and I found CANIDAE All Life Stages Four Meat dog food at a local pet store, and tried it. We had tried everything else at this point; we were willing to do anything. Surprisingly enough, as soon as we poured the food in her bowl, she started eating and ate her ENTIRE bowl! This was a first for her! Not only do our dogs love this food, it is affordable and has great quality ingredients. You can only expect the best from CANIDAE. Our dogs love the taste of chicken, turkey, lamb, and fish; but they get the benefit of vitamins and minerals for superior health and coats. And better yet… NO FILLERS! It is hard to find an affordable dog food without corn being in the top ingredients!

Recently we found out that the pet store we purchase CANIDAE from is going to quit carrying your product because they are switching store names. All of their CANIDAE customers have already informed them they will be losing a lot of business. I know they will be losing my business, because I will do whatever it takes to make sure my babies only get the best! It may mean we will have to drive a little further, but that is okay by me. With two growing Great Danes, we go through 140 pounds of dog food in a month, so it is best we buy in bulk anyway!!

Again, thank you for such a great quality dog food! You have a satisfied customer for life. Our dogs are not just pets to us; they are loved members of our family. And for that reason, I am thankful to have found CANIDAE dog food!

Erin W.

Very impressed with the ingredients

2011-08-088/8/2011 - I feed my 2-year-old male German Shepherd CANIDAE dog food (All Life Stages). I love it, and he loves it. I have been very impressed with the ingredients in the dog food, and I did my research in deciding what to feed my dog. We get lots of comments about his coat, in particular, and I think his coat looks great in part because of the CANIDAE food that we feed him. I want to thank you for producing a great quality dog food at a reasonable price.

Gary R.

Within days, the itching stopped

2011-08-108/9/2011 - My dog was suffering from severe itching. It finally dawned on me that he was allergic to his food, mainly because it contained grains. I switched to CANIDAE because it contains so much meat protein.

In the past, I had to add stuff to the dog food to get him to eat it. As soon as I put the CANIDAE down, he began to eat. Within days, the itching stopped. I’ve tried the bison and the chicken.

I think he prefers the one with chicken in it. Thanks for producing a dog food that is actually good for him and is not full of fillers, corn, wheat and other ingredients that he doesn’t need.

Sally M.

She has such a shiny and soft coat

2011-08-098/10/2011 - I am SO IMPRESSED with the CANIDAE dog food that I talk almost every day to someone about it. I have a Boxer that I have fed this since 9 weeks old. She is 11 months now and has such a shiny & soft coat, her eyes are bright and she’s super happy all of the time. You can tell that she is getting more than the right vitamins and minerals from CANIDAE!!

She’s 52 pounds and I feed her 3 cups of All Life Stages. 1 cup in morning, 1 cup at noon and 1 cup with a tablespoon of CANIDAE can at night. Great Food!!!

Selby B.

I have decided to switch to CANIDAE for my working dogs

2011-08-128/12/2011 - I’m an executive board member with the United States Police Canine Association (USPCA), Region 19 and a professional police dog trainer, working in Birmingham, Michigan, USA. I train police dogs and I also train the general public with private dog training obedience lessons. I have two narcotic detection trained dogs.

After seeing a CANIDAE presentation in Canada at one of our USPCA police K9 events I have decided to switch to CANIDAE for my working dogs.

The dogs have enjoyed the change as their coats look nicer and they digest the food without any problems. They also seem to have more energy between feedings.

My German Shepherd was having allergies/irritation on the tips of her ears and that has now gone away too. I’m not sure if it was the change to CANIDAE that helped her ears or not but I strongly believe it did.

Officer Ray K., Ret.
Birmingham, Michigan

I love this dog food!

2011-08-308/30/2011 - My Rottie has a very sensitive stomach and it took over a year till I found CANIDAE. Now he is just great and has been for a few years now. He and my other dog, Ms. Tilly both eat CANIDAE All Life Stages. I love this dog food!

Lisa V.
Los Osos, CA

We are so excited about your Grain free formulas

2011-08-318/31/2011 - I just wanted to let you know that we are so excited about your Grain free formulas. We have a lab/golden/shar pei mix who is almost 2 years old and very allergic to anything with grain in it. We had to put him on a very expensive pet Rx formula for over a year. We were so very excited when we discovered that CANIDAE made a grain free formula. Not only is Oakley getting the nutrition he needs and enjoys his food but we are saving a ton on his dog food. Thanks again for thinking of our pets — and more than just pets but as family.

Ana M.
San Luis Obispo, CA

CANIDAE customer service is the greatest!

2011-09-16c9/16/2011 - A while ago, Diane in your customer service department spent some time with me on the phone talking about our young Yellow Lab Magic who is in gun dog training. Diane sent me a coupon for a free bag of CANIDAE Single Grain Protein Plus. Magic is now holding her weight well on 3 cups twice a day (was on 4 cups x 2 of ALS). We had thought she might be having an absorption problem since her stools are so large, but extensive lab tests show she is fine. Her high energy level requires a lot of food. Her training is coming along great — she is a natural retriever and LOVES her daily training. My husband goes out a couple of times a week to train with her. We brought her home over the long weekend to let her catch up on her sleep! I talked to our vet after talking to Diane and the vet believes the weight and stool problems are just a natural thing for a very high strung pup in a kennel situation — it isn’t clinical. She will be back home with us by mid-October, ready to hunt ducks this season. Thanks for all the advice and the coupon. I was expecting a coupon for a small bag and was pleasantly surprised!  Thanks so much. CANIDAE customer service is the greatest!

Linda W
Sublimity, OR

Murphy, a 108 pound senior boxer, needed to lose almost 35 pounds!

9/21/11 (updated) - In June, my husband and I adopted Murphy, an 8 year old senior boxer who had just been turned in to Boxer Rescue Los Angeles (BRLA) where we volunteer.  He was terribly overweight at 108 pounds, could barely walk, slept most of the time, and was continually out of breath.  We had fed our previous boxer CANIDAE Platinum dry and canned for the last 5 years of his life and it helped him stay healthy until the age of 13.5 years old.  Murphy was a perfect candidate for the same diet being a senior and overweight.  We wrote to CANIDAE’s customer service team to discuss the amount of CANIDAE Platinum dry and canned to feed him so he could lose weight quickly but safely and verified with our Veterinarian that he would be able to start an exercise program.

Mmurphybeforeurphy integrated himself into our household of 3 cats and 2 dogs faster than any animal we’ve ever rescued.  He immediately showed respectful and submissive behavior to the cats by turning his back to them and promptly lying down.  Within a few hours the cats felt perfectly safe around him and accepted him into the family.  He is always tolerant of our 15-month-old female rescue boxer, Penny, who wants to help his training by grabbing his leash in her mouth and galloping full speed down the trail, and he always lets her win tug-of war games.  He is sweet with BD and is careful of her small stature (10.5 pound rescue chihuahua) and she rewards him with love and devotion.  As to humans, he has won the heart of everyone he meets.  He has the most amazing spirit, determination, and zest for life and is one of the most loving and gentle dogs we’ve ever had.

Mornings are Murphy’s favorite time of day!  Once the sun rises a little, we open the driveway gate, walk across the street and there we are with miles of trails to choose from.  During the past 10 weeks of daily walks, he has quickly regained muscle tone and endurance and can hike for over an hour without needing to rest.  He is now active, alert, and playful, and enjoys chasing after Penny, BD, lizards and jackrabbits and loves to lead the walk when it is his turn.

murphyafterMurphy has exceeded everyone’s expectations and has lost 18.5 pounds in 10 weeks!  This averages to more than 1.5 pounds a week.  At his 10 week check, he weighed 89.5 pounds and every week brings him closer to his goal weight of 75 pounds.  He has also lost 7″ from his waistline and 3″ from his neck.  Murphy is an inspiration to everyone he meets and living proof that senior dogs can lose weight.

Murphy’s tips to humans are to measure morning and night meals (no guessing), give affection not treats between meals, weigh and/or measure your dog every 2 weeks or so for encouragement, and take your dog for daily walks steadily increasing the distance as fitness permits.

9/13/2010 UPDATE - Murphy just hit his 12 week mark with us and has lost 22.3 pounds!!!!  He only has 10 pounds to go for his goal weight of 75 pounds as he weighed in at 85.5 pounds on Friday, September 10. He has tons of energy and runs around the yard with his girls, chases lizards and jackrabbits and as soon as there is a sign we might be waking up in the morning, starts crying for his walk even when it is “o’dark thirty” as Steve puts it.  Such a healthy boxer now, can clean himself (which he does all the time of course), breathes very quietly, regains his breath fast after running around, would rather trot than walk (with his fat tail working like a metronome back and forth with each step) and insists on sleeping in the middle of our bed! As far as inches go, he has lost 2 1/2″ from his neck, 7 1/4″ from his waist and 5″ from his trunk circumference just behind his front legs and 6″ from his trunk circumference just in front of his back legs! He continues to be our gentle Murphy but is no longer a giant!  So rewarding watching him regain his health and his boxer physique.

2010-10-1110/11/2010 UPDATE - Murphy now weighs only 81.5 pounds, having lost 26.3 pounds total in just 4 months! That calculates out to be a loss of 24.4% of his body weight since switching to natural and holistic CANIDAE PLATINUM. He has lost a total of 3.5 inches from his neck and 9 inches from his waist! Murphy (with a little help from Barbara) writes in, “I’m light on my feet and prefer to trot everywhere. My tail keeps time like a metronome, side to side with each step. I’m getting closer to catching Penny [pictured with Murphy, right] at a full gallop and I can do proper boxer curls, pops, jumps and am pleased to report that I can climb up on the bed whenever I want and no longer have to wait for a boost up. Life is good!

1/4/2011 UPDATE - Penny and Murphy have decided that snow is just too cold for their short-haired bodies! Murphy, always the gentleman, lets Penny win after a gentle tussle. Second one is of the door rush when the 3 canines discovered how cold it was outside! Isn’t the day after Christmas supposed to be BOXER DAY, not BOXING DAY?

murphytoday9/21/2011 UPDATE - Murphy is doing very well. He is: slim, fit, likes to jog a little, sometimes plays with Penny our young female boxer, jumps around, wags his tail all the time, and trots or runs with his tail keeping rhythm with his steps like a metronome, slow, medium or fast! We love him to bits! So pleased he is back to being an active boxer, albeit a senior one!

Barbara W.
Agua Dulce, CA