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The Pongo Fund

UPDATE: CANIDAE and The Pongo Fund Expand Their Mission to Help Animals in Need

UPDATE: The Pongo Fund Honored with 2010 Veterinary Service Award!
UPDATE: The Pongo Fund has Provided 250,000 Meals to Portland Area Dogs and Cats!

The Pongo Fund is a charity based in Portland, Oregon that seeks to provide food for the animal companions of anyone with a genuine need. To quote founder Larry Chusid, “When we think of the plight of the homeless, many first think of the men and women we see drifting around our cities or camping beneath our bridges. Today, we also think of the many children who have joined their ranks. What we seldom think of are the pets who live with these people. And that’s why The Pongo Fund exists… to help make sure that the pets of the homeless and less fortunate are not forgotten.”

Part of the philosophy of The Pongo Fund is that both the person in need and their animal companion both deserve a good meal. While organizations exist to help feed the homeless and less fortunate, The Pongo Fund fills an important gap by helping to ensure that instead of donated meals being shared with dogs and cats, the person in need can see to it that their animal friend is given their own nutritious meal.

At CANIDAE®, we believe so strongly in the mission of The Pongo Fund, we have donated $125,000 worth of premium CANIDAE dog and CANIIDAE cat pet foods to help establish The Pongo Fund Pet Food Bank which opened November 8, 2009, bringing The Pongo Fund efforts to a new level.

This permanent facility in Portland will be open the 2nd and 4th Sunday of every month, offering a helping hand to the residents of the area and their beloved pets. Both The Pongo Fund and CANIDAE believe that dogs and cats are important members of any family and can even help hold a family together.

The effect The Pongo Fund is having might best be summarized by one of its beneficiaries, Jabe Myers of Portland, “This is my kitty, she’s a part of my family. If it came down to me or the cat eating, it would be the cat. What The Pongo Fund does is make it so I can eat, too. They’re helping more than you will ever know.”

Generous Kids Making A Difference

Generous Kids Making A Difference

Cheyenne has been working hard for a long time to save money for something really cool. But, unlike most girls her age, she doesn’t care about buying pretty dresses, toys or the latest electronic gadgets for herself. Cheyenne wants to help Tehachapi’s homeless pets.

By making artwork and craft projects, and selling them in front of her home with help from younger brother Travis, Cheyenne managed to save $50. On Friday, June 6th, Cheyenne and her family came to Canine Creek, in Tehachapi, CA, cash in hand, intending to spend every last penny of that money to buy pet food for the Tehachapi humane Society.

To reward her generous spirit, Canine Creek decided to match her $50 donation. Because Cheyenne wanted to buy quality products, and get the most for her money, she decided on CANIDAE and FELIDAE. There were smiles all around as everyone in the store helped Sharon Cornelison, President of THS, load $100 in dog and cat food into her car.

Thank you Cheyenne and Travis for such a wonderful effort in helping to make this world a much better place for our four-legged friends!

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