How to Handle Soft Tissue Injuries in Dogs

March 30, 2010

Dogs love to run, jump and romp inside and outside. But just like us, dogs can pull a muscle, sprain an ankle and even break a bone. Most soft tissue injuries in dogs come from falls, fights, accidents, and during exercise and play. My dogs love chasing each other around their enclosure and until recently, we had a nice layer of snow to run and play in. However, dogs can slip in the snow and ice, and end up with pulled muscles, stretched tendons or torn ligaments. Soft tissue injuries in dogs can range from mild to severe. When a dog develops a limp, that’s a sign they’re in pain and we need to pay attention to it.

Like us, mild muscle pulls or sprains will heal in a few days; however, unless you are a qualified vet, never try to treat your dog at home if you notice them limping more than two days. Broken bones need to be x-rayed to make sure there are no complications or other injuries associated with it and a vet needs to properly set the bone. Pulled muscles, sprains or strains need to be evaluated to insure an injury is not something serious. Dogs are also not the best patient in the house when it comes to bed rest to allow something to heal.

Soft tissues are muscles, ligaments and tendons. Tendons attach the muscles to the bones, and ligaments connect one bone to another bone. Swelling and pain usually occurs when one of the soft tissues is injured and unless the pain is severe, dogs seldom complain about an injury. To them, it’s a sign of weakness and they will try to hide pain and not show they are hurt. We probably won’t know how serious an injury is unless they are limping or indicate pain when we touch the injured area. A soft tissue injury can be a mild bruising to a severe tear or rupture and treatment may include medication and bed rest. Surgery may be required to repair the damage.

Anytime your dog is limping, has swelling and can’t put his full weight on a leg, an immediate trip to the vet is necessary. If he has taken a fall down a flight of steps or slipped while running in snow or playing with you or other pets and you notice him limping in pain, it’s always best to be safe with a call to your vet.

Mild strains and pulls should heal quickly on their own. Two days is the maximum time you should allow for a mild soft tissue injury to heal. If he continues to limp, it indicates the injury has not healed and is more severe than you thought. The severity of the injury can only be diagnosed by a vet who will want to take x-rays to make sure there’s been no bone damage before deciding on a treatment.

Soft tissue injuries can be difficult to diagnose. X-rays will only spot problems with the bones and not injuries to muscles, ligaments or tendons. A vet will make his evaluation based on the amount of swelling and pain around the affected area and range of motion the dog has around the injury.

A dog may be limping because they have a cut on or between their paw pads or between their toes. They could have a toenail that needs attention or they could have a rock, burr or some other foreign object stuck in between the pads of their feet. Limping isn’t always caused by a soft tissue injury.

A dog with a soft tissue injury will need to be confined to a small area in the home to allow his injury to heal. When he needs to go outside, make sure to keep him on a leash so he doesn’t do more damage by trying to run and play. Try to avoid any stairs if possible. Consider a temporary ramp if you have to use steps and the dog is too big to carry. Like kids, they may try to convince you they are feeling better before they’ve had adequate time to heal. It’s important for them to heal completely before allowing them to go back to their usual routine. If their injury isn’t completely healed, they will only aggravate it and you’ll have to start all over again, and it could be more severely injured the second time around.

Dogs love to play, and things can happen we can’t foresee. We may not be able to prevent soft tissue injuries in our dogs, but responsible pet owners need to understand how to handle them. With proper vet care and home care, your dog will get back on his feet in no time.

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  1. My dog fell twice when being bathed at the groomer 12/24/2019 we came home and within 30 minutes when he tried to get up he yelped out in pain and was limping on his front right paw I took him to the doctor he was given Carprofen to take for 5 days and his doctor said I should start giving him Dasuquin Advanced and I do he’s been on 2 tablets a day for just 5 days now, what I am noticing is that he will seem like his old self and than after laying down for awhile when he get up depending on if he slept in my bed, his bed or his cage while I’m at work I notice he will whine and be limping again when he wake up and start moving is it possible that he is sleeping/laying on his paw the wrong way? It does get better again after he rest in his bed and not my bed or his cage that he is in when I go to work.

  2. jesse says:

    my little dog jumped off couch when he landed he yipped loudly and started limping his right hind leg, its be 2 days and he limp is less but still limp. Do I take him to vet for soft muscle injury .

  3. It was great finding your input immediately after our lab injured her front left paw, seems like ankle. She was still immediately and after a few hours of rest is able to slowly walk. Will just keep her as quiet as possible for a few days

  4. Christina Steele says:

    I’d like to know how to help her pain she was hit by a car there’s no broken bones or shoulder bone is broken or shoulder blade but when she walks and she limps on it and is there anything I can do to help when she has to walk like to go to the bathroom is that like a soft cushion padding some kind of something to help her

  5. I have a rottie who weighs 44 kilos and is 2 months shy of 3yrs old. He had an incident almost 2.5 months ago where he slipped on outer edge of our cement pool (ledge is about 18inches wide) his back legs slipped off and he was attempting to climb back up until my husband got to him and helped him. He has been lame every since some days worse than others. We did take him to a vet in Mexico since we are on vaca here, he told us it was probably soft tissue damage gave him shots for 3 days, and ordered rest. We used to hike up mountain side and back 45-60 minutes every morning, but stopped taking him. There has been times at night he has cried out when laying on his back and back legs spread. I have give him 50 mg of tramadol some days that has helped. But he is still lame at times. What could it be??

  6. Shirishkumar Tadem says:

    I have a old 14 years pomaranian dog that fell down last month on the steps.i went to vet care and done the all treatment.veterian told that that could be stand on legs early 20 days.but still 1 month gone that is not standing and sitting only lying down.

  7. Donna says:

    I think asking someone who can’t see your animals in real life to help you is sick . If you come on her looking for help about your dog limping “ TAKE IT TO A VET “ if you have no money “ CALL AROUND TO SEE WHO WILL HELP YOU WITH YOUR ANIMAL AND MAKE PAYMENT OPTIONS “ most vets can find away to help you both .
    This lady can not tell you what to do other then … “take it to a vet “ no one can tell you what to do other then a vet . This lady never once says she is a vet . She is an author writing a book on dogs . Do you see her answer back to your emails ?
    Anyways …. I enjoyed the information you put out about these things . My own dog got hurt . I was debating on if she was being extra sucky about her leg or if it was bad an needed vet attention. I’ve waited and she using both her legs and puts weight on them . I keep her off stairs and beds . She also is on a diet with no dog food kibbles or cookies . Raw meat and veggies . ( I cook them) my 3 dogs think this is much better . Lol so supper is fun in the kitchen. I don’t have kids so I cook boiled stuff for them and my own dinner . I eat while theirs cools so they can eat also .
    So far it’s been fish and chicken . In reality it will be what’s on sale in the grocery store and out of the gardens .
    Thanks for the info and how to do stuff for my dogs . Great read …. limping more then two days people …”TAKE THEM TO THE VET “ this is simple . She can’t see your pets or X-ray or feel there legs . Get real …. ugh !!

    1. Diane says:

      Thanks, Donna, these people are ridiculous, one thing to look on the net for info, another thing not to take the pet to the vet and try to get medical advice here, knowing you cannot take xrays etc
      Not sure about the raw diet though, i believe you said you boil etc, I’m going to start doing that more for them instead of that garbadge kibble jazz, maybe mix that in but not let it be the majority of their diet and give them more veggies and fruits they can eat.

    2. Amanda says:

      Amen!! I don’t understand why people decide to own digs if they aren’t prepared to treat them like their kids. Dogs are yr kids, humans are no more important than dogs, infact dogs are way better & so much more special, helpless divine creatures,if you decide to get a dog, decide you will treat them as a member of yr family, just like a human. If you need to ask the question, then just take yr fur baby to the vet, don’t wait. The decent thing to do is be safe rather than sorry. Or next time u have pain or a limp, just get on a forum and ask what u shld do while suffering, good for other members of yr family, then such actions (or lack of action) shld be good for you too.

  8. Daisy Rodgers says:

    I have a 7 week old puppy that fell down the stairs and she is not putting pressure on her left back leg and I keep rubbing it and she tries to put weight down on it but then she stops so what do I do

  9. Brenda says:

    My 17 1/2 year old went to the kennel while we were on vacation. And when we picked her up they carried her out to me n said she quit eating n drinking a few days before, the vet there said I think she’d repressed and can’t walk the vet said they did take her over to the vet area and gave her fluids. So when I brought her home n feed her she acted as she was starving. So as I’m trying to clean her up, I find above her left leg this circlur cut. So I called the main vet n sent him pictures. He said he believes she fell on something, and her being that age she has very thin skin. So for 4 days in a row we took her in for fluids n strong antibiotics. But now it’s not a cut anymore it is a large round sore about 2 1/2 x 2 1/2 I cut all the hair around because it kept wanting to stick to the sore. I do clean it 3 times a day and apply triple antibiotics to it. But everyone in my family says it looks as though it’s getting bigger.wish I could of sent pictures but I don’t see any options for that.

    1. Diane says:

      Brenda, she obviously got injured there, you should take them to small claims court if they don’t want to pay!!!, Get their liability business insurance info to file a claim, advocate for your pet instead of asking strangers here what to do, That kennel place hurt your senior dog, they didn’t care for him the way they should have and the vet is here acting like your dog did this on its own so they won’t pay and you naively fell for it! wow
      June 30, 2019 at 10:29 am
      My 17 1/2 year old went to the kennel while we were on vacation. And when we picked her up they carried her out to me n said she quit eating n drinking a few days before, the vet there said I think she’d repressed and can’t walk the vet said they did take her over to the vet area and gave her fluids. So when I brought her home n feed her she acted as she was starving. So as I’m trying to clean her up, I find above her left leg this circlur cut. So I called the main vet n sent him pictures. He said he believes she fell on something, and her being that age she has very thin skin. So for 4 days in a row we took her in for fluids n strong antibiotics. But now it’s not a cut anymore it is a large round sore about 2 1/2 x 2 1/2 I cut all the hair around because it kept wanting to stick to the sore. I do clean it 3 times a day and apply triple antibiotics to it. But everyone in my family says it looks as though it’s getting bigger.wish I could of sent pictures but I don’t see any options for that.

  10. Roxy says:

    So … yesterday after a normal day, walking as usual, playing & romping around with his furry friend, my mini schnauzer winced in pain later in the evening when i has picking him up & touching his leg… since he is a snappy terrier i thought mayb i had pulled his fur accidentally or something so i just observed. Then we we playing around & again i touched his paw & he yelped… so I knew something was wrong….. I cant seem to find a lesion or anything stuck between his toes or pads . I was hoping he would wake up this morning without pain…. but as soon as I touch that particular leg midway down, he is clearly uncomfortable…. but he can walk & run & jump as usual without any apparent pain or limp….. A couple of my dog walking friends suggested I give his feet a warm Epsom salt bath…..
    I assume since the walking & jumping doesn’t seem to b problematic, im thinking it’s a wound that I just cant see or feel? Any other suggestions? He is 4 yrs old & very healthy & active. He has his regular grooming appt 1 wk ago.

  11. Sam says:

    If you are concerned enough to ask for advice in the comments section of an article written 9 years ago, then don’t. Take your pet to the vet as soon as possible, no excuses, just do it. Your dog will only limp if they are in pain, by not taking them to the vets you are keeping them in pain. Yes vet bills can be expensive, but that is what insurance is for, and that is for treatment, the initial consultation should not be that expensive. If you can’t afford it speak to your vet as they might be able to help directly or refer you to some organisation that can.

    But don’t wait, it’s not fair on your pet.

  12. carmen martinez says:

    I believe my dog A(chihuahua born in 2003 & never been hurt or injured) may Have A Sprained ankle. NO Money! Foot swollen. HELP!!!!

  13. anniej says:

    My rotty 135 pounds jumped off bed yesterday. Her favorite to nap early evening. When she jumped off she yelped and starting limbing latter last evening. She could not get up on her own we had to take a beach towel and wrap around her tummy and help pull her up to take her out to goto the bathroom. She struggled to squant. She mamaged to pee. Don’t want to eat. I did give in a cook her some hamburg and she did finally eat the burger. I put the burger by the water because she had not drank anything since before her jump. We couldn’t get her in the truck to take her to the vet. What do you think we can do here at home. Her foot is NOT SWOLLEN at all. Just won’t step on it. Limping.

    1. Gemma says:

      Was it a cruciate tear?

  14. Very helpful…well written…thank-you!!

  15. Montanna says:

    My 8 month old puppy went for an hour and a half swimming long lengths on and off and now when he goes to lay down or stand up he whines. I think he may have pulled a muscle in his back leg, has anyone’s pup had the same thing happen to them and what was the outcome?

  16. Tracy Jamieson says:

    In response to the last comment, I have always been a person who has, at the first sign of anything wrong, taken my pet to the vet. However, I don’t always agree with the harsh medicine vets resort to in these instances. They have abandoned conservative treatment options and nowadays always seem to push for the most invasive tests and most debilitating pain meds. I took my cat to the vet for an injured toe, and they sent me home with some really heavy meds that completely knocked her out. She was in a haze for a couple days. Was that really necessary? Isn’t there something less drastic to give?

    Another time I took my dog to the vet when she was having certain symptoms, and the vet (who clearly had no knowledge of her disease and actually misdiagnosed her ) insisted she was dying of cancer and that I needed to start chemotherapy. When what she had was lymphangiectasia.

    I miss the old school, low-drama vets. They seem to be becoming a thing of the past.

  17. My wife and I are the proud owners of a two year old Blue Heeler. We love reading the articles on this website, and almost always take away some new fact or tip. That being said, the majority of the people posting on many of these articles need to pay more attention to what they are reading. The article says if your dog is limping or showing signs of discomfort take them to the vet immediately. If after two days the physical signs of a soft tissue problem have not cleared up, take the pup back in. Why are so many readers treating a basic pet website like its some forum. It’s a simple tip article highlighting COMMON SENSE practices. Do the other readers posting actually expect the author to offer medical advice to all of the posts…Did no one actually read the article? Is common sense so deteriorated today that a trip to the vet is not the first instinct for most? Does no one understand the author could be sued if they proffered medical advice that had for any multitude of reasons an adverse effect leading to death of the pet in question? To the other people posting….Use some common sense, this is a website I normally avoid the comments on for this exact reason. Most comment threads expand thought provoking conversations….Yall are failing hard in that department. I understand the stress felt when in need of direction concerning an injured pet. Go to the vet, says as much repeatedly in the article you just “read”.

  18. Nathan says:

    My dog jump off the couch and landed on his leg wrong, now he is walking on 3 legs and won’t put his injured one down. What do I do?

  19. James Attebury says:

    I have a 7lb. Chihuahua, LuLu, just turned 1 year old. My wife lets her out in the front yard to run when she goes to the mail box. LuLu was running full out and jumped over a 5 inch tall concrete barrier that separates the grass from the garden. Evidently, misjudged her jump and hit the barrier with her left hind leg. Now LuLu limps, won’t put her full weight on the leg when she walks. This happened on Tuesday, 11-27-2018. My wife said she did not see the accident, but did hear it. Trying to see Vet now. What is your advice? Thanks

  20. Steve says:

    My dog tried jumping on bed fell off hurt his self now has back leg injury what do I do about it to help with his discomfort

  21. Wendy says:

    My dog fell on the slippery floor all fours spread eagle,she’s resting.
    Will she be okay

  22. My dog has had a lump in his shoulder region for a year now. I was told it was a fatty tumor. It’s grown a little, n when he runs, he goes lame for 2 days

  23. zoe says:

    Feel terrible as babysitting my nephew’s French bulldog. Left him in living room, but have stairs going to bedroom, next thing heard a yelp and on finding him he is limping. Gave him arnica and still not ok after one hour, please help,

  24. Diana Miranda says:

    My dog chihuahua got hurt 3 years ago
    I got her recently with a limp leg , she fell again and is in extreme pain what to do , won’t eat drink or use bathroom bc she can’t cries and is whimpering , can her inside be affected and she feels slightly hot , what to do

  25. Alison says:

    My puppy was playing and ran straight in to our sofa , he has hurt his paw week took him to the vet after doing it they have said it not broken but been three days now and he still won’t put weight on his leg should I take him back yet or leave a few more days

  26. Sherry says:

    My shih poo went to jump in the car while raining & missed.. fell on his side. When touching him there appears to be no pain but is moving slowly. He won’t jump onto the sofa.. I have to pick him up. Is he just sore & will this just take s couple days to get better? He doesn’t appear to be in osin.. just laying down.

  27. Amy says:

    I’m glad I found this article, it was helpful. I have a 3yr old lab/pittie mix that injured her left hind leg. It seems that her hock is most sensitive. We were loading up in the Jeep to go to the dog park and the dogs were wearing harnesses and leashes. I didn’t realize I was standing on her leash and she jumped in and got caught, she twisted and turned and hit the ground hard. She yelped loudly and immediately held her leg up. My vet can’t get her in until Monday but said to keep a close eye on it over the next few days. She just slept last night and today we’ve been outside twice. When she tries to pee, she’s trying to put weight on it and just shakes. She was putting a little weight on it but just starts shaking so I know she’s in pain. It’s heartbreaking and this is my first dog injury that isn’t a bloody emergency so I don’t know how to gauge it. I don’t see swelling, she’s just holding it up when she does move, but has been sleeping mostly. Any advice is appreciated.

  28. Mary Williams says:

    Thank you it’s been 2 days and he’s still limping and now crying more i need to find some vet that will let me pay later have no money or credit i mean not a penny i feel so helpless i want to cry

  29. johnathan gleaton says:

    my pitt bull puppy is 13 weeks old and this morning. i was rolling a 150 pound pole off a trailer, and didn’t know he was under it, he ran out before it hit the ground. when the pole started rolling,he tried to get out of the way, but the end of it caught up with him. and rolled across him,needless to say my heart dropped, he got up and hobbled to me. ater a couple hours, in the house under constant care, he is walking, but i can tell he is real stiff when he gets up. my vet is not open today, but im conserned about internal injuries, what can i do or look for. he is going to be there first thing monday morning please i need some advise.

  30. Michelle says:

    My dog is on and off again limping, jumping around on 3. She is 3 years old active border collie. Her X rays were nagative and blood work cake back clean. Other than limping doesn’t appear to be in pain.

    1. Sharon says:

      Michelle – If your dog is limping or runnzing on only 3 legs, she *is* experiencing pain. The fact that her instincts to keep being a Border Collie (a relentless working dog) are making her continue to want to run only mean she is subject to more serious injury due and additional pain. It does not mean her pain is insignificant, as dogs reluctantly even show this weakness. It may be off and on because she injures and aggravates it to varying degrees with the activity. It is up to you to moderate the activity until you get it figured out. Something still is wrong, even if not a broken bone. X-rays won’t show soft tissue injuries such as to ligaments and tendons and those are very painful, and will also continue to be damaged if not treated and allowed to heal. Have her nails and toes been checked for injuries and infection also? Keep in mind that running on three legs stresses the rest of the bones, muscles and joints, and she wouldn’t do it anyway if she didn’t absolutely have to. If I were you, I would keep pursuing this with a vet as soon as possible. I just had to euthanize my 13 y/o lab for a soft tissue he would not have been able to heal from due to progressing hind end neuropathy (difficulty identifying position of his paws/legs) that otherwise wouldn’t have taken him quite so soon. No idea how he actually hurt his hock as he has been with me or my Mom 24/7 for 3 months. You don’t get do-overs and sometimes no answers, so give her all you’ve got!

  31. Rena Cazares says:

    I can move an an push it she don’t move she eating an drinking she can walk just put her foot completely down

  32. Regina V Delph says:

    I have a 8 year old pitbull & 1 week before thanksgiving slipped on my kitchen floor & the next day she was limping so I took her to the vet and xrays was taking but only showed a sprained foot and she was put on steroids and pain meds but 1 month later she was still limping so I decided to have her seen by another vet & this time blood work was done and she’s in perfect health !! Now its been almost two months and she’s still limping and in pain and i don’t know what to do any advice would help .

  33. Ladonna says:

    Thank you I think he pulled muscle can’t see bone disfigurement swollen he eats ok but has been shaking like he’s shock I’m gonna take him vet been 2 days

  34. Karen says:

    I tooked my dog outside when it was snowing and she fell down the stairs and she’s limping what can I do ?

  35. Rolanda Robertson says:

    Thank you for this information. It was very informative and helpful. My dog
    was jumping into the car and didn’t quite land correctly. He’s showing signs of pain.

  36. Raylyn says:

    Such valuable information. Thank you for sharing this. My dog injured herself when falling from the car, symptoms of tenderness and pain were not present until 2 days after the accident. Is this common?

  37. rosalinda castanon says:

    my dog had a accident fell down and now her back right leg she cant move it she limping has a hard time layind down and getthing up and its also swollen?????

  38. Melissa says:

    Hi, my bf stepped on my 5-6 month old puppy’s paw yesterday during their walk together. She yelped and was visibly in pain for 5 minutes then went on playing and walking for the rest of the day but she would limp all the while. This morning she’s still limping but she hasn’t shown signs of pain at all. Should I take her in? (ps. sometimes she’ll put weight on her paw but not for long periods.)

  39. MJ Menon says:

    My puppy 56 days old fell/jumped (I did not see) from a chair. Would it have injured her.


    MJ Menon

  40. Deb says:

    Thank you so much. This helped me relax but be vigilant over the next two days. My 3 month old Heeler pup bumped the side of his nose into a door as I was closing it quickly to keep a cat from barging into the room. It’s swollen and was more tender but less since he dosed for a couple hours. My prayer is that he is going to be fine. He’s crunching kibble and doesn’t seem to mind that. Air passages are normal and he’s quit shaking his head. I felt HORRIBLE but have helped me relax a little as well as him having improved a little already. I didn’t know if, like humans, dogs have fine nasal and facial bones. Thank you again. No improvement means a vet check on Saturday.

  41. Lupe says:

    My three month pit bull fell from our deck approx 6 steps up and now she can’t put weight on her back leg. I don’t see any swelling looks bruised back lower leg. Should I take her in

    1. E says:

      Yes take her in!

  42. guest says:

    my i dont know how old boxer (he is very old) he likes to ump to my garage where i just sit and watch my dogs play together but one day he just slipped and fell when he jumed. i was like thinking of that commercial help i fallen and cant get up. i laughed and help him up but then and day after he started limping. my daughter watches thses vet shows and she suggestes ut banages on it untill he stop limping but is he dosent take him to the vet

  43. ML says:

    Well, I’m not too late to this thread, eh? I LOVE LINDA COLE!
    Best for me is this quote…
    “Most soft tissue injuries in dogs come from falls, fights, accidents, and during exercise and play. My dogs love chasing each other around their enclosure and until recently, we had a nice layer of snow to run and play in. However, dogs can slip in the snow and ice, and end up with pulled muscles, stretched tendons or torn ligaments. Soft tissue injuries in dogs can range from mild to severe. When a dog develops a limp, that’s a sign they’re in pain and we need to pay attention to it.”
    THANK YOU Dr. Cole… Sophie was chasing a rabbit in the yard, big-snow and cold, and…we are going way over the time when hubby said “oh she will walk it off.”
    Sophie’s R front paw is swollen and she’s acting like a 3-legged-Basset… won’t put her weight on it… it needs X-ray at minimum… Vet appt. tomorrow and AGAIN, thanks for your information! Cordially, mlh

  44. I have an 10.5 yr old golden retriever and she couldn’t put weight on her left paw on Dec 21 she is on muscle relaxer and she still limping after almost 2 rounds of muscle relaxers and I’ve been keeping her on her leash and I’ve been applying ice packs to it. And I also keep in contact with her vet. She has days when she doesn’t limp then days when she is limping I try to keep her still but you can’t keep a dog still. Unless they are hospitalized any recommendations

    1. Adam says:

      How did this end up working out for you?

  45. jennifer walker says:

    My young golden retriever loves to play with other dogs, and is sometimes boisterous but never aggressive. Today she met a young dalmation and was playing chase happily until the other dog slightly twisted a leg. Both stopped playing and soon the other dog walked off on the lead with its owner, with no limp. But the owner was furious with my dog! I think there was no blame here – just play which caused a minor accident. Any ideas?

  46. Pug mom. says:

    I have a pug whom is treated for licking tail crazy recently. He is on anti itch pills and anti biotic. He is still crazy to lick tail. I’m thinking pulled tail accident in playtime he loves to play chase catch me if you can! Help or live with this now?

  47. My 7 month old American red nose pitbull pup was ran over by the back of a big truck by God’s will she made it but it caused some damage in her right leg area she is now 14 months and it seem to be hurting her and she loves to play w her pack family we keep her separated the past few days I think it’s harder on me and my husband if anyone has any advice I would greatly accept it thank u

  48. John says:

    I need help my dog was jumping and landed wrong he was limping and couldn’t walk but in 7 min he was walking normal but at times he will like walk to the side and keep walking. He will also run but have a hard time and a point. Should I take him to the vet or give it time to see what happens . He is a German Shepherd about to be 4 months he is a puppy

  49. terry says:

    My 7 year cocker spaniel keeps collapsing on his face and is limping badly. Vet is not sure what is wrong. Any ideas.

  50. Karl says:

    when my husky started to limp we took her to the vet right away to get the diagnosis. turns out the limp was caused by hip dysplasia.. a chronic disorder we’re going to have to deal with for the rest of our lives. my dog’s a young husky, obviously very active, and this diagnosis is going to have an effect on him for the rest of his life. We are using the Ortocanis dog hip brace as a way to help remediate the discomfort and pain. Our vet told us about the brace and how it helps to support his hips and reduce the pain. If anyone’s interested and going through a similar situation:

    1. Ashlyn Beadel says:

      Our husky/lab was diagnosed with this when she was 8 months old. One vet said she would need surgery so we took her for a second opinion at Texas A&M Vet school. They told us to keep her very active, swimming being the best thing and watch her. Sometimes it heals on its own. We give her fish oil pills and glucosamine pills and exercise her daily. We were also told to keep her lean so we keep her at 50-55lbs. She has made HUGE improvements and hardly limps at all. You may look into trying those things too!

  51. charlotte says:

    My 6 month staffie puppy is limping on her back leg. She puts a bit of weight onit while staning and lying down. But when walking she doesnt put any weight on it.

    1. zoe carstens says:

      my 7 yr. maltese x silky terrier when walking not putting any weight on left back leg.puts weight while standing &lying.

  52. Allan Ritchie says:

    my tiniest of dogs 2and half kilos fell and now wont take any weight on rear right leg im told its cruciate ligament tear but it seems shes also damaged next joint down in some way or would this relate to the other as she never will let it go into being anything lesssthen almost straight

  53. Anomysous says:

    My 9 month old husky/beagle was playing and jumped to get the toy and landed on his back. He imediatly ran with his tail down. I’m afraid he might of hurt his back but I touched it everywhere and he doesn’t care. Vet of no

  54. scott kerr says:

    My one year old chi-weenie has been limping for three days but only when he wakes up or when he lays down for a little bit he is not crying and I can touch his leg and he doesn’t show any pain when I do he still jumps and runs and plays and he eats and drinks but I’m concerned about the limping .should I take him to the vet or wait to see if he strips limping in a few days ?

  55. Yarelis says:

    Hi my 10 month old Pomeranian fell and hurt he leg I took him to the vet who did not do an x ray and pulled on his leg made him scream and said he does not think is is broken this was yesterday and he wanted me to take him back Saturday morning. He said to leave him in the cage but I feel bad doing that all day to our puppy, today he is still not better and he was hurt tuesday around 3pm. Am I just freaking out?

  56. mary says:

    My dog Cooper got his legs wrapped around his cord tight. I got him untangled. He limped some and I kept him still. He started walking good after that. That was 5 months ago. He seems to be having problems with his right hind leg. What could be the problem? Thanx

  57. Katy Cahill says:

    Very helpful thank you!!

  58. Ashley says:

    This is a great article- my Mom’s cocker spaniel is part of my heart- I never expected to have such a crush on a dog! She is loyal, faithful, and only gets angry at me when I don’t give her her carrot treats fast enough!~ (LOL) So this a.m. I was so upset when I saw her limping- her back hind leg seems to be the culprit- and financial issues are keeping us from immediately getting her help- but most likely after reading this article, we will if , in two days, the limping does not get better- the strange thing is that no matter WHERE I touch, palpate, (range of motion, etc) she does not whimper, or even turn her head! She just stays off the leg! I realize that she is a lot better with pain than the rest of us- but wouldn’t she at least be a little bit interested in that leg if I am gently rotating , palpating, and doing some tiny range of motion exercises? Well, thank you so much for your very factual and concise article! Help is on the way for our “Sophia”
    Your dogs are lucky to have you in their life!

  59. Diane says:

    My dog started getting up very slowly around New Years. I noticed this and took him to the vet. They did an x-ray to rule out hip dysplasia and then they sedated him to do further testing. No breaks or tears so they think soft tissue injury or possible a popped knee. He started Dasequin and is on medicine as needed for pain. He still is about the same……I started the Dasequin 1 week ago and I guess it takes 4-6 weeks to start working.I have all furniture blocked so he can’t jump on it. There were a couple times I forgot to do it and it took him 2 days to get back where he was. This seems like it is taking forever.

  60. Anonymous says:

    Have you checked her feet between the pads, on her pads and between her toes to make sure she didn’t get a cut or step on something hidden under the snow? Check her toenails to make sure one isn’t infected.

    I would highly recommend you take her to your vet. It’s not normal for an 8 month old pup to just lay around. She shouldn’t be that wore out after a walk or playing in the snow, even if she did injure herself in the snow. It shouldn’t take a day or two for her to recover from some exercise. There could be something else going on that has nothing to do with the first incident a couple weeks ago.

    You can take your hands and feel her legs starting at the top and working down and feel for any swelling that you may not be able to see. Check her shoulder area and around her hips and check her ankles and feet. But if she were one of mine, I would get her checked out with the vet as soon as possible.

    Linda Cole

  61. Anonymous says:

    My 8 month old Golden Retriever was playing in the snow about 2 1/2 weeks ago. She came home and didnt want to walk. She was hurting. But she had no limp. The next day she was fine. Since then, even the littlest of walks I take her on, (just around the block), she seems to act the same when I get her home. Doesnt want to walk, just sleep. The next day she is usually fine. 2 days ago, I took her to the snow again, and it took almost the whole 2 days to get her back to normal. Yesterday, all she did was lay around, not wanting to walk again. What do you think….

  62. Ken says:

    Readers may want to try the “Pet Stick” to help their pet heal from soft tissue injuries. It is very easy to use and very effective.

    1. JoanMarie Shepard says:

      We have a 13werk old German shepherd . I was letting our chickens out and we had a big board by the door . I plopped it on the ground not realizing piper was behind me . It hit her leg .But did not see it hit her . I took her to the vet she has always puts pressure ,but limps . Not broken they said . But she keeps romping around .and re hurting it …

      1. Janice says:

        Please everyone just call your Veterinarian Doctors Office and ask them what you should do if your Pet is sick or injured because this Website cannot prescribe treatment, medication, IVs, or X-rays for your loved ones sake and take them to the Doctor at the Veterinarians Office! You can apply for Pet Insurance or apply for a Care Credit Card for your Pet if you do not have the cash right at your Veterinarians Doctors Office!