An abundance of energy & alertness!

February 17, 2014

Karma2/17/2014  I fed CANIDAE All Life Stages to our Dobermans for YEARS. Our last two died 2 years ago and we began raising and showing Toy Fox Terriers. Thinking the kibble size was going to be too large for their little mouths, I stupidly switched to a different brand of small bites food. They did ok….but I always wanted to go back CANIDAE All Life Stages.

FAST FORWARD to recently and we acquired a gorgeous Doberman puppy who has been fed ProPlan Focus Puppy since weaning. I read the label on the bag and nearly fainted. ARGH.
So….. with heart in hand, we began the changeover back to CANIDAE All Life Stages……for everyone: one Doberman and 7 Toy Fox Terriers. In ONE week, our Dobe puppy girl has NOTICEABLY less frequent stools, they are firmer, she has an abundance of energy and her alertness has improved. OH….AND SHE LIKE THE TASTE OF All Life Stges! She is not wolfing her food down like today is half gone and tomorrow is never going to come. She’s actually CHEWING her food, and looks to be savoring it. SO ARE THE LITTLE DOGS!!
Thanks CANIDAE…..glad to be back home with ya! And here we’ll stay….Doberman AND Toy Fox Terriers…….who have proved to me they CAN do the larger size kibble….and lovin’ it!

Judy P.