Dog Food Reviews

The difference in his coat is so drastic

I first found out about CANIDAE a few months ago from your web site. When I seen the list holistic ingredients and all the additional supplements for skin and coat and digestive enzymes, I immediately emailed you to find out when and if this food will ever be available in my area. After a few months, I got the email informing me that it is now available in my area (Eastern Ontario – Canada). So with out hesitation I switched my dog (a purebred German Shepherd male) to CANIDAE from another super premium food. My dog has been on CANIDAE for three weeks and even in that short of a time, the difference in his coat is so drastic that unless I seen it with my own eyes, I would not believe it was possible to have that kind of improvement in a short time. I can hardly wait to see the difference in a couple of months. Its not just his coat. His overall appearance and energy level has improved and he loves the taste.

Thanks for a truly remarkable dog food and for offering it at a reasonable price compared to some other holistic type dog foods. I will be recommending CANIDAE to as many people as I can. That should not be hard to do. I have already had people ask me what I feed him after they have remarked on the excellent condition of his coat.

Thank You

Thank you for a great product

I just had to comment on your excellent food.

My shetland sheepdog puppy, Sparky, was getting flaky skin and a dry coat. I’m familiar with the effects of diet on outside health, and knew I had to change something. I was also tired of mixing in an extra supplement, that cost a bundle.

Then, CANIDAE was recommended, and I checked out your web site. Your food has EVERYTHING I’ve wanted in a dog food, plus I simply adore the fact that all the ingredients are human-grade. I didn’t like the idea of feeding my dogs sub-quality meats, or food made water “sufficient for processing”. These animals are my friends, why would I want to feed them something I wouldn’t even dream of eating myself?

Well, within two weeks of starting my pup on CANIDAE, I’m sold. His coat simply glistens, and his skin is wonderfully pink and healthy. His coat has grown in more thick, and much softer. His stools are regular, small, and firm. He’s just the picture of health. I was so impressed, that I decided to switch my other two dogs, a miniature and a toy poodle, to CANIDAE. Paco, our miniature, especially could benefit. He has suffered from hot spots and skin problems for years. His coat around his stomach, and on his rump, is permanently (until fresh coat grows in, without the licking) dyed a reddish brown, from the saliva and constant licking. He seems better, and he’s only really been on it for a few weeks. He munches the kibble right up (previously he was fed only canned food his whole life) and this is the only kibble that our toy poodle will even start to eat. I’m just totally impressed, and recommend your food to anyone who asks.

It’s so hard to find decent food for my dogs nowadays; Don’t change a thing! And thank you for a great product.

Kallie T.

Your food has turned out to be cost effective and nutritious, as well as satisfying.

rikiJust wanted to let you know how pleased I am with CANIDAE. I feed raw food in the evening and kibble in the morning. Riki is 1-1/2 yr old German Shepherd I am training in Search and Rescue. She LOVES her raw food meal, and on her previous high quality natural commercial food I was previously feeding would often fail to eat her morning meal. Not a good thing in a dog that may have to go out and perform some arduous work before the evening meal. We actually had an instance of exercise induced hypoglycemia which my vet said skipping meals may have contributed too. I need to feed a kibble because I can’t carry a refrigerator out on a mission with me now can I?

When I leave for work in the morning Riki often gets a meaty bone, or a Kong stuffed with peanut butter. She likes your food so much she will lick the Kong or bone a couple of times and then gobble up her kibble before returning to her bone! Her weight has improved and we have even managed to get a little body fat on her!!!! Her coat and muscle are fabulous. Of course her eyes sparkle with mischief, and she is FULL of energy for play and training.

Your food has turned out to be cost effective and nutritious, as well as satisfying. Thanks for a GREAT product and the answer to my problems.

Patricia R. and Riki


I have owned and bred Bernese Mountain Dogs for years. Two months ago, a fellow breeder recently introduced me to CANIDAE. She knew I had been cooking for my dogs because I didn’t think they were getting the proper nutrients from their commercial food. With CANIDAE, I don’t need to add anything. One of my dogs is a six-year-old spayed Berner who has always had a rather dry coat. With CANIDAE, her coat has now developed a lustrous sheen. When I walk my dogs, neighbors stop me and ask what I feed them.

Thanks so much
Jean S.
Centennial, Colorado

I know my dogs will live a lot healthier life on CANIDAE

The Jasper family wants to thank you very much for having available the most natural foods in CANIDAE, we take along with our daily foods, great vitamins and when I noticed that the ingredients in our dogs menu, I was surprised to see they are taking as much vitamins as we do and even more. This is great I said to my husband, no more over the counter vitamins for Duke & Dharma, they have everything they need plus a great deal more. Our dogs are very healthy and have always been groomed as well as we are, now that they are eating CANIDAE which I want to say they just love it, (seconds please). They are even more vibrant, thanks to your table of contents, they just received their first gourmet Snap-Biscuits, what a treat, I have to hide the bag, when they hear me open it they come running, this is my way of saying again, thank you so very much, I know my dogs will live a lot healthier life on CANIDAE.

Ps. Duke & Dharma says bowl lick-in good!!
Steven & Glenda J.

My dogs have had amazing results from eating CANIDAE Dog Food.

xury2.1About a year ago, I noticed that my two GSDs (Sarah and Beatrice) were itchy, and that Sarah’s coat was not what I thought it should be… rough, brittle and dry. I decided to change our dog food. I saw an article in the Whole Dog Journal that listed what they thought were the top 10 dog foods, and called the top five or six companies on the list, asking for samples. I received three or four samples, and I put them down in front of my dogs. Both immediately went for the CANIDAE, so I figured it was a good bet. We switched.

This winter, Sarah has the most MAGNIFICENT coat you could want for a girl. Beatrice has never been a slouch in the coat department, and she looks as wonderful as she ever has, but without any itchiness. Neither girl scratches any more.

For the past six months, I have been fostering dogs for San Francisco Bay Area German Shepherd Rescue ( In late December, I was asked to foster Xury, an 18-24 month old female who had been hit by a car a couple of weeks earlier. She was malnourished, mangy, and in pain from a broken femur, but with the most beautiful personality you would want in a dog. I said absolutely yes. She was pulled from the shelter by a couple who kept her for a few days until the vet could take care of her leg (this of course happened over the New Year.) When they bathed her, her fur broke off due to its horrible condition. She was in a very sorry state.

The vet operated on her leg, and set the femur, and she came home with me. The couple who had her between the shelter and the vet told me she was a picky eater, and all they could find that she would eat was Pedigree canned food on Waverly Wafers. I was prepared to cook for this dog, because I figured that chicken and rice was infinitely better than Pedigree and crackers. I tried the CANIDAE first (hoping for the easy way out, not having to cook) and she LOVES it. She eats willingly and with gusto. I am feeding her the kibble only, since it has more calories per ounce than the kibble/canned mixture I feed my other dogs. Xury needs all the help she can get, calorie-wise.

sarah1.1Xury has been here for about a month now. Her fur is no longer breaking off, and it has a sheen to it (even the vet noticed the change on a return visit). She has gained 4 pounds, and her backbone and ribs are slowly receding. They had sharp edges on them when she came here. She is spunky, and active and full of mischief, and she still eats her CANIDAE willingly and with gusto. Her transformation to date has been amazing.

I was telling my trainer that I thought the CANIDAE had made this transformation possible, and she asked if I had told you yet. I hadn’t, but I HAVE told everybody that will listen.

Thank you,
Elaine S.

I have just switched all of my dogs to your food

I have just switched all of my dogs to your food from one of the nationally known brands that I have used for the past 20 years. They had a formula change this past year, my dogs lost weight, I had immune problems I have never had, I lost puppies and then an entire litter of 7. What type of Breeders program do you have? I am planning on setting up a link to your site and referring my puppy buyers to your local distributor so they can purchase the food before they return home. I live in a rather remote area and have puppy buyers from all over North America and Europe.

Jerrie W.
Rose Croft Terriers
Cairns, Jacks & Glen of Imaal
Valley Springs, CA

Dear CANIDAE Pet Foods

porterpbobPorter is our first raised CANIDAE pup pictured here at 9 months and 1 day he is one of three from the same litter I am growing out. Bright clear eyes, thick well conditioned coats, Overall good strong body structure both skeletal and muscular no down pasterns and a steady paced growth rate for such large boned puppies. Just overall happy high activity level healthy pups.

Patricia C.

Dear Friends

We have for ages it seems, been searching for good quality pet food. Our favorite pet store told us about your product and we purchased a bag of the CANIDAE “Maintenance Formula” as well as a bag of the “Natural Gourmet Snap Biscuits”. Let me tell you, the dogs were so happy with your product that we went online to your web site to see what you put in this food to make it so appetizing to them. We want to tell you that the information we got from your wonderful site answered all our concerns and questions. We will help our friends with their pet feeding concerns by sharing our discovery.

Yours Sincerely Ken M.

Dear Cani-amazing-dae!

I just wanted to let more people know about this amazing food. I am a first time pet guardian, and I rescued the cutest Lab Retriever mix from the pound. He was two months old and in good health. I’ve been feeding him Purina puppy chow for his entire time with me, which has been about 11 months. Well, he has had bad dandruff at times. Sometimes it looked like big flakes to even a “powdered” look. I’ve tried all the home remedies like putting canola oil in his food, and even an occasional egg. Well, after extreme studying, and investigating for a new food that I was told that I didn’t need to go that route by a vet, I narrowed my choices down to Bil-jac, and CANIDAE. I actually received your E-mail contact from a breeder off of a chat web site (to whom I am grateful to) well then I contacted my aunt, which shows her dogs professionally, she competed in the Westminster show and got “best of breed other “, she also is a CANIDAE user. Well she told me that I should use CANIDAE and that I should not use any other food at all but that!!! So I promptly went out to my local pet shop and got myself and my pup a nice 40 pound bag!! And let me tell you guys a thing or two!!! That food must be made of gold! Now my pup has fur that feels like rabbit fur, and has no sign of that dandruff. This is all within two weeks!!! I just had to thank all of you over at CANIDAE. I thank you, and I know that my pup Tye thanks you as well! Truly an amazing product!

Thank you, and forever grateful,
Luke and Tye!


When I purchased my English Bulldog 2 1/2 years ago, she was 10 weeks old. She was sweet and healthy. I did notice one thing about her though that just didn’t seem right. The breeder sent me home with a bag of “premium” food she had been feeding the litter along with the parents. This food is popular and still on the market, but it wasn’t the right food for my “Daisy.” As soon as she ate, she was running to the door to be let out for a bathroom break. Because I have studied nutrition and herbs for a hobby and small business, I knew there was no way that Daisy was able to assimilate and use the nutrients she had just eaten if she was passing the food that quickly! I supplemented her with some herbs and vitamins until I found CANIDAE. It was everything I was looking for! No more supplements was needed and she held her food for an adequate time. Her weight, coat and overall appearance is GREAT! We now have a litter of English Bulldogs, 7 of them! Daisy ate CANIDAE all through her pregnancy and the puppies are enjoying it now. This was our first time breeding our bulldog and we will do it again. We have other breeders switching to CANIDAE because we have been so successful. We had 100% survival rate and our 8 weeks pups are BIGGER and healthier than the other 12 week old litter in our town.

Charlotte S.
Madera, CA


I started using your dog foods 2 years ago after a nasty situation with the barf diet and not too much luck with Innova. From the very beginning my dogs have loved the taste. Feeding an entire kennel of large dogs is no easy feat, but CANIDAE was convenient and priced affordable. I feed 2 breeds both working and show and across the board I have the very best coats, muscle tone, and stamina. My litters have no post weaning diarrhea and are hearty little puppies right from the start. I have recommended CANIDAE to several friends of mine and all are truly amazed at how nice their dogs have turned around.

Thank you for your breeder’s program for people like me and thank you from my dogs for a nutritious product that tastes great!!


Lisa H.
Black Star Kennels
Alta Loma, CA