Special Achievers

Pace of the City of Bristol K9 Unit

paceAfter four years of service to the City of Bristol, Connecticut, K9 Pace is retiring. During his career, Pace had over 20 successful tracks while searching buildings and homes about the city. During this time, over a dozen suspects hiding from the police were captured. Pace also prevented eight suspects from fleeing officers while conducting criminal investigations. He located evidence at crime scenes and assisted with over 40 narcotic related arrests.

In September of 2010, Pace successfully tracked a suspect that fled from a home after burglarizing it and surprising the homeowner. In October of the same year, his handler, Officer M. Morello [pictured with Pace] attempted to arrest a suspect for a narcotics related offense and the suspect broke free and escaped. While escaping, a second officer was knocked to the ground trying to capture the suspect. Despite the warnings to stop, the suspect continued to flee. Pace was given the command to stop the suspect; he gave chase and brought the suspect down. The suspect was taken into custody without further incident. In his retirement, Pace will live with Officer Morello and his family.

Pace thrives on CANIDAE All Life Stages healthy, natural and holistic food. “As a police canine handler for over four years, I found CANIDAE All Life Stages works exceptionally well for my partner Pace. His energy and health is fantastic. Pace retired from service after a distinguished career and continues to live with me and my family, and I continue to feed him CANIDAE because of its quality,” said Officer Morello.

Josephine County Sheriff K9 Unit

Josephine County Sheriff K9 Unit

Based out of Grants Pass, Oregon, the Josephine County Sheriff K9 Unit has a limited budget for provide their hard working certified K9 dogs the nutrition they need to perform their demanding duties every day. The four Sheriff’s Deputies who are responsible for the well-being and job performance of these dogs have arranged with us to provide them a healthy, natural diet.

CANIDAE Sales Manager for the region, Louie Nasuta stated, “We stepped in and started feeding these dogs and today I got to spend a little time with them. All of the handlers were very thankful CANIDAE was able to step in and all told me how great their dogs are now doing. Every time they take the dogs out to do events, or when they are talking to people, they always explain that these are CANIDAE dogs! They told me a few employees who work at the jail have already switched to CANIDAE after seeing how well these K9 dogs are doing.”

The Josephine County Sheriff’s Office Canine Program consists of four Canines and their deputy handlers. The canines and handles attend an initial five-week training academy and follow up with continued maintenance training.

On the team, they have “Basco,” a Dutch Malinois, “Marco,” also a Dutch Malinois, “Nero” another Malinois and “Skip,” their newest member, who is a yellow lab trained for narcotics.

Their dogs have faithfully served to deter violence, and frequently respond as back-up for patrol deputies. Their K9 Units have repeatedly proven their worth through drug interdiction, tracking, seeking out various suspects and, in many cases, preventing injuries and saving lives.

Denver Police Dept Explosive Detection K9 Unit

Denver Police Dept Explosive Detection K9 UnitChris Milliken, Regional Sales Manager for CANIDAE Natural Pet Food Co., has arranged for all of the hard working dogs of the Denver Explosive Detection K9 Unit to receive an ongoing supply of CANIDAE Grain Free pureELEMENTS food to help them stay healthy and meet the demands of their job.

The Denver Police Dept Explosive Detection Canine Unit consists of eight canine teams stationed at the Denver International Airport. The mission of the unit is to detect and deter the criminal use of explosive devices. Explosive Detection Canine Teams are a proven, reliable resource to detect explosives and are a key component in a balanced counter-sabotage program. The teams are also a proven deterrent to terrorism.

The canine members of this team are very highly trained and are under constant demand to perform physically. CANIDAE is very pleased to be able to help support these working dogs as they keep the community safe for all of us.

K-9 Officer “Z”

K-9 Officer "Z"

Officer Peter M. Osowiecki was in need of a replacement K9 because his original K9 was going to be retiring in the near future. Officer Osowiecki, through the assistance of a non- profit organization, located a 10 month old pure breed Dutch Shepherd that was wandering the streets in Eastern Massachusetts. She has now been certified under the North American Police Work Dog Association and has been working with Officer Osowiecki since 2008. K9 “Z” is certified as a duel purpose dog and is a very loyal and full of endless energy.

K9 “Z” has been fed CANIDAE Grain Free All Life Stages [now named CANIDAE pureELEMENTS] since she was acquired. CANIDAE Grain Free All Life Stages provides working dogs like “Z” with the higher levels of protein they need to maintain energy throughout their demanding days on the job.


Windsor, Connecticut Police Department’s Iko

Windsor, Connecticut Police Department's Iko

Officer Steve Vesco of the Windsor, Connecticut Police Department has partnered with his dog Iko for several years now. Recently, CANIDAE Sales Manager John Grosse attended the United States Police Canine Association Region 4 K9 Trials and had a chance to see Officer Vesco and Iko in action.

Windsor, Connecticut Police Department's Iko“There where over 50 K9 Units from the New England and New York areas. Iko has been eating CANIDAE Grain Free All Life Stages for some time. Office Vesco received numerous complements on Iko’s coat. Being a black dog his coat really shined in the sun,” said Grosse. Iko took novice first place in obedience, criminal apprehension and first place overall.

Iko is from Tiekerhook Kennels which is located in the Netherlands. He was certified and started working with Officer Vesco in October 2008. Iko is extremely loyal and is full of endless energy. CANIDAE Grain Free All Life Stages provides working dogs like Iko with the higher levels of protein they need to maintain energy throughout their demanding days on the job.

Pomona Police Department’s Belgian Malinois “Baco”

Pomona Police Department

Robert Bemis, Regional Sales Manager for CANIDAE, was approached by the Pomona Police Department regarding the department’s Canine Unit. Earlier in 2009, the unit lost a Belgian Malinois patrol dog named Buddy to his battle with canine cancer. The department needed to replace Buddy with a new dog, but budget constraints and a lack of donations made it difficult.

CANIDAE has a long history of supporting both local and pet related causes including an ongoing series of fund raisers for the American Kennel Club Canine Health Foundation. “We were very saddened to hear of Buddy’s death from canine cancer. We’re very involved with raising funds to treat and prevent cancer in dogs so we are very sensitive to that issue. We wanted to help,” Bemis said.

Pomona Police Department“This not the first time we have worked with law enforcement,” Bemis continued. “I’m working to finalize a narcotics dog sponsorship for the Sumerton Arizona Police right now, and CANIDAE has been supporting law enforcement agencies across the country by providing food for their canine units for years.”

CANIDAE donated the Belgian Malinois, named Baco, to the Pomona Police Department’s Canine Unit in March ’09. The newest member of the Police Department’s canine unit, Baco is getting ready to begin patrol duties with his handler. The 3 1/2 year old Belgian Malinois has shown he’s energetic, alert, brave and sociable with his handler, Officer Theo Joseph.