1,915,000 (Close To 2 Million!) Recommended CANIDAE by actress Jamie Chung!

June 5, 2018

  • Our friend Jamie Chung (actress, lifestyle blogger, and dog lover), loves CANIDAE!
  • She shared her recommendation today with her 1,915,697 (close to 2 million!) followers.
  • She feeds her dog, Ewok, CANIDAE, and she is very happy she made the switch. According to Jamie: “He’s usually picky about his food but gobbles CANIDAE up as soon as I put it down. I’m very happy with the switch.”
  • Jamie is also a big supporter of dog rescues in her area. As a special bonus, she will be donating one dollar for every comment on her Instagram to a rescue, and we are matching her generosity with a donation of one bowl of food to the rescue for each comment as well!
  • See her blog post (with some great pictures) here
  • See her post on Instagram here