Special Achievers

Team Air Gunner


Gunner, a 4 year old Chocolate Lab, came to us because the previous owners could not keep him for unknown reasons. Gunner was only 3 months old at that time. We started him in obedience training and he quickly showed us he had potential.

In 2007, we attended a sport, vacation & boat show and part of the show was a dock diving event. We really enjoyed watching the dogs fly through the air and land in the water. In 2008, we decided to give it a try to see how Gunner would react to jumping in the water. Gunner’s first event was in Ft. Wayne, IN. It took some effort to get Gunner to jump, but he finally did with hesitation. His very first jump was one foot, ten inches.

gunner3After competing in dock diving events we became hooked on the sport and Team Air Gunner was formed. Myself and our daughter Krista handle Gunner. Now over a year later and with several events under his paws, Gunner enjoys the events and speeds down the dock to leap into the water. As of October 2009 Gunner’s personal best is 21’1″.

gunnerOver a period of a year we were having problems finding food that would agree with Gunner. During that time we tried several brands of food, but Gunner continued to have stomach issues. We gained knowledge of pet food and how to look and know what the ingredients were because of researching so many different foods. Early in 2009 we attended a pet food seminar in our hometown that was sponsored by CANIDAE and hosted by Midwest Regional Sales Manager Jim Brown. Having the knowledge of pet food and learning about the CANIDAE brand we decided to give CANIDAE a try. We started Gunner off on CANIDAE All Life Stages. Gunner seemed to respond well, but still showed some issue with his stomach. That is when, after testing, found that Gunner had several food and airborne allergies.

2010-08-05We then changed his food to the Grain Free pureSEA™. He showed improvement in only a couple of weeks. We have also tried the Grain Free pureELEMENTS™ and Gunner responded well to that formula also. We are pleased with the results that the Grain Free Formulas have provided for Gunner. Gunner has put most of his weight back on that he lost because of the allergy issues and has more energy. We are proud to let people know that we are feeding Gunner CANIDAE Natural Dog Food and the success we have had using it.

Team Air Gunner would like to give CANIDAE special thanks. We believe that the Grain Free Formulas not only helped with the allergies, but also helped with Gunner’ssuccess during the competitions.

2012-06-26-gunnerUPDATE: June 2012 – Team Air Gunner had the honor of being invited to help support the Perfect Paws Pet Rescue by demonstrating the sport of dock diving led by Mike Rowland of the Animal Training and Development Center on June 24th. Team Air Gunner with the support of CANIDAE’s Jim Brown donated 44lb bags of ALS to be in a silent auction helping to raise money for the pet rescue group. Gunner thrilled the crowd with him catching his toy in the air and showing them how much fun dock diving can be. Gunner appeared on the Sunday night newscast showing him catching his toy as he jumped off the dock. Team Air Gunner would like to give special thanks to Jim Brown and CANIDAE for their support.

Bryce Mann’s Gun Dogs & Guide Service

Bryce Mann's Gun Dogs & Guide ServiceI would like to thank all of the fine folks at CANIDAE for their support provided to our tournament team. CANIDAE All Life Stages food provides a well balanced, high protein diet for our hard working dogs, and CANIDAE Lamb and Rice formula provides natural oils and a solid maintenance diet that our dogs have become accustomed to.

We compete with several breeds of dogs and rely on high quality foods to fuel the athletes on our team. During our travel time to and from these events, the dogs sometimes go “off feed,” in other words — off their regular feed schedule. When this happens, we can always count on CANIDAE to carry us on to the competitive level.

Bryce Mann's Gun Dogs & Guide ServiceWhen the gun dogs are called upon to perform over an extended period, such as on a guided hunt, the high quality nutrition in CANIDAE provides them with the extra endurance they need.

The service dogs I train for mobility assistance also take advantage of the benefits provided by feeding quality CANIDAE foods.

When the gun dogs are called upon to perform over an extended period, such as on a guided hunt, the high quality nutrition in CANIDAE provides them with the extra endurance they need.

The service dogs I train for mobility assistance also take advantage of the benefits provided by feeding quality CANIDAE foods.

UPDATE: May 2012 – Congratulations to the new NAGDA Amateur Pointer division National Champions Nick Maus of Reno, NV and his German Shorthaired Pointer “Trigger”. They are representatives of Bryce Mann’s Tournament Hunting Team and Team CANIDAE. Tournament dogs hunt with a stop watch and require high protein for sustained performance. Thank you to CANIDAE for producing the top quality products that fuel our champions!

On behalf of the NAGDA board of directors we would also like to thank CANIDAE Pet Foods for their continued support. Our local and national events continue to promote our upland hunting heritage.

Thank you
Bryce Mann

 – Congratulations to the new NAGDA Amateur Pointer division National Champions Nick Maus of Reno, NV and his German Shorthaired Pointer “Trigger”. They are representatives of Bryce Mann’s Tournament Hunting Team and Team CANIDAE. Tournament dogs hunt with a stop watch and require high protein for sustained performance. Thank you to CANIDAE for producing the top quality products that fuel our champions!

On behalf of the NAGDA board of directors we would also like to thank CANIDAE Pet Foods for their continued support. Our local and national events continue to promote our upland hunting heritage.

Thank you
Bryce Mann

The Sawgy Dawgs

The Sawgy Dawgs

In our house we range from small-but-active Jack Russell Terriers that hunt around our small farm, to duck hunting and dock jumping labs. That being said, there are two things we know for sure… our house, barn and trucks are always going to be “sawgy” from the water loving dogs and we need a dog food that will fit all of our different needs. That is how we found CANIDAE. …let me explain.

We currently have three Jack Russell Terriers that while they don’t compete, are great hunters and even better pets. We found that CANIDAE Single Grain was the best choice of food that could keep up with their high energy disposition and also give them the shiny coats, healthy teeth and help maintain weight.

The Sawgy DawgsWe also have two labs. Our black lab Cinder was a rescue that came to us with horrible skin problems and no energy. She was then started on CANIDAE Single Grain and within weeks she started showing signs of improvement. Now she has a shiny coat, healthy teeth, and stamina that allows her to keep going all day in the field. At events she is a crowd favorite, as everyone wants to pet the “shiny” dog.

The Sawgy DawgsOur yellow lab Zoey is all drive. We started dock jumping with her as a fill-in activity between hunting seasons. Now we travel all over the country to events where she jumps for height, speed and distance. She currently has a personal best of over 23 feet. Competing in all three disciplines can lead to a long, demanding weekend which requires endurance and sometimes a quick recovery time. We have noticed since she has started on CANIDAE that she has a faster recovery time, excellent muscle tone, and maintains her weight more consistently then before.

Thank you CANIDAE, for producing such a high quality, natural dog food that has made such a difference in our dogs!

Chet and Steph Prock
The Sawgy Dawgs
Zoey, Cinder, Maggie, Tugger, and Chloe

Claude Trincale

I started wild bird hunting with my very first hunting dog named Fletcher who is a Braque du Bourbonnais — a French hunting dog breed. Fletcher came to me when he was 7 months old from Rufnit Kennels in Nebraska and was on preserve birds at 5 months.

A friend, who had trained Fletcher and was involved in NAGDA tournaments, suggested that Fletcher would do well and talked me into my first tournament when Fletcher was only 9 months old.

Claude TrincaleWe did do well and got hooked so we started competing in NAGDA (North American Gun Dog Association), NASTRA (National Shoot to Retrieve Association) and eventually BDC (The Bird Dog Challenge). The end result is that Fletcher is now a 2X BDC Champion, the first of his breed. We continue to compete regularly in NAGDA and BDC. Fletcher also tested with NAVHDA (North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association) and became the youngest Braque du Bourbonnais to get a prize in NAVHDA UPT and UT. We went hunting for Gamble Quails in AZ with the owners of Cactus Country Kennels who asked me to take on and train another dog of the same breed as Fletcher. Cody du Pech du Cayrol, a French import, came home with us when she was 1.5 years old and she is starting to compete regularly and doing very well.

Claude TrincaleAs we started winning, I ran across CANIDAE Natural Dog Food and I started feeding CANIDAE All Life Stages formula to our dogs with great success. Fletcher’s energy level was high to start with and he became a real dynamo on the field which is very impressive to watch. I did not see any ill effects or unwanted energy at home and, since they are both house dogs, this was important to me.

The dogs and I love the tournaments circuits as it allows us to be on the field and on birds all year long. We also go wild bird hunting (Upland and Waterfowl) whenever possible. If you see us out there please stop by and say hello.

Russ Fox and Artus

Russ Fox and ArtusMy introduction to working with dogs came in 1989 when I entered the Police Canine unit. Shortly after that I became involved in the dog sport of “Schutzhund”. Called the Triathlon for dogs, it involves the disciplines of tracking, obedience and protection work.

I have had the good fortune to work and train with many top level competitors in the sport during this time. I continue to learn and apply methods of training that I find most effective for each individual dog because, like people, each dog learns and reacts differently to any given situation.

Dogs in Schutzhund, as in many dog sports, are extremely active athletes and require ongoing physical strength and endurance training and, just as importantly, proper nutrition. I have found CANIDAE All Life Stages formula to be a great fit for my current competition dog “Artus”. With the high physical demands put on him during preparation for top competition, he maintains an excellent weight and energy level. I am extremely happy with the results I have seen with Artus on this formula.

Russ Fox and ArtusArtus and I have had an extremely good year, winning this year’s Ontario Regional Championship in June. We are very fortunate to have qualified for and to have been selected by Team Canada to attend this year’s World Championships held in Kiev, The Ukraine. Thanks to everyone at CANIDAE for the ongoing support.

Angela and Rick of R&R Pet Paradise

Angela and Rick of R&R Pet Paradise

Together, Angela and her partner Rick have six dogs that compete in a wide array of dog sports including disc dog, agility, flyball, rally-O, carting, therapy dogs, dock diving, musical freestyle, herding, and performance demos.

Angela and Rick of R&R Pet Paradise

Angela and Rick operate R&R Pet Paradise, a 40 acre kennel and training facility in Ontario that focuses on personal and pampered attention for dogs. Though both have had a life-long love of dogs and dog sports, they came together only recently to open their kennel, Rick having left his job in construction to do so.

“I have worked in the industrial construction sector for 20 years but this is the first time I feel like I have a constructive job,” said Rick who is the head trainer at their kennel and has his own two Border Collies, Riff Raff and Brew Ha Ha. Angela is an animal nutritionist by trade whose passion in life is working with dogs. She competes with her four dogs Briar, Rally, Truman and Gander.

Angela and Rick of R&R Pet Paradise“Owning various sizes and ages of dogs, I need top-quality nutrition to support their active lifestyles. With CANIDAE, I am confident that I have achieved this goal and recommend this brand to dog owners,” said Angela.

Rick and Angela feed CANIDAE Grain Free All Life Stages to their highly active dogs and use Snap-Bits Gourmet Treats in their training regimens.

Angela and Rick of R&R Pet ParadiseUPDATE: July 2011 – Our own Caroline Pettersen was on hand to witness Angela & Rally placed 2nd at the Skyhoundz Eastern Canadian Regional Qualifier in Ontario in both Open Freestyle and Distance/Accuracy. Angela, Rick & Rally placed 1st in Pairs Freestyle while Rick & Riff placed 3rd in Open Freestyle and 4th in Distance/Accuracy. Angela & Brew placed 4th in Open Freestyle. The top 3 placements earned an invitation to the Skyhoundz World Championships this September in Chattanooga, Tennessee!

Dynamite Dogs

Dynamite Dogs

“For me, dog ownership has been a continuous learning experience. From the time I got my first dog in 1999 until now, dogs have continued to impress and inspire me with their love, grace, agility, and overall athleticism. This sparked the beginning of my involvement in dog sports. My dogs have competed in agility, flyball, dock diving, rally-O, and flying disc competitions, and have won many awards and received many titles.

My first dog is a border collie named Harley, who has always excelled in flyball, a team relay race where each dog sprints over a series of small jumps to a stationary box that ejects a tennis ball when hit. The ball is carried back over the jumps to the start line where the next dog does the same. This is a timed event that four dogs can complete in as little as 15 seconds. It’s a physically demanding sport with as many as 60 races being run in a day. Harley has successfully competed for 8 years and is still going strong at 11.

Dynamite DogsAt the age where most dogs reach retirement, Harley is still actively competing. I do not believe this would be possible without a quality diet and for Harley, it is CANIDAE all the way. We have two other dogs that are active in sports as well, and a puppy in training. Hailey, also a border collie, has been competing in flyball for 6 years. Rico, a 10 month old border collie, is in training to have a successful career in Disc Dogs and flyball.

My mixed breed Jasmine is incredibly versatile. She has been competing in flyball for 5 years and agility for 3, although her favorite sport is Canine Disc, commonly called Disc Dogs. She loves Frisbee freestyle which is a combination of various Frisbee throws and dog acrobatics choreographed to music. Disc Dogs is also athletically demanding. It requires dogs to be in top physical condition and requires a diet with lots of nutrition and high protein. Jasmine is very good at what she does; she has been featured in many newspapers and has a mouth full of titles after her name. She has also placed very well at competition and has a wall full of her accomplishments.

Dynamite DogsOur dogs are our lives! As with most fellow dog owners, we only want the very best for our canine companions. For food, this could only mean the highest quality dog food money can buy, which we found only in CANIDAE. This food is of exceptional quality and we highly recommend it to ALL of our fellow dog owners.

Our dogs love CANIDAE undoubtedly because of the taste. We love CANIDAE because our best friends have never looked better. While on CANIDAE, their coats look healthier and shimmer like never before.”

Michelle Martin and the Dynamite Dogs
Harley, Jasmine and Rico

Rocket’s K-9 Comets

Rocket’s K-9 Comets

As owner/trainer of Rocket’s K-9 Comets Frisbee Dog Stars and the FIDO 500 Mini Dog Races… I have been feeding various dog foods to my teams for over 30 years. My teams of dogs include such a variety of sizes and breeds from Pointers, Labs, Australian Cattle Dogs, Catahoula Leopard Dogs and Chesapeake Bay retrievers in my Frisbee show; to Pugs, Beagles, Chihuahuas, Cairn terriers and Chinese Cresteds in my Mini Dog Races.

For the last 10 years, since 1999, I have had the honor and privilege to feed ALL of my dogs CANIDAE dog food exclusively. By feeding all the different breeds the same dog food, it allows me to see the incredible nutrition that CANIDAE offers the complete spectrum of canines. From the hard working Cattle dogs and Labs, to the little finicky Pugs and Chihuahuas there is nothing better for vitality, coat and overall wellness that I have found.

Rocket’s K-9 CometsThe palatability is amazing as all my breeds can’t wait for feeding time to get their CANIDAE! With the final customization of being able to pick out a certain type of CANIDAE dog food such as Lamb, Fish, the All Life Stages food or the Senior formula to fit each dog’s preference; the quality remains superb at all levels. It is all the finest quality I have seen in 30 years of dog training!

I don’t just recommend, but will promise, that anyone who owns any breed of dog; you will get the optimum wellness, vitality and beautiful coat that you have always been looking for by feeding CANIDAE dog food to your pet or working dog. The results for me stand alone. After so many years of trying to “get it right” on picking the best food for my wonderful dogs, the choices and quality of CANIDAE dog food has left me looking no more.

For me and all my dogs, it’s CANIDAE, everyday, for health, nutrition and vitality!

Rocket Hoskins

Big Air Bella

Big Air Bella

My dog Bella, a Belgian Malinois, loves CANIDAE Grain Free All Life Stages and so do I! My vet suggested that she eat a high protein, low carb, grain free diet because of her busy lifestyle. We had tried two different foods but never could get her stools to firm up. So once again I began my search for a better food for Bella. That’s when I came across your Grain Free ALS and love it. Finally we have found the food that agrees with her and is of the quality that we are looking for.

We were introduced to your product at a disc dog competition during which we won the West Coast Nationals and the California State Championship. At both of these events we were gifted with several bags of CANIDAE dog food as prizes. When I read the label, I was surprised to see the quality of your food and pleased to see it fit my vet’s suggestion. So instead of me finding a new food, it found us.

As soon as Bella started on the food I noticed right away her stools were looking much more healthy and firm. Her coat shined like never before. So right away I knew we had found a product that fit our requirements and agreed with her. People always ask me what I feed her and I say “Big Air Bella is powered by CANIDAE.”

Big Air BellaThis September, we won the annual Ashley Whippet Invitational Championship in Naperville, Illinois, the country’s oldest disc dog competition. Bella and I triumphed over more than 80 other teams at that event to take the title of World Champ in flying disc catching! We have also won or placed highly in other regional, state and national competitions.

Disc dog took off in 1974 when Alex Stein and his dog, Ashley Whippet, ran onto the field during a nationally televised baseball game and astonished the crowd with their long tosses and high-flying catches. They went on to appear on popular TV shows, and Stein helped create the Frisbee Dog World Championship, later renamed after his pet. In the sport of Frisbee dog, Bella is the equivalent to Michael Jordan. It’s why I call her ‘Big Air Bella.” Thank you so much and we are looking forward to many healthy years of competing!

UPDATE: November 2010CANIDAE Team Takes Podium at UFO Disc Dog National World Cup Finals

Todd Murnan and Bella

Gary & Sarah Duke

Gary & Sarah DukeMy name is Gary Duke and my wife Sarah and I are not only dog enthusiasts, but have been very successful in multiple canine sports over the past six years. We travel, compete and perform with our dogs all across the United States. We are also involved with a few breed rescue groups as we believe in responsible pet ownership and helping a dog in need. There are so many rescues out there who are just misunderstood and need to be given another chance at life rather than fade away in a shelter.

I learned about CANIDAE products while attending a disc dog competition in Southern California, where Diane Matsuura had an information booth promoting “Responsible Pet Ownership” and CANIDAE. Diane answered the questions I had and provided detailed explanations about the various ingredients contained in each of the formulas as well as the benefits of each formula. She offered me her business card and several coupons for free samples so I could see how our dogs adapted to this premium food. We have tried feeding a raw diet and other grain free, high protein, dry dog foods for our performance dogs. Keep in mind, our dogs are competing or performing 35 to 40 weekends a year in various agility and disc dog events and need the best nutrition possible. In the past, one or two of our dogs out of the five always had some adverse effects from the other foods we tried.

Gary & Sarah DukeWe were very satisfied with the results for all five dogs when switching to CANIDAE Grain Free All Life Stages. We were so satisfied that I called Diane to let her know how well our dogs were doing on the food. She surprised me on the phone by offering our family a CANIDAE food sponsorship after seeing our dog Bayer compete and learning how important Responsible Pet Ownership is to us. We are extremely excited and very thankful for the opportunity to represent Team CANIDAE and partner with a company that provides such a great, high quality dog food. We have seen the results in our “very active” pack!

Trinity is a 7 year old, female, blue-merle, Australian Shepherd that competes in all of the top levels in AKC, CPE, NADAC and USDAA agility and received an Agility Championship title last year. She has qualified for AKC and USDAA agility nationals for the past three years and earned an invitation as a world finalist at the 2006 Skyhoundz World Finals in the MicroDog division.

Gary & Sarah DukeBayer is a 6 year old, male, black-tri, Australian Shepherd who is the reigning 2009 Incredible Dog Challenge Flying Disc National Champion, a World Record holder in the Skyhoundz Extreme Distance format and a multiple time disc dog world finalist. We have been seen on ESPN, ESPN2, ABC, CBS and various World Finals DVDs. We have also performed for several professional sports venues doing halftime shows or pre-game entertainment for the Tampa Bay Rays (MLB), Tampa Bay Storm (AFL), and Daytona Beach Thunderbirds (AFL2).

“Jumpin Java Bean” is a 4 year old, female, red-tri, Australian Shepherd who was named for her Energizer Bunny like energy and natural ability to do a head-over-heels back flip for a disc. Java is the smallest recorded dog to compete in The Quadruped, which is a very popular, long distance throw and catch competition and can hold her own against the big dogs with catches beyond 70 yards.

Fergie is a 3 year old, female, red-merle, Border Collie who is our most heart-warming story of the pack as she was picked up as a stray at 5 months with Parvo and turned in to a high kill shelter in Atlanta, GA. Initially she was very fearful of people, but after a few months in our action packed house with plenty of TLC, she has turned into a loving pet and an exceptional athlete. Within a year, she placed 3rd overall in the 2008 Skyhoundz World Finals in the MicroDog division and was just recently crowned as the 2010 Florida State Overall Disc Dog Champion and qualified for UFO World Cup Finals. Also she has recently started competing in AKC and USDAA agility and is already running in Excellent in AKC after only 4 trials.

Last but not least, Kate is a 1 year old, black and white, smooth coated, Border Collie who is still in training for agility, disc and herding. She is an extraordinary puppy who has already competed in several disc dog competitions and knows a plethora of tricks on command including hiding in a suitcase, closing a door with her paw, and a dramatic play dead!

UPDATE: November 2010 – CANIDAE Team Takes Podium at UFO Disc Dog National World Cup Finals

Gary & Sarah Duke
Trinity, Bayer, Java, Fergie & Kate

Team Dogs Unlimited

Team Dogs UnlimitedThank you CANIDAE for providing a healthy choice for our dogs! We have three German Shorthaired Pointers named Hunter, Champ, and Riot, a Chocolate Lab named Cajun and a Black Lab named Bear. With the high energy level of our GSPs, the CANIDAE Grain Free formula works great! It helps keep weight on by offering a high protein diet. Both Labs enjoy CANIDAE All Life Stages which offers a natural, high quality meal.

In the fall of 2006 while visiting a Pet Expo we saw a Dock Diving competition being held. At that time we immediately thought of our Chocolate Lab Cajun who regularly jumps in the lake. This was something we knew we had to try with him! We found an upcoming event which was in January 2007 and haven’t looked back since! We are hooked and Cajun is the founder of our team!!

Team Dogs UnlimitedIn the summer of 2007 we rescued a 2 year old GSP named Champ who immediately wanted to follow in his big brother’s footsteps and became the biggest jumper of our team. Last season he set a new personal best of 23’ 6”. Champ is also an Upland Bird Hunter. He has a great passion for the sport and loves to compete in field trials and hunt tests.

While ending the 2008 jumping season we began to think about succession planning! We started our research and did our homework and welcomed a new GSP pup Riot, into our home last summer. His goal is to be the “Triple Threat” of the team and he is well on his way! He’s already titled in Conformation and Hunting at 11 months of age and will begin dock diving this summer!!

Team Dogs UnlimitedOnce we knew this was going to be a life-long journey we formed our team Dogs Unlimited and since have traveled all across the Mid-West and through Canada for events.

UPDATE: September 2010 – Great news – Riot earned his final win on Saturday to become a GRCH (Grand Champion) with UKC. He had a great day – not only did he win the CH class but went on to take Breed and then placed Group 1!!!! It was awesome to be in the Best in Show ring even though we didn’t place there. Not all bad for a sixteen month old pup!! Also he’s sitting 2nd in the 2010 Top Ten standings which will earn him an invite to Premier next summer if he holds in the top ten. I definitely plan on hitting some AKC shows now and we’ll see how that goes.

Lynn & John Taylor
Hunter, Champ, Riot, Cajun, and Bear


Rock and Ten

Rock and Ten

I’m a firm believer that to have a happy dog he must be both physically active and mentally stimulated… thus both my dogs are kept active doing things Labs were bred to do like fetch, hunt, swim and retrieve. A healthy dog goes hand in hand with a happy dog. Stimulation, excellent genetics, daily exercise, and the proper high quality nutrition all play a key role. That’s where CANIDAE Natural Pet Foods comes in.

Rock and TenRock [1st and 2nd pictures], our 12 year old male Black Labrador Retriever, has been fed CANIDAE All Life Stages during his adult life and is now being fed CANIDAE Platinum in his senior years.

Ten [3rd and 4th pictures], who is our 2 year old male Black Labrador Retriever, has been raised on CANIDAE ALS and is currently on CANIDAE Grain Free Salmon. I was very excited when CANIDAE had introduced its Grain Free Formulas as Ten needed a higher protein diet to support his very active, rigorous field trial and training schedule. Field Trials dogs, such as Ten, are considered to be the Olympic Athletes of dogs sports. In the evening, the boys split a can of CANIDAE Chicken and Rice and always look forward to that added treat. During competitions, when feeding schedules are very difficult to adhere to, I tide them over with CANIDAE Snap-Biscuit treats and use CANIDAE Snap-Bits when training until their normal feeding schedule is resumed.

Rock and TenWhy CANIDAE? Because of the natural high quality ingredients and that it works for my dogs. Both my dogs are of ideal weight and muscle tone, maintain high energy levels and stamina, have glossy coats, and my dogs love the taste!! I constantly get complimented and questioned on Ten’s sleek shiny coat and defined muscles and asked, “What do you feed him?” For Rock, I get complimented on his age. People can not believe the dog is 12 years old. He physically and mentally acts and looks like a much younger dog.

Rock has been dock jumping for 6 years. He has been honored with awards and trophies and titled “Top Veteran Dog” for 4 years running with Ultimate Air Dogs and the United Kennel Club (UKC). Rock also competed in the Super Retriever Series (SRS) Crown Championship at age 8 and placed! He has his CH – Champion Title with the UKC in both distance and vertical jumping. Rock is quite a crowd pleaser with his dock antics and well known coined phrase, “woo, woo, shuffle.” He has adorned many newspapers and television newscasts and has his very own dock jumping event on Long Island named in his honor – The Rock Classic!!

Rock and TenFor Field Trials, Ten is currently ranked 4th in the Country on the National Derby List for 2010 with 34 US Derby Points, published in the Retriever News. In 2009, he ranked in the Top 10 on the Canadian Derby List by earning 12 points. After aging out of Derby at 2 years old, Ten went right into the Qualifying Stakes placing 3rd and backing it up with a 1st place (very impressive) making him QAA – Qualified All Age to run the higher Field Trial Stakes, including the Limited and Special. Hunt Tests: Ten just obtained his AKC MH – Master Hunter Title at 2 years, 3 months and with his last pass has just qualified to compete at this year’s Master National in California on 10-10-10. Stay tuned for much more on Ten!!

Barb Radtke
Rock – USUVCH USJCH Rock’s Bay Paddler, TDI, CGC
Ten – USJ SHR Bluenorth’s Rock Hard Ten, QAA, JFTR, MH, WCX, CGC

Team Ton 80 Pits

Team Ton 80 Pits

As Panda’s breeder, owner, handler and trainer I take great pride in making sure she has the best care possible. I have discovered not only does CANIDAE All Life Stages make her look great, it also keeps her in exceptional health. She has been competing heavily this year in UKC weight pulling. She has gone from her initial United Weight Puller title on January 2nd, 2010 to her United Weight Puller Champion and United Weight Puller Outstanding titles these last few months. She had an upcoming event this June were she finished her Weight Pull Champion Excellent title. She is currently ranked in UKC Weight Pull All Stars and I hope for her to continue to succeed this year. Her current Personal Best pull on a rail system is 3,681 pounds which was 85.6 times her body weight. She loves this sport very much, wagging her tail the entire time!

Team Ton 80 PitsNot only does Panda weight pull but she has also competed in the sport of dock jumping, achieving two titles at two different venues. She has a personal best jump of 10 feet 9 inches having only competed three weekends. She has learned vertical and distance jumping and is really getting the hang of it!

Team Ton 80 PitsShe has her Grand Championship for conformation and was ranked in UKCs breed top ten in 2008 as the #7 overall APBT and even after having to be spayed in November 2009 she still wins big taking 8 Best Altered In Show wins in 2 months. In February she obtained her Rally Obedience 1 title and uses her abilities as a licensed Therapy Dog spending some days with my 86-year-old grandfather and her grandmother Lexi, who is my 8-year-old APBT and also a licensed Therapy Dog.

Panda has amounted to amazing things, obtaining 11 titles in different events and she only just turned 4 years old! Next, we are going to try our chances at Lure Coursing! The nutrition given by CANIDAE is above all the rest and I hope to continue to share my stories of Panda! Keep watching also for an upcoming youngster, a German Shorthaired Pointer named Charlie, who will be joining my team later this year!

Thank you,
Jen and Panda

UPDATE: August 2010 – Panda did amazing at Premier! Her All Star Junior Handler pulled Panda for the first time and they took 5th place overall in juniors! Panda then proceeded to win and become the very fist dog to win Altered Best In Show at Premier and took home an additional Reserve Altered Best In Show! Last month Panda has managed to pull her way to finishing her UWPCHX title and jumped HUGE at the Premier Fetch It game with 17 feet, and 15 feet 8 inches in Ultimate Air. Just one week after Premier, Panda jumped again finishing her UJJCH title! The updates were posted for Weight Pull All Stars and Panda is rated #5! I’m very proud of my hard-working little girl. Panda’s name now reads UJJCH UWPO URO1 UWPCHX GRCH Ton 80’s Bamboo Delight tt, CGC, TDI, NJ-N, IDWP1, UPF-WPII.

photo credits: 1st-Digital Anarchy Designs, 3rd -Toy Soldier Kennels, 4th –Thomas Photography

Bad Labs

Bad Labs

Bad Labs is a very proud member of the CANIDAE Team. Jesse is our 3 year old chocolate Lab that switched to CANIDAE All Life Stages at 10 months old because we were not happy with the results from our ‘breed-specific’ food. Since we’ve made the switch, the results have been amazing. People are constantly complementing us on her coat and stature. We believe that her diet and strict training regimen are the reasons for her awesome results on the dock. In our first season of Dock Diving competition she became Canada’s top female competitor and Canada’s top chocolate lab. She consistently jumps over 21 feet and is currently Canada’s highest jumping dog.

Bad LabsOur newest member to the team, Ace, is Jesse’s younger brother and at 10 months is already jumping over 20 feet and is getting better and stronger thanks to CANIDAE. Jesse and Ace continue to impress the crowds with both their appearance and their abilities on and off the dock. Team “Bad Labs” would like to thank CANIDAE for all their support, and more importantly for making an awesome product for our ‘Fur-kids’.

Bad LabsThanks again,
Jesse, Ace, Lindsay and Blair

UPDATE: July 2010 – Jesse jumped for the first time since her knee surgery this weekend and won her division. We are so proud of her. Ace also qualified for the Extreme Vertical World finals. Congratulations to Team Bad Labs.

Team Missy

Team Missy

Team Missy, powered by CANIDAE Grain Free ALS, is a National Dock Diving team comprised of five Yellow Labrador Retrievers, Missy, a five-year-old female, her 2 four-year-old brothers Kasey and Kody and her 2 two-year-old female pups, Katy and Lisa. They have been powered by CANIDAE dog food for over four years and we would like to thank CANIDAE for the development of the Grain Free All Life Stages dry dog food that we now feed. The entire team known as “Team Missy” feed exclusively on this outstanding food, which helps them maintain a healthy physique and beautiful coat. Our vet stated that they are the most physically fit Labs he has ever seen and the food you feed your dog has a lot to do with that. One important point I forgot to mention, they all feed “open bowl.”

Team MissyThe athletic achievements Team Missy has reached are numerous, but at each and every event we are visited by spectators applauding their appearance as well as their dock diving abilities. They inquire as to what we feed our dogs because they love their muscle tone and smooth coat. They are usually astonished when we tell them the dogs, in conjunction with CANIDAE Dog Food, are the ones responsible, as they all eat “open bowl.” This is a definite testament to the value of the ingredients that comprise CANIDAE Grain Free All Life Stages. In addition to our five diving yellow Labradors, we also have a 4 year old chocolate lab who came into our lives at the young age of 7 months.

Team MissyHe had been neglected, was very thin, extremely poor coat with spots of no fur, and a crippled right elbow. Within a few months, Hank was a beautiful, shiny, happy dog – known in the dock diving community as “Happy Hank”. We also have an 11 year-old terrier mix, who can out run most of the labs. His name is Buddy and he is the trainer for all the labs, when they were pups he taught them to run their hardest – he of course was chasing a rabbit or squirrel and they were just trying to keep up with him. Buddy is also a dock diver when he wants to be. The CANIDAE Grain Free All Life Stages is wonderful for Hank and Buddy. CANIDAE Grain Free All Life Stages Dog Food meets all the dogs nutritional needs plus we feel it will improve their quality of life in the later years.

We mentioned before Team Missy’s accomplishments are numerous in the sport of dock diving. During all their achievements and national appearances, there has always been one constant – a bowl of CANIDAE Grain Free ALS Dog Food there to provide for their nutritional needs, and of course they seem to like the way it tastes. The CANIDAE Snap Biscuit treats are also a favorite after a long day of dock diving, or at home just coming in from outside. We believe that CANIDAE is a vital aid in helping Team Missy achieve national recognition in the sport of Dock Diving. Here are a few highlights of the Team’s achievements:

Team MissyMissy was the first and only dog in this sport to jump 5 times over 23 feet at her first event, then duplicate that two weeks later with my son to become the first dog to achieve an Elite Title with two different handlers. She was then named the Top Yellow Lab in the sport. Missy then set the world record at the time at the Incredible Dog Challenge becoming 2006 World Champion for IDC Dock Diving. She became a “Play of the Day” on ESPN showing off her world record jump. She also had the birth of her pups and their first four months of life as part of a National Geographic documentary titled the “Science of Dogs.”

Team MissyMissy’s brothers Kasey and Kody were not to be outdone by big sis. Kasey exhibited his outstanding physique while flying off the dock in photos featured in “Sports Illustrated – The Magazine”, and also again flexed his muscles and flying ability on a half page spread in the “In Touch” magazine. Kody on the other hand took a more modern approach with his photos appearing on SI.com (Sports Illustrated) and on numerous web-casts present at the events Team Missy competed at.

Katy and Lisa are Missy’s pups and are they ever crowd pleasers at events, showing off their beautiful build, sweet personality and glimmering coats. They are still young yet but are showing great potential to reach the dock diving abilities of the rest of the Missy crew.

CANIDAE is a part of our team, thank you and we are proud to be part of Team CANIDAE.

Team MissyUPDATE: July 2010 – After a beautiful 22 hour drive, Team Missy and their big three competitors, Missy, Kasey and Kody, arrived at The Kennel Shop in Scarborough, Maine where they met up with CANIDAE Sales Manager John Grosse and his family. The weather was gorgeous and the parking lot was full when Team Missy arrived for a weekend of dock diving. Kasey turned in an awesome performance, coming in fourth out of 147 entrants.

One day two, Missy showed off her beautiful coat and physique as well as her strength as she pulled off a seventh place finish. Missy has been in the sport for 6 years now and is still going strong on CANIDAE Grain Free All Life Stages formula. The Team Missy crew spent the time between jumps visiting with Team CANIDAE “East Coast” at the CANIDAE booth where they all offered free samples of healthy, natural, holistic CANIDAE food and treats to the excited crowds. Everyone had a blast! On the last day, Kody, who had been taking it easy, decided to concentrated on jumping. When all the splashes had settled he had pulled off a first place win and presented Team CANIDAE East Coast with a beautiful first place ribbon!

Indian Creek Labs / Carolina Dock Dogs

Indian Creek Labs / Carolina Dock Dogs

Indian Creek Labs, located in Goldston, NC, has been breeding AKC Labs for 25 years. We were introduced to CANIDAE Pet Foods by a friend and competitor in Dock Diving. The first time I tried CANIDAE ALS, I had a litter of 10 puppies ready to eat their first solid food. Thank you CANIDAE, I have never had a litter that started on solid food so easy. The great thing about CANIDAE All Life Stages is that it’s great for all ages. The puppies later moved on to their new owners with a bag of CANIDAE ALS.

Team Indian Creek is the name of our Dock Diving Team. The 2007 Team Sir Harley, Princess Nala and Queen Sasha competed in 17 events and traveled 16K miles.

In 2008, we brought a couple of new dogs into competition, Cassie Girl and Mister Bentley, both were young and eager to fly off the dock. 2009 is treating us well, and the only food for Team Indian Creek is ALS. The coats and muscle tone of all our Labs is fantastic! When we arrive at competitions, someone always asks, “What food are you feeding?” I am proud to say CANIDAE All Life Stages.

Indian Creek Labs / Carolina Dock DogsIndian Creek Labs / Carolina Dock DogsAgain, thank you CANIDAE!! We truly believe great jumps are fueled by your great food. If you would like to learn more about ICL please visit www.indiancreeklabs.com.

Jay and Debbie
Team Indian Creek
Sir Harley, Princess Nala, Queen Sasha, Mister Bentley, and Cassie Girl

UPDATE: July 2010 – Carolina Dock Dogs are great competitors in dock diving who thrive on CANIDAE’s all natural dog foods. The video is from the Great American Dawg Jump held in Watkinsville, Georgia over the July 4th, 2010 weekend. Enjoy!

Great cause! Five minutes after our donation another organization donated $5,000 more. It all adds up!

Thanks CANIDAE for your support!

Oskar, Carly, and Ozzy

Oskar, Carly, and OzzyOskar, our now 7 year old German Shorthaired Pointer, not only introduced us to the wonderful world of dog sports but also better dog nutrition. We’ve been competing in dock jumping for 4 years and it has been a great gateway into other sports. However, before we ever started competing, we had come to the conclusion with our vet that Oskar was suffering from food allergies. By process of elimination, we discovered that the culprit was corn. Of course, we had to move to a higher quality food in order to find one without any corn. Over the years we have tried many high quality foods, but none have compared to CANIDAE — we’ve stuck with it since trying it out! Oskar has always been hard to keep weight on but through feeding him a mix of CANIDAE Beef and Fish and CANIDAE Grain Free Salmon he has kept his ideal weight, great muscle tone, and a shiny glossy coat. All of my dogs have done awesome on CANIDAE; they all not only look great but are superb athletes as well.

Oskar, Carly, and OzzyOskar got us started in dock jumping, one of the most fun and beginner friendly dog sports out there. He is one of the most consistent jumpers around and has a blast doing it. Carly, our 4 year old Australian Cattle Dog, was a pup when we started into dock jumping and she has grown up in the sport. Even though she’s a breed that would not typically like water, she’s flown as far as 18 feet — not bad for a 23 pound dog! Carly is responsible for bringing us into the world of disc dogs when a couple of world class disc trainers saw me playing disc with her at a dock jumping event. She is an amazing natural, and loves to jam. We are constantly building our freestyle routine and adding new tricks all the time. She’s also a stupid pet tricks extraordinaire, always entertaining the crowds with tricks such as taking my socks off and balancing on my back. We are also currently training to compete in Rally Obedience as well — there’s no limit to what this little dog will add to her repertoire!!!

Oskar has taken more training and time with disc, but he’s becoming quite a disc dog himself as well. While I thought he was just a good Toss and Fetch dog, and too big to do freestyle, he’s surprised me with his abilities once again. We’re working on building a freestyle routine suitable for a large dog. Oskar has also learned how to be a show dog, at the age of seven, in order to help teach me how to be a handler. He can only show in fun matches or shows that offer altered classes as he is fixed, but he has done well every time out. He won Best in Show at his first fun match, beating some UKC Grand Champion dogs on the way! He is a true testament to CANIDAE in how well the food has done for him, it definitely shows!!!

Oskar, Carly, and OzzyOzzy, our newest German Shorthaired Pointer, has a busy future ahead of him. We have high hopes for him to follow the United Kennel Club philosophy of the ‘Total Dog’– form and function combined to excel in both the show ring and performance. He has already shown great promise in the show ring by taking two puppy Best in Shows his second weekend out. We plan to show Ozzy in conformation, pointing dog field trials and hunt tests, Rally Obedience, disc, and of course our roots of dock jumping. He has been raised on CANIDAE since we brought him home at 7 weeks old, and as a result of good genes and great nutrition through CANIDAE, he is turning into quite a stunner!


Sara and my furry kids:
GSJCH USUVCH Boogerman Loverboy Oskar CGC, TDI
UJJCH Kamikaze Crashlanding Carly Dingo CGC, TDI
Abbe Lane’s Prince of Darkness (“Ozzy”)

(Photo [right] by Laurie Davis, 4 Paws Imagery)

UPDATE: June 2010 – “Just wanted to let you know how our North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association (NAVHDA) test went this weekend. Ozzy did amazing. He got a Prize I with a score of 110 — two points from a perfect score!!!!! Prize I is pretty hard to get and judges do not hand them out lightly, so I was ECSTATIC!! He is well on his way to being a really nice hunting dog. Not only does he look good in the ring, but he can do what he was bred to do. Pretty proud of my boy!”

Jeff Wright / Flying Houndz Frizbee

Why We Thrive on CANIDAE: We have six high flying Frisbee trick dogs who are serious athletes. I have done extensive research to determine my dogs’ nutritional needs.

Jeff Wright / Flying Houndz FrizbeeI also have spent a lot of time educating myself through various sources and experts on dog foods and dog food companies. Learning about CANIDAE dog food, its ingredients, where they come from, and where it is manufactured are all important factors to me. CANIDAE staff knowledge of their products and their willingness to assist their customers in any way they can are also very important to me.

It’s easy to put things on a label, but to truly care about your product, what goes into it, and understanding the needs of the consumer and their dogs is what separates an ordinary dog food company from a great one.

Jeff Wright / Flying Houndz FrizbeeCANIDAE is that “great” dog food company that my Border Collies and I have been looking for. The customer service and support, especially the product knowledge, is so valuable to me and my pack of dogs. The choice of ingredients is superior to any on the market and is a perfect fit for the needs of my dogs.

Simply put, CANIDAE is a great dog food for their diet and nutritional needs. Believe me, we have tried many of the top dog foods and none have shown the results for my dogs like CANIDAE has. My dogs not only maintain their energy throughout the day, but they are happy, have beautiful coats, and are gleaming with good nutrition. I am sure of that every time I scoop CANIDAE into their bowls!

Jeff Wright / Flying Houndz FrizbeeWhen competing in and performing high energy trick disc dog shows, my dogs are always at their best when on CANIDAE. The proof is so obvious: CANIDAE makes them complete!

Jeff Wright, Flying Houndz Frizbee

Troy & Murphy

Troy & Murphy

Murphy and I are still having a blast. Murphy’s latest results from Super Retriever Series are now posted and you can view them at www.superretrieverseries.com. Look under the Mankato Event, Amateur class. We also attended the DockDogs event last weekend held at the South St. Louis County Fair.

Murphy took 2nd in speed retrieve and 4th in Big Air. You can see the results posted at dockdogsnorthernstars.com and go under the event category. I have attached a few pictures of us for your review. We are so thankful we found CANIDAE.

Troy & MurphyMurphy’s performance has increased progressively at each event and his stamina is untouchable. Murphy has always had a beautiful coat, and now along with his coat he seems to shed less on CANIDAE. I noticed that Murphy was always a little slower following one of our events in the past, he now is just as perky and ready to go on Monday as he was prior to an event.

Troy & MurphyIhad the banner up that you sent me at the South St. Louis County Event and we had a few people stop by and pick up a brochure. I sent them your way for more information.

UPDATE: December 2009 – We finished up strong in 2009 and are already making plans for 2010. Our first event is the Twin Cities Pet Expo on March 6th and 7th at the Minneapolis Convention Center here in Minnesota. Thanks for all you do for us, and thanks again for the Snap-Biscuit treats — our other two dogs love them as well!

Troy & Murphy
Hastings, MN



Although Pumba didn’t make his “official” Splash Dogs dock-jumping debut until 2007, we’ve had a water dog since the start. At 9 weeks, he surprised us all with a not so graceful swan dive into our backyard pool… sinking straight to the bottom. Today, thanks to hours with trainer (and doggy daddy) Ryan and a sturdy, vigorous body thanks to CANIDAE, the only thing Pumba is sinking is the competition!

Pumba is a 3 year old chocolate Lab who thinks knows he is a human purebred. We were surprised when by 6 months, Pumba suffered from multiple inner ear infections and seemed to be undergoing pre-mature baldness. A full body rash had caused him to tear the hair from his arms, legs and belly. Trips to the vets, allergy testing, hundreds of dollars and even a hypoallergenic dog bed did nothing to ease his symptoms.

PumbaWe were on a first name basis with local pet shops and specialty stores as we sampled foods over the next 6 months to no avail. Enter CANIDAE… HOORAY! Cheers from Pumba’s human parents!

The all-natural, holistic ingredients have made all the difference. Our struggles with allergies, ear infections, weight-control and coat maintenance are a distant memory. Pumba’s diet of CANIDAE Grain Free Salmon formula ensures he stays in top form.

In the dock-jumping circuit, Pumba is a crowd favorite – aptly nicknamed Shamu for his whale-sized splashes. CANIDAE gives him the energy to compete in both the Super Air and Super Vertical competitions at Splash Dogs.

2009 was a big year for our family — Pumba’s first jump in Pro Class! And, oh yea, we had a baby too. In his “free time” Pumba is a philanthropist, making appearances for the Helen Woodward Animal Center annual Dog Surf-a-Thon. Pumba is also a Pisces and enjoys long walks on the beach. :-)

Ryan Smith

Laura Vinnedge

Laura Vinnedge

Laura VinnedgeI began working with sled dogs at the age of 6 after going for a run with a family friend. Now 17, I am a high school senior in my final year and manage Cottonwood Kennels, a small racing/recreational operation of 11 huskies. My dogs currently range in age from 9 to just yearlings. Because I enjoy working with my dogs as individuals and appreciate the skills that older dogs obtain, I have never gotten into the breeding end of sled dogs. The majority of my animals come from larger kennels that may not have the manpower to utilize each dog’s potential, or they enter our yard with physical issues or personality “quirks”. Every year as our season begins, the dogs begin to settle down and develop into a cohesive unit, which I feel both honored and humbled to observe.

Mushing is a very demanding sport, both physically and mentally. Sled dogs develop different skills in a team; they learn how to pace themselves, determine snow conditions, conserve energy at a rest stop, and match strides with their running partners.

Laura VinnedgeThe most important animals are the leaders; they run up front and keep an eye on the trail ahead. Lead dogs keeps the lines taunt when stopped, distinguish and turn left or right at a vocal command, march through obstacles such as open water, and generally keep the team in order. They are the glue, the dynamos, and they can make or break a dog team. My lead dogs for 2009 are Judo and Lily. Judo is around 35lbs and provides both brains and drive. Bred by Bonnie Gamble of Runner Rider Kennels, she is tough, hardworking, and never slacks off. Lily is very nearly the complete opposite. Bred by the Joinson family of Bar King Sled Dog Adventures, she takes nothing seriously and is a ball of hyper activity at all times. Thankfully, they enjoy running together. I guess opposites do attract!

Laura VinnedgeWhen in training, my dogs run 5 days a week at distances that range from 6-40 miles a run. With such a high-stress, high-demand sport, top nutrition is needed to ensure that the dogs can perform fully and comfortably. After switching over to CANIDAE Grain-Free Salmon Formula, the mood and ability of my animals markedly improved over the course of only a few weeks. Excellent weight, thick, lustrous coats, improved endurance and heart rates, calm demeanors and firm stools became the order of the day. We still feed some raw meats, but most mushers do this to bait water and add a little extra fat. As snacks, we mash up CANIDAE canned food and roll it into “meatballs”, freeze, and feed on the trail. We also add this mash to warm water as bait. CANIDAE makes up the bulk of our diet and I am confident in recommending this to other racers as a top performance formula. After a long run many mushers struggle to entice their animals to eat, but with such excellent palatability CANIDAE makes that job easy. We feel very honored and grateful to be part of the CANIDAE team.

Laura Vinnedge and… Platty, Chevy, Oreo, Judo, Rosebud, Emily, Jasper, Jake, Lily, Chaos and Butch (the retired one)