Dog Food Reviews

They don’t have “doggie odor” anymore

Tiffany-H3/29/12 - I just read an article on the harmful effects of soy in animal feed. It never even crossed my mind before. I was very glad to see that you don’t use it in your products! I feed my French Bulldogs CANIDAE pureSky and my Devon Rex FELIDAE pureElements. I switched about two months ago from [another brand]. I used to be happy with their food, but it seems like they may have changed something in it and it no longer agreed with my Frenchie’s sensitive stomachs. Since feeding them CANIDAE, their gas has been drastically reduced, their fur even shinier, and they don’t have “doggie odor” anymore even without a bath!!! Thank you so much for the excellent food and also the coupons :)

Tiffany H.
Chesapeake, VA

I will never give her anything but CANIDAE

Jim-K3/19/12 - Ever since Toby my 4 year old Basenji was a puppy I have fed her CANIDAE. Her coat has always been shiny, her energy has always been high, and her health has always been great. I made the mistake of trying another brand but found it to be $20 more expensive and she started to have issues with her coat. I will never give her anything but CANIDAE for the rest of her life; it’s not worth her health or happiness. CANIDAE might cost a little more than other brands out there but when it comes to your dog’s health and happiness, you’ll find it to be worth it. Thanks CANIDAE for doing what you do best…creating happy and healthy pet households. 

Jim K.
Rock Hill, SC

Novie’s coat is so soft and shiny and Buddy has more energy!

Kena3/15/12 - Thank you CANIDAE for your ALS Formula!! I have a 6 month Rottweiler named Novie and a 3 year old Maltese X named Buddy, and I got tired of buying two different bags of food for these two. After I found out about you I did research and decided to buy a small bag to try. 

They LOVED it!! So I bought your 44lb bag and am so pleased with the results! Novie’s coat is so soft and shiny and Buddy has more energy! I feel so much better buying one big bag instead of one big and one small bag. Thank you!! You guys rock! 

Kena J.

Our dogs love your food!!

Timber3/6/12 - First of all, our dogs love your food!! I mix it up every so often; right now they’re on Grain Free Bison, before it was the Beef & Fish. I found it very convenient that with having two dogs, twelve and eight years old, and a six month old puppy, I didn’t have to buy separate food. I just feed them your CANIDAE All Life Stages and believe me, my puppy is happy and healthy and growing like a weed, and my seniors are nice and comfy too.

SuzieQI started using CANIDAE because one of my friends in the rescue organization I work in swears by your food. Prior, I fed my dogs what I called decent food. Now, I really read what’s in their food, it matters. What is a Meat by Product? Or Corn Gluten Meal along with the Dyes? Now I ask everybody, “Would you feed a family member Pot Roast a la Meat by Product?” Since I’ve changed, my oldest has lost her dry skin and shedding problems, they both just seem to be better nourished, no fleas, less waste, less feeding. I refer every adoptee to your food, I tell them that it pays to feed their animal CANIDAE, at the end of day the benefits go a long way. We are living proof!! 

Jodie B.

Jinny Rocco with her Brindle Bullmastiff Tahsmi Brier

jinnyTahani has been on CANIDAE since 12 weeks of age. When we asked Jinny how Tahani has been doing on CANIDAE, she said great! Jinny loves the consistency of Tahani’s weight. There is no excessive fat or weight, it is just right. Jinny also commented on the beautiful coat CANIDAE has given Tahani. Thank you CANIDAE.

Jinny R.
Tujunga, CA

Our Golden Retriever’s Coat Has Only Gotten Better Since Canidae!

Genevieve our Golden Retriever’s coat has improved so much since switching to CANIDAE.The ingredients are excellent and wholesome, and it passes the human taste test as well. FELIDAE canned food also turned out to be an ideal food to force feed our tiny Himalayan Jasmine when she stopped eating, since it is just the right consistency and also highly palatable for hand feeding when all else fails. We’re happy to say she is back to eating on her own.
Thanks very much

Dika Golovatchoff, Ph.D.
Editor: All Our Pets Magazine

Newfoundlands Love It!

cha-moiThe Hills of Cha-Moi Kennels of Alta Loma has been feeding CANIDAE for over one year.Champion Lord Chadrick, 3 years of age, is on the left accompanied by Megan Hill. On the right we have Bacchanal John Cabot, 14 months of age, accompanied by Adrienne Hill. When asked the good points of CANIDAE, the Hill’s replied first of all they loved the kibble size. Most people would think that these big dogs need a big kibble, however that’s not the case. CANIDAE’S medium size kibble works out great for the huge dogs as well as the puppies. Another great factor is they finally found a food their dogs love! Another point was that the coats improved remarkable well, and the big dogs held their proper weight with ease. The proof is in Cabot (right) who has been eating CANIDAE since he was 2 month of age! the Hill’s also said not to forget that their last bitch whelped 12 Newfoundland puppies, and was strictly on CANIDAE throughout her pregnancy. The bitch also recovered very fast with minimal weight loss. The Hill’s last comment was “we are very happy with the food and recommend it to everyone we know.

Cha – Moi Kennels
Alta Loma, CA

Look at these adorable Labradors!

puppiesChelsea is the mother of these little three week old rascals, and Chance is the father. I have been feeding CANIDAE since November and I am very pleased. The proof is in the picture. I like the fact that CANIDAE makes my dogs coats glisten. I tried to save a few dollars by putting the father on the cheap stuff, but he lost his hair, never again. Its CANIDAE for all my dogs.

Mary M.
Alta Loma, CA

Thank you CANIDAE for your help in this dog’s weight loss journey

ruby-hannah-before2/24/12 - Ruby and Hannah went into rescue through a humane society in Oregon 1 year ago this month. Ruby weighed a whopping 40lbs. I was completely shocked when I first saw her. I then realized although she didn’t appear to be physically abused, she was obviously abused in a whole different way. Nobody had monitored her food intake and she was slowly suffocating due to obesity. She was literally too fat to walk. She had a very hoarse cough and could only walk a few feet without being completely out of breath. She was very uncomfortable. After having her for a week, I realized her quality of life was worse than Hope who we had recently sent to the bridge with CHF. I actually took her to my vet to be euthanized. My vet agreed that her quality of life was poor but encouraged me to try a diet. Although painful to watch, Ruby continued to live in misery. The vet stressed to me many times how important it was to taper her food down gradually so it wouldn’t be a shock to her system. Ruby had a guardian angel looking over her shoulder. Being a cavalier, her chances of living to 10.5 yrs old without a heart murmur was slim. Being so obese, it was a complete miracle that she had a healthy heart. We started on this weight loss journey last February. It was a long struggle for her. We came up with many creative snacks and things to keep her mind off of food. Here she is on the day we brought her home. 

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAs you can see, she outweighed her sister by 22lbs. Feeling bones and looking at their height, it was obvious they should have been close to the same size. Hannah was at ideal weight. Each month we took her in to get weighed, and although sometimes I was disappointed in her weight loss, I noticed how much her life was changing daily. As the weight came off, I watched a whole new dog emerge. She realized she was able to do more and more and boy did she take advantage of it.

Today I am proud to say Ruby weighs 19lbs. We fed her CANIDAE PLATINUM for senior and overweight dogs. I was so pleased to find a food that fit all of her needs. Thank you, Canidae, for your help in this dog’s weight loss journey. It has truly saved her life.

Anita B.

I see more shine to their coats, and their appetites are greatly enhanced by the CANIDAE

I have recently tried your CANIDAE dog food, after nearly 3 years of exclusive use of Innova. While the Innova has always been a favourite of my dogs, and they are in spectacular condition and have wonderful coats and skin, a recently born litter of puppies has not done well when weaned onto Innova. They experienced severe diarrhea and were not gaining weight as expected. Fecal exam showed no parasites, and my vet suggested I try a different food. After 4 days on CANIDAE, the puppies are having normal stool (both volume and consistency) and have started gaining weight. Already I see more shine to their coats, and their appetites are greatly enhanced by the CANIDAE. They can’t wait for their meals, and are starting to demand their 4 daily meals well in advance of their usual time schedule. At 8 weeks of age, these puppies are thriving on the CANIDAE. I am so pleased with the results with my puppies, I intend to try CANIDAE with my adults next, starting them today on a mixture of CANIDAE and Innova for a few days, gradually working them over to nothing but CANIDAE. If the dogs maintain their already great coat and skin condition, I will switch permanently to CANIDAE, since it is certainly a more economical product that Innova (in my area of Canada, 40 LB of CANIDAE is $46.49, while 33 1/2 pounds of Innova is $52.49)

My question is….do you have a Breeder Program which provides “Puppy Packs” with food samples and brochures, to go home with new puppies. I like to provide at least a few days worth of food to each new puppy purchaser that goes home with their puppy, along with information about the food the puppies are accustomed to. CANIDAE is relatively unknown to most pet owners, and is available in only a few select specialty dog food supply stores in this area. I want to be sure that the new owners will carry on with the CANIDAE and give them ample information and supply of food to get them started and encourage them to continue to use CANIDAE for their new puppy. If I can send each puppy home with a couple of “sample” bags and brochures on the product, that will be a good start. Please let me know if you have such a program in place, and how I may join it.

I purchase my dog food from Pet Fare, in Langley, B.C. They carry predominately natural foods like CANIDAE, Solid Gold, Innova and California Natural. The store has a very limited number of samples available for me to take for this litter of 6 puppies who will be going to their new homes in the next couple of weeks.

Thank you.
Cherri T.

Hey there, CANIDAE!!!

I am a graduate of Cornell University, and I currently teach dog training classes, and work PT as a veterinary assistant – yes, because of my love of dogs. I am also one of those people that care immensely about what my dogs eat.

I have always fed my dogs (currently 3 Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs and a Chihuahua named “Dot-Com”) Wysong for many years, but search for the dogfood that I might be happier with. I have been mixing the Wysong with Innova the past 6 months, and while I am happy with it, the Innova is just too costly for over 400 pounds worth of dogs in this house… and Dot-Com turns her nose up at it to boot…

I recently read the Top Ten (dogfood) Picks article from last year’s Whole Dog Journal, and was immediately drawn to the ingredients list of CANIDAE. The write up on the product seemed to support exactly what I was looking for
in a food – one that would optimize the sheen on my Swissys’ black coats…as well as provide the probiotics that has kept me with Wysong, the digestive enzymes that I was looking for, the flax, the herbs, good Omega balance, reasonable protein levels… Wow, it was all there. The frosting on the cake was the reasonable price that would allow me to feed all my dogs one
food economically!

Okay <sigh> for the first time in 20 years, I am switching the dogs in my home completely off Wysong, and over to CANIDAE! Not a step I would take lightly! In just a few weeks of mixing it with Wysong/Innova mix, I actually see a coat quality and shedding difference! Even though I was already feeding what my research led me to believe was the best dry foods available… Please, CANIDAE, don’t change a thing!!! I hope to switch to CANIDAE because of the tremendous quality…because of the tremendous price. Stay there, CANIDAE!!! I am impressed, and I don’t impress easily! REPEAT – DO NOT CHANGE A THING!

Gee, do you offer any sample, coupon, or informational programs? I see about 30-50 dogs per week in my obedience training classes…I’d like literature (and samples????) to pass along if this is something you offer. With your quality at that price, I bet I can do a good job promoting CANIDAE, and help out people that end up flooded by the number of foods out there right now.

Marlene W.
Poestenkill, NY


tessAlthough I am finding this hard to believe, my basset Tess’s coat has improved dramatically after switching to your food just two weeks ago. Seems too soon for results like this, but I can’t attribute it to anything else.When I adopted her two and half years ago her coat was dull and ropey. After feeding her Hund-n-Flocken and derm caps for two years her coat improved, but the improvement in the past two weeks has been astounding. When are you going to put a likeness of Casey on your packaging? Bassets make great marketing mascots if you ask me! Thanks for making such a great product. Tess loves it, by the way. Of course, she’d rather eat people food, but she seems to relish CANIDAE far more than the H-n-F. 

Your fan