Night Calling: Why Do Cats Meow at Night?

March 14, 2010

The daytime noises have faded away, you’ve finished watching the news or the late show and finally gotten to sleep, and then your cat begins to howl. Because cats are nocturnal by nature, this is when they are most active. Have you ever been woken up in the middle of the night by your cat meowing? This is known as night vocalization, nighttime calling or night calling, and there are different reasons that our cats do it.

All cats use vocalization from time to time. They vocalize to connect to each other and to us as well. A mother cat will use it to call her kittens. A cat vocalizes to tell their owner they want food, water, to go out or that their litter box needs to be cleaned. Cats will even use it to let each other know where they are during a game of hide and seek. If a female is in season or there is a territory dispute, two males will use vocalization to warn each other before they square off for a fight, though this is known as caterwauling. Your cat may be disturbed by something they can hear or see outside. It may be as simple as your cat wanting your companionship and they meow to get you to pay attention to them.

There are many other reasons cats may call during the night, though. It could be due to insecurity, CDS (cognitive dysfunction syndrome) or they may be in physical distress. A newly adopted kitten, alone at night for the first time, may use night calling. It isn’t used to being away from its mother or litter mates, and might be a bit insecure being in your household.

Night calling can also happen if you’ve adopted an older cat from a shelter that is used to being with other cats. A cat may go looking for a housemate that is no longer there and call them, trying to locate them. Senior cats will vocalize if they are hard of hearing or going deaf; if they can’t hear themselves they will meow loudly (like a person who has trouble hearing) to make sure you hear them. Sometimes it can be a bit more serious than this. Your cat may have wandered into a closet, a bedroom or an appliance, gotten shut inside and need your assistance to be released.

If you have a night calling cat, there are several things you can do to make life easier for all concerned. If they have a favorite toy, play a rousing game of fetch before you go to bed to help tire them out. A radio tuned to a station that plays easy listening or classical music can help soothe a lonely kitten or an older cat in the middle of the night. If this doesn’t work, getting a baby monitor might. Put one receiver near the cat’s bed and the other in your bedroom. When the cat wakes up you can reassure them through the monitor and help them settle back in.

A cat suffering from CDS may awaken and be disoriented; a night light or two around the house will help them reorient themselves in their surroundings and help them maneuver through the house easier. Moving your cat’s bed into your bedroom can help too. If they wake up and are disoriented you can reach down and reassure them with a quick pet. Putting a small blanket or towel in your cat’s bed that they can nestle into will make them more comfortable. If your house is a little chilly, a heated sleeping pad made for pets might also help.

My cats meow to me all the time and I answer them. Usually it is something as simple as a water dish that isn’t full enough for them or that they want to eat, and sometimes they just want to play. Thankfully, most of these conversations take place during the day. For those rare times when they do engage in night calling, I try to distract them with a catnip toy. While catnip does help to make my cats sleepy after they play with it, it can have the opposite effect on some cats.

The reason for your cat’s night calling may not be apparent at first, so you might want to schedule a checkup with their vet. If there is no medical reason for the night calling, try not to give in every time they do it. If they find out that you will come running every time they call out, they will keep doing it. By assessing the situation and dealing with it early, you can all get a good night’s sleep.

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  1. Mark Daniels says:

    Cats are not nocturnal, that’s a common misconception. Cats attention is peaked at dawn and dusk. This makes sense as this is the most likely time their prey is on the move like birds and small mammals.

  2. tamar says:

    I totally disagree with that
    When a cat is making noises at night and it is a very funny meow it is actually them mating with other cat.
    that is when they start having kittens

  3. Terry says:

    My cat doesn’t meow or howl at night; she has a conversation with an invisible entity in the living room after I’m in bed. She chirps and chatters, changing pitch and volume…it really sounds like she’s talking. After a few minutes she will get on the bed with me and sleep through the night. Occasionally she brings a feather toy to bed with her and I thank her for the gift.

  4. Mehak says:

    I have a 3 year old cat that meows randomly at night and then sticks his head inside his litter box and meows. The litter box is clean and I play with him every night and his food/water bowl is full. I have taken him to the vet and nothing is wrong with him. I don’t understand why he meows at nothing in the middle of the hallway.

  5. Jayda says:

    my cat is almost 6 years old. recently she started night calling and at first i thought i was just hearing things until i opened my door and she walked down the hallway doing it. she settled down once she was in my room, but it still rubbed me the wrong way. she’s never done this before, should i be worried??

    1. Rachel says:

      Yes, you should be very worried.

    2. tamar says:

      Is it a female cat?
      If it is then it has matted with another cat and is going to have kittens.
      but if it is a male then yes you probably should be worried.

  6. Lucy Blascovich says:

    I have 2-2 year old sister brown tabbies, Mittens & Josie. They get along but Josie is bigger than Mittens and picks on her once in a while. I took Josie over to my sister’s house for a little vacation. She loved it over there! I never saw her so happy!

    But as soon as my sister and I went to bed, Josie talked the whole night. He normal meow sounds like a rippling chirp & that’s what she did. I tried to get her to stop, but to no avail. As soon as the sun came up, she stopped and crawled in bed with me. That day I left and let Josie stay another night. She did a repeat performance.

    We could not put her in another part of the house because it’s a small 2 bedroom condo. She had plenty of food available and she got a lot of playtime/attention that evening.

    Another time my husband & I went out of town & we took Mittens with us. My sister stayed the weekend at our house & Josie slept peacefully each night.

    Josie & my sister love each other’s company & we would like to try it again.
    Any ideas of what we can do?

  7. Nicole says:

    I have two cats who night call on a regular basis, and a cat I had as a child also did it. As I’ve had three housecats in my life, this seems to be 50%?

    I think it’s pretty normal? None were or are distressed or ill.

  8. joanne says:

    hi my 1 year old cats i have 3 tortoiseshells they always cry and goes to the door we let them out but when i dont go out there they start crying … what should i do


    1. tamar says:

      Well they are probably wanting company.
      Otherwise just give them food outside in a shed and lock them in there for a few nights let them out in day time and they should get used to being outside.
      are you wanting your cat to be an outside cat?
      and is there more then one?

  9. Audrey says:

    My cat is so sweet during the day but later on he howls like someone is killing him.

  10. Michelle says:

    My 18 year old male cat started night meowls last year. He’s so loud it has woken me. I usually yell out from my bed, “Moochie, be quiet and go to sleep!” And that is enough. He hears my voice and then he quiets down. Sometimes he comes in my bed and joins the other cat and the dog.

    The funny thing is he never vocalized the first 17 years of his life other than some cute little noises equivalent to “boo”. I didn’t think he knew how to meow. I feel like he found his voice late in life.

    He is healthy, exceedingly so for his age per my veterinarian. He is also happy and adores my 7 year old cat and my Basset Hound – his favorite of the household.

  11. Dr. K says:

    Your website says that cats “are nocturnal by nature”. This is incorrect. They are crepuscular (which means most active at dusk and dawn). Cats are not nocturnal.
    Thank you, Dr. K

  12. Sue says:

    My cat started crying in the night, driving everyone in the family nuts. I asked the vet and she recommended Feliway plug-in diffuser. You can get it cheaper online. Anyway, that worked like a charm! I found I didn’t need to keep it plugged in 24/7, just at night so it lasts longer. Everyone including our kitty is happier now. Maybe this solution would work for some of the folks who’ve commented here.

  13. Jazmine says:

    What can I do to stop my male cat from being so aggressive with me . one moment i will be petting him and he would purr and the next moment he starts biting and scratching my arm what should I do?

    1. Barbara Prochaska says:

      My cat does the same thing when my husband pets her tummy. Found out cats don’t like having their tummy rubbed. Hope this helps.

    2. Kim Parks says:

      Pay attention to how you are petting your cat too. Sometimes, more aggressive petting will lead to more aggressive behavior. Also, rubbing the belly may make cat attack. It’s instinct for them to protect the soft spots. Watch the ears too. If they start angling back, it’s time to let up on the petting.

    3. Ryan says:

      My cat does the same. I’ve learned that he doesn’t like to be petted for too long, and does not want to be petted on the stomach. My cat is very playful and wants to play all the time. If I pet him too long, he gets into his playful behavior and will start the biting and scratching. You just have to learn how long to pet him and then leave him/her alone.

    4. tis meh says:

      i have a cat and shes quite wierd she loves her belly being tickled

  14. Walker says:

    I have a adopted a cat I helped rescue. Early one morning I saw 4 kittens running around on my back terrace, come to discover they were living in a outside storage closet in below zero temps. Neighbors took in the kittens but the mom was still there. I contacted a rescue organization, she was trapped and went through TNR. In the foster home it was discovered she was not feral most likely abandoned! I adopted her and she has been with me for 3 days. She comes out at night to eat and use the box. The last 2 nights were hard, she has been meowing up a storm and last night was scratching at the bedroom door. She has been through a lot and everything is new to her and she is stressed. When she started the meowing I got out of bed and talked with her and even slept on the couch. I live in a apartment house with very thin walls and I was scared I might get complaints. Any advice would be appreciated.

  15. Andrea. says:

    Well..My sweet kitty Daisey has survived 3 male cats..She is 21. Will be 22. In june.She calls/ meow at all times.Does she need a companion?

    1. Lred says:

      I had a 23yo mature cat who had been quite at night but started crying later in life. Three things I did for his comfort were:
      1- put night lights around the house to help him see or leave a light on in the main area he stays in
      2-put a second litter box in the house and show him where it is so he doesn’t have to stress to get to the first. I also had a second set of food and water. Mine was a townhouse situation so the stairs worried me for him. I eventually put up a baby gate to be safe.
      3- leave soothing music on for him. They now have apps for this on amazon fire and in your App Store. Why didn’t I think to invent these?

      Good luck with your furr baby. Hope they live to be 30!

  16. John says:

    We have a 15 year old bengal who is getting out of control with screaming at night always being a night owl and sleeps all day. Any options other than what u have mentioned above

    1. Ally says:

      I have a bengal, I’m sure after 15 years you know they don’t do well in smaller spaces, she needs at least 20 minutes with the laser pen around the house in intervals before bed if I have any chance at getting sleep…I also bought the ikea floating shelves for 8$ and set them up all over the living room at different heights and space apart so she has some height and jumping and escape even though it’s just the two of us…she’s super independent, every action of petting is on her terms and I think she feels she is guarding the home…they neeeeeeed exercise even at an older age, and maybe some one on one attention will benefit you, he might be like that at night to get your attention

  17. Sophie Zinman says:

    You helped allot and helped me figure out the problem quickly

  18. John Cullen says:

    I received my cat from my aunt who would abandon the cat for weeks without water and food when he wasn’t even a year old. When she got him he wasn’t even ready to leave his mom. Now He will constantly lick my face at night and when He finally gets tired of the petting and licking he will get of the bed and walk into the center of the room sit down and start meowing. If I pick him and Try petting him he goes back and meows more. i try playing with him and he turns away from me and starts meowing louder. If ignore him he pees on the floor.

    He also has a bad habit to dislike anyone who is not me. he bites and scratches new people who come over. He also likes to chew on their stuff but not mine

    I need to know if I can do something about this odd behavior please help

  19. Gavin Quinn says:


    I gotta say it’s bad advice to let a cat into your room to sleep. Basic hygiene is the most obvious reason, but what’s more is that they move around all the time and can disrupt your sleep. Some also want to become active and mess with things, also bad for sleep.

    The most important thing is that when I think of anyone that I know who has a cat; they all say that the cats quickly get used to coming to bed and as a result, they go mad when they’re left outside the bedroom for a night.

    Keeping the cats outside the bedroom can help from bad habits to stop forming, before they’re an issue.

    My male cat yowled at night, waking me, for weeks. Then, whenever he started, he was quickly put (with his bed) into the downstairs WC, where I couldn’t hear him. After several nights he learned that yowl = toilet until morning.

    He’s stopped.

    1. Zarin says:

      Mean. 🙁 he may try to tell you something and you do that? Oh no.

    2. Lenny says:

      Absolutely barbaric!

  20. Shalini says:

    Hi there,
    I have a 3yr old male tabby indoor cat who I have moved to my new home and is just settling in.. it’s been 3weeks in the new home and now all of a sudden he is meowing very loudly at night..he sounds like he is crying 🙁
    He doesn’t want to sleep at night and when I bring him to the bedroom he always tryies to escape before falling asleep 30mins later.. I try to speak calmly and clear comfort him…
    During the day he now tries his hardest to leave the house, when before he was scared to go outside.. he doesn’t seem too happy, it’s more like he would prefer to be an outdoor cat..or possibly mate??
    Any advice? I love him so much and want him to be happy. I play with him daily and he follows me everywhere and I comfort him as much as I can.. but it’s just these thing that’s troubling..
    Great site by the way and such amazing advice xxxxxxxxx

  21. Brenda says:

    My girl will sometimes yowl when I am in bed after a long day, watching a little t.v. . I worry. I thought she just wanted attention, so I would go out to the living room and look for her. Usually, after a while, she will come to bed and sleep. I don’t know why she does it. Does she want my attention or could it be she is getting old. She is 10 now. She doesn’t seem disoriented. She seems fine, but I worry. Would it be better to play with her until she is tired out?

  22. Jeanne R says:

    Fact: The domestic house cat (Felis silvestris catus) is actually crepuscular, which means they are most active at dusk and dawn. Most indoor cats follow a very specific trend of dawn and dusk activity, rather than strictly at night.

  23. Sharon says:

    Hello my 1yr old male cat.He He sleeps with me.But in the the middle of the night he wakes up and starts walk the bed.He wakes me up by getting on top of me licks me ,kisses me.I have to put him in his cage in order to get back to sleep. What’s going on?

    1. Brenda says:

      No, don’t put him in a cage. He is just showing love for you. Play with him so he gets a little tired and he will fall asleep with you.

    2. Ryan says:

      Cage? Wtf? Do not put a cat in a cage. That is cruel

  24. Veronica says:

    I have two kittens/cats they may be a kitten on the older side or a young cat who got horribly left behind by an inconsiderate person renting my neighbors next door property. I felt bad for them so I started feeding them and giving them water. Now they come around and one of them has started yowling at night. I can’t afford to take on more pets I already have two cats and a dog but I don’t want anything bad to happen to them does anyone know of a rescue organization operating in the San Fernando valley area of CA? The city won’t pick up any animals unless already caged and they are still too skittish for me to put them in a carrier.

  25. We have two cats. One (the male tabby) always comes to bed with me to cuddle. The other one , the female, will meow a funny sound downstairs by herself, calling him to com to play. Once he gets his “cuddle” time, he goes downstairs and they play hide and seek. It’s the cutest thing. In the morning they are both found back up on the bed asleep. I like this because they get good exercise running around. Sometimes they run up and down the steps. Our house is large enough that it doesn’t disturb us.

  26. Char says:

    I thought cats didnt meow to other cats, only humans. Also how does a night light help them if they see better in the dark?

    1. DiesLaughing says:

      Of course they vocalize to each other. They often greet each other and show affection with purrs or soft meows, or displeasure with long varied meows that and very much like an argument. My cats even tell each other what they have caught, making distinctly different and specific sounds for mouse, bird, bat, and garter snake. They will adapt their sounds to responses they get from their humans, but the idea that cats only vocalize for human attention is a human egocentric myth. I’ve rescued cats and tended feral colonies for 10 years. Even the ferals talk to each other vocally.

  27. After my cat brother passed away she stated yowling at night, all night ! I took her to vet , she did have a kidney infection, they gave her a shot for that, she seems to be better, but yowling still continues, why ???

  28. Momma says:

    My cat usually sleeps in my daughter’s room. On nights that my daughter sleeps elsewhere my cat meows loudly outside my bedroom door. I tried letting her in my room to sleep on my bed, but she kept meowing/crying anyway. I would get up and check her food and water dishes and they would always be full. Litter box was always clean. Tried playing with her to calm her down. Always meowing. I understand that she does this because she misses my daughter but it was getting difficult for me to get sleep on these nights so I decided to try something different and maybe even a bit mean. I plugged in my hair dryer (which she hates) in my bedroom by the door. When she started her early morning yowling, I turned on the hairdryer for a few seconds. I only had to do this for 2 nights and the meowing/crying has stopped. She still sleeps in my daughter’s bed most nights, but she no longer meows at my door on nights when my daughter is gone. I guess my point is that if you get out of bed and feed the cat or play with her everytime she meows in the middle of the night, you’re letting her have her way and she’s going to keep doing it. Instead, try doing something that she doesn’t like and this will deter her from meowing in the night.

    1. cat person says:

      wow – that is awful – she is begging for companionship for her missing person and that is what you do – cruel -wishing you many hours of restless sleep and cruel treatment by others

      1. Jason says:

        This is not cruelty. This is harmless disciplining.
        Compare it to raising a human baby. If you do not discipline them you’ll spoil them.
        Actually, Your wish is awful!!

      2. Drazil says:

        Nothing this women did HURT the cat. She exhausted everyway to “comfort” kitty in the wee hours of many mornings. With no success she resorted to something called conditioning. The less informed call it training. She used an unpleasant “noise” to stop the undesired behavior. I wonder what you would have done in this situation? Maybe tell your daughter no more sleepovers til death due them part?? Even PETA would tell you to get lost on this one. No shame in a snowflakes game.

      3. J.D. says:

        Sage advice to you:

        Rethink your thoughts before you speak them, post them, etc.

    2. Cat Lover says:

      Momma did what cat behaviour specialists suggest to address and correct bad behaviours in felines. Kittens learn to socialize and good manners from their mother and siblings. If a kitten bits another kitten too hard in play, his playmate will either ignore him or give the same bite to him. The kitten soon learns not to bite hard if he wants to play with his siblings. By providing the cat will an action (hairdryer noise) that she does not like (no harm to the cat), lets her know this bad behaviour will not be tolerate. Otherwise the cat will learn that by meowing she can not only get her own way on this activity but other future demands. By using the hairdyer when the cat starts the inappropriate meowing, it knows and associates what activity will not be tolerant. Cats learn very quickly by this training method, providing the cat is not harmed or scared. Since appears that the cat is missing the daughter, the problem may be a security issue and it is known the cats prefer routine over change. The security issue may be solved by placing a blanket or shirt and a stuff toy with the daughter’s scent on the bed where the cat sleeps. The cat will feel secure by knowing the daughter is still around and has not left her for good. Scents is one of the major ways that cats communicate. For example, there are cases when a cat has returned from the vets was attacked by the other household cat, even if they were from the same litter. The household cat does not recognize his sibling because he smells different from orders of other animals and treatments from the vets. As far as the household cat is concern, his sibling is an unknown intruder that has invaded his territory without proper introductions. The cat from the vet cannot understand the threatening actions of his form loving brother. Hence, both cats need proper introductions again to know the scent of each other. Thus, objects that have a deep scent of the daughter as a warn t-shirt may give the security that the cat needs in order to be relax and sleep. The cat should be rewarded after a night of peace by extra attention in the morning and telling him that she was a good girl. The desired action is rewarded and negative action is not rewarded. A alone foster kitten can be relaxed by a stuffed toy or a piece of fur (mother’s texture), a heating pad under a blanket (warmth from mother and siblings) and the ticking of a clock in side the stuff (heart beat of mother). The kitten will instinctively know these sounds and touches which provide security to relax him, regardless of being fake. Although the daughter is not present, the cat will feel relax and s

      1. Cat Lover says:

        Sorry about the missing text. Although the daughter is not present, the cat will feel more relaxed and secure by a familiar scent.

  29. Brendan says:

    My cat is 19 now and only recently has he started howling as loud as possible at night. We also had a Siamese who did this but Siamese tend to be more vocal, I don’t remember when it started in the Siamese but it continued until he passed at the ripe old age of 21. Both cats at approximately 2:30 am meowed religiously every day. I honestly don’t mind but others in the house do not like it. Is this due to my cat’s old age? It doesn’t seem to occur very often or ever in the day but at 2:30 am everyone in the house can expect howling. I honestly don’t get why the elder cats that I’ve owned meow only at night between the hours of 2 and 3. Nothing is adding up in my head, I could use some help here, I don’t want my kitty to be upset, he’s just a baby guy.

  30. john schick says:

    Our cat calls at night EVERY night at all hours. Our sleep has gone out the window. NOTHING will stop him. He gets LOUD, too. At 3AM that is QUITE annoying. He’s only two years old. He was expensive $1,200, so I REALLY can’t give him away. Besides, who wants a screaming cat? After he wakes us both up, and we go downstairs he CONTINUES to cry. He has food! He has water. He’s a big, healthy, beautiful cat, but I’m TIRED of him! My wife is less condemning, After we’re BOTH up at 6AM, he goes to sleep!!!!! This goes on 7days a week! Man, I’m frustrated! I play with him. I pet him…No soap! I WISH I could get my money back!!!

    1. C says:

      He sounds like he might be a bored cat. Does he ever get let outside?

      I’m in the UK and it’s standard practice to have a cat flap and for cats to come and go as they please. For my cats, this means that they probably spend a couple hours outside a day, so all bathroom are trips outside (no litter trays, woo), they get fresh air, people watch, chase bugs and flies (and yes, sometimes birds!), lounge in the sunshine, and generally have a good time.

      I understand this is often not the case in America but I feel like being trapped inside a house all day with the same things to see and do
      would get so boring.

      So my advice would be: let your Cat go outside, even if you’d prefer him to go outside on a leash or only for a short period each day when you’re at home.

      1. Kaipo'smommy says:

        I would love to let my vocal cat outside. I think this would stop his noise at dawn, but I am fearful of him being run over. I have read that cats are much more likely to catch diseases when they go outside, as well. Their life spans are on average several years shorter. In the UK, do you just accept these risks? What about city dwellers? Do they forgo having a cat because they can’t let them out?

        1. Cat Lover says:

          Is the cat fixed? Does the cat have toys to play with in order not get bored. If the cat has too much energy, he may be bored and hence another cat may ware him out. Can you build a catio to provide your cat the experience of great outdoors without the risking the cats health.

  31. Karen says:

    We have a cat that is CONSTANTLY making noises all day then he howls at night and wakes us up. He is not new, we have 4 other cats, he seems healthy and was at the vet for an ear issue a while ago but was howling long before and after that, we are afraid of being evicted if he keeps doing this as we are renting a place and unfortunately the land lady decided to move into the basement. What can we do to stop this?
    It’s ridiculous and there is no reason!

    1. Cat Lover says:

      Is your cat fixed? Is he willing to go on walks with you on a lease. Can you build a catio for him?

  32. James Bowman says:

    I brought home a semi feral barn cat that i fed and bonded with at work for 2 years. Took her to vet for checkup n then home. Very sweet n loves people.She does pretty good during day n gets along with 1 of my 2 cats but at night goes howling n scratching at window n door. Bought some stress escenses and try to avoid her but not working in an apartment. I play with her n my others before bed n then feed but goin nuts n dont know what else to do other then take her back if get nowhere.Help me please!

  33. Meri Bois says:

    My newly acquired kitten Baby Baggera is 8 months old already he seems fine during the day . Especially when i first got him at this past christmas eve he was a clingy bug. Now i can barely pick him up . He acts like is on steriods all the time. My poor older teenager cats 8 years old prince Spirit and Mysterious who is 4 yrs. Baggera beat the snot out of them humped both of them sprayed all around my house the 2 week of Jan this year. I didnt a 6month old was capable of such actions . Now both my other cats live in fear. Baby Baggera doesnt sleep at night he just races between my room Windows and living room . i swear he wants out . but hes fixed.. So Confused and emtionally drained

  34. Isabella Teneyuque says:

    My cat will sometimes meow extremly loud at night. We have three dogs in our house too. Whenever she meows she sooner or later ends up scratching doors as if saying “Let me in let me in”. Please let me know if this is normal or if anything is wrong with her.

    1. Celly says:

      Completely normal. Most cats do not like closed doors. Its the ultimate “don’t touch the red button” situation. Especially at night when its quiet and dark and they have slept their 18 + hours during the day they want to explore and prowl at night. just leave to door open and toys scattered about.

  35. Evie says:

    My kitty adopted me. One early morning I was on a three miles hike away from home when I heard her faint meows. She came up out of the drain hole along the edge of the side walk curb. I figured she was abandoned or was misplaced because it was shortly after we experienced hurricane katrina. This little kitten followed me for the three mile duration. So naturally I kelped her. We two are inseparable. She sleeps on my back, sides, or abdomin. Yes she’s spoiled. Since i have had a lot of surgeries, I can’t the let her sleep that way as often as she like. The down side is that every evening before bedtime, she walks around calling out to me with her toy mouse in her mouth. She leaves it at my feet or sometimes at the side of the bed I sleep on.

    1. Celly says:

      Thats not a downside! she wants to play and she leaves it at your feet as a gift even if you don’t play with her. Its a sign of affection. Just be glad she isn’t an outdoor kitten or she would be bringing you dead birds to lay at your feet. (seriously)

  36. My baby he’s all grown up I found him with his siblings in a box at a supermarket, still with eyes closed I brought him home while others took his siblings, I bottled feed him , as he got older he got use to me bathing him he use to call for me when I went to bed cause he wanted to sleep with me , but he was never alone we have a dog as sweet as can be he took to kitty as a baby as if it was his own (male dog) . They are inseparable but when I’m out of the picture kitty calls me we moved an the move was hard on him for the first 2 weeks I had to put him in a kennel right next to my bed with my fingers in the cage an he’d fall asleep with his head on my hand, he’s okay now an sleeps alone with doggie by his side but once in a while he’ll call me.. I always know when he wants something because for the most part he’s quite. Hope this helps.

  37. Caty says:

    | O O |
    | | __
    |——-o——-|_____________ / /
    | ______ ________\ |_ \\_/ /
    | | | | | | \_/
    |__| |___| |_|

  38. Sam Piscopo says:

    My 18 old female tabby tends to get UTI symptoms but tests are negative so vet put her on wet food ( prescription) for UTI. It seems to happen when we are gone for a few days. We think stress plays a part in it. Do you sell wet food that may help? Anyone else have this problem.

  39. Tina says:

    Thank You, for answering My questions. I feel relieved.

  40. Chris says:

    I just brought home twork siamese, cats from the shelter. THEY are supposedly sister and brother 4 years old. NOW its the third day I have given them different cans of wet and dry food. THE drink water but will not eat anything. THEIR friendly, they don’t hide. BUT what do I do? WHAT is wrong?

    1. Maria says:

      please stop switching their food, it will take a while for them to get used to a certain type/taste/smell food. Cats are creatures of habit and they will start eating when they get hungry. They also have to get used to their new environment. Please be patient with them and put them at ease with lots of love and gentile encouragement.

  41. Andy says:

    Another thing that works for me is the cat vest/anti anxiety vest to help calm them. That works well. Amazon sells it cheaper than pet store.
    Another thing L-lysine also on amazon. That helps with any pain. My cat had vet checkup and everything norm. But that doesn’t mean she can’t get aches/pain of old age. She still yowls occasn, but all these things helped us get better sleep. So yowls only occas now.

  42. Andy says:

    My cat started yowling at 3am. I (after vet check) I realized she isn’t able to jump on bed easily. So I get her & put her on bed.
    A normal meow won’t wake sleeping person up. A screaming yowl will. These yowls usually mean attn/bed/food/water.
    She doesn’t yowl when she stands in front of me telling me she wants food. Im paying attn. At nite yor not. That’s why you get a blood curdling yowl.
    Talking to them helps too. Yelling at them to shut up doesn’t work. Try to figure out what cat wants. Also otc meds for arthritis help, and paw check for ingrown nails, better cat food/wet cat food to stop constipation, and a nice closed cat bed with cats sent on it help. That way if can’t can’t jump on bed, she has place to curl up. Or a zero box, no lid, cat bed & cut out section for cat to get to bed w out jumping. Cats love boxes.

  43. Gemma Foye says:

    My cat has recently started meowing very loudly during the night. He has never liked my husband and know that he has started this night calling my husband says he wants rid of him. I am beside myself. My cat doesn’t like to play, we have tried a Feliway and I feed him before I go to bed. I don’t know what else to do x

    1. Andy says:

      Where does cat sleep at nite? Sometimes they can jump up on bed, but other times they just cant manage it. My cat yowls bc she hits the side of the bed and gets frustrated. She has nowhere to sleep. I get up and go get her. Pet her, put on bed and she goes to sleep.
      Check paws for ingrown nails, give pet store constipation med on her paw. Change her food to canned/hi quality. Canned will help her not get constipated which gives them tummy pain.
      There is also a tincture in pet shops to help w aches/pains for cats. You can try giving it that. It works on cats/dogs. Could be arthritis, stiffness etc.
      Your cat is probably frustrated about something. You have to figure out what it is. I don’t believe in giving tranquilizer. I try to figure out what’s going on.
      Most of the time we pet cat then go on merry way. How else can cat get ur attn while your asleep? I noticed my cat dint yell when I was looking at her when she wanted food. Late one nite, I get blood curdling yowl. Run into kitchen, she had no water. A norm meow wouldn’t get my attn lol. So it usually has a meaning. Also get nice cat bed when ur at work in a warm spot. That way they have backup when they can’t jump up on bed.

  44. Lourdes says:

    My cat is 1 yr and has been with us for a 1 yr. But mowing is bad. What ca it be and what can I do.

  45. Mekayla says:

    I’ve been having my cat for a year already and she gave birth on April 15 ,2016 and she’s been meowing lately at night and she still is , she’s been going under my bed and jores and meowing , and her kittens have been trying to follow her but they end up going everywhere , (there 2weeks) can someone please tell me what’s wrong with my cat .

    1. Nanette says:

      My kitten 10 months is meowing constantly at night now and seems to be hiding on the other side of the wall . Watching to see if I will come through the door way! I am at wits end ! When I come through the door way she watches , and then runs through her tunnel.
      I’m sure she wants to play , but I can’t play with her all day any suggestions?

      1. Andy says:

        Get some cat toys she can play with on her own and some you can play with her too. It only takes 10-20 mins of play to tire them out. Cats don’t like to be ignored.

  46. Leigh says:

    my cat is an old cat,but ive had her since she was a little kitten. I got her out of the pound and shes been in my home every since. every night she will meow and sometimes she will go in the kitchen and try to open the cabinets and meow constantly. I thought it might be cause shes in heat,but she was fixed when she was 6 months.

  47. I have a kitten named simba he dosen’t night meaow but he’s SUPER CUTE!!!!!!

  48. CatsMeOuch says:

    It’s very important to understand your cat. At cat may be meowing just to get your attention to play, or it could be because of a medical issue they are having.

    Excessive meowing can also be due to anxiety in a cat and excess stress.

    Overall, great article!

  49. norma says:

    I was dealing with the same problem with my cat. He is a 4year old male who was keeping me and my husband awake for the better part of the night until we started putting his tee shirt on him. Now we all get a good night sleep every night.

  50. Rose says:

    I have a 2 year old tabby who has been with me since she was born. When she first came to live with me she cried for her mommy, but eventually she adopted me as her parent and would come crying to me if something scared her or she felt lonely. Eventually she got over that, but a few weeks ago, she escaped our apartment and spent 3 weeks outside. Now that she is back, she has spent the past 2-3 nights calling around the house for me. She won’t do it during the day, but when she wakes at night and I’m not around she cries all through the house for me. I think I will need to invest in some catnip toys, because my fiance does not want to share the bedroom with her every single night. This article was definitely helpful in helping me understand what is going on with her.

  51. My cat is 21 years old and screams all day and all night. She has food and water available 24/7, so that's not the problem. She also has light 24/7, so that also is not the problem. I am so sleep deprived, I am becoming afraid to drive. My father keeps saying, don't take her to the vet, leave her alone. I think he knows the vet will recommend putting her down. My Mom passed away about 24 months ago, my dog died at age 6 of a gastrointestinal problem that the vet thought she had conquered. The day I thought I was bringing him home, I got the call he had gone into cardiac arrest. That was last May. I think his thought process is that I can't go through another death. I need to know, is this dementia or something more? I don't want to drag her out of her environment to a vet's office for them to tell me she is declining mentally. If she is suffering, I will do it in a heartbeat.

    1. Andy says:

      The cat MUST go to vet to rule out problems asap. See my suggestions too.
      I had mom die & 2 dogs die also. I still care for animals and take to vet. Its for their well being. I’d rather take animal to vet and kno their not in pain then igore it if they are bc I can’t deal. They come first.

  52. ilovelucy says:

    I have a question about my 2 cats and a quick response for the last person, I just moved from an upstairs apt and I also worried about my 2 cats playing, they were loud and knocked things down etc at night mostly! I then didn’t worry anymore because in my lease I was entitled to have them, and the Landlord and tenants have to accept what comes with pets and living downstairs, it’s the same idea as having a crying baby, it’s no one’s fault, it just is. My question is, why does my one cat cry randomly? Food, litter, water, not a problem, she has a friend Kitty, I have 2, we just moved to a house, so I leave the front door open with only the security gate closed, she can look out, she gets attention, she’s not sick, she just had a vet check visit 3 weeks ago, help me!

    1. Catlover says:

      Really? It just is? How inconsiderate is that?? You teach a child–you need to discipline your cats in the same way. That should NOT come with the territory of having pets in a building. Shame on you!

  53. Anonymous says:

    Both my cats take turns howling at night. It seems never to be quiet at night anymore. I wake up numerous times,Food , water,litter box are not the issue.Does anyone have any clues or is this natural behaviour. What I am confused about is the fact I have had cats all my life and I dont recall this ever being a issue. I did have a cat that passed away four monthes ago was wondering if that was a reason. They were never close with the cat that passed. Im really confused, although I am woken up during the night my main concern is my tenant downstairs. When my cats play at night you would think there was a elephant in the house.Its funny they go places they would never go when im awake.

  54. Hi! Thanks for explaining this to my Moms. My Moms has us living in 2 places and in the city I wake her up at 3 am and begin to howl. I prefer living in country and when we’re there I let her sleep through the night. I really yowl to tell her to take me back home to the countryside…

  55. Anonymous says:

    I just got a cat two days ago. He was a stray cat. He’s really cuddley and he’s finally starting to play with toys that I got him. he loves to be pet and held. He will purr up a storm. The thing is getting him. He’s so scared of everything. He would go ob my bed and run to the corner. But once i get him hes purring. But if he goes on the floor and i try to get him. He runs away scared. I have to almost corner him because he just runs. Only when I finally catch him and have him in my arms is when he’s purring and nice.
    Any help/advice please???? Email me in case I cant get to this blog again please.
    Any advice would be great, I really want to find ways to not have to Chase and scare him whenever I go to get him.

    1. Andy says:

      He will calm down in time. Everything is new & unfamiliar. Try treats. Most vats are food motivated. Try the red dot play light, and the toy on the fishing pole. He’ll enjoy playing and soon find out,everything is not so scary.

    2. C says:

      It had only been a couple days, give the Cat a break.., you wouldn’t hug someone you’d just met either.

      Purring can sometimes be a response to stress – it can be a Cat trying to self soothe.

      I realise I’m many years late with my comment, but if anyone else reads this… just give the cat more time to settle. And make sure no one is looking for their missing pet – check for a microchip, maybe post on a local pet missing forum or something

  56. Anonymous says:

    I just adopted a cat and she’s 4 years old. She won’t stop meowing and howling at night. Do you think it would help if she had a “Favorite toy”?

  57. goodstuff says:

    Excellent article, thankyou so much, my “Boss” kitty-poo, wss a stray her whole life, this explains alot, it’s nice to know that what I thought was true in herself (as much as I can feel)nocturnally, is shared by other loving feline parents 🙂

  58. pixie74 says:

    My cat tigger loves to be outside at nite. But I’ve been bringing her in for safety. Id rather her wake me up at 4am to go outside then for her to be outside all nite. I love so much that I am trying to actually comprise with her….lol

  59. Ashley says:

    Did that first person really comment in the first person as a cat? What the hell is going on? Why would they do that?

  60. Anonymous says:

    Cats howl when they want to play too. Sometimes they like to play at night. Often if I play with my cats when they start yowling they will quit and play. Ten minutes later they are tire and quiet for hours. Cats get bored too.

  61. Anonymous says:

    My cat sings in the middle of the night, always with a toy in her mouth, she has for years. In my parent’s house, she used to do it in the hallway outside our bedrooms, and at my apartment she does it in the hallway outside the bedrooms of my roommate and I as well. I prefer to think that it’s just sort of her night-time song, she doesn’t seem particularly distressed, and her sister, my other cat, takes no notice of it. Just a sort of call to the night.

    1. kodiak5714 says:

      I had to chuckle at this blog and then I saw your comment. My cat she is now 12, there is a particular feather toy she likes to carry around at night and sing as well. She always have done this since she was a kitten. Gotta luv it.

    2. Anonymous says:

      Omg….my uncles 17 year old cat that we adopted when he passed would also meow with the toy in her mouth. She would do it only at night and with this particular toy. I miss her.

  62. Anonymous says:

    I have 4 cats and the Siamese mix is the night howler. I’ve been ignoring her but really want to coddle her. She had a litter of kittens before I got her and I wonder if she’s looking for her babies.

  63. Linda says:

    Hi Monztasmash,

    If you have the same cats that visit your yard each night; it’s most likely because that’s part of their territory. Outside cats make their rounds to find food and one or more may have an area in your yard where they find shelter. They only reason other cats would be interested in your cats would be if they are unaltered males or unaltered females.


  64. Hi all. My issue is not my cats but other cats after I have called mine in for the night. We have a string of different cats that come to visit our yard and this doesn’t seem to phaze my social butterflies. Is it then because the other cats are looking for my two to ‘chat’?

  65. Tias Mommy says:

    my cat will jump on my night stand ,,meow so loud at me wake me up from a deep sleep almost evey morning…

  66. Anonymous says:

    i find that my kitties night chatter when they are looking for me. rather SONAR-like. so i answer back, they come running to bed for sleepytime. sometimes i think they just dont get why we get up and leave them, just a wee bit of reassurance is always good 🙂

  67. Anonymous says:

    I have 2 siamese cats which are sisters, one of which is very vocal and will talk to me all the time she taps me on the arm or leg when I don’t answer her. She will call her sister sometimes at night. The other one is very quite and will jump up on me when she wants something.

  68. Marg says:

    I am lucky that most of the time my cats don’t meow at night except maybe to tell me that they have to go outside. But that is a great article with lots of good information. My cats do talk to me all the time though. We have wonderful long conversations.

  69. caspersmom says:

    Your blog is certainly informational. My sister cat is really vocal and loud at times. Her purrs are loud also. Thankfully she stopped meowing at night, just in the morning to get Mom up for food. Mom likes to talk to us and we meow back. Thank you for stopping by our blog.


    1. Anonymous says:

      Excellent article: My cat big boy has this deep soul searching cry that goes right through my gut waking me at all hours of the night. Lately, I’ve been getting very angry with him so I through things and water at him. He runs but that doesn’t stop his vocalization. I think the problem is he is hungry. You see I have two cats, Big Boy likes to nibble at his fool but my other cat waits till he leaves and finishes the food. So when Big Boy returns for another nibble there is no food left. Please advise = Sleepless in Lake Park

    2. If you think Big Boy is meowing at night because he is hungry, I would change the feeding routine. Instead of leaving kibble out for him, which gets eaten by the other cat, you can feed them both FELIDAE canned food at regular meal times in the morning and evening. Stand by until Big Boy is done, to prevent the other cat from gulping his food and “helping” Big Boy. Put whatever he doesn’t eat back in the fridge (covered) and put it back down for his next meal, adding to it as necessary. He will soon learn that instead of nibbling at his food, this is his daily ration and he should eat it all.

    3. Anonymous says:

      My cat in driving me insane!!!!! I recently moved and nearly every night she meows so very load that it wakes me. I really don’t know what to do as I make sure her water and food is right for the night and she is definitely not in any kind of distress.