Dog Food Reviews

I was SO happy to discover your wonderful all life stage foods!!

TammyHI  have fostered dogs for the local shelter for many years, housing as many as 16 at one time. These have included moms with puppies, orphaned pups, the very elderly and/or end stage illness, and breeds/ages/sizes of all kinds. There were times I was feeding up to 4 different diets. I was SO happy to discover your wonderful all life stage foods!! This food helps me to get all dogs their proper weight, from the severely under weight to the terrible obese, as well as helping to keep all of my owned dogs maintain their proper weight and are healthy. Needless to say, I go through a lot of dog food so, I also love the buy 12 get on free offer as well as being able to get it shipped right to my home. I would also like to add that over the years I have had to contact customer support a few times and they were always wonderful to deal with as well!

– Tammy H


Your food is awesome, Chelsea loves it and so do I!


Just wanted to drop you a note we got Chelsea in April of 2002 she was eight weeks old. We took her to dog obedeiance class and the trainer told us about your food. We started her right away. She is now just turning 13 and her vet blood work came out great this year again! I believe that the food is the reason for this! It’s awesome Chelsea loves it and so do I.

Thanks all of you for the good work

– Chuck H.

You Have a Customer for Life!

PupI have a year old border collie named Ruckus who came to me in December of last year. I switched him from the food the breeder had him on to another grain free brand and he wasn’t making the transition well at all. I took him off it and switched him straight onto the Pure Sea and saw almost immediate improvement. I was amazed at how fast he recovered from stink bombing a room with terrible gas and having horrible diarrhea. I always like getting love mail (the opposite of hate mail lol) at my job so I just wanted to tell you guys that you have a customer for life!

Thank you!


Canidae was one of top best brands


Some dogs will literally starve to death because there food has the wrong ingredients in it. After a lot of research and reading. We started him on the duck and he has not stopped eating since.  My dog is well worth the price!

– D. Lovelace

Thank you


Thank you from Happy in green, Trinity in orange and Chewy in blue!!
They love your food and it’s easy on their stomach!!
– Francesca

Happy dog, happy owner!

Pup-sweaterI got my dog, an Italian Greyhound named  Teddy, from a rescue group just two months ago. He got settled in and it immediately became apparent that he was one itchy fella. I switched his food to Canidae Life Stages Lamb and Rice and within a week he was itch free! He loves the taste and I love the wholesome ingredient list. In terms of cost it’s cheaper per meal than what I was feeding before.

Happy dog, happy owner!

– Kat

I Liked Everything I Read About This Company

pupWe have two dogs. One is a 95 pound 5 year old German Shepherd and the other is a 15 year old Rottweiler mix.

I have to start out by telling you I have grown up with GSD’s over the past 40 years. Every one of them suffered with skin, ear and digestive problems at one time or another so when my baby Fenja (the GSD) began to get chronic ear infections, I thought it was par for the course with the breed.

One day while visiting my sister, I noticed her German Shepherd had beautiful, pink/skin color ears and they were clean as a whistle! And the coat on her was stunning. So of course I asked what she fed her. My sister told me Canidae! I couldn’t get the food fast enough! I went home and started my research on Canidae Pet Food. I learned something very important. They do not use corn filler in the food. I also learned that corn is a major problem for most dogs, especially the German Shepherd! Iand I began a food mix over. Within 3 days of total Canidae our Fenja had amazing ears too! No more dark gunk! All gone and I’m serious. Only 3 days! I’ve had dogs my entire life and never ever witnessed a dog food switch work that effective and fast! It’s been 3 years on Canidae Life Stages and the results are amazing! Clean ears, no more infections and a beautiful healthy coat!

I also would like to mention Lucia. Our 15 year old 65 pound Rottie mix. She also loves Canidae and no one believes she’s 15! But she is! And she runs down the hall and leaps over two steps when I slide open the patio door to go out (instead of taking one at a time)!

Thank you all for the love and nutrition you put into Canidae Pet Food! Our dogs love it and so do we!

– Loriann G.

3 Musketeers Now Enjoy a Happy, Healthy, and Very Active Lifestyle

3-MusketeersAfter having troubles finding a food that all 3 of my dogs could eat and liked to eat, I found Canidae over a year ago and gave it a try. Ever since, the dogs have all been happy and healthy. I currently share a home with 2 Dobermans (9 yrs and 2 yrs) and a boxer mix (5yrs) so finding a food that they all could eat without having 3 different foods was a priority for me.

The  while being fed Canidae. I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome to my food search.

– Mark

Gives Him a Great Coat and Very Good Health


Canidae was suggested to us by our breeder and I must say my Lab loves it.  He has been on Life Stages Chicken meal and rice since solid food.  It gives him a great coat and very good health. I highly recommend it!!!

– Raymond P.

Happy Dogs Now

Earl-and-Molly_1I’m not much of a “marketer.” They are just happy dogs now, that had a very rough start in life. Part of their happiness is being called to meals that they really enjoy and I’m confident that’s due in large part to Canidae’s quality products. Earl on the left is about 7 years old. His buddy Molly on the right is about 4 years old. They are both rescue labs that are on a steady diet of Canidae lamb meal and rice. They do very well on the food and really enjoy meal time. Great product.

– Roger

This sweet dog has had issues for all the ten years of her life – until now

DumplinWe have a (now) 10 year old Westie that we rescued from a pet shop. Possibly because of her rough start in life she has struggled with digestive issues on an almost weekly basis. Lot’s of trips to the vet, trying different types and brands of food to see if we could do anything to help her. After yet again doing some research and reading dog food reviews, I decided to give Canidae a try because of the wonderful reviews. As a pet owner and understanding that you can’t put your dogs on a different food every week, I told myself that this would be our last attempt. I cannot tell you how happy we are that we made the switch! Dumplin’ has been on the Canidae Life Stages Lamb and Rice for about  seven months now, and we have not had a single event of digestive issues. . She loves her food, and meals are now a pleasure for us both. I cannot thank you enough for this wonderful product. I just wish I had found!  you sooner!

– Terri

Happy dog! Happy human!



Donuts “Dodo” was always an active dog and going into her senior years didn’t slow much down.  She still fetched balls across the park like a puppy and tagged along excitedly during nature trails.  However, one thing that changed dramatically was her digestion.  As any dog owner would know a tell-tale sign that something is wrong with your dog’s tummy is looking at their poop.  We had her poop analyzed by the vet to check for bug but just got told, “she’s probably allergic to her food.”  We tried almost 6 different brands and over 20 types of dog food–all good and natural brands–but nothing seemed to be the solution, until I came across CANIDAE.  The first bag I bought was the Pure Sea Grain-Free Salmon–Dodo always liked fish–and I knew within days that this was the turning point in our search for the perfect dog food.  Her poop became normal again, and what was best was that she was never picky about her dog food.  She always ate it right up!  We have switched the food around a few times but she loves the Pure Sea best!  Thank you to the CANIDAE team.  They really care about our pets and opinions to provide good food to our furry family friends.  Happy poop! Happy dog! Happy human!

– Geena Y.