Why Do Mother Cats Hide Their Kittens?

July 18, 2010

By Ruthie Bently

Cats are the most recently domesticated species, but some scientists argue that cats should not be considered domesticated. Nevertheless, like our canine companions, our cats do many things based on their natural instincts. Some of these things include: hiding or burying food, kneading, hunting, claiming territory and mating. Another natural instinct that a female cat has and some will use is hiding their kittens.

A feral cat will hide her kittens to protect them from predators and intact tom cats. Newborn kittens are blind and cannot protect themselves, so they rely on their mother to keep them safe. Coyotes, hawks, eagles and owls are not above killing cats if they are small enough to overpower and kill. Even a domestic dog can kill kittens by accident while trying to play with them. Male lions will kill cubs in the pride that are not his when they take over a pride. While cats are not lions, there have been reported incidents of intact tom cats killing kittens. Understanding this will help you deal with your cat hiding her kittens.

Cats are secretive, private creatures and while they may birth their kittens in a safe, secure place they may still move them later. A mother cat may feel uncomfortable with the place she has had her kittens. She may feel it is unsafe for her kittens and may move them. A room may have too much foot traffic going through it. The area may be too noisy or the lighting may be too bright for her liking. A mother cat may move her kittens if the situation is too stressful for her. She may move them to a closet, under a bed, into a dresser drawer, under or behind the sofa or a chair, into a kitchen cabinet or another odd place. Your cat may also “claim” the territory she moves her kittens to and defend it aggressively.

One common reason a momma cat moves her kittens is because too many people are looking at her kittens too often or too soon for her comfort. While you do want the kittens to be well socialized and you can handle them immediately after birth, your cat needs to feel her refuge is a safe, secure place for her kittens. To make your cat comfortable, her refuge should be in a quiet place where she can be with her kittens undisturbed. Children and other animals should not be allowed near her hideaway. If you have young children, make sure you educate them about how to treat your cat with kittens before she has them. I would suggest keeping people away at least until the kittens open their eyes (at about eight days old).

When you are ready to begin socializing the kittens, young children should not handle the kittens unless supervised by an adult. They may injure the kittens by accident. Visitors that have cats of their own should not be allowed near the babies before the kittens have been inoculated, and anyone handling the kittens should wash their hands first.

Not all cats hide their kittens, and even cats that are very comfortable with their surroundings will move their kittens from time to time. The best thing to do is not to interfere. Try and keep tabs on where she is moving them to, so you can step in if there is an emergency. To rephrase the title of an old TV show: “Mother Knows Best.”

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  1. Angela says:

    My cat had her baby’s in my bed under a blanket.

  2. Sheryl says:

    I found kittens in my back porch on fri. I found them behind a bunch of boxes with momma no where to be found so I made them a box and feed them with kitten milk. Momma cat finally came back that night and I left them alone
    Sun afternoon I went out to feed the stray momma cat (I usually leave food out once in a while) I didn’t notice until I walked past that she was feeding the 5 kittens and I put the food down and left her alone. Later she stared to move the kittens and I tried to stop her since we were about to have a hurricane. She took one and it got stuck in a fence so I rescued it, next one she took to the other end behind a banana plant then another in the middle where the bushes are high. She left 1 behind and then it started to pour and the wind started blowing. I heard a cry and found the one hidden behind the banana tree, it ran up to me to get away from the rain so I took it top the other one she left behind and fed them both. Then in the am she took 1 then three 2nd one to the bush and later I found another one by itself so I rescued it and put it in the basket I made and fed it and then later she took it too. She now has all 5 in the bushes and i do check from time to time. Tonight a big raccoon tried to eat the cat food so i scared it away and sprayed a bunch of pepper and water around the area as well as by the kittens since the mama wasn’t they’re. I worried she will move them out of my yard cause she came back while i was walking back to my house she stared at me at the top of the fence between mine and neighbors home. Was it my fault or she moved them due to a raccoon or both? I keep hearing their cries outside my window and they look to be 3 weeks old, super cute and i hope she takes them all and keeps them safe.. house else can I help her and will she bring them back to my backporch?? I want to help keep them all safe

  3. Jodi Jones says:

    Mother cat brought 3 out of 7 kittens downstairs to the kitchen at 4 weeks old. One cannot be found

  4. Britt says:

    My cat had her babies about 8 days ago she is in the garage where I am the only person who goes out to feed her and change her litter box, she and her kittens were in a nice comfortable box hidden underneath a table where it was dark and clean, today I came out and could not find her she had moved her kittens right behind but outside of the box, I put a clean towel in the box will she move her kittens back inside the box? Why would she move them right outside of the box where it is cold and dirty?

  5. Kay Irgens says:

    We have plenty of space, still our cat wants to move her kittens outside the house. We live in a rural area. Quite wild actually. The mother always used to roam and she has several hidings around our farm. She always try to bring them out, and returns for food the next day. However, we are concerned about the consequences. Will our kittens dissapear and become wild? We have kept them indor so far, much to the mothers dismay.

  6. Karen McClellan says:

    I have a feral mama cat that gave birth to 2 surviving kittens, now 12 weeks old. Mama adopted me, my home- she basically lives here with her 2 boys but I can’t even touch her & I know not to try. She allowed me to assist with her babies & at times checks me out coming close but totally on her terms. There is an epidemic of strays in my neighborhood-many intact males. Although a terrifying experience my friend & I captured her & took her into vet to have spayed. I felt terrible as I know this ordeal traumatized her but she is recovering nicely, I have to keep her indoors for 14 days before she can go outdoors. Since spay (1 week ago) she has been attempting to pick up babies & move them but because they are so big now, she drags them partially then gives up. If a fuzzy mouse toy is available – after giving up on dragging baby she will take this toy mouse in her mouth & run into bedroom with it. She would do this periodically when they were younger but she has always had an entire bedroom to herself & babies where they sleep together & the babies are crazy active running, jumping, wrestling thru my small apt. Mama cries out like she’s talking but I don’t know if this is a hormonal imbalance due to spay or because she’s confined. I’ve picked up the babies to try to help her when she attempts to move them & bring them to her but I don’t know why she is doing this suddenly. I never enter her space or attempt to touch her. Maybe she’ll recover when she can run free again.

    1. Barb Shubert says:

      Do you know why they told you to keep her inside for 14days? I trap, spay, and release ferals, and the most I keep them inside is 36 hours. I return them to the part of our property I trapped them.

  7. Joni says:

    A cat that I have been feeding, and loving was pregnant. I waited, and the kittens showed up this morning! Only problem is they went into the engine of my car, and the only way I could get them out was with a hose! It scared everyone! The mom came back, and let me love on her, but the kittens have not come back. I am very concerned. Do you think they will come back?

  8. Shirley Baker says:

    My mom a cat just had her kittens a month ago and she was fine being in the house for about 3 weeks and than she took one out of the house and I believe that she was coming back for the other one and I must of scared her because she ran off… I do have a big dog and other cats in my home they are indoor outdoor cats. I was reading the article online about how a mom a cat will move her babies if there is to much no ice that helped me to feel ok with the move of her kittens.

  9. Helen says:

    On May 1st my rescued cat had her 2nd litter, that I’m aware of. First litter she had 2 kittens this one she only had one. While she was in labor she jumped up on my bed where I was napping, woke me up and gave birth. I made up a box for her in my bathroom, put a towel over it and put the kitten in it. I made sure that my kids knew not to disturb it and I rarely looked in on them myself. She seemed content with it but yesterday she moved the kitten. I didn’t find it until today. She put it in a tote in my daughter’s room where we keep her stuffed animals. How could that be safe? So I moved the kitten back to the box while my cat was outside. Almost as soon as she noticed it was moved she moved it back to the tote of stuffed animals in my daughter’s room. This room is far from quite so I don’t understand why she would have moved it there. She also hid the first litter in my daughter’s room in a box of diapers we had stored under the bed. Why is she choosing this room?

  10. Destiny N Patterson says:

    is she still hiding them if she is curling up around them.

  11. Sonya stinnett says:

    When will she bring them out from hiding?they are four weeks old now

  12. Carrianne says:

    My cat has had 4 kittens and last night she brought them down stairs and placed them by me. This morning I have sat somewhere different and she is now in process of moving the kittens by me again. I am 23 weeks pregnant but now sure weather she feels safe with them by me ?

  13. Debbie crenshaw says:

    I have 8 cats 4 male and 4 female. My one female is do anytime how do I keep the other cats from her and her babies .I have a huge cage should I keep her and babies in it till they get bigger by the way one of my makes is the father.

    1. yomama says:

      she will protect them dont worry

  14. Ross and lori Bryant says:

    I’m just curious, will a male stray kill a females kittens just to mate with her? Also there is a hole by a ditch where she can have them and keep them safe. 1 last question. A male main coon adopted me and my husband and we know his kitty momma. Will he kill her babies so he can get it on with her?

    1. Dawa says:

      a male cat will kill kittens.trust me! it was one of the worst moments for me and my cat. she cried so much in pain and agony. since then, my cat have given birth many times and each time, the babies don’t last somehow :(. this time i’m making sure i cage the kittens and don’t let my cat take them else where. there are many stray cats in my neighbourhood and my cat is one of them. the males always try to sneak in when she births kittens. this time i’m gonna cage them and not gonna let the mother or other male cats interefere. she just gave birth a few hours ago:)

  15. Peter says:

    I have a cat that gave birth a few days ago to only 1 kitten! She had it in my partners bedroom, but keeps moving the kitten to a different room if no one was in the room they are in. She bought it downstairs and I only went to the toilet and in that time she had moved it back to the bedroom where my partner is in.

    1. eric leeth says:

      my cat is doing thesame thing but now she dont wanna feed them so i called my vet and they told me bring her in and maybe her nippls are sore not sure

  16. Sam says:

    I have a stray cat that I feed when she shows up. She was pregnant and had kittens on the 21st of December. Was very welcome to me moving and messing with her kittens a couple days a go i out the inside the house as another stray had killed one of the kittens. Today stared out fine she was still here then gone in a matter if minutes. Why. This it the second litter she has had here and taken them just before they are old enough to be separated from mom. And she only shows up when pregnant

  17. Tiff says:

    I have a cat who is 11 months old she gave birth to two kittens first litter 5 days ago. The kittens in their birthplace when I went to check on them last night as of this morning the kittens are gone.

  18. Beth says:

    Thank you! We needed that information!

  19. Nicole columbia says:

    One of my cats had her second litter 2 days ago, all 5 kittens were healthy and eating, crying ect. As of this morning one kitten went missing I also have another cat who gave birth a day to 4 babies her second litter also and this was a day before my other cat gave birth, she has her kittens under the steps inside the house. So my one kitten who has 5 kittens took one kitten and moved her under the steps to the other cats litter and hid her under a blanket where i couldn’t find her for hours, why would she take one kitten from her litter if 5 and remove it and hide it under a blanket?

  20. Karissa says:

    I was changing a faucet and mom cat hid babies in the panel access and I have to shut it back up or my daughter wont sleep in her room if its open so how should I go about trying to get her to move them out they are 9 days old

  21. Shantel Tuggle says:

    I found two kittens beneath my home after the mother was hit by a car (not my cat, but one of the feral ones my neighbor keeps feeding) and brought them in, where my female cat whose never had kittens adopted them. She keeps trying to hide them, but she isn’t producing milk, so I have to give them formula. I’ve limited her exploration space to two rooms and the connecting hallway, put the kittens in a box and keep the lights off. She stopped moving them afterward.

  22. Brittany says:

    My cat wants her and her kittens to sleep in the bed with me and my husband im not sure what to do cause no matter how many times i put them back she gets them and brings them back up slowly but surely i get u shouldnt interfere but its not safe if we are sleeping for them to be in our bed

    1. Wendy says:

      This is what my cat is doing I don’t no what to do about it she just started this an meowing don’t no what’s she trying to tell me

  23. Hanin Del Rey says:

    I have a cat who is 11 months old and she just gave birth to two kittens 4 days ago! But she didn’t give birth in my area. She has given birth somewhere else and I don’t know where. And also, she is a rescued cat and she stays outside of the house. So when will she get her kittens back here?

  24. Gary Davis says:

    I prepared a seemingly comfortable box for my cat (whose still a kitten herself at 5 months, who was given to me unknowingly pregnant) and her kittens. When will she move her kittens (“if” she will) from under my bed (hopefully and preferably) to the box?

    1. She will move the babies where it’s quiet and private,like a closet ,where nobody will bother her or babies until she’s ready or their big enough to be into everything 5-6 weeks and bothering everyone.Try putting box in closet .Put babies and mom in it.

  25. Jan says:

    I have a mama ferile cat on my property that was killed today by a pitbull (not mine). There are lots of places she could have hid her kittens. I have looked under a house, 3 storage sheds, barn, in the green house, and a large shop. Was not able to see or hear them. We have lots of brush. Any other places she may have them hidden?

    1. Elise says:

      I’m hoping you found them but for others who have the same question, this was our experience in finding kittens. There are certain times of day that they’re active. Ours were generally in the mornings before 10 am and then again in the early evening. Otherwise, they’re very quiet so they can stay hidden from predators. Sometimes you need to just sit motionless and listen. You probably won’t hear meowing – just movement when they’re playing. My fixed adult male showed me where the feral kittens were hidden. If they’re so young that either their eyes aren’t open or they’re just beyond that stage, I’d think they’d maybe call for their mother if they were really hungry but I’m not sure. I’ve never had motherless kittens.

  26. Wendy Cherry says:

    I have a calico cat and she is now a mother she is one and a half years old she had six kittens 6 weeks ago we have been helping her with them in the house we let him out occasionally. Today the mother moved for kittens somewhere and we cannot find them anywhere until she left him in the house what do I do how can I find these kittens thank you for your help God bless you

  27. Tina says:

    Have cats ever been known to leave the babies on peoples porches I have that happen twice Now they leave them where I can hear them cry cry I can hear them cry and when I come out there’s A baby kitt sitting there on my porch crying

  28. Donald says:

    A stray cat broke my crawl space door and took residence under my home. I had to scare it away because my dogs kept beating up the cat which was being aggressive whenever my dogs were around. I was able to fix the crawl space door and found kittens next to the entrance. I put the kittens in a box outside my home and was optimistic the mama cat will get her kittens. One by one I saw the mama cat pick up each kitten. This was on Mother’s Day.

  29. We feed lots of cats, some are wild but come in to eat. I made like igloos out of plastic bins so they are out of the cold. I covered it with a comforter. One wild cat had her kittens on the end of the comforter. They are a week old, and eyes are open. She has moved one kitten to one of the igloo tubs. It’s beside the cardboard box I got for her and her babies. Will she move the other two in with her ?

  30. Claire says:

    My cat had a very large tummy for a few weeks but came home Friday really skinny, my guess is that she has had kittens but they are not in the house and she isnt acting strangely at all so im really confused and worried that there may be little ones outside somewhere as theres no other explanation?!

    1. Courtney Perkins says:

      Follow the mama cat. She will lead you to the kittens.

  31. Jaylynn says:

    Today my cat she had her kittens 1week ago and today she took them into our basement and hide them inside our couch we’re it was ripped open and I took them back to there box and she kept picking them up and putting them by my door so we took them back in our basement and I took there box and set them up in our basement and she still took them and hide them in the same couch we’re she originally put them so I just left them there and she stayed with them and nurse them. Why did she put them there?

    1. Nicole columbia says:

      Because probably something frightened her, usually mother kittens will move their babies if its uncomfortable for her, to many people around, to many animals around anything can make them move them. Just keep them where theyre because she will just keep moving them, shes comfortable in that spot with them. Just keep an eye out to make sure shes feeding all of them and not laying on them or stepping on them. Other than that they should be fine! My cats do the exact same thing!

  32. Karen says:

    Our momma cat moved her three month old kittens and we can’t find them. Momma cat is here eating and sleeping like normal but her kittens been missing for two days. Will she bring them back?

    1. Ojas says:

      Cats may hide their kittens but bring them back when she thinks they are old enough to protect themselves ,she may introduce her kittens to someone she trusts,don’t try to find the kittens as that will lead to your cat hiding them farther away from house.IF the problem is very severe you may follow your cat very secretively and you shall come to know the location but never let the cat know that you know the location of the kittens

    2. Elise says:

      Kittens are usually weaned by 8-10 weeks, so if they’re three months old (12+ weeks), she’s already weaned them and probably kicked them out on their own – especially if she’s taught them to hunt.

  33. Kat Carlson says:

    My cat has moved 3 of her 7 kittens to a place under the floors of my house, in a crawlspace that I can not access. I am very concerned because there is absolutely no heat to that area, no ventilation, lots of old insulation, etc. I am afraid the 3 she moved about 16 hours ago will die from the cold. They are in a old crawlspace, but it is unsafe, dirty, etc. I refuse to let her take the other four. I haven’t seen her go back to even feed the three she took. I’m very concerned. I know I should let her do her cat instincts, but I know those babies are not protected in there. Any ideas?

    1. B says:

      Did u ever find them???

  34. Krotie says:

    I have a question, we got a stray cat and sorta fed and brought her inside our home a couple times. However, she had children, and less than a week, she brings them to our home (only 1 kitten tho), is there any reason why?

  35. Tre says:

    We have a cat thats been in are garden since March this year. Now she has 6 kittens now about 8 weeks old and 2 older from a previous birth i need to catch them. As soon as possible to have them neutered and hopfully adopted any tips on how to bo adout this Thanks

  36. Candy White says:

    We have is 2 kittens we had a friend over to put a bed frame on I can’t stand why our 2 kittens have gone to. They were under our bed and the dresser now can’t find them. Please help

  37. ROBERT says:

    My momma cat is hiding her 6 kittens and has three hidden but is taking a while to hide others why is this

  38. Nicole says:

    My car moved her kittens inside the washer not sure why

  39. Scoutmom2 says:

    My outside cat had kittens 1wk ago she moved them inside our house cause we let her in sometimes. Does that mean she trusts us?

    1. Ojas says:

      If an outside cat moves
      Her cat in a human house there will be only two reason 1. Availability of food

      Hope this helps

  40. Deb says:

    Mother cat has taken one of her kittens outside and left it there- we do t know where it is.,what sort of place would she hide it?

  41. Ann Rogers says:

    We had a mother cat who my husband put her in a kennel, it wasn’t huge but it wasn’t small. I kept telling him to check on her and the babies. She tried to move them so he locked the kennel door to keep her safe. He checked on her and two babies died. He took two out cause they were cold and tried to warm them up but they died. She had one left and unfortunately a few hours in-between the other one was dead. Later the next day my son found another one we didn’t know she had. It also was dead. Do you have any answers for mess to why that happened. Annie

    1. dagon says:

      how would you like to be put in jail for having your child(ren),no place to walk about,cold floor, bars on the door,could you have been any more cruel?
      My momma cat has the entire back porch to herself , food , water , litter box , toys , soft bedding , quiet , i only go in 2 times a day to feed,water,clean box & talk to her , lights are never on , day is day night is night.

    2. Renee says:

      It is well known that a mother cat may kill kittens if the nest is disturbed, especially if she is confined and cannot move or hide her litter. This is attributed to a frustrated ‘protection’ instinct. Unable to protect her kittens against a perceived threat, she kills them in a futile attempt at protecting them.

      1. Maddie says:

        My cat is doing that too!! I really would love to see them, it’s been at least 8weeks. My family and I are pretty sure she hid them under our house but we can’t find them. We thought we might be able to see or hear them, but we haven’t!! Please let me know if you can help in some way,, thanks!!!

      2. APRILDAWN MENEFEE says:

        Thank you. I was wondering about that since my cat moved her 3 she had yesterday. I picked them up and she had a lightweight fit today. I had to hunt and move stuff around but I found them. So I’m gonna leave her alone. even though my feelings are a little bit hurt.

  42. Rose says:

    My cat gave birth to her kittens somewhere outside and I’m unable to locate them.

    1. CHA CHA says:

      My cat had her kittens on our porch……yes I have kids. They were around them all the time. My cat had 5 kittens and by day 4 they were gone. Now it’s been 3 days and I have no clue if they are around the house or worse dead. I’m confused.

  43. My cat puts her kittens in the conner and i am just wondering why she puts her kittens in the cornner.

    1. dagon says:

      in a corner NO one can get behind you

  44. G.G says:

    Very useful. !!!!

  45. charles says:

    My cat has hide her kiddies frome me and they are 3 weeks old

  46. Debra Hurley says:

    She’s an out door cat should I follow her until I find the place where she wants to have them??

  47. Debra Hurley says:

    my cat goes outside and she had a litter a while back and I kept one of them. Now she pregnant and doesn’t want to stay in except to eat and I’m afraid she’s going to have them outside and I’m so scared for them all!! Please help me!!!!

  48. nicole says:

    my kittens are 16 days old and now suddenly momma cat is movie only one baby away from the others but she still nurses it .. idk what to

  49. jynnelle says:

    My cat had kittens 5 days ago. They were safe in a large rubbermaid bin. She moved them under my large kingsized sleigh bed. I cant reach them now. Im worried they may get lost somewhere in my bedroom or get hurt…. i also have a st.bernard dog and im scared she’ll step on kittens! . I dont have a spare room. I dont know what to do. Should i lock momma in my room with her litterbox and food???

  50. jackie says:

    My cat had kittens on the 25 in a closet. She Is Very ProtectiveOf Them But She Won’t Nurse them. What do I do

  51. pipercat says:

    Hi I need to clean one of the feral cats kittens eyes do I do it in front of her

  52. Maureen says:

    A mama cat and 4 kittens showed up at my house a few days ago. Kittens are (guessing) about 6 weeks old. They stayed in my bushes and came up on the porch to eat and play. I first found them Friday afternoon, fed them Friday night and Saturday a.m. Saturday they were around all day / night. I fed them canned food 2x (a.m. and p.m.) and left dry food out for them all day. They were fine, happy, and fed as of 10:30 +- Saturday p.m. I put dry food out Sunday a.m. and mom ate, hung on the porch for a bit, then went into the bushes. No babies in sight. I put wet food out later, and about 2 hours later it was gone. Saw mom, but again, no babies. Few hours later the dry food was gone. No sign of mom or babies. I left my garage door open a little bit. If mom moved them because something threatened them overnight, I’m hoping if she figures out the garage is an option she will bring them back. Can’t imagine all 4 kittens disappeared all by themselves all at once. Could they?

    1. Janette says:

      Same thing happened to me. Tame mama came first and then brought four babies and I fed and watered them twice a day for about 3 weeks. Five days ago they just left. No idea where they went.

  53. Magdalena says:

    my cat has 2 kittens, there were three but it died because my cat sat on it. I moved them just hours after they were born to a cardboard. It was big enough but I guess my cat was uncomfortable in it, then I made another place which was bigger and they can move freely. But after one day, my cat moved them to veranda on a second floor, ithe place was a little bit dusty and not secluded enough and I don’t know why she moved them there.

  54. Karen Baldwin says:

    My cat has 4 kittens about a week and a half ago, we left them on the front porch under the swing. Now they are gone, can’t find them anywhere we did find another litter that were a little older but they are gone too now. Where could they have went, I’m scared cause they were only a week old. The mama cats are still around but no babies, will they bring them back eventually?

    1. nicole says:

      look for dark hiding places tucked away my cat had her kids in a hole under a boat we moved them a week later into a kennel in the grage she moved them a few days latter into a more hidden tucked away place in the grage i had to go get them out there i put them in a bigger dog kennel in my house in the kitctchen …..i hope u find them and listen for quiet meows if u do go a serch for them …. tom cats and foxes will eat baby kittens if left unattended … hope this helps some and hope u find them

  55. Missy says:

    The neighborhood cat had 5 kittens in my flower pot on the porch about 2 weeks ago. I just bought a carriage so that she and her kittens can go in there. It’s much warmer and I also put some food in there as well. Is there anything else that I can do?

  56. Rachel Mccague says:

    My cat had a litter of three 2 1/2 wks ago. I started letting company see them yesterday. Mama kitty got upset and moved them to the dead space under my bathtub. How can I het her to bring them out. There are holes under the tub which got to the basement and im afraid they may fall. What do I do?

  57. Tim Wilson says:

    My cat had a litter of five almost a week ago, and now she is trying to move them. There really isn’t a more appropriate place than they already are, but she is very stubborn. Is there anything I can do to get her to quit moving them?

    1. dagon says:

      NO leave her alone

      1. Tim Wilson says:

        She moved two to a spot in the corner along the and one got attacked by a large rat and died.

  58. Lisa says:

    Thanks so much for the info. This is the first time any of my cats have had a litter and the momma is quite young. She had a litter of 3 yesterday. I was worried at first that she took a kitten and hid with it under my bed and left the other two. I put the birthing box under the bed with her. It seems she wants some privacy. I’m more at ease now that I know this is natural.

  59. Hello everyone! My cat Dazy is pregnant and I want to make the environment as comfortable as I can for her. I am sure that she is going to hide her little ones but I hope to see them soon. 🙂

  60. Last month I moved in a new apartment while my cat was pregnant. When she had her babies she hid them all underneath my bed. I think that she was afraid of the new place and she wanted to protect them. Two weeks after the birth she showed me her little ones and they are amazing. Thank you for the informative article!

  61. carlos elise sara pablo estaban greyson elias samantha catrina alex walter sophia hannah magnolia britney charles says:

    My friends are b all here and I told them that my cat gave birth 4 fandango and we’ve been following her, and she doesn’t mind cuz I feed her and I’ve had her since she was a baby, this is her second litter and only 1 cat out of the first litter survived :/ she hid them in a river a nd only got to move 1 before the others drowned.now this is litter #2 and it looks like she hid them in the river bank under a lot of sharp black berry vines so even if she did have them there, we couldn’t get to them. I live on a ranch and it takes forever to find kittens!!! So I was hoping that she would move them soon since we keep following her…

  62. Alyssa says:

    I think my 1year old cat has just had her babies.
    We have no idea where they are since she had them outside.

  63. Julie Pinkney says:

    There was a stray cat once that had kittens. I think it might have been her first litter but I don’t think she knew what she was doing because when she brought her kittens into the house they were all dead. They all had what appeared to be teeth marks on them.I could tell that the kittens were only a few hours old. I don’t even think she realized they were dead. The whole incident was disturbing but at the same time I felt bad for poor kitty.

  64. Edith Adams says:

    I had a cat that I took in as a stray kitten. She had 2 litters. One after another. The second litter she left with me after a week after having them. I had to take them all to an adoption place so they could be fed. I kept 3 kittens from the first litter. And have the other 2 for adoption. I haven’t seen her again. But before she left, she taught her first litter to fight, and to catch mice. Then she pushed away from the first litter by snapping at them. They were confused. But they are doing fine and are very loving. I’m getting ready to leave work and will go home and feed them, give them fresh water, clean their boo boo box, and play ball with them. They’ll get their snacks and we will all lay down and watch tv. Then go to bed. I love them so much. They’ll be a year old April 8, 2015. I don’t understand why she distanced herself from her first litter. I thought she may have felt they would be safe and cared for. And maybe couldn’t handle the second litter so soon after the first.

  65. anne says:

    There is a stray cat that came on my porch today and was rubbing my legs I feed her and she stayed awhile she left and 3 hours later she brought her baby to me and dropped her at my feet Wat do I do

  66. Tito says:

    My cat had here kittens on my bed and kept them there for about 2 weeks. But the next day they were gone. I’m afraid because I don’t know where they are!
    This is not the first time she has done this. Before she had a litter of 6 and had them in my neighbors garage. Didn’t find them till about 1 month later.
    Reading this article really put me at ease thanks a lot. Oh by the way will she bring them back?

    1. betty staab says:

      mother cat keeps moving kittens.

  67. My young first time mother cat was poking around looking for tight spaces last night so I had a feeling she was going to move her 2 kittens when I went to sleep. This morning the kittens were behind an entertainment cabinet in the garage. It wasn't suitable safe or clean so I kind of made her comply with my removing them back into their original birthing box. I thinkshe was mad that we have been handling the kits but only once a day and we make sure they stay close and in her sights. She just wants to hide them from us. We just put them in a dog sized kennel with a door and made her stay in it with the door shut for a while until she felt like it was safer than her last hiding spot. So you can manipulate nature if you know its better for them than the stressed out mother carrying them all over the place. Locked in a kennel is what she seems to like best now. But we have been handling kittens less to ease her mind

    1. Sarah says:

      Its cool that this worked in your situation. But there are many stories of people locking a mother cat in a kennel with her kittens and her killing her babies. Maybe not the best advice

  68. Anonymous says:

    my cat doesnt hide all of her kittens… she has just recently started this thing where she will take one specfic kitten and hide her and not feed her and now she gets very aggressive with her. and they just turned 8 days lastnight. im afraid for my kittens but i have no clue where to turn with this problem.

    1. Take it away from mother and bottle feed or it will die.

  69. Anonymous says:

    My cat had 5 kittens on Halloween.1 died,he/she had a broken leg,because she was trying to move her kittens.She was staying at my sisters house,then we moved them back to my place.Now she can’t make up her mind where she wants to keep them.She has moved them 4 times already….within 4 hours!Your article helped me out a lot,I was really getting worried!I think I will just let her be…..thanks for the article 🙂

  70. Anonymous says:

    My cat had 5 kittens a week ago when I’m in bed she brings them under the covers to my bed.

  71. Lez-Lee says:

    My cat had 4 kittens 3 days ago and she wouldn’t let us leave her alone so we kept moving her box to our lounge during the day and in our bedroom at night. But tonight she is trying to move them under our bed. We did freak out but after reading this I’ll leave her too it. We thought she was being silly as she only a young mum so we out it down to her being too young to understand. Thanks for info it really helped me.

  72. Anonymous says:

    hi my sons cat has had 5 kittens on Saturday its her 2rd litter witch she had both litters on my sofa so i dont understand why she had moved 3 off them an left 2 on the sofa iv had to put the 3 shed hid back to her as she hid them ware there is loads off wires an i still dont understand why move just 3 an not them all as when i get up for work she was feeding the 2 she left on sofa

  73. my cat is obsessed with putting them in my bed under the quilt, what do I do……..

  74. Anonymous says:

    A cat has been coming to my garden every evening for food for the past 2 months, she had 3kittens sunday evening, down a gap between my neighbours conservatory and fence, they were still there wednesday, but today friday the kittens arent there now, i saw the mother this morning and gave her food, although she has been coming for food upto 4/5 times a day since giving birth, the past couple of days she hasnt come so often, she is a stray so dont know where she has taken them now, just hope they are all ok

  75. Anonymous says:

    A cat took to under my oil take 2 weeks back and had a 3 kittens about 4 days ago , I’ve been leaving food and water out for her and she’s been eating it but this morning she’s gone and 1 of the kitten is gone too .. I was hoping to leave her with her kittens as long as possible before calling animal rescue to find them homes .. Any advise ? Just let her be ?

  76. Anonymous says:

    I am also new to having mother and kittens. She moved them last night and didn’t know what to do as it was an unsuitable place due to also having a dog. Not too woried now I know it is a natural thing they do.

  77. Anonymous says:

    Thank you so much! This information was more than I asked for and so helpful! Wonderful!

  78. Anonymous says:

    Good article! Thank you! My cat has been hiding her kittens alot. Though Iknow it is natural it fears me because she hides them in the garage

  79. Anonymous says:

    My cat just moved her kittens for the first time yesterday. Kittens are 11 days old already so I’m confused by her actions. But now I will let her have it her way as long as I know where she’s hiding them. How long will this stage last?

  80. Anonymous says:

    thanks for info , coz im a 1st timer for this thing and im so confused why she’s always moving away her kittens with our other cats thought it would be easy to let the momma and kittens to be with our other cats but since she put her 4 kittens in their poo bin i was so aware why she’s doin this until 1 of her kitten died and now i read this i understand why ,i put them now under my bed ..i dont want my cat feels bad now 1 of her kitten died as a mother instinct i know how does she felt..thank u again..more power

  81. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the info, I find if very informative as my kitty has just had a litter of six and has moved her kittens once and if looking for another place.

  82. Vane! says:

    Hey …great blog

    I really like this blog its very interesting

    you can check out mine too and you can leave your comments there…

    thank you…

    1. mala says:

      Mt cat had 5 kittens a couple days ago when I woke up they weren’t there any more I was terrified

      1. destiny says:

        I saw 5 kitten in someone yard today