What Causes Cherry Eye in Dogs, and How to Correct It

June 4, 2010

By Linda Cole

Cherry eye in dogs isn’t a life threatening condition, but if left untreated can cause your dog eye problems later on. If you’ve ever seen a red bulge in the corner of your dog’s eye, you’ve seen firsthand what cherry eye looks like. What causes cherry eye in dogs, and how is it treated?

A dog’s eye has three eyelids: an upper and lower lid, as well as a third eyelid we seldom see. The importance of the third eyelid is to give added protection to the dog’s eyes. It acts like a wipe to help keep the eye clear of dust and debris and has a tear gland that produces around 35% of the moisture to the dog’s eye. Sometimes the gland in the third eyelid, located in the corner of the eye next to the dog’s nose, slips out of place and bulges. We see it as a red or pinkish blob, and this bulge is what’s called cherry eye.

Why it slips out of place is not clear, but if it happens in one eye, more than likely it will happen in the other, although it can be months later. What you want to pay attention to in your dog’s eye is any watery or thick discharge, a red or pink blob in the corner of their eye, any redness in the lining of their eyelid or if your dog is pawing at his eye.

For unknown reasons, the connective tissue around the tear gland becomes weak and starts to move around. Movement irritates the gland which leads to swelling that can produce a mucous or clear discharge. It’s possible cherry eye will correct itself within a couple of weeks, but it’s best not to wait. If it doesn’t correct itself, the longer the gland is out of place, the more swelling there is. This makes it harder to reposition it, and there’s a greater chance it will happen again. Left untreated, cherry eye can lead to more serious eye problems later on. You need to have your dog examined by your vet as soon as you notice the out-of-place gland.

It’s not understood why some dogs get cherry eye, but it’s thought the cause could be from a parasite, some kind of bacterial infection, dermatitis, possible sun damage, cancer, fungal infection or it could be a result of a problem with the dog’s immune system. Whatever the case, cherry eye is hereditary, so it’s best not to breed a dog that has developed this condition.

Cherry eye is usually seen in younger dogs between 6 weeks to 2 years and is more commonly found in Newfoundlands, Bloodhounds, Bulldogs, Cocker Spaniels, Shar-Peis, Shih Tzu, Beagles, Pekingese, Lhasa apso, Miniature Poodles and Neapolitan Mastiffs. It’s also seen in some breeds of cats. The Persian and Burmese cats are more likely to develop cherry eye than other breeds.

Treatment for cherry eye is done under local anesthesia to push the gland back into place. Some vets will elect to remove the third eyelid, but it’s not recommended. There’s nothing wrong with getting a second opinion if it’s needed. Removing the eyelid can adversely affect proper tear production which keeps the eye from becoming dry. Dogs who have had the eyelid removed are at risk of developing a condition called “dry eye” later on. The third eyelid should only be removed as a last resort. If it’s removed, you are compromising your dog’s eye health as they age.

During surgery, a small part of the gland is removed. What’s left is carefully tucked into the inside of the third eyelid and tacked into place. Dogs who have had their cherry eye corrected using this type of surgery have an excellent chance for recovery. However, there is a 5 to 20% chance the gland could slip out of place a second time. It all depends on how long it was out, the condition of the cartilage in the third eyelid, how swollen the gland was and the type of surgical procedure that was done. That’s why quick medical treatment is important.

If your dog develops cherry eye, the other eye should be watched closely and you may want to consider having both eyes corrected surgically at the same time. After surgery, you will need to watch your dog’s eyes to make sure they don’t develop dry eye. Signs to watch for that would indicate dry eye are: redness to the lining of the eyelid, a thick pus-like discharge from the eye, and a cloudy cornea.

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  1. Donna Simonson says:

    My dog , a Coton, has cherry eye for the second time. We were given drops. It hasn’t worsened. How long should we wait before surgery. We were given drops , after two days on drops don’t see an improvement! Help!!

  2. Precious says:

    Ty so much for all the info!! It was very helpful and benefitical!

  3. Nancy Miller says:

    Our Morkie had cherry eye when he was a pup and now it is back. Can it be caused by an allergy or some other irritation? I see there are a lot of questions here but no answers.

    1. Christine Lawrence says:

      My dog LeMaheiu just got a cherry eye. I did some research and took him to a vet that has experience with this. This morning he was treated with a dye and has topical antibiotic. He will be on this for 10 days, then he will have to have surgery. Even if it goes back in, we are still going to get the surgery. Going back in is no celebration, it will only come back out again. Surgery, as far as I can see, is a must and there are no home remedies for this. Our vet does these surgeries, but he is referring us to a Vet Opthamologist instead because of his breed. The Opthamologist is best for any eye problems. If you have a breed that is especially susceptible to this, you need to realize that this is part of taking care of your dog and their needs. When you take on a pet you must also take on the expenses and whatever other costs it incurs. They are not commodities and play toys, they are living beings and deserve the best care. You wouldn’t pop your kids vein back in, if they had one, so don’t do that to your dog.

    2. Sharon says:

      Yes it can be bacteria or a parasite and dog having a low immune system and inherited from mother or father and should not have been. Bread with this condition and that is why ur pup has this I gave me cane Corso back to the owner then it got cherry eye she made sure she got his microchip number and paper work back as she promised me she would sell him on for me as he was messing and fouling in the house and I have children and my disabled son wasn’t good on his health then 2 days later she wrote like I knew he had cherry eye he was absolutely fine when I gave him to her any way she said it’s gonna cost her £650 to treat and she said there’s four digit numbers to fix it so I had to give him to her meaning I wasn’t getting my money back as promised as she had to pay for his surgery so I said keep the money to treat the dog she wanted that dog back and it feels like I’ve been ripped off sorry bout all the weighting needed to off load it was heavy on my heart xx

  4. John Paul says:

    How long from the start until it realy becomes visible and it looks like cherry eyes info on it ive just took a one year old on and I think they’ve past a problem on knowing the cost of surgery I think and need to ADDRESS it not happy

  5. Barb Smith says:


    My sister has two dogs and both of them have Cherry Eye. Is it safe for me to bring my dog around them? Is Cherry Eye contagious?

  6. Gloria Ellis says:

    I don’t have the money to take my dog to the veterinarian is there something else I can use at home or at the drugstore

    1. Nopporn says:

      Mix Raw honey and warm water. Relax dog and slowly put a few drops of honey solution on eyeball. Slowly massage CLOSED eyeball towards the inner upper eye socket. Should suck back in if enough pressure is applied.

  7. Hi my poodle has got an cherry eye.What eye drops can I use before I rub it back into place.
    Someone told me that she must get surgery and I dont want to.Pls if you can give me any advice what to do.

  8. Philip lancaster says:

    My daughter has a boston terrier with cherry eye the operation was not successful vet recomends removing the tear gland in not happy with this proposal is this normal procedure ?.

    1. Rick says:

      Remove the cherry eye and the dog will go blind in that eye.

  9. Monica says:

    My dog had red eye since she was 6 months old. It did not look too bad, but sadly one of her glands got worse and it really is pops out. She is 6 years old now. Please advise me. Thank you.

    1. Charmain Pamunuwa says:

      I have a pomerranian 8 years old. He weighs 7.5 klg. He has had a cherry eye, for over an year. The vet wants to proform surgery, at the cost of $2000. My main concern is he is not easy as he is scared of vet. Clincs. I have to carry him every time I had to take him for a consult with the vet.

  10. Myria Bowman says:

    My dog that has i cherry eyet her mother also has it my pup is a shorkies got her at 5 weeks old also her brother he seems to not have a problem

  11. kathy says:

    My boston pup gets cherry eye, try Vetericyn plus. It works for us and way cheaper then surgery!

    1. Does vetericyn drops clear cherry eye?

  12. I bought an eye solution @ the pet store called “Bright Eyes”. Will this help cherry eye?

  13. The article on cherry eye in dogs was extremely helpful. It appeared suddenly & after a few days, it disappeared but came back 2 days later. He’s only 4 mos old & is always digging in the yard.Thank you so. much.Now I know what it is & that he needs to go to the vet.

  14. juanita alexander says:

    how do you massage the cherry eye

    1. Maria says:

      google how to rub dogs eye with a cherry eye on utube. It has many good videos on what to do

  15. Renee says:

    My puppy hit his eye pretty hard and thats how hshe got what looks like cherry eye will this heal on its own

  16. Kristy levine says:

    My dog is coughing and it sounds like he has a fur ball in his throat

  17. C. Lorenson says:

    My lab has cherry eye in his right eye. There is no discharge from the eye . He saw the vet and got oral antibiotics and erythromycin. 5mg. It is still pink and the third eyelid is up!

  18. g says:

    We have an english bulldog and he has had his for a long time. We have had it treated, but it came back and now another one is coming in the other eye as well. It comes and goes.

  19. Dana Shane says:

    We have an english mastiff, Athena, she is 2 yrs. old. she has had cherry eye since she was a puppy. it covers a good deal of her eye. And I believe it bugs her, not sure if it is effecting her vision or not. She went to would not rip out her stitches. but now that I have read all of these different stories concerning other dogs that have had the same problem. It makes me wonder what I should do to help her with her eye problem.
    I need help in figuring out what to do. So if you could explain to me how I might help her, it would be most appreciated.
    Thank you.

  20. Kerrie H says:

    My dog developed this cheery eye condition. He is an Australian Blue Heeler. I took him to the vet who advised surgery was required at a cost of more than $1200 but also advised that it could wait till I got the funds as the dog was not in discomfort. Three weeks later and it has corrected itself with no treatment.

  21. Phyllis Hall says:

    The vet we go to does not recommend do anything for our dogs cherry eye, now it has gotten really large, covering almost the whole eye. She is 8 years old, what do you duggest?

  22. concered says:

    I have a 1year old chino 9llbs when my little gizzy was 4months I noticed a red blotch as I know now cherry eye..It stayed out 4 a while then popped back in so every month this seems to happen 2days and it stays in then he starts pulling at his toys trying 2 pull apart and comes back out..it was in again this week 3days but this morning back out so I’m so frustrated and concerned have spoken 2 the vet but I’m apprehensive about surgery I don’t want my little guy 2 have eye issues I already have a dog who is blind due 2 Cataracts it was to late for them 2 do surgery cause of his age got the run around then it was a low rate but it’s mentally hard seeing my dog going through that! This is why I’m so concerned about surgery I don’t know what one 2 do is it the right choice so conflicted about this! I have tried rubbing even vets have he is way hyper loves giving kisses only time I have not tried is when he is sleeping but I know he will pop his head up twisting his head seeing what I have in my hand meaning the warm cloth..I just don’t know I know it’s going 2 be the surgery route:( but what one would you recommend?

  23. jessica says:

    I have a Boston terrier that is about 7 years old. He has a red spot in the corner of his right eye. I’m worried and don’t know what this is. Do u have any ideas?

  24. Jan says:

    My sag is a toy long hair Jackrussell and she has cherry eye in 1 eye she is 8years old . I was told you could fix it by message, so how do I do it.

    1. Julie A. says:

      we massage our French bull dogs cherry eye back in. it takes about a second to gently pulling down then around motion and his goes away in an instant. I never heard of people not doing this. it doesnt hurt them to help it go back in. what triggers our dog is when he does the doggie face rub thing back and forth on the carpet. he has nom parasites and inflamation or eye issues. our Vet said its common.

      1. Mary Cummings says:

        You’re awesome!! Thanks so much for the advice. My bulldog puppy just got one from straining on her leash and I panicked. I found your post, massaged it right back into place in seconds!! Thanks so much!

        1. Ellen says:

          I believe that’s how my 11 month old pitbull/american bulldog, Panda got her cherry eye. I don’t use her collar much, but had to use it for the trip to the vet and noticed the cherry eye once I got home from the vet (figures) but once she took a nap, and woke up – it was gone. hopefully it won’t come back, I felt terrible for her.

      2. Armando Garcia says:

        Could you please give me directions on how to do this, my 5 month old pup got cherry eye and i want to help him as best i can.

  25. Jenetha brown says:

    This information was very helpful

  26. judy byrd says:

    my boston puppu is 4 months old and has a cherry eye. the vet gave me ssome ointment to use for 2 weeks, that clearned it up but after a lot of play with a Hasa L. and they play pretty rough. I am taking my boston to vet today but am very cautious about having it removed. I would like your comments. Thank you
    May 18, 2016

  27. Tamika J says:

    My 5 year old Boston Terrier/Boxer mixed keeps getting cherry eye in his right eye this last time for about 2 weeks. I was about to take him back to the vet because I was given steroids and but no drops and nothing was working, I was even trying tripled antibiotic ointment but yesterday I bought SIMILASAN: Irritated Eye Relief drops from Wal-Mart and gave him about 5 drops before and during the massage I did this for almost 7 minutes on and off and finally gave up left him alone and went to bed. This morning we woke up to his eye completely fine no cherry eye on red or irritated eyes and all is well. My dog is 30 lbs medium size, but I am writing this to share the name of the drops since many folks don’t and I think this is very important to the treatment of our dogs since I tried several different things and only this combination seems to work. Good luck.

    1. Jay says:

      Hello. My 9 week puppy has cherry eye. Just wondering on the how your dog progress after similantreatment currently?

  28. Garyd says:

    My dog has had cherry eye in the same eye about 7 times in the last year. I finally figured out what was causing it. Every time I took her for a ride in the car and she would stick her head out the passenger widow (she loves it), the next day cherry eye would come out. simple fix she still gets to go for car rides but no more hanging out the window.

  29. michelle desimone says:

    I just massaged my boxers eye who also had cherry eye, it worked, all better. I noticed it ad read up on it and within an hour I did it myself, just massaged the eye for like 3 minutes. And all better. It may come back but for now its gone.

  30. debbie miller says:

    My bulldog had cherry eye, I didnt know what it was took her to vet & he removed it , I go to bresters in nashville indiana & he only charged me 37.00 for the surgery & meds he is the cheapest vet around

    1. Nyetalia says:

      Oh my god. How lucky are you! $37 will not even get you in the door of a vet clinic here! Double that and then add a few hundred more for surgery. Your sweet beast is lucky to have a vet like that around! <3

  31. Sara C says:

    My 1 year old rescue min-pin chihuahua mix got a cherry eye for about 4 days in a row, it would go away and come back every day, then it stayed for 4 days and got more red and larger than ever. I was so worried. My vet is suuuuper expensive and I didn’t want to get charged $700-$1100 for a needless surgery! I put visine eye drops in her eye before bed and did the massage back into the corner. When we woke up it was gone!! I did the drops and massage about 4 times because she was squirming around a bit. So glad I did it!!

  32. tania says:

    Caught the cherry eye early, put artificial tears in that eye and massage the eye gently. The lid will go back right after the massage or after a day. Then, keep put artificial tears on dog eyes. That what I did to my dog.

  33. Chip says:

    Comment Tammy! Thank you so much for your post regarding Cherry Eye. I have a Cocker Spaniel that is 13. He has suffered the Spaniel “Ear Issues” as well as the Seborhea problems that many Cockers do. I have managed to keep both of these conditions under control. In addition lately he has had chronic red eyes which I attributed, like the other two conditions to his immunodefficianly issues.
    My vet gave me some anti-inflammatory ointment for his eyes, however they remained red. Today I noticed the large red bubble (for lack of a better word) at the inside of his eye close to his nose. I immediately knew it was cherry eye. From what I knew, the only treatment would be surgery. While surgery and the cost may be an issue for many people, my concern was obviously his sight and if he was in any pain. Additionally, I get very concerned about anesthesia, especially in an older dog like mine.
    I googled this website and found your post as well as your reference to the utube video referencing massaging the dog’s eye for the relief of the condition.
    I gently massaged my dog’s eye, as shown in the video, and within 5-10 minutes stopped. He opened his eye and the red “blob” had went back into place with no more redness in his eye or visible problem!
    I obviously am going to stay vigilant inspecting his eye daily, but for now everything is great. Thank you again for your post and the utube reference. I really hope others will read your post, watch the video and attempt to correct this condition in their pet. I am so relieved that he won’t have to go through a surgical procedure now!!
    PS, He actually seemed to enjoy the gentle eye massage!

  34. Damian says:

    I have a 4 month old boxer mix and this happened i was able to massage it back in… I just rubbed in a circular motion over the eye lid and after a few tries it popped back it.
    It didnt seem to bother him at all while i was massaging

  35. Valerie says:

    I recently rescued a 5 year old beagle/pug. She came with a cherry eye. I’m not sure how long she had it but it was at least a month with me. I corrected it last night with a massage and it hasn’t popped out since. Saved me tons of money and the dog didn’t feel a thing, other than lots of petting and cuddles. My e-mail is
    Valeriejolly@hotmail.com I have pictures of before and after and will be happy to help anyone else in this position.

    1. Gisele says:

      Hi Valerie. My name is Gisele and I was wondering if you have a minute AT g.r.ochon99@gmail.com concerning Cherry Eye

  36. Doug says:

    Sorry, but reattachment of the gland does not work. Been there, done it. We finally had the gland removed and now have the other eye to deal with. It’s not a problem to give my dog eye drops so she doesn’t get dry eye. I recently moved to Arkansas. My problem is finding a decent vet……..

  37. abbnew says:

    Sorry…not having money to take your dog to the vet when you know the dog needs vet care is bullcrap! When you take a dog or another animal on, they are your responsibility!! They love you unconditionally and that's the least you can do. If you say you don't have the money…then sell something…like on Craigslist, or sell some gold you have. Talk to your vet about a payment plan otherwise. No money, than you don't deserve the love your dog gives you if you can't take care of them properly!!!!!

    1. J says:

      In my opinion, that’s not a fair conclusion. My dog is at the vet right now for the same issue that this forum is about, but I have a $325 dollar truck note due tomorrow, insurance due next week, and her kibble this week. I rescued my Mia from a culvert in my front yard, shaking and wet and cold, because it was the right thing to do. I fell in love with her the minute i first held her, but sometimes, vets can be too expensive. I live check to check and I literally have nothing to sell. Mia is a great dog, and I know she’s loyal and loving. But if worst comes to worst, I will eat before my dog does. Plain and simple.

      1. SuzieQ says:

        I agree that the post you replied to was out of line in tone. With that said, I also believe if you are the custodian of an animal that can not make their own choice, it is up to you to do the right thing. I am a senior recently lost my job and Social Security is 870/mth. I to have insurance and house payments, utilities taxes etc. I ended up with pre-cancer and treatment took away my strength. I had my beloved EGC who was a wonderful loving dog. When I found I could not provide vet care for him if he needed it I did the RIGHT thing for him and the hardest thing for me. He is in a new loving home where he is still top dog and will receive the love and care he, as any pet. deserves. You should not have to not eat so you can feed you dog and your dog should not have go hungry just because you don’t want the pain of doing what is right for the pet.

  38. Check out YouTube. Search for cherry eye massage. There are lots of videos that demonstrate how to do a simple massage on your dogs eye. It was recommended to me by the rescue I adopted my dog from. It is a simple, free, drug free, no surgery way to cure your dogs cherry eye.

  39. mrspjo says:

    Our dog is a black lab mix. He was fine one second and the next he had a swollen corner of his inner eyelid. I had a dog get into poison ivy once so we hurried with the benadryl just in case. Then I googled it and it led me here. Honestly, it made me flip out because it happened so fast and looked so bad. Like everyone here I thought first thought I was worried for him and second HUGE thought this is going to cost a fortune. DO NOT WORRY!!! If it happened just now, it is anything like us and just lucky, and you do this quickly it will be okay. There is a video on you tube that shows you how to massage it right back in. I did this for literally 20 seconds said some prayers and it was back to normal. I suggest the prayers, it worked for me. 🙂 I am not sure if I can post the link here but am going to try. There seems to be hype that it comes back. So here's to hoping it was just a one time little eyelid flippy!


  40. Can ask ur vet to prescribe u BNPH ointment and then can border off of 1800petmeds.com for about $60.

  41. I have two puppies who just got cherry eyes a few days ago. I have been putting drops in their eyes and massaging them. No luck. I am going to take them to the vet and see what they say. I did find a video online that shows you how to massage the eye. Here is the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z_O66KHZ2s8
    The father of the puppies also has cherry eye in both of his eyes. So, it is definatley hereditary. He wasn't breeded it was a accident and I kept two of the pups. I don't think I can afford to have surgery on three dogs. I have researched a lot about it and the cherry eye comes back alot even with surgery, so a lot of vets don't do it. I hope everyone has luck with their dogs.

  42. I have a chihuahua shes 12 weeks and she has a cherry eye and i dont know if that is so bad bt she run she play shes just happy but i dont know wat to do is that bad?

  43. My Aussie Shep/ Blue Heeler mix has cherry eye bad. The people I got her from said she was born with it :/ my vet said that this procedure didn't exist and that there was nothing we could do. Could you please tell me how much this costs and if there is a vet willing to do this procedure anywhere is Texas? Please and thank you!


  44. Get your dog checked out my dog started out with what appeared to be cherry eye after 2 months an several trips to the vets she has been diagnosed with a inoperable nasel tumour and has only a few months left with us 🙁

  45. I have had a cocker spaniel for going on 7 years with cherry eye. I received the cocker through a Cocker -Spaniel Rescue organization when he was around 2. So, despite the fright…let me be somewhat encouraging if you will let me. All of us have different experiences, but the fact that my dog, who is in otherwise good and fun condition…has never let the cherry eye be a problem for him. He is on eye drops as needed, but as a general rule, I only administer any drops if his own system looks like it could use help. BOTTOM LINE: cherry eye is lousy. It happens and we have things that can help deal with it. As others have noted, perhaps not this strongly, but if you and your pup elect surgical correction, the chance of 100% full correction over time is next to zero. To be sure, surgery CAN FIX THE PROBLEM FOREVER, but…there is a huge chance of recurrence. ” Unless there are other health major health issues that require it in an otherwise healthy pup/dog, I would never suggest trying to correct it.” The last sentence is a comment of the “best vet in the world”…he helps my dogs, cats, horses, raccoon he saved from my house…THIS IS A VET WHO KNOWS FROM WHEREFORE HE SPEAKS.

    We all have lots to deal with, but if your day is not much more complicated than cherry eye on your best friend, you could do MUCH worse. Don't do any surgery…deal with it with drops.

  46. Kevin Wang says:

    My bulldog had cherry eyes, but i just pushed the gland right back in and it stayed that way. no more cherry eyes 🙂

  47. my dog has cherry eye and it has been operated upon but still it came back again what can i do and have try to look for the BNPH OITMENT most pet shop say they dont know it so what is full meaning of these name or chemical formation of it pls info me at ajahmikennelskd@gmail.com

  48. I just paid $500 to get both eyes on my pup fixes. That was 6 days ago and last night the right eye poped out the cherry again. Should the vet fix this for free considering it was done less than a week ago? And, how can I prevent it from returning. Thx for any help people, I appreciate all comments.

  49. My puppy shih tzu seems to have this since about 2 days ago, I’m cleaning with saline drops and putting a tear gel in twice a day. Am I doing right.? I haven’t been to vet yet, my breeders felt that she may have something in her eye or had something in her eye, has the groomer hadn’t long been last week to give her a trim, could this be it? It’s slightly puffy and red it’s in one corner of one eye.
    How do you massage it?
    I really don’t want her going through surgery I lost my pug last may and I watched her go through so much health problems and surgery and then lost her at 8 months old. It broke my heart, this has really upset me because I so hope this little one isn’t going to cause more heartache, my pug started with eye problems, she had severe entropion in both eyes.
    Any advice gratefully received, also if I need eye drops which ones should I buy? I live in the uk xxxxxx
    Thank u xxx

  50. Anonymous says:

    My dog gets this from time to time. The first time I was able to message it back into place. The second time, I wasn’t. I was told to give her a benedryl pill, it worked! She had one again this morning and I gave her a benedryl and 6 hours later it’s gone. I also use lubricating drops and keep her eyes very clean and put a tiny bit of anti biotic ointment, from the drugstore, in the corners of her eyes once or twice a week. I got the benedryl pills from the drugstore, too.

  51. KLReed365 says:

    My Chihuahua goes in for surgery in about 7 hours. She has had cherry eye since she was about 6 weeks old, but the vet had me wait until she was 6 months old to have the surgery. They are going to spay her and microchip her while she’s under. The total cost will be over $1400, not including the 4 1/2 months of care leading up to surgery. My $50 puppy is now the most expensive pet I have ever owned!

  52. Anonymous says:

    I have a 5 1/2 month old female cocker spaniel who had developed cherry eye…….I previous owned a male cocker spaniel who never developed cherry eye. He passed away in April 2008 at the age of 12……so, obviously…..since I am having her spayed in 4 weeks I am also having her eye fixed by an eye specialist…….I’m concerned & know the expenses….

  53. tracym576 says:

    I have a 6 yr old cocker spaniel, he has cherry eye, it developed when he was 9 months old ( I believe from stress) I went on vacation for 3 weeks to California and he stayed with a friend. My cocker has seperation severe seperation anxiety and I think it was the pressure his eyes were under , kind of like a child crying in a fit and there eyes start to hurt and turn red, well cherry eyes is the dog version. Anyway, I digress, I have used the ointment and his cherry eye has never gone away, he sees the vet regularly and tells me that as long as it does not seem to bother him there is no need for surgery. 6 yrs later he is fine and it hasnt developed in his other eye. I just watch his eyes closely and use drops regularly to help him have nice beautiful eyes.

  54. Damian H says:

    There is a video on the net that makes cherry eye go away in under 60 seconds . You simply close the dogs eye and massage inwards towards the snout. My Maltese had it and worked like a treat. So tidbits early in the stages you do not need surgery. To help maybe get some eye lubricant as well. But I didn’t use it and it was fine. Search for the video on you tube . Hope this helps you so do not panache. Rub gently.

  55. Anonymous says:

    I have a Maltese ( 4 month old puppy ) with Cherry eye. He developed it after a vet visit and grooming. He sneezed and coughed a few times prior to getting cherry eye. That was last Thursday. Today is Tuesday and with the drops we are using the cherry eye is gradually going down. The drops are ” Gentocin ” for the eye. They seem to sooth our dogs eye. We put them in 3 times a day. If the condition is not better by Friday I will take him in. Every day we see improvement although it is gradual.

  56. Anonymous says:

    i have a puppy,she is 4 months old.last sunday she got a cherry eye.I would like to ask if how much is the BNPH ointment because I have to adjust my money.I am really worried about her.and I would ask if how to massage her eyes?please answer my question,I will really appreciate it.Thanks in advance.

  57. Anonymous says:

    I am in the search for a male English Bulldog puppy. I found an AKC registered puppy, 8 weeks 3 days, with cherry eye. The breeder was upfront about it. She said the vet told her surgery can’t be done until 6 months and it’s about $500. She was selling him at $1,000 compared to the $1,800 others (all sold). Is the risk too great to knowingly purchase a puppy with cherry eye? Opinions welcome.

  58. Anonymous says:

    My ori-pei (sharpei – pug mix), Duke, developed cherry eye in both of his eyes and we had it surgically removed 3 days ago. The vet dicussed both the removal option and the tacking option, which we opted for the removal because it is permanent rather than a chance it can come back and he also has never seen it develop dry eye later. Since the surgery though, Duke has barely opened his eyes, has some discharge from his eyes and rubs his face periodically. I would think this would be a part of the recovery, but our vet said that the recovery should only has 1 day. I am worried that the cherry eye may have made him develop entropion. Is this even possible? Thank you.

  59. Anonymous says:

    one of my puppies has cherry eye it looks awful but she is in no pain took her the vets and was told surgery was needed but eye drops were given and it doesnt appear to be iratating her so i am opting for no surgery as i dnt think a dog shud have to go through it if there is no danger

  60. Anonymous says:

    Hello, my 2months old puppy has cherry eye. I will try BNPH ointment in her eyes, i just hope it will work.. Thanks

  61. Anonymous says:

    Hi ii have a 4mths puppy that has a cherry eye he been had it for a while in now his other eyes is getting one is there any thing I can do to…I just don’t have the money for the vet

  62. Anonymous says:

    i have a 5mnth old Tibetan which today was told by the vet he has cherry eye and needs a op done on it i have taken out pet ins but they are telling me it might not be covered so what am i paying insurance for

  63. Anonymous says:


    I have been reading all your comments as I am in a bit of a dilemma at the moment. My British bulldog has cherry eye in both eyes and she has had procedures to try and stick the cherry eye back in, all have been unsuccessful and the cherry eye has come back out. I am thinking of getting the glands removed. Is this a good idea or should I just leave her as she is?

    1. Linda says:

      Hi Anonymous,

      I would have a serious discussion with my vet before removing the tear glands. If you do remove them, you will need to monitor your dog daily for dry eyes and it could also cause other eye problems later on. If the cherry eye isn’t bothering your dog, you can just leave things the way they are and not remove the glands.


  64. Anonymous says:

    Massage it and put eye drops in it.

  65. Anonymous says:

    My 9 month old dog got cherry eye its not popped out yet what should I do?

  66. Anonymous says:

    We just adopted a baby shar-pei 8 weeks old, he had cherry eye and had the surgery yesterday. We just got him today. They said we were not to touch it because we dont want to hurt the stitches, but it is getting kind of dirty. Is there any way I can clean the skin with out it hurting him. They also gave us some cream for his eye, but we are still not supose to touch it. Hes the first puppy we have ever had.

  67. Anonymous says:

    My two mixed dogs (mom and son) have cherry eye, and I’v found that lazer surgery is the best and less exspensive non returning procedure, theres only one Dr that gives the surgery Dr. Lee in San Diego he’s the only lazer surgery cherry removal in California. the coast is between 250-350$. Im making plans to drive down from LA and have this procedure done. other vets arent recomending this Dr. beause they know they can get more money from the local residents. I’ll let everyone know how it went…. wish Roxy and RJ luck 🙂

  68. Anonymous says:

    I have a 3 1/2 year old Chiweenie who has cherries in both her eyes. I rescued her from a kill shelter when she was just 6 months old and at that time, she only had 1 in her left eye. The other one appeared a few months later. My vet suggested NOT to have surgery as its not guaranteed that they won’t come back. In her case it is just “cosmetic surgery” to me she is perfect just the way she is. She has had them now for about 3 years with no discomfort and/or pain.

    1. Our dog also got it in one eye. The vet said the same thing to us. He has since developed it in tge other eye. This has been over a year now. In reading this I am a bit frustrated with our vet…she never mentioned drops or massage and now I wonder if it is too late.

  69. Anonymous says:

    Hello I have a 7 month English bulldog I took him to the vets and was told they wouldn’t be able to do the surgery and had to go to a specialist that will cost me 1800$ to do both eyes for a 80% chance to work I can not afford this there has to something else I can try pls help

  70. Anonymous says:

    Hiya I don’t know whether or not my dog is developing cherry eye. He has a slightly red area in the corner of his eye and his eye looks strange when he yawns it looks like his skin in the corner of his eye is gonna pop out like what is described with cherry eye. But then goes back to normal. I really scared of him havin a tumour or something serious cos he had a cancerous tumour removed above his other eye last year. I am taking him to the vets tomorrow

  71. Anonymous says:

    I recieved my new addition last week, (a English Cream Dacshund) GRACIE! So darn cute!1 week later she has been diagnosed with Cherry eye.When reading this I had some hope now that the BNPH meds will make the Cherry Eye recess! Surgury sounds very painful! Not to say what it will cost. Hopeful

  72. Linda says:

    Hi Nancy,

    I’m sorry for not getting back to you sooner, but I’ve had computer issues.

    No, there’s no need to take him to a specialists. Most vets are able to treat cherry eye. You might want to consider a second opinion, however, if your vet wants to remove the third eyelid to correct the problem. Removing the third eyelids isn’t a recommended way of treating cherry eye.


  73. Linda says:

    Hi Nancy,

    So for the delay in getting to your question. I’ve had computer issues.

    If the breeder has a health guarantee and your pup has had health issues, yes I’d ask for a partial refund. Cherry eye, however, is a common problem for the breed and that may not be covered in their guarantee.

    As far as the cherry eye is concerned, if your dog is showing signs of cherry eye, even though it cleared up the same day, it will probably return. There’s always a small chance it might not return, but that’s not usually the case. I would suggest discussing it with your vet for advice on the best course of action to take. And if she does develop cherry eye in one eye, you should also treat the other eye at the same time.


  74. Anonymous says:

    10,000 dogs die a day in a shelter because people breed, buy, lose their pets and don’t tag and ship and refuse to spay and neuter. Anyone who truly loves dogs will never buy again. Shelter pets come in with cherry eye a lot because owner dumps, which owner does not realize that owner surrenders die first in shelters. So p,ease help share that cherry eye is not the e d of tbe world and that breeding is a part of tb problem. Join us on Facebook Rescue – Brutus rescue florida

  75. maria says:

    my dog got a cherry eye going to take her to the vet… but the only problem i have is that i have 2 small kids will the kids get sick or get infection cause the dog as a cherry eye

  76. Anonymous says:

    I purchased a miniature English Bulldog and have had a number of issues with her from the time of purchase. She just developed Cherry eye yesterday and within about 4 hours it was gone. Is this a good sign that it is a less serious case of Cherry Eye? Also I am strongly considering asking for a partial refund from the breeder given it has a health guarantee and has not been healthy. Thoughts?

  77. Nancy says:

    My rescued cockapoo had cherry eye surgery two years ago when we got him. Now both eyes appear read. Taking him to our vet tomorrow. What can I expect to be done and should I take him to a specialist instead?


  78. Anonymous says:

    My boxer/bassett hound puppy has developed this in her left eye. I thought maybe she scratched it or something but its pretty big tonight. I will be taking her to vet in the morning. Hopefully some drops will help. It looks horrible! I feel so bad for her, and the bassett hound look she has doesn’t help either.

  79. Linda says:

    Hi Anonymous,

    The vet is correct. It won’t go away on it’s own and surgery is the only way to correct cherry eye. If he has cherry eye, there is a good chance the other eye will also be affected.

    If you do decide on having the surgery; some vets will remove the third eyelid, but that’s not a good idea if it can be avoided. Since your dog is so young, especially. Removing the third eyelid can cause your dog to have dry eye and affect his eyes as he ages.


  80. Anonymous says:

    My 51/2 month old english bull dog has a cherry eye. I read it was hereditary. It seems to disappear in the morning then come out again during the day. The emergency vet prescribed ointment, I would like to avoid a surgery if possible but I was told by the vet the only way it disappears is through surgergy. Please comment.

  81. I adopted a chihuahua from the pound on Friday and it has a cherry eye in his right eye. They said their vet chose against the surgery because of where it is located )arent they always located inthe same place?)and it will be my responsibility to follow-up with it. In all my life of owning pets this was the first I had heard of the condition and have read up about the pros and cons of surgery tuck and removal and also the massage technique. I am going to give the massage technique a try…don’t know how long he has had the cherry…which concerns me. I’ve also researched the local Opthamolagists in the area but I am weary of a large bill…I just want him to be happy in his new forever home and I do not want to cause him any future health concerns.

    1. KBix says:

      What is the massage technique for Cherry?

      1. italian massive with no previous problems developed cherry eye acutely a few hours ago. tell me about the massage techniques

  82. Hailey says:

    Our chihuahua is 4 months old he got cherry eye about a month ago in one eye the vet said we would need to operate we tried drops and massage whenever Dexter wold let us It wasn’t budging . So I was going to wait till he was 6 months and get it fixed when we fixed him . However I woke up today and the cherry eye was gone! I am thrilled so there is hope 🙂

    1. Anonymous says:

      hi! my chiauaua had cherry eye when she was a year old and the vet said i had to operate on both her eyes and it was going to charge me 2000$ he said it didnt hurt her so i waited to see what whould happen. It went away and 6 yrs later its back:( im going to try the cortazone ointment and do not think taking my dogs tearducks out is going to be a solution and will just cause more eye problems! she is middle aged and i just dont trust vets at this point in my life. hope this helped

    2. Anonymous says:

      My chichaua is now experiencing cherry eye for her second time. She is about 1 yr 3 months. I have given her benedryl and ibphrophen. Benerdryl in case of itching or allergies. The ibpropben incase of pain & to reduce swelling. She usually crawls.under my blanket I believe it.is.to hide.from the light. The first time.it was.gone in just a few short.hours. this time it happened while.I.made.a.quick trip to the store. I just medicated her & she is resting peacefully. I believe hers is allergies be cause during the summer.she has.problems & naws on her fur & nails. Good luck.

  83. Linda says:

    Hi Lowell,

    The tip of the tongue can be removed through surgery if the tissue is damaged from frostbite during the winter. Normally, surgery isn’t needed. As with any medical condition, however, it’s always best to discuss your dog’s medical issues with a vet and weigh all the options. Most dogs with hanging tongue syndrome can still eat and drink normally. You will need to avoid outside activities to protect the tongue and make sure it doesn’t get frostbite and keep it from becoming dry and cracked year round.

  84. lowell says:

    can hanging tongue syndrome be corrected with surgery?

  85. Linda says:

    Hello Anonymous,

    Not really. You can talk to them about it and see if they would consider taking care of it, but a shelter probably won’t deal with a medical condition like cherry eye. Some shelters might, but most don’t have the extra money to treat a non life threatening condition.

    Ask them if they have had a vet look at the eye and if so, find out what they were told about it.

    Shelters will spay or neuter pets, but it’s usually up to the person adopting to take care of medical issues. But it never hurts to have a discussion with the people at the shelter. They want pets to go to good homes and they may be willing to work with you or they may be able to help you find an organization or vet who can help out. Talk to them before deciding against giving the dog a home.


  86. Anonymous says:

    I’m about to adopt a Puggle from my local shelter. She has cherry eye in her left eye. she was picked up at a house where the people moved and just abandoned her. Should they (the shelter) be responsible for correcting this before I take the dog home?.A speedy response would be appreciated, as I am picking her up tomorrow the 15th of Feb.
    Thank you Susan

  87. Anonymous says:

    I was very worried about my beagle, who seems to have cherry eye. I found this article very helpful and will take her to vet now that i know they can take care of her. Thankyou!!!!

    1. Anonymous says:

      I have a cane corso and I notice he has cherry eye,it just showed up.so am gonna go vet to morrow to get ointment.

  88. Linda says:

    Hi Anonymous,

    Corneal ulcer drops are usually used if the dog has developed an infection in the eye. Cherry eye isn’t an infection. However, the drops can also be used to help moisten the eye. That may be why he suggested using the drops. The drops won’t cure cherry eye.

    You should talk with your vet and ask him if your dog has a corneal ulcer or some other kind of infection that needs attention. If that’s why he suggested the drops, then you should follow his advice.


  89. Anonymous says:

    my dog has cherry eye on both left and right eyes.. 🙁 what shall i do? our vet advised us to use corneal ulcer drops but in my opinion it is not for cherry eyes.. please help me..

  90. Linda says:


    If she has pus discharging from her eye, she should be seen by a vet as soon as possible. Have you talked with your vet to see if you could work out a payment plan with him? You can also ask your vet if he knows of any animal organizations or shelters in your area who may be able to help financially with a low interest loan or they may have a vet on call who is not as expensive. Most vets won’t charge you to just ask them questions and he would be able to answer your questions with expert advice.

    I don’t know of anything over the counter you could put in her eyes that might help. I would be very cautious about putting anything in her eyes without discussing it first with a vet. The best advice I can give is for you to talk with your vet as soon as possible.

    If you’re only asking him to delay payment for a week or so, you could discuss other payment options, like a predated check that can be cashed at a specific date.

    I know you were hoping for a different response, but since I’m not a licensed vet, I’m not qualified to give you advice on medication for an infection.

    Good luck, Tabitha. It sounds like she needs a prescribed medication.

  91. Tabitha says:

    I have 2yr old chihuahua and she has had cherry eye in her right eye ever since I got her last winter. It has never bothered her and it has never been a problem. It has always showed up occasionally and disappeared after a few days. Now she has gotten the same in her left eye but it seems to be infected. It’s swollen and extremely red in some areas. I have also noticed quite a bit of pus discharging from her eye and caught her rubbing it a few times. I bought a bottle of Nutri-Vet eye rinse and have been using it every couple of hours. Nothing has happened. I also tried some benadryl because I know that worked on her allergies earlier this summer. That didn’t seem to help either. This has been going on for about 4 days now and I don’t have the money to take her to the vet until at least a week or two. Is there anything I can do for her in the meantime???

  92. Anonymous says:

    my dog has cherry eye and im very worried, i cant afford to tkae her to the vet!

    1. Anonymous says:

      im soo sorry. i feel youre pain

  93. Anonymous says:

    Our chiweenie, Maddie, has had cherry eye three times. The first time it appeared, we took her to the vet where they prescribed eye drops. Thankfully, it worked and the cherry eye subsided. It came back a second time and we used the drops again and it worked.

    The third incident just happened this past week, but we don’t know what happened to her prescription drops. So we tried just a doggie eye wash that we got from Petsmart that cost less than $10 and it worked. We got lucky this time around because we caught it at such an early stage since we’re more aware that she’s prone to getting cherry eye.

  94. My lhasa apso had cherry eye and it stayed out for 6 days. My vet put him on BNPH ointment and after one dose, the cherry eye regressed. Surgery was averted.

    1. Anonymous says:

      Hi my little shitzhu puppy has cherry eye and when we went to the vet they said ointment helps and makes it go away but then comes back is that true did your dogs cherry eye come back and if no were do i get the ointmment u used? Is it vert expensive?

    2. What is BPNH ointment ? Our mixed breed livestock puppy has a buldge in his lower right eye. The buldge was 1st seen day before yesterday and was just white tissue. We have have sheep and because the puppy’s face was swollen under his eye I assumed he got butted by one of them. His eye is a bit more swollen today and looked like the white tissue was kinda dry so I put 2 eye ointments on it one has something for pain with an antibiotic and the other is a steroid. Now the eye is more red but maybe a little less swollen…. any thoughts.

    3. BNP is bacitracin zinc, neomycin, polymyxin B sulfates. The H is for hydrochloride, other formulas have a D for the steroid dexamethasone