Pace of the City of Bristol K9 Unit

paceAfter four years of service to the City of Bristol, Connecticut, K9 Pace is retiring. During his career, Pace had over 20 successful tracks while searching buildings and homes about the city. During this time, over a dozen suspects hiding from the police were captured. Pace also prevented eight suspects from fleeing officers while conducting criminal investigations. He located evidence at crime scenes and assisted with over 40 narcotic related arrests.

In September of 2010, Pace successfully tracked a suspect that fled from a home after burglarizing it and surprising the homeowner. In October of the same year, his handler, Officer M. Morello [pictured with Pace] attempted to arrest a suspect for a narcotics related offense and the suspect broke free and escaped. While escaping, a second officer was knocked to the ground trying to capture the suspect. Despite the warnings to stop, the suspect continued to flee. Pace was given the command to stop the suspect; he gave chase and brought the suspect down. The suspect was taken into custody without further incident. In his retirement, Pace will live with Officer Morello and his family.

Pace thrives on CANIDAE All Life Stages healthy, natural and holistic food. “As a police canine handler for over four years, I found CANIDAE All Life Stages works exceptionally well for my partner Pace. His energy and health is fantastic. Pace retired from service after a distinguished career and continues to live with me and my family, and I continue to feed him CANIDAE because of its quality,” said Officer Morello.

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