Oskar, Carly, and Ozzy

Oskar, Carly, and OzzyOskar, our now 7 year old German Shorthaired Pointer, not only introduced us to the wonderful world of dog sports but also better dog nutrition. We’ve been competing in dock jumping for 4 years and it has been a great gateway into other sports. However, before we ever started competing, we had come to the conclusion with our vet that Oskar was suffering from food allergies. By process of elimination, we discovered that the culprit was corn. Of course, we had to move to a higher quality food in order to find one without any corn. Over the years we have tried many high quality foods, but none have compared to CANIDAE — we’ve stuck with it since trying it out! Oskar has always been hard to keep weight on but through feeding him a mix of CANIDAE Beef and Fish and CANIDAE Grain Free Salmon he has kept his ideal weight, great muscle tone, and a shiny glossy coat. All of my dogs have done awesome on CANIDAE; they all not only look great but are superb athletes as well.

Oskar, Carly, and OzzyOskar got us started in dock jumping, one of the most fun and beginner friendly dog sports out there. He is one of the most consistent jumpers around and has a blast doing it. Carly, our 4 year old Australian Cattle Dog, was a pup when we started into dock jumping and she has grown up in the sport. Even though she’s a breed that would not typically like water, she’s flown as far as 18 feet — not bad for a 23 pound dog! Carly is responsible for bringing us into the world of disc dogs when a couple of world class disc trainers saw me playing disc with her at a dock jumping event. She is an amazing natural, and loves to jam. We are constantly building our freestyle routine and adding new tricks all the time. She’s also a stupid pet tricks extraordinaire, always entertaining the crowds with tricks such as taking my socks off and balancing on my back. We are also currently training to compete in Rally Obedience as well — there’s no limit to what this little dog will add to her repertoire!!!

Oskar has taken more training and time with disc, but he’s becoming quite a disc dog himself as well. While I thought he was just a good Toss and Fetch dog, and too big to do freestyle, he’s surprised me with his abilities once again. We’re working on building a freestyle routine suitable for a large dog. Oskar has also learned how to be a show dog, at the age of seven, in order to help teach me how to be a handler. He can only show in fun matches or shows that offer altered classes as he is fixed, but he has done well every time out. He won Best in Show at his first fun match, beating some UKC Grand Champion dogs on the way! He is a true testament to CANIDAE in how well the food has done for him, it definitely shows!!!

Oskar, Carly, and OzzyOzzy, our newest German Shorthaired Pointer, has a busy future ahead of him. We have high hopes for him to follow the United Kennel Club philosophy of the ‘Total Dog’– form and function combined to excel in both the show ring and performance. He has already shown great promise in the show ring by taking two puppy Best in Shows his second weekend out. We plan to show Ozzy in conformation, pointing dog field trials and hunt tests, Rally Obedience, disc, and of course our roots of dock jumping. He has been raised on CANIDAE since we brought him home at 7 weeks old, and as a result of good genes and great nutrition through CANIDAE, he is turning into quite a stunner!


Sara and my furry kids:
GSJCH USUVCH Boogerman Loverboy Oskar CGC, TDI
UJJCH Kamikaze Crashlanding Carly Dingo CGC, TDI
Abbe Lane’s Prince of Darkness (“Ozzy”)

(Photo [right] by Laurie Davis, 4 Paws Imagery)

UPDATE: June 2010 – “Just wanted to let you know how our North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association (NAVHDA) test went this weekend. Ozzy did amazing. He got a Prize I with a score of 110 — two points from a perfect score!!!!! Prize I is pretty hard to get and judges do not hand them out lightly, so I was ECSTATIC!! He is well on his way to being a really nice hunting dog. Not only does he look good in the ring, but he can do what he was bred to do. Pretty proud of my boy!”