How to Care For a Female Dog in Heat

July 8, 2010

By Suzanne Alicie

Female dogs that aren’t spayed go into season or into heat approximately every 6 months. This can be a real annoyance to pet owners and to all other pets in the household.

The heat cycle for a female dog lasts about 3 weeks. During that time her vulva will swell and she will have a bloody discharge. While she is in heat your dog will be constantly releasing pheromones which will attract all the male dogs in your neighborhood.

Do not leave your female dog alone outdoors when she is in heat. Male dogs will become aggressive and have been known to dig and jump fences to mate. Keeping your female indoors will help eliminate the fear of unwanted puppies or attacks by neighborhood males.

However, keeping the female dog inside while she is in heat can also be inconvenient. The discharge can be not only messy but also quite smelly. The best option is to keep your female indoors and confined to an area where the discharge won’t be a problem to clean up, such as a tiled or concrete area in the basement or garage. Baby gates are an easy way to confine your dog without putting her behind a closed door.

If you crate your female while she is in heat it is important to place the crate where she will be able to spend time with “her” people, and also to let her out to exercise. You don’t want your dog to feel as if she is being punished. Another option is to purchase what are known as dog panties, to contain the discharge and avoid messes.

Your female dog may display several aggressive behaviors with other pets in the home while she is in heat. This includes a pushy attitude, shouldering aside other pets, humping, and basically attempting to dominate the others. This is a temporary problem and will subside when she goes out of heat. In the meantime, separation from the other animals is one option, or letting them figure it out on their own is another. This is nature; animals communicate and display their place in the “pack” the way nature dictates. So if your easygoing female suddenly begins acting like a bully, the other animals will either accept the temporary insanity or they will put her in her place.

A female dog in heat will be easily agitated and may pace restlessly during this time. This is not unusual, nor is the whimpering and panting. These are just some of the symptoms of her being in heat, and if she isn’t allowed to breed can be very frustrating to her and you. If you don’t plan to breed your dog, it is much better for her health and your sanity to have her spayed. Responsible pet owners take every precaution to prevent unwanted puppies.

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  1. Kait says:

    I have a male, and a female. Both unaltered. My female is in season right now. How long will my male go crazy? We are not mating yet because she is not ready. This is only her second heat and we want to wait one more before breeding them. So how long will my male go crazy for her? And is there anything I can do?

  2. Ha says:

    My new puppy of 7 months went into heat. Should I be concern after peeing she licks herself and seem a little agitated in the area. I have her diapers on 24/7 since she started. Please let me know if I should allow a break and if there’s anything over the counter I can give her to help relive any pain

  3. Rachel says:

    My female mixed breed is spayed but she displays symptoms of being on heat at the correct regular time that would be normal.
    My unspayed male has forced her at least twice and has hurt her, but now that I know this I make sure they are separated during this time. He acts like she is on heat.
    I googled it and it seems it’s possible that some uterine wall/cells may have been left behind causing the pheromones to present. She often is swollen around the inner thigh surrounding her vulva and she licks often and acts all bossy and agitated.
    What can be done to help her? Can she still get pregnant?

  4. Christopher says:

    My pittbull puppy is in her second week of period but she is peeing a lot is this normal

    1. Bethanie says:

      She is attempting to spread her pheremones to alert male dogs. When my dog is in heat, she goes for walks and will pee 5-10 times along it.

  5. John MAY says:

    Can l take my dog for a walk while see is in season if l spray her with bitch spray

    1. Nat W says:

      John, my puppy is also on heat and I walk her every day. On a leash. We have had no problems at all, they do not need a special spray. Just make sure she stays on the lead.

  6. Donnie Taylor says:

    I have a 20 month dutch shepherd. She came into heat at 14 months without any swelling or bloody discharge that I could see. And YES we had an accidental litter which I was able to adopt out with spay n neuter and chips. My problem is that I have a male waiting for her when she is ready. It has been exactly six months since she got bred based on my calculations. She is very agitated, bossy with other dogs, trying to dig out of her backyard etc. but no discharge and her vulva is not swollen at all. Any thoughts about what I need to look for. I think she is ready but the owner of the male will not take her until we know she is ready.

    1. Anthony P Montague says:

      Sounds like she is one of the few who have what is called “dry heat” in that she has no discharge. While this may be a lifesaver for your shag rugs, it is a further source of pain, discomfort and irritability. Give her 1 benadryl per 10 lbs in the evening so that she can calm down and get restful sleep. Aside from that, the rest of the above advice still holds (keeping her away from unwanted males, separate her from the other dogs if necessary and pay her lots more attention than normal. Lots of cuddles and showing that you feel sorry for her and letting her know that “she’s not in this alone. I know that her attitude is going to be a bit wearing and highly inconvenient, but she’s at her most vulnerable right now due to the hormone tsunami going on inside her. MAKE time to just hold her, pet and speak to her in a soft, soothing manner to reassure her that she’s not in trouble with you and that you still love her)

  7. Sharon Lynn Holleman says:

    Do they ever throw up

  8. Sondra Klock says:

    I would like to know what I should be feeding a small dog while in heat? Is more protein needed, etc?

  9. Jennifer says:

    Hello I have a 13yr old weimaraner she’s always gone in her heats. Now she’s in one and this time it’s differnt. She’s really loosing more blood than normal, she’s holding her head down like she’s getting weak. She did drink a lot of water but didn’t eat at all today and notice she didn’t eat last night. I’m wondering if this has to do with her age ?

    1. Sarah says:

      Your dog might have pyometra. This should be a vet visit ASAP with these symptoms

  10. jazmin says:

    Hi, so i have 2 dogs(chihuahuas), “the couple” you can say and the female has been pregnant before and is in heat agn. So anyways shes in heat rn and she has sex everyday with my other doggy but is that ok? do i just let her? Evrything went great with her last pregnancy and shes a good mom.

    1. Becky says:

      Is the other dog Chihuahua if so then that’s okay if u want to breed her please don’t breed her but, I time a year

  11. Helen says:

    My dog constantly wants to go outside for a “walk”, she’ll whine and stand by the door until someone takes her out. Is anyone going through the same problem?

    1. Marc Petrie says:

      Helen im going through the same problem and we have a hedge not a fence and it doesnt go all tye way round our garden so we put her on a training lead(a really long one and just sat outside with her.I dont know if thats an option for you but i wish you all the best

    2. Karen L Milstead says:

      yes my girl is doing this the last few days. sometimes howls. I understand its because she is in heat. paces up and down the hall too, poor baby.

    3. LC says:

      Yes! My female pit bull goes to the door multiple times, even after just going out. She’s not bleeding but has been swollen for almost two weeks.

  12. Lauar says:

    Thank so much for this article. Just what I needed to be ready.
    I had her spay appointment but she went into heat before, now I have to wait a couple of months.

  13. anevay vega says:

    how long does it take for them to get out of heat?

    1. Chanty says:

      1 month mate 🙁 my bitches (mother & daughter) are both in heat and my male is walking around humping the air, he’s desexed and the father to one of the bitches,

  14. Daisy says:

    My 4 year old dog bit me while she was in heat ( I just sat next to her ) how do I prevent her from doing this to other people?

  15. Higgs says:

    My toy poodle is in her first season, and is constantly licking the hair of my other toy poodle (her bro) his ears and head as well as humping, his hair is matting and falling out or she’s pulling it out. Is this normal during season? She’s never done it before.

  16. Rsm says:

    My little mini Schnauzer girl is goin through this for the first time. I’m using washable diapers for female dogs, with a folded paper towel inside to help catch the discharge. I diagree that Its so bad. It has not been much of an inconvenience to me at all. I’m just concerned about her lack of appetite. She hasn’t eaten much the last few days. No one seems to mention this. Is this normal?

    1. Hanna says:

      My poochon dog has the same problem, since she got her first heat she doesn’t eat well, her daily 3 meals changed to 1 meal

    2. Amber says:

      My corgi is doing the same thing.

    3. Jade says:

      I’ve read you just give them extra treats,or even try baby food with no onion or garlic additives over there food should help increase appetite. It’s extremely normal for them to lose appetite during there heat! If they have a diarrhea issue during heat try cooked/boiled (not positive which was said) hamburger meat with all grease drained with lots of rice also if none of the above tricks work for increased appetite I would try this idea as well for that. I hope this helped you!

    4. Marie Fowler says:

      My dog lost appetite four days during blood discharge now she is wanting to mate with my other dog but no sign of blood now could she have been caught or is this normal

  17. Hope says:

    What happens if it is happening constantly a lot

  18. Kelly says:

    My 8 month old German shepherd was in her kennel for 9 hours today. She is in heat and just threw up clots of blood that I’m guessing came from her licking herself all day today. Has anybody had this problem. She’s never in her kennel for that long, there was a miscommunication between everyone in the house.
    Other then that, she is acting completely normal.

    1. Jade says:

      It more than likely stressed her out especially if this by is not normal for her. This would cause the excessive licking to the point of throwing it up. Stress will also cause throwing up in general. However if the vomit is black get her too a vet immediately for this means internal bleeding, bright red could be the licking a raw throat or sores in mouyh also can cause bright red. Probably the licking in this case. Just give her extra love and attention and extra treats should help the stress. You can also try giving her melatonin or they even have special dog calming tablets that would seriously help the best stress.

  19. Colleen says:

    1st heat for KCC Spaniel, she is very quiet and sleeping alot, but she is also having trouble walking. Is this normal in heat.

    1. Melanie says:

      This is my first female puppy. She’s 1year 7 months old. I noticed a small bloody discharge, she’s not eating, A little lethargic. Could she be in heat?

    2. Sharla says:

      My little baby is in season now and also has trouble walking around, she drags her back end bless her. She seems to be in a lot of pain and I give her paracetamol, I always think us women know what she is going through and we take pain relief !!

  20. Wensley Adams says:

    good day
    i have a 1 year ol and almost 2months old female putbull who is in heat but her vulva is swollen and outside of her vaginal area. is there anything that you can use or must i wait until it comes back to normal

    1. Diane says:

      This is normal,when she is not in heat,her female parts will go back to there normal size,you Don t need to do anything

    2. Serina Samples says:

      actually no this is not normal. There is a name for it. Here is a link

    3. Luzna Suleiman says:

      I have the same problem I don’t
      Want to mate her yet, I don’t know wat t do t easy it for her

  21. Tracey says:

    What if she is bleeding longer than two weeks

    1. Jenn P says:

      My female’s heat bleeding lasts almost a full 21 days. It’s normal.

  22. Akintayo says:

    My female dog is ten days heat now but is not allowed a male to mate her

  23. Thanks this really help.This was the first time it ever happened it ever happened and i was panicking, then i search it up and you hrlped me very much.
    Thank you

  24. Tracey Harris says:

    Was wondering , when females are in heat and are losing a lot of blood what do you give them to supplement the blood loss? Like women we drink orange juice. I have a Siberan Huskey at 7 months.

  25. Jason marche says:

    Do female dogs have cramps, if so how can u tell and what can u do to help? Now my dog is six and been trying to breed her since she was 2 but won’t let them is she to old to keep trying or will that hurt her? Please let me know cuz this is the first time Ithat she is acting a lot different then all the rest of the times. I wait for your response.
    Thank you,
    Jason Marche


    What’s the best way to deal with “humping” mode? Let her or discourage it? She’s 5 yrs old & has had 4 litters in the past. She’ll be spayed in January.

  27. Aneen says:

    Hi my female pups is having her heat cylce. It’s been 3 days now. She still playful yet moody.

  28. shelligraham says:


  29. Rontrice says:

    I have had my puppy since she was 6 weeks old. Now she is a year. She is in heat. Her vulva has just started to swell and she is now bleeding. Is it safe to mate her without the rest of her shots. Or do I wait it out until she gets the rest of her shots. I am not getting her sprayed anytime soon.

    1. lou says:

      not a dog expert but have read that not good idea to give shots near pregnacy either before or after could cause problems with puppies before I assume through blood after drinking moms milk

    2. Tracy Cost says:

      In my opinion you shouldn’t mate her this young. My fur baby just had her first heat and I am going to mate her when she is 2 or in other words her 3rd heat. I just don’t think they are mature enough at their 1st heat.

      1. Lesley Reid says:

        I agree 100% Tracy , most good vets will say 2 1/2 – 3 years old .

  30. Leo says:

    Is it normal that my dog is very sleepy and always lays Dow on the floor?

    1. Jessica Carlson says:

      Yes, mine does too. She just hides in her home when she’s in heat, she doesn’t feel good. I think it’s like humans, some get cramps, some feel sad, some get cranky, some are just bloated and uncomfortable.

  31. elizabeth m says:

    Hello. Will my dog display signs of having pups such as licking me and her teets getting big were about 2 weeks I to her first cycle

  32. Lesley says:

    Hi not had a female pup before but i am picking her up on sat .Just wondering about her first season.are there nappies or pants out there?,or am i being silly. Or is it safe to have her spayed beforehand? She will be 8 weeks on saturday.

    1. Louise Dunne says:

      Hi, my pup just in heat this week for first time shes 8months old now .. took her to get spayed and she was in heat .. so now have to wait another 2months ..I bought nappies in Aldi to keep the mess at bay ..

    2. Barbara says:

      Hi Lesley
      Yes, there are dog nappies available. I use them for my female. (Try Amazon). They are great. You can get ones that are like disposable baby nappies with a hole for their tail and velcro pants that you put panty liners in. I have both and they both work well. The advise is that you should let your female have one season, then 3 months later have her spayed.
      Good luck!

  33. Mary maviglia says:

    My little girls hoha is looking red blache spot that look like a rash starting what can I do?

    1. ljfi ehrihir says:

      The red spot may be caused from her constantly cleaning herself. It is very normal but keep watch as it is easy to turn in to a very sore and uncomfortable rash. If very concerned, take your pooch to the vets and see if there is any cream they can supply or dog panties work a treat 🙂

      1. Shanna says:

        This is why I’m on this site. I think you helped answered questions. My bully Pit just started trembling & whimpering out of nowhere. I thought she got into chocolate but have found no evidence. She’s been. Licking her belly & has those same spots. I said uh oh looks like this one is about to start her first perriod.

  34. Diana Bell says:

    Do they eat less and act down and not as playful when they are going out of heat

  35. Kelley says:

    Can she get spayed during the time she is in heat

    1. Opal says:

      Need to know if a female can be spade while in heat!!! We are not sure if a dog got with her or not!!! We don’t want puppies and need to spade asap!!!

      1. Kim says:

        There’s a morning after shot is pregnant. Take to get see if expecting. If so yes she can be spayedbut its dangerous

    2. Cartersnonni says:

      Most articles I’ve read advised waiting for three months AFTER heat cycle is over to get them spayed. Most won’t go back in for 6 months so use your calendar to pick the best date so they are fuloout if current cycle and not going into next one.
      I use pull up diapers (w/o tabs) for heat mess and just cut hole for tail. Works

  36. Sheila Waskielis says:

    The articles you publish are so educational and a lot of fun to read. I just read the article by Ms. Alicia, regarding how to take car of a female dog in heat and I really liked her response and I would truly like to read more of her articles. At the end of the article where it states who wrote the article and gives her name, it says: Read more articles by Ms. Alicia, but doesn’t tell you how to find her. Could you pls text me or call me and let me know how to find her articles. I would truly appreciate it. My hone number is : 1-818-610-9611. This phone number is from Los Angeles County, the San Fernando Valley.

  37. Grace says:

    I bought my pomeranian and rottweiler lab mix and I didn’t get a speeded I’ve been noticing on my bed where she sleeps there are little spots of blood and she’s on her 1st heat I think and I just want to know what do you do when they are on the 1st ever heat. I do want her have babies eventually I just don’t know when. so if anybody has any tips that will be great.

    1. susan says:

      Best thing is if you love your dogs and their breed do not breed them as there are so many dogs out in the world needing homes that are on death row. Breeding already mixed breed dogs can make their pups have hip and joint problems, cause health problems and have potential skin issues. We may love our pets but their are so many out there we can help by providing forever homes instead of adding to the death row.

      1. Rsm says:

        That’s just not true anymore. You might see lots of dogs advertised, but call about them, and you’ll find most are already gone. It took me a few years to find a pup that wasn’t a pitbull.

  38. Angela says:

    I adopted my senior female, Penny, mixed breed girl just over 18 months ago and she will be 12 soon. We have no idea what she is mixed with but she is the same size as my teacup yorkie. Penny has pulmonary fibrosis so she has never been spayed (she won’t survive the surgery, whilst being put under anaesthetic for so lomg)….so we just have to be very careful and ensure that she never falls pregnant. all my other dogs are spayed and neutered except for my male German Shepherd who is 11 mnths and driving us crazy. We keep them separated because I won’t allow him to mate with her for obvious reasons. Anyone have any tips on how to calm my GSD down though? We have about 1 more week to go and then her heat cycle will be finished (thankgoodness).

    1. kim says:

      Try putting a little menthol on the tip of her tail which can sometimes hide the scent of the female dog on heat or dog panties that will not allow other dogs to mate but they can freely play with each other without the issue of babies

  39. Debbie Carlo says:

    Fist time having a female not spade my husband Rottweiler don’t have but maybe a year or two he wants a junior Gracie Mae is Labrador and massive I’m going nuts I don’t think he can even mate anymore I want Her spaded what do I do

  40. Jem says:

    My baby girl is hopefully not far off finishing her first heat. I researched it a lot in preparation knowing it wouldn’t be too far away and I’d never had a female dog before. She’s an 8 month old staffy x sharpei who is always filled with energy and has a big personality.. I could tell she was going into heat from little changes, such as her crying alot, not touching her food, and always wanting to be as close to me as possible (more so than usual). I feel so bad for her because she seems so confused about the bleeding and keeps panting crying and I don’t know what more I can do to help her. The nappies are good, I only put them on at nights though. During the day I find myself mopping the floor about 5 times, I have tiles though so it’s an easy clean up. I will definitely be getting her spayed as soon as possible after this heat is over, we’re 10 days in now.. hoping it won’t be for too much longer. What is the average time frame for a dog to be in heat?

  41. My dog is in a lot of pain in her heat. What should I do?

  42. Tara says:

    My dog keeps trying to be as close to us as possible we cant walk around without her being there and whimpering at us

  43. Mike says:

    Does anyone know what the best kind of doggie panties are for my poor puppy in heat? She doesn’t get spayed until next month. Thanks!

    1. Renee says:

      We’re using the puppy diapers. They work well.

  44. Susan says:

    My girl is in heat at the moment, she is a Golden Retriever and I wouldn’t dream of putting her in panties as some have suggested or tried. She is too warm for that and to be honest I clean up a few spots it really isn’t that bad. Take her out early morning and later in the evening and grin and bear it is my advice, it’s a minor inconvenience that’s all!

    1. Angela says:

      My german shorthair is in heat right now. Me bought the reusable doggie diapers and bought panty liners for women to line the reusable diaper. This works great. The puppy panty liner is the exact same and the women’s. Just make sure you buy unscented because the perfumes can cause burns

  45. Cheryl Jackson` says:

    can a female be spayed while she is coming into heat she is 3 yrs old

  46. Velma says:

    This the first time having a female dog. So my question is if they don’t bleed does that she can’t have puppy’s? She is 8 months and nothing yet. She is a miniature dachshund.

    1. Bumpkin says:

      I replied but don’t see it so if this is the second one my apologies! In general, lack of blood doesn’t mean she can’t get pregnant. It could be a silent heat or in this case it’s probably more likely she just hasn’t had her first heat. Hopefully you’ve already taken her to the vet by this point but if not you should. Breeding under 2 yrs old is very dangerous and breeding during the first heat is an absolute NO NO!!! It will put your fur baby in a life threatening situation. So please do some research and take your fur baby to the vet. Mine just started her first heat the day she turned 8 months old. However, the first heat can be anywhere from 6 months up to 2 years. Each dog is different! Best of luck to your fur baby!

    2. Bumpkin says:

      Also, heat will last, on average, around 18 days. The first few days, up to a week or so, will usually not have blood. Just a discharge. Hope that helps. I googled the info

    3. Mike says:

      I have a german shepherd/boxer mix puppy and she didn’t go into heat for the first time until she was 10 months old (she’s going through it now). During the initial stages of her being in heat for the first time, she kept herself very clean. What I’m trying to say is, during the beginning stage of her being in heat, I didn’t notice.

  47. Paula says:

    I have a chihuahua dog she’s been licking for three days took her in to vet she’s in heat not aggressive at all very calm sleeps mostly through the day I don’t have other dogs in my house she’s mostly in doors getting her fixed in September

    1. Mike says:

      I rescued a puppy back in August and have not had her spayed yet. She has been in heat for about a week now. She is very lethargic, is urinating in small amounts outside everywhere, and has been very calm during this process. I have two other female dogs and I had them spayed before they were ever in heat. So, this is a first. I’m extremely grateful there are sites like this where others can help and share feedback.

  48. Colleen CORKILL says:

    Most helpful as this is the first time I have had a dog which has not been spayed and had no idea what a female dog experienced . This will be rectified asap!! Driving mne and our desexed boy dog crazy!!!

  49. Rose Henderson says:

    To even suggest that I put my dog in the basement while she is in heat is stupid and beyond my comprehension. You are punishing a dog for something that comes natural and they won’t have a clue as to why they are being punished. If you are going to write articles on dogs maybe you should do your research.

    1. Christina says:

      I believe it was ONE of Many suggestions to make clean up easier. The kitchen is another easy to clean floor. Actually, the author specifically said that segregating the dog can feel like she’s being punished and not to do that if possible. Some people don’t have another option.
      If you are going to jump the gun and get pissed off over nothing, you should read, and comprehend the entire article as a whole, rather than bits and pieces.

    2. Shannon Donnelly Beck says:

      They clearly comment in the article that in no way do you want to make the dog feel punished…
      visits from family members and exercise is essential. I thought it was a good article. Some people probably dont ever consider how certain ways we deal with things affects our pets.

    3. Rob says:

      The aothor was implying worst case but said he would not reccomend it because he loves his pet

    4. Amy Carton says:

      I agree with you Rose! As soon as I read that suggestion for basement or confirming the dog in any way, I knew the Author wasn’t on the same wavelength as me. It’s my dogs 3rd time on heat: I use towels and old sheets to cover up the bed and couch. No dramas at all. The bleeding isn’t much and my heart goes out to my dog going through the inconvenience herself! I take her out everyday on the lead and most other dog walkers are very understanding- it’s great when we meet another dog in season because they can play bit. I don’t believe in slaying a dog for the owners convenience. It’s against nature and a couple of high maintenance weeks 1-2 times a year is a small price to pay for the total loyalty andove they give us 24/7 365 days of the year .

    5. I agree with this comment , basement, garage , there is already to much cruelty in this world. !

  50. J C Geear says:

    Helpful to read. I hope my comments help others. I am a first time dog owner and had our MS puppy booked in to be spayed at 6 months but she came into season last week at 5.5 months. She is very unsettled and needy. She used to sleep beautifully through the night in her crate but for the last week has been waking us up every night. She paces around, is desperate to go outside and whimpers and barks. Our older daughter is taking her A levels so it’s awful timing! I have been down in the kitchen now with her for over half an hour – 2.30am – and she is finally quiet again and curled up in her bed – not in the crate. I hope this is all normal and will pass after she is through her season. We have to wait until late August to have her spayed now. We have no plans to breed so I don’t want to go through this again. I wish she hadn’t come into season so early. She keeps herself very clean but the nights are hard work!

    1. Rose Henderson says:

      The first time being in heat is the worst time for both owner and pet. Once she is spayed you will both feel better.

  51. Gi says:

    Thank you for this article info and for the helpful and positive comments. I’m a first-time pet owner… correction: the mother of the owner, and I get a lot of tips here. I will start with a calming pill and the doggie panties 🙂

    1. Jan says:

      What is a calming pill???

  52. Pam says:

    Also, we got her doggy diapers from PetCo and they work wonders.
    She is free to do as she pleases in the house. She was weirded out at first of course but knew she had to keep it on. On walks we take it off and sometimes she’ll try to sneak it off at night when she’s sleeping on her bed of course but it’s been great and they’re scented! No bad odor around here.

    1. Rose Henderson says:

      Please be careful if you are walking her during her being in heat. Male dogs no know boundaries.

  53. Anne M Lynch says:

    I’m in the SAME situation with our almost 5 month old female pup! She literally just started humping the blankets ! She’s been a little “off” today; looking sad or did something “naughty”. I pray she doesn’t go into heat before our “fix” date. It’s a month away!

    1. Pam says:

      This is helpful. Although the part of “ letting her breed “ isn’t necessarily the reason, they just want to have sex and get it over with but of course not without getting pregnant so it’s a weird situation.
      We were planning to get our 6 month old puppy spayed and she just started hers about a 2 weeks now. Getting her spayed after

  54. Airick says:

    I’m lucky to have a 11 month old Female Pit Bull named “Niya” and my baby girl just turned into a Woman today!… I will be having her spayed after this cycle ends and since she is my only pet and I live on the top floor of the towers, I’m sure she won’t be having any puppies soon!… She is very goofy and still wants to play but she sure is clingy and always needs to be near me more than usual. I bought some natural calming treats called: “Just Relax” it’s a Herbal calming Support that I used for her crate training when she a puppy and they are actually helping her be more at ease and calm!… It’s made by Only Natural Pet and I picked it up at my local pet store. I hope this can help with someone’s else’s experience, but please read the Ingredients first or consult your vet to be safe. These animals are so loving and amazing and they deserve the best & our love!….

  55. Danielle says:

    My chihuahua is in heat, but she’s not aggressive. The other two female dogs (bulldog and toy chipoo) are aggressive towards her. Nothing bloody or painful. Just bullying. They keep humping her and it’s very difficult to train them to stop. It’s like behavioral training will not overpower hormones and pheromones. Why are they bullying the chihuahua instead of the other way around?

    1. Uh says:

      Uhhh, my dog just started and she’s not really doing anything she just sighs when she gets on my bed. We just figured out yesterday.

    2. Paula says:

      I have a chihuahua little terrier in her just found out today she’s in heat she’s been licking for three days but not aggressive at all but I don’t have other dogs in my house she’s doing pretty good being in heat she’s 3 years old can’t get her fix tell September

  56. Jennifer L Williams says:

    I’ve never owned a female dog until now. This silly puppy was a stray but now im her mommy. She went into heat a few days ago, literally tbe day after i made the appointment to get her fixed,she is acting weird and I’m most concerned that she reguses to let me pick her up. She just uelps if i look at her wrong and cowers like I’m going to hit her. She has never done this. Could tbis be due to being in heat?

    1. Anne M Lynch says:

      I’m in the SAME situation with our almost 5 month old female pup! She literally just started humping the blankets ! She’s been a little “off” today; looking sad or did something “naughty”. I pray she doesn’t go into heat before our “fix” date. It’s a month away!

  57. Amber Heaton says:

    I have a three year old yorkipoo. Her name is Patches. She’s in heat she hasn’t touched her food or water bowl. I take her outside to use the bathroom but she doesn’t go. She always says with me and doesn’t go to anyone else except my mom who raised her I’m worried about her

  58. Is it normal that they are throwing up??

    1. Steve says:

      My baby sadly throws up during all her heat cycles so it is normal for us :/

  59. Carole Walsh says:

    My little Princess is her name she 4 yrs old this is her 3rd time in heat she has her own bed but wont sleep in it she likes to sleep with me the only thing is that a pain it on my sheet but it ok i have washer gotta used lots of vinger.bleach lol anyway she a runt im to scared to get her fix or to have a litter she just to small we are in are 2nd wk i know she gets it once in summer for about 2wks i think once in winter she ok and when wr go for walk she thinks she a canadian pit bull lol i love my baby

  60. Gabi says:

    My female dog has been licking her self down there & when she walks her butt sticks out a little & walks funny why?

    1. Nick B says:

      She walks this way to attract boys

    2. julie says:

      she is fixing to go into heat.
      my bella has been doing that too and this morning she started bleeding.
      I am researching right now what to do for clean up of the blood spots. good luck!!

      1. Shannon says:

        get some ice and rub the spot hard sounds crazy but works if you havent used other methods

      2. Denise says:

        The absolute best remedy for blood is hydrogen peroxide its amazingly. I know because I had an arterial bleed from a fall.

      3. Naye says:

        Peroxide. Let it sit til the bubbles go away and wipe it off.

  61. Debra says:

    I found this information very useful! Our female AKC LIGHT GOLDEN RETRIEVER, is in her 2nd heat. We’d like to let her have 1 litter before we have her spayed. We’ve located a stud, nearby. Wish us luck! I wish we could share her photo with you!

    1. Debra says:

      Anyone else that has a female dog in heat should try the pads & Velcro pants! Our girl’s in her 2nd heat. She seems to remember the pants from her 1st heat. I’m not sure if they stimulate her or frustrate her. She responds, calmly, to our little ritual of putting clean pads & pants on. Consistency is key!

      1. Lorraine says:

        I bought the nappies and pants but have got rid of them. My 11 month old Cocker is mid 1st heat and naturally cleans herself. Apart from a couple of spots my pup does her job well. I now wonder if the nappies hamper the dogs doing what comes naturally hence getting rid of them. Admittedly I have mostly hard flooring. My pup is quiet, she was sick one day but mostly she seems to be confused – and persistent! I have to separate her from my older dog so he gets a bit of peace from her as he is not really interested having been fixed at a young age. Halfway there thank goodness, poor baby Tia x

  62. Jenny Serrano says:

    My female dog is in heat and my male dog is going bananas. He hasn’t eaten and cries all the time. Constantly scratching the doors when we try to keep them separated. What do I do???

    1. Meme says:

      Let them do it. Sex is great health wise for nature. …is he fixed

  63. kathy says:

    what do i do if my chi-cooker is on her 1period and i dont know what to put on her

  64. Norma says:

    My frenchie had her first period she she stay confined to an are? I don’t want to use the diapers on her.

  65. Maria Carr says:

    Thank you! This article answers a lot of the behaviour changes in the last week.

  66. Sandi says:

    I just watched my 10 month old German Shepherd puppy go into heat. While I begged my husband to get her spayed he kept putting it off. Well a tad too late for the moment. Baby Dasiey is a sweet girl but I can’t stand to see her go thru this.. Question? Does Dasiey know she is in heat? She seems scared an don’t like the fur baby pants I put on her but I’m not having my home messy nor do I want Dasiey to get soon as her full cycle is complete,I will personally take her to be spayed. Her momma Jazzi is with her to keep her calm an baby Dasiey gets so much love an is over spoiled. She is our sweet baby.. any help would be appreciated..GOD Bless…

  67. Diana Aguado says:

    Hi i have 4 dogs 2 females 2 males unfortunately both my girls had contact with the boys so its unwanted pregnancy and i dont know what to do? Im thinking of having them abort the pregnancy? I need suggestions please thank you

    1. Sandi says:

      Yes U need to have the pups removed before they are too old to be taken from the mother.. it’s better to abort the pups then give them to homes an people throw them out or on the side of the road. We have so many precious fur babies that need homes now..

    2. Fuuuu says:

      So you have two dogs of each sex and weren’t responsible enough to get them fixed? And now you’re wanting to punish innocent puppies for your irresponsibility? Wow.

      1. Sandra says:

        She never stated circumstances. I have female and male dogs as well. Mine was scheduled to be spayed but went into heat the week before. I actually had no clue at first. Anyhow, she got pregnant and had her puppies in November.

        So, you can’t just call that person irresponsible – you don’t even know the circumstances.

        1. Denise Hafner says:

          I agree. We are all just people. Some of us are learning about female male dog behavior.

      2. John says:

        Judgemental much? Just trolling around to judge people, sad.

        1. Denise Hafner says:

          Agree with you, John

    3. Missy says:

      Definitely don’t abort unless the pregnancy is dangerous for the dog. Let her have the litter and give the puppies off for adoption, and then spay them afterwards. Spay the males too.

  68. italia says:

    my female poodle is heaving a 6 weeks seems long and it was over I thought but now it came back heavy. is this normal?

    1. Charlena says:

      NO! Your dog needs to see a vet immediately.

  69. Emma says:

    My sister went away so im watching her female that went in heat. So now I don’t know if it gets really messy and I don’t have dippers so what should I do please help

    1. Sandi says:

      Go to the pet store an get her fur baby panties. I have pink an blue. Also. Uy so.e thin pads to put in her panties. They have a hole in the back for her tail an Velcro to easily attach sides. I put a old pair of underwear on mine so the tape from the pad don’t stick to her fur then put the pad an panties on.. good luck an please keep her from getting pregnant..

  70. Angelia says:

    My puppy is 9 months old and in her first heat. I am a first time dog owner and i would like information on what to do to help her.

    1. Beauty says:

      First off make sure she’s calm. Try monitoring her a bit. This is all natural so she’ll get through it and be aware of any seeking males in the neighborhood.

  71. lanie says:

    thank u. so is
    very helpful to me …now i know why she is hot and quite temper

  72. luisa says:

    My dog and female dog live together and the female is in heat and we tried separation between them and the male crys to be with the female and I tried many soilutions I need help I don’t know what to do

  73. Natilea says:

    I’m a first yum dog mom and my pup satie is in her first heat and u have no idea what to do please help

    1. Natilea says:

      Time not yum

  74. Gwendolyn says:

    Thanks for answering my problem of my Mattie being aggressive and discomforted while in heat. Does peroxcide rubbrd on her private comfort her any. Thanks again.

    1. Nikki says:

      Please don’t rub peroxide on your dogs private area… or anywhere else. You can google lots of SAFE ingredients that will give relief to your dogs skin problem. Or you can take your dog to the vet for the safest and appropriate diagnosis/treatment.

    2. Helen Milliken says:

      Who in their right mind would do this!

      1. Denise Hafner says:

        Whyvare people so quick to explode and critizise each other? God. She was asking for advice not critisim.

      2. Denise Hafner says:

        Why are people so quick to attack one another? She was asking for advice NOT your critical comment!

  75. Ally says:

    My female dog is on the 3rd week of her period, for the first few days of the third week she was letting my intact male dog hump her so we kept them separate but just today she isn’t letting him do it anymore but is also being mean to any dog getting to close, the hair all down her back was up. Why could that be?

    PS I’m pretty sure she was born with something wrong in her brain so it could just be her being weird as always.

  76. Shar says:

    My dog hadnt been on heat for about a year and now shes come onto heat and acting weird and wanting to be close to me alot she onky just started a day ago she will be 4 in our years this September whats going on with her ? Please help

  77. Destiny says:

    Is there anything I can give my dog while in heat to mass her smell to other male dogs?

  78. ZOE AND I says:

    My female GS just turned 6 months of age 2 days ago and she’s in heat ….she kinda started acting weird , funky walk , lazy and she is preventing food , like she doesn’t wanna eat unless i feed her my self !! is this like normal?? when female dogs are on their heat cycle?? advance appreciation on your reply.

    1. mary says:

      I have a year old GS she is doing the same doesn’t want to be separated from me won’t eat. I have to hand feed her or beg her to eat. All she wants to do is sleep and wines. She has been doing this for a week.

  79. Dora says:

    My Yorker is 8 years old and currently in heat. I do not at this point plan on breeding her. When should I have her spay? I’ve had her for 4 years and this is the third time she’s been in heat. I originally was told she was spayed???

  80. AnneMarie Robert says:

    My thanks to your help with this question as others before me.
    Just another worried pet parent looking out for her baby girl.

  81. Ash says:

    Thank you so much this article was very helpful for taking care of my lovely pet dog

    1. carole says:

      My vet just told me that my 2 month old Siberian huskies only has one testical that descended. He recommends surgery to neuter him…Should I wait and see if the other testical descend or should I have him neuter…I was hoping to breed him

      1. Maynard says:

        Our husky had the same issue. We were told to wait at least until he was 6-7 months old. But we waited until he was 1yr old to see if it descended. Never did. So then we had to get him neutered. Unfortunately, it can cause them problems later in life if the one doesn’t descend.

  82. Bob says:

    I have a 5 yr old ROTTY she just started her heat cycle but I’ve never seen so much blood should I be concerned

    1. Missy says:

      I have read that, the older a dog gets, the more blood comes out. But if it is an unusual amount of blood, take her to the vet immediately.

  83. Laura Legg says:

    My female went into heat and we have a male. He mated with her once and we separated them. We let her out when we are home but she is attacking the male when he tries to mate. Is she going out of heat?

    1. Lakeya Maddox says:

      no with females they are unwilling to mate until the end of the cycle. They become agressive towards males who may try to mate with them until a certain period of the heat

  84. Patty Thomson says:

    This article was very informative, but it doesn’t answer my question that I need an answer to. My daughter has a Puggle that is in heat, and I have a Chichuahua that is spayed, and new to my home. My dog is 5 years old, and a rescue dog from “A Home For Spot”. My daughter’s Puggle is about 6 years old, and is very familiar with me, as I used to live with my daughter for about a year, so the Puggle knows me very well. I now live by myself in an apartment, and my daughter brings her Puggle over here for me to watch while she works, otherwise her poor Puggle is in a crate all day. My Chichuahua has a problem with “small dog syndrome” here in my home with the Puggle. She is fine at a dog park, but she is not happy with a dog in heat here. They were ok before the heat cycle began, but now it’s really hard on both of them. What can I do? I love both of them, but that just isn’t enough.

  85. Nikki Purdy says:

    So my dog started discharge last night but has not had anymore. How many times should I️ expect it and she is my first dog I’ve ever had to take care of and I️ thought she was in heat due to her wanting to hump things and her boyfriend trying to keep humping her. So what is the best way to try her heat cycle??

  86. Tammy Sherriff says:

    Thankyou for this blog. Our baby girl is on heat at the moment, day 2. We have separated her from her potential mate. She is in the laundry and he is outside, so glad we are not in winter lol. They cried and howled all night as they have never been apart since we got her. He is nearly 2, she is 7 months old. I think the dogs pants are going to be our saviour lol but I just hope she likes them enough to keep them on as they are both pet therapy dogs. So far he isn’t interested in mounting her, when we got her he turned into ‘the best dad in the world’ , and so far he just wants to clean her, well that’s how I like to look at it lol. But I won’t trust that for one second. Have a lovely day and thankyou

  87. Kate says:

    My French Bulldog is on heat and seems very lathargic…she hasnt eaten all her dinner (last night) which is unusual. She gets three or four walks per day (short) which she seems to enjoy – urinates frequently. She has had an eye injury which we are treating with vet recommended cream and is on the mend. the head cone is off today. We are hoping she isnt depressed. Can you please advise?

  88. Very informative thank you

  89. Linda Jackson says:

    Do they have pain while in heat

    1. Monique says:

      My 5 yr. Old pom is in heat has no mate she is not spade, is there anything I can do to help her get through this?


    Should I put an ointment or sauve on her her? It looks like it hurts and unconfortable.

  91. CSD says:

    “If you don’t plan to breed your dog, it is much better for her health and your sanity to have her spayed. Responsible pet owners take every precaution to prevent unwanted puppies.”

    You really could have, and should have picked a less condescending way to say this. Some really small dogs shouldn’t be spayed because of health risks, which is what my vet told me. I went to another vet for a second opinion and they said the same thing. I am a responsible pet owner which is exactly why I will not be spaying one of my girls, I care about her health more than I care about dealing with all the issues that come along with her being intact.

    1. Dana says:

      Then those vets are 30 years behind research. Unspayed dogs are guaranteed to get pyometras or malignant mammary tumors as they get older. We spay and neuter small animals all the time and I’ve already set up a surgery date for my own 4-pound dog. There wasn’t anything remotely condescending about the article; not spaying your dog will set her up for suffering and it’s selfish of you to subject her to that.

      1. Patricia says:

        Here in Norway it is forbidden to spay bitches unless they get a woumb infection…

        1. Lisa Hummel says:

          Good to know, I own a Norwegian Elkhound. Best dog I ever owned, today was her first period . I have no plans to stay my bitch

          1. Kate says:

            I have a Norwegian elkhound who is going into heat for the first time. She threw up a few times and had diarrhea. Is this normal?

      2. Denise Hafner says:

        Its also mean not to allow a dog a chance to be a mother once. Especially a gorgeous well mannered German shepherd with extremely high intelligence like I’ve been blessed with. There would be no more pups if we did not allow a breeding once or twice b4 being neutered. I will be looking 4 GS male in the near future if there are are any interested owners.

  92. Belle says:

    Do dogs get cramps when in heat?

  93. C.B. Dutta says:

    My puppy (basenji) is in heat…. And she even doesn’t like wearing a diaper… Plus, she tears the diaper. And we even cannot keep her in our garage because its totally open… And I already left her open with a male dog (beagle)… Should I worry?

    1. Unkwon says:

      Yes. Take her to the vet NOWWW>

  94. George G. says:

    My dog is in heat today after wearing disposable dog diapers for two days her tail is very sore and she isn’t moving it like at all. When I lift it to put on a diaper she yelps. Should I worry or is it maybe muscle pain from sleeping in the diaper with it pulled down a little? It started this am and I did notice the diaper had slid down and was holding her tail down. Idk any thoughts would be great.

    1. Lauren says:

      I think so sounds like its pushing on it

    2. Jason says:

      I I would definitely stop using those diapers and let her tail get better without the construction of diapers or any such thing. Continue using them after she doesn’t exhibit any more pain.

      1. Jason says:

        Construction = Obstruction

        Gotta love auto correct.

  95. Okorie says:

    My three years old female dog has onlycome to heat twice and I have been to cross her twice but she wasn’t able to take in what should I do?

  96. Demetris says:

    My dog is not in heat yet but she have been throwing up her food for the last two days,is this normal?

  97. Roselyn says:

    I dunno if this normal for a female dog while in heat to not eat and sleep more, she is really thin

    1. Rebecca Hartfield says:

      How old is your puppies because if she don’t have her shots …they get parvon a gasterialintestinal disease. ..that’s kills in three days…

  98. Fabio says:

    Does anyone know of an online course or any complete material where I can learn how to take care of a puppy dog?

    1. Rebecca Hartfield says:

      Just look up vaccination for puppies…if you follow the program you pet will love you..

  99. Misty Chinn says:

    OMG This is my first dog the info was very helpful. Thank You UGH smh

  100. Tanya Murray says:

    What kind of medication can I give my dog that’s in heat?

    1. Dee says:

      Bach’s Rescue Remedy for pets is an all natural, herbal formula that helps my dog when she’s in heat. She likes the flavor so no problem getting her to take a drop or two. It was originally formulated to relieve stress in rescue dogs, but it works great for females in heat, and dogs who stress out during thunderstorms or with separation anxiety.

      1. Denise Hafner says:

        Very informative. TU

    2. lydia says:

      cbd oil …. hemp oil…all natural

  101. Sweatha says:

    My 2 years old dog , she was in heat and she is not eating anything plz help me for this and she s unable to stand n walk even dog use to get pain in heat?

    1. Rebecca Hartfield says:

      Hope you don’t have it .mixed up…she sounds like she sick take her to emergency where do you live…

  102. Bradley R says:

    Our 1 1/2 year old Boxer/Dalmation-x is going thru her 2nd heat now. We were going to give her to a friend that wanted her (and I’m in an apartment), seemed like a good thing, they had another dog and yard. Well she kept getting out and got a message to take her back. She behaves differently, clearly beaten where she would be happy before now just ears back, afraid and scared when going to pet her. Well Question is, is she pregnant now? that dog is not fixed and she isn’t either, her doggie teats are large but the fact she’s bleeding would this indicate she didn’t get pregnant? she throws up 3 out of 5 days now, just acts strange. thanks.

    1. Boxerlover says:

      Please get your pup to vet. She needs an exam.

  103. Maria Fortune says:

    Very informative article. I just received my first female, Jett. Thank you.

  104. Grace Asyur says:

    My dog is in heat, I just realized it when I got home from school. She was so moody and quiet. I gave herfood but she didn’t want to eat, the food in her bowl is not even half eaten. When she was in heat before, she wasn’t so moody like this. My dad already injected her so she will not have puppies anymore (I actually didn’t want that to happen) I’m worry if something bad happen to her, the animal clinic at my place here is kinda.. Untrusted(to me)

  105. Margiena Mayfield says:

    I was told mot to breed her the first time

  106. Antoinette Holmes says:

    How much is it to spyed a puppy?

  107. Leslie Marquard says:

    I have a 7 month old female dauschund chiuaua that humps her blanket that she got brought home with and now she is doing it with a teddy bear. She hasnt been in heat yet.

  108. ana terranova says:

    Do I need to buy any madicine for a famale dog when she has her period and also she did not want to eat what can I give to her so she could eat please help me sincerely ana terranova

  109. Jonathan S Snchez-Styles says:

    I have a 8 and a half month old female Doberman and she started spotting last night , i also have a 1year old male doberman we are planning to get her spayed soon just wondering it their is a diaper that I can purchase in the meanwhile?

    1. Jodi says:

      I went to Target and bought a bag of baby diapers and cut a hole in the diaper for the tail. Fastening the diaper in the back works to keep her from taking it off.

      1. I never thought of this….thank you for sharing.

    2. sam says:


  110. Jeanie Flannery says:

    Do the pups act like they have to pee a lot? . I think she may be in heat, but, not sure. I haven’t seen the blood yet. She licks herself all the time, and acts like she hurts some. She is 61/2 months. Afraid she might have a urinary infection. Can you give them a part of a baby aspirin. She is a shits sue, yorkie mix.

  111. Tonya Edwards says:

    Hey i have a 9 months she in her first heat an she have like a round pink ball hanging out what is that

    1. Wendy says:

      I have a 10 months oldouble llaspo and she is very swollen and pink will it go back to normal

  112. Linda says:

    I have a 8mth old lab/shar pei mix who is going into heat ( her appt to get fixed is the 13th of next month ) she will not keep a diaper on how long will the first heat normally last

    1. I just got a female puggle a few month ago from a rescue village . She went into heat a week ago. The vet told me she couldn’t get her spayed for 2 months because of the whole process of going through heat that takes over a month. Check with your vet because April 13 sounds too soon for her operation.

    2. Mike says:

      It will last about 3 weeks

  113. My 13ur old Maltese has like a clot coming out of vagina or after birth has not mated will she take care of it herself never experienced this before

  114. Henrietta Yeverman says:

    Advice needed! My dog (7 months) is going through her first heat at the moment and yes, she’s been bleeding but she’s also showing signs of discomfort such as frequently licking her vag and crouching her back as if she’s in pain. Is this normal? A sooner reply would be very much appreciated!

  115. Gavin says:

    Some advice plz. My ab normally gets on well with other dogs and has never been aggressive even if next dog was. At the mo she is being agressive to male dogs, she’s cool with bitches. She came into season on 7th of Jan, has stopped bleeding but still quite swallen. Could this be the reason she is not getting on with her male friends? It’s strange as she’s cool when a bitch has a sniff about. She had a great temperament, do you think this is a season thing and she will get back to her old self in time? This is my first bitch, she is 19 moon and her 2nd season and all verry new to me. The mail dog wasn’t trying to hump her, just sniffing.

  116. Sandy says:

    Do they have diapers for a maltipo while she’s in heat??????

  117. Alan McClain says:

    I have a beagle/Boston mix named Frayah and she has been in a really heavy flow heat for two weeks. She this morning displayed with washed out gums and began shaking as if she was siezing. I’ll grant you losing blood for two weeks would really be hard on ya and it explained the listlessness but is their anything that I can do to help or any advice you would recommend, please let me know, Frayah is my best friend and I just want to make her comfortable or failing that make sure she will be OK.

    1. Alice says:

      Maybe go to the vet. I took my Belle as she swelled up like a baboon at the back. Vet gave her anti inflammatory and pain relief medicine. 5 days on she’s getting better but still bleeding slightly and still some swelling there. Awful for them!!!!

    2. Amanda says:

      Pale gums and shaking are signs of hypoglycemia. I would get puppy nutrical and feed her a little bit of wet food with that along with dry kibble

  118. Jennifer says:

    My Pomeranian is 8 months old and is just coming into heat. I don’t want to breed her at this young of an age. I do have a male pom.who is more than ready. If for some reason they do end up breeding could it be dangerous to the female? The only way I can be certain that they do not breed is to crate them separately and I honestly hate to do that but will if my female could be harmed.

  119. Rachel says:

    I have 2 standard poodle girls, one was bred last week for the 3rd time while the other had her first heat cycle 2 months ago. Up until now my maiden bitch has completely lost it. She is very aggressive toward our other female where before they were the best of friends. She has never shown aggression toward her while in heat or even with pups. I am very stressed and concerned with this new behavior and am hoping this is temporary. Could this continue throughout her pregnancy? Or should she stop this behavior here in a few days when she is no longer in heat?

  120. Gayle Howard says:

    I have a stud and two females in the same pen. Should 2 females be together,with the stud, while 1 is in heat? I want to breed her with the stud but while he’s working hard to get at her the other female is fighting her. It appears that they are double-teaming her.

  121. Omiya says:

    Your information is greatly appreciated! This is my 1st time having a female dog… I’ve only owned male dogs, so when she started to swell and bleed it was NEW for me! I’ve noticed the changes in her as well, she’s sniffing under the gate! & when I take her walking she’s hyper and she has never behaved this way, & all of the dogs in the neighborhood start barking when she’s I haven’t walked her because of that, may I have her spayed now even though she’s already in heat? Or do I wait for it to be over?
    In advance thank you for your time.

    1. Elaine says:

      Hi, I’m not the author of this blog but I thought I could answer your question. Hopefully it’s not too late. My 8 month-old puppy also recently went into heat and we originally wanted her spayed a few days ago. However my vet recommended to continue the procedure once the heat is over and when her vulva starts to go back to normal.

    2. Ashlyn says:

      My vet said that they like to wait 2 months after there first hear too spay them so make a appoitment now and call your vet to see what they think

      1. Alice says:

        The vet said she will most likely go through a phontom pregnancy 5/6 weeks after the heat has settled……. lasting 4/5 day she will mother something so just let her have her time out with it…. awa their so sweet

  122. Shirley says:

    Thanks for the great info!

  123. sameer shrestha says:

    This was very helpful thank you so much

  124. My Roxie in heat again. When she us in heat, she is very affectionate and always wants her stepbrother, older than she is, but not only when she’s in heat, just more.

  125. Jamella Hackett says:

    Thank you so much. This is my first female dog. Your information was very helpful.

  126. Vilma Gomez says:

    Thank you for the information about dog menstruation or in heat.

  127. debbie says:

    i have a australien cattel dog, this is her first heat and she is really strange. i was wondering if it is normal for her to be really depressed, (not agressive )she is just not herself.

    1. Mike says:

      It is totally normal for a dog to seem depressed or distant. Most dogs act as if they don’t like you any more, don’t worry it’s just the hormones.

  128. Andi says:

    We found a dachshund and we think she may have had a baby, her teets were swollen but not leaking milk, but she is in heat! Pls correct me but my thoughts are the babies may had been taken from her before she was threw breast feeding which had caused her to go into heat? The first night she seemed to lactate, but nothing since. Very sad but we will keep her if no one claims her!

  129. A.adams says:

    Thank you that was very helpful

  130. Tracee says:

    I assume then we will have to wait until her cycle is over before she can be spayed. We were supposed to make her appointment this week but she started discharging today.

  131. Dee87 says:

    I have a 5 year old (I think) Chihuahua mix that I got from a woman who claimed she could no longer take care of her. After having this dog for over a year now, I don’t believe anything that lady has told me so I’m not 100% sure she has been spayed. This is the first female dog I’ve ever had and I believe she has come into heat before because she sticks her butt in the air any time I talk to her or go to pick her up & the description of a female being in heat seems to match, but she’s never bled. Is that normal of a dog in heat?

    1. Tatiana says:

      My 8 months puppy Schnawzer is in heat and acting really weird. She lost her appetite, she seems depresed, she doesnt even want to hang out with us anymore. Our vet said that is normal and she will be back to her normal self after this pass. She is basically hurny and frustrated because we dont let her be with a mate. She will be fine.

      1. debbie says:

        ok since this is her first heat, i read from other posts that this is normal . i was really worried because she is just not herself, all she wants to do is sleep.

    2. LINDA ROBINSON says:

      My chis do that when they are not in heat. I call that move a”butt up”” and tel them they have cute butts. Its their way of flirting and looking cute

      1. LINDA ROBINSON says:

        If they were in heat their tiny privates would be swollen.

  132. Coopie says:

    This is my first female puppy she is in heat now, your information was so helpful. Thank you

  133. Tatum says:

    Hi I have a 7 month old husky & she is in heat right now I plan on breeding her but wanted to wait until she is no longer a puppy and has her second heat I was told to not breed her on her first heat but never really was told why just wondering if this is a known fact and why

    1. Linda says:

      The breeder of my dog does not breed their dogs until they are two to two and half years old. They don’t breed even after the second heat. They have been breeders for 30 years. I’m not sure why this is but there must be a reason not to do it too early

      1. Brittany says:

        Breeding a dog when they are toon young is detrimental to their health. It is not good for an immature dog to breed. It can stunt growth and cause a ton of other issues. I would suggest doing A LOT more research before breeding your girl. It is not recommended to breed them until they are two to two and a half years old for safety reasons. There are lots of tests you should have done on her too (ie having her hips and eyes checked and certified as well as her Brucellosis test) before breeding to ensure her health as well as the health of her puppies.

  134. Uus says:

    Hi there, I am a dog rescuer and several times I have had bitches on heat. A way of solving the problem of the discharge is to buy Pampers (appropriately sized) cut out a square where the tail goes and put this on. change her often and allow her time to go to the bathroom. this I do till the discharge has gone and get her sterilized.
    And if your dog behaves differently during her “period” just look at how you feel during that time. Dogs also have feelings, so just be compassionate instead of worried. This strange time will pass too.

  135. Mary says:

    I have a 10 year old chocolate female lab and a 9 year old black male lab. The male was nutered when she got pregnant, we didn’t spay her because I thought since she had the puppies he was the one to get fixed… But now she goes into heat and my male lab will try with her but he gets really tired. I feel she gets frustrated but he gets overwhelmed and he’s had seizures so I get scared when he looks overwhelmed. What can I do? They’re both so close to my husband and me most nights they sleep on our bed so I can’t really separate her, it would be like a punishment for being in heat. Can I spay her at 10?

  136. Jamie says:

    My dog has been biting above her tail while she is in heat and has made it very red and raw is there anything I can put on it?

    1. Trish Ranson says:


  137. Tashelle Sullivan says:

    i have a large rotti x and shes in her 3rd heat (came on when we moved house 3-4 months since her last) my question is, im getting a bichon frise puppy (girl) in a couple of weeks would this cause my rotti to get aggressive because shell be still be in heat? and is their any advice i could have about introducing and signs of her not being interested in the pup?..

  138. Victoria Kelleher says:

    My Zoe is in her first heat, I noticed some strange behavior. She sleeps all day and is avoiding me and others.

  139. Carolina says:

    I have 2 maltese puppies, a male and female 1 month apart. I want to eventually breed them but in about 2 years or so. For now she is in heat and i keep her dog pants pretty much at all times except when i am supervising her to use the potty… are these female dog pants enough to prevent an unwanted pregnancy?.

    1. Danielle says:

      I have two dogs, brother and sister, so they can’t mate. She’s in heat now so I put her in a diaper. If he wants to hump her he’ll have to bite off the diaper. I keep a close eye out for the both of them. So by then I’d have seen if he actually snatched off her diaper.

      1. Danielle says:

        Edit: would have seen him try to snatch off her diaper and separate them.

  140. Bec says:

    We have 2 cocker spaniel babies- 1 male around 7yrs old & 1 female 1.5yrs old. She has just gone on heat & neither of them spayed. As you can imagine this is a total nightmare. We would like her to have 1 litter & then Have her spayed however we don’t want it to be on the first heat as she’s still young & we’re hoping to move on the next few months. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. They cry when they are separated & it’s proving harder to keep them apart especially the past few days.

  141. Tony says:

    If my female is at the beginning of her heat cycle and we plan to breed her this time will taking her to have her teeth cleaned effect her or possible pups. They are not tying yet it is too early

  142. Pat Loyd says:

    My dog has licked her vulva so much during her heat it is bleeding from her licking. Is there something I can put on it?

    1. Danielle says:

      It’s supposed to bleed, right?

  143. Tasha says:

    “Temporary insanity,” that’s quite demeaning for something natural. I guess you feel the same when a woman might be experiencing such a natural response to natures creation.

    1. Jason says:

      It’s a joke.

  144. Eamonn Walsh says:

    Is there anything I can get to mask my dogs oder,

  145. clark says:

    Hello, I have my six-month puppy in heat for a couple of days now. She just had her 2nd deworming last Monday. Today, she’s just acting not the usual. She used to be playful and active. Now, she’s just lying most of the time and does not want to eat her food. Is this normal?

  146. Breanna says:

    my bella just started today
    shes been on our tile floor all day hasnt been really in the mood for playing at all, seems like she doesnt want to move from that place, should i leave her there? also she does have a weird smell and she isnt hungry as much, is that normal? is there eny medicine you can get at a pet store for dogs when in heat? im just very worried and hope this goes away soon

  147. Ana says:

    my female dog has a swollen vulva, her pee does not smell at all. She uses the bathroom normally, eats normal as well. She just hit her 7 months and her nipples look different as well. She has been acting more aggressive or lets say agitated. Should I put like a warm cloth so the swelling can go down?

  148. Ami says:

    If my female dog is in heat and male dogs are attracted to her scent why are the female dogs also coming around her?

  149. Loraine mitchell says:

    In the first week of my dogs heat she ate like a horse this week the 2nd week she is off her food altogether is this normal ?

    1. lindelwa says:

      My dog won’t eat she is in heat is it normal

  150. Lisa says:

    Is it ok to give dog ibprofen while in heat

    1. Deanna Bifulco says:

      No ibuprofen. I gave my dog one, he became very very sick much more than it was and had to take him into ER and he stayed three days there and cost us $1000 so please don’t give your dogs ibuprofen or at least get your vets opinion but my vet said no that’s what caused it.

  151. Pam Carlyle says:

    Thanks for your advice. I have an 8mth old female lab/boxer mix however, I have been reading conflicting reports,- on one hand there is very supportive evidence and encouragement to have your dog spayed early, then another that advises much later-ie; 2yrs, claiming early spaying gives rise to a greater cancer risk-particularly
    heamangiosarcoma, hypothyroidism,joint diseases- forming of the ACL joints. Now I don`t know what to do for the beat. having read the ” How to care for a female dog in heat” – this seems a very daunting prospect to me, but I certainly don`t want to cause her any harm or problems for the future. I should be so grateful for any help/advice on this matter. Pam

  152. Felice Morin says:

    It’s never fun when the dog is in heat. I’ve definitely experienced the male dogs trying to come into my yard as you explained. I found that the best solution was to make a little dog diaper out of some old fabric pieces that were lying around and let her stay in the house. It’s important to remember that the dog is probably not enjoying the event any more than its owner is. Thanks for the information!

  153. Jenna says:

    Hi I have a blue heeler it seems that she is in heat but she got spayed as a baby can she still be in heat???
    She’s also puking white bubbly and her tail is between her legs I know that I got to deworm her cuz it’s almost the day. I just want to make sure all this is normal

  154. Brenna M says:

    Hi. Thank you for the article.
    My roommate has a puppy (she’s 4, but they’re all ‘puppies’ to me. ;), who is in heat (he obviously has not had her spayed).
    I noticed her vulva is very swollen, and she licks it a lot. It looks like it hurts to me, but maybe it doesn’t. I don’t know.
    I was wondering…is there anything I can do to help her…to ease discomfort or anything? I thought about letting her sit in epsom salts for a little bit. Is this a good idea? Is it a bad idea?
    I don’t know. I just have such a soft spot for the Furry Angels, and I would do something to help her if I knew it was actually helping her, but I don’t want to chance hurting her or making it worse, either.
    I have 2, 11 year old, female Lhasa Apso puppies, but I had them spayed when they were just babies, so I have never experienced this before.
    Thanks for your input,
    A Mommy of 4 Furry Angels

    1. Danielle Nelson says:

      I would also really like to know this. Did you by chance find anything since no-one has posted on here yet? My pup is in heat and I just feel like she is in pain. She whimpers so much and I just cant stand that sound, emotionally… I feel so bad for her and I really want to ease her discomfort in any way possible.