Although Pumba didn’t make his “official” Splash Dogs dock-jumping debut until 2007, we’ve had a water dog since the start. At 9 weeks, he surprised us all with a not so graceful swan dive into our backyard pool… sinking straight to the bottom. Today, thanks to hours with trainer (and doggy daddy) Ryan and a sturdy, vigorous body thanks to CANIDAE, the only thing Pumba is sinking is the competition!

Pumba is a 3 year old chocolate Lab who thinks knows he is a human purebred. We were surprised when by 6 months, Pumba suffered from multiple inner ear infections and seemed to be undergoing pre-mature baldness. A full body rash had caused him to tear the hair from his arms, legs and belly. Trips to the vets, allergy testing, hundreds of dollars and even a hypoallergenic dog bed did nothing to ease his symptoms.

PumbaWe were on a first name basis with local pet shops and specialty stores as we sampled foods over the next 6 months to no avail. Enter CANIDAE… HOORAY! Cheers from Pumba’s human parents!

The all-natural, holistic ingredients have made all the difference. Our struggles with allergies, ear infections, weight-control and coat maintenance are a distant memory. Pumba’s diet of CANIDAE Grain Free Salmon formula ensures he stays in top form.

In the dock-jumping circuit, Pumba is a crowd favorite – aptly nicknamed Shamu for his whale-sized splashes. CANIDAE gives him the energy to compete in both the Super Air and Super Vertical competitions at Splash Dogs.

2009 was a big year for our family — Pumba’s first jump in Pro Class! And, oh yea, we had a baby too. In his “free time” Pumba is a philanthropist, making appearances for the Helen Woodward Animal Center annual Dog Surf-a-Thon. Pumba is also a Pisces and enjoys long walks on the beach. :-)

Ryan Smith