Certified Therapy Dog Sadie

Certified Therapy Dog Sadie

Sadie, my six year old Yellow Labrador, is a well-trained Certified Therapy Dog who was certified by Bright & Beautiful Therapy Dogs in New Jersey. This wonderful non-profit organization evaluates, tests, trains, qualifies and supports therapy dogs for the purpose of giving loving and empathic support in assisted-living homes, hospitals, and other facilities where emotional service dogs are indispensable.

Sadie has been certified for four years now and together we make regular visits to a number of institutions near us including assisted-living homes, hospitals, and several children’s reading programs.

Not all dogs have the temperament needed to be a successful therapy dog, but reactions to Sadie have always been great. It’s a very heart-warming experience to be a part of.

Sadie is also a Certified Narcotics Detection Dog working and doing weekly training with Travelnmandogs trainer Ron Gaunt for going on 4 years now. Somehow, we find the time to participate in dock jumping and agility too!

Certified Therapy Dog SadieBeing a working dog I wanted the best food that I could provide for Sadie. I researched and researched different kinds of dog foods and kept coming back to CANIDAE. I believe CANIDAE has all the health benefits and the proteins she needs as a working dog so I decided to try it. Well, it’s been at least 3 years now and she is still a CANIDAE customer. She loves the food. She is a picky eater (especially for a Lab) but loves CANIDAE wet and dry. She especially likes her Snap Biscuit dog treats.

Cindy Lowry

UPDATE: August 2010 – When Sadie and I were camping in Ramona, CA, a nearby camper saw the CANIDAE sticker on my truck and came over to ask if I was a distributor for CANIDAE. He explained that he already fed his dogs CANIDAE and I told him how well my dogs do on it — that it’s the best dog food. Later, I asked a couple who lived in the area where the nearest feed store was as I forgot to bring my own container of CANIDAE for Sadie. They told me about Kahoots Animals and Supplies in Ramona. We starting talking and the following day she went and bought some. I even had someone pull up next to me while driving down the street. He saw my CANIDAE sticker and said that was the kind of food they feed their dog!!