Jeff Wright / Flying Houndz Frizbee

Why We Thrive on CANIDAE: We have six high flying Frisbee trick dogs who are serious athletes. I have done extensive research to determine my dogs’ nutritional needs.

Jeff Wright / Flying Houndz FrizbeeI also have spent a lot of time educating myself through various sources and experts on dog foods and dog food companies. Learning about CANIDAE dog food, its ingredients, where they come from, and where it is manufactured are all important factors to me. CANIDAE staff knowledge of their products and their willingness to assist their customers in any way they can are also very important to me.

It’s easy to put things on a label, but to truly care about your product, what goes into it, and understanding the needs of the consumer and their dogs is what separates an ordinary dog food company from a great one.

Jeff Wright / Flying Houndz FrizbeeCANIDAE is that “great” dog food company that my Border Collies and I have been looking for. The customer service and support, especially the product knowledge, is so valuable to me and my pack of dogs. The choice of ingredients is superior to any on the market and is a perfect fit for the needs of my dogs.

Simply put, CANIDAE is a great dog food for their diet and nutritional needs. Believe me, we have tried many of the top dog foods and none have shown the results for my dogs like CANIDAE has. My dogs not only maintain their energy throughout the day, but they are happy, have beautiful coats, and are gleaming with good nutrition. I am sure of that every time I scoop CANIDAE into their bowls!

Jeff Wright / Flying Houndz FrizbeeWhen competing in and performing high energy trick disc dog shows, my dogs are always at their best when on CANIDAE. The proof is so obvious: CANIDAE makes them complete!

Jeff Wright, Flying Houndz Frizbee