A Kitty Cat Trivia Quiz, Just for Fun!

March 23, 2011

By Julia Williams

If you’re a “cat person” like me (now…don’t go calling me crazy just because I love cats!) then you probably know a lot about them. Test your knowledge of kitty cat trivia with this fun quiz.

1. Calico cats are almost always:
A. Left pawed
B. Female
C. Friendly
D. Finicky

2. A group of cats is called a:
A. Clowder
B. Pack
C. Hoard
D. Nothing. Cats don’t congregate in groups.

3. Which of these is NOT a well known cat myth or saying?
A. Cats always land on their feet
B. Cats have nine lives
C. It’s raining cats and dogs
D. Don’t throw the cat out with the bath water

4. What is a cat doing when it’s “making biscuits?”
A. Playing with bread dough
B. Training to be a chef
C. Kneading with its paws
D. Auditing for a Food Network show

5: A cat with Pica does which of the following:
A. Measures things
B. Eats strange non-food items like wool, plastic bags and yarn
C. Sheds profusely
D. Hides from strangers

6: What is the scientific name for hair loss in cats?
A. Balding Disorder
B. Minoxidil
C. Alopecia
D. Lymphadenopathy

7. Former “Price is Right” host Bob Barker recently helped rescue:
A. 10 monkeys from a movie set
B. 65 rats from a research facility
C. A three-legged shelter dog
D. 25 circus lions from Bolivia

8. Hemingway Cats are felines that have:
A. Written a best-selling book
B. An abnormally large head
C. A cropped tail
D. Extra toes

9. What is the scientific name for “Fear of Cats?
A. Felineophobia
B. Get-it-away-ophobia
C. Ailurophobia
D. There isn’t one because it’s not a recognized fear.

10. Giving your kitty catnip might cause it to:
A. Be sleepy
B. Be energetic
C. Do nothing
D. All of the above


Question 1: B. Female. Calico is not a breed of cat, it’s a three-color pattern. Calico cats are nearly always females, for complicated genetic reasons (just Google it, okay?). About one in 3,000 calico cats are male, and they’re usually sterile.

Question 2:  A. Clowder. And a group of kittens is called a kindle.

Question 3: D. Don’t throw the cat out with the bath water.

Question 4: C. Kneading with its paws. Some call this “making biscuits” because the motion resembles a baker kneading dough. Cats usually knead on a soft surface like a pillow, comforter, another cat, or their favorite human.

Question 5: B. Eats strange non-food items. Dogs and people can have this eating disorder too.

Question 6: C. Alopecia. This term is also used for hair loss in humans.

Question 7: D. 25 circus lions from Bolivia. Animal advocate Barker helped finance the $200,000 bill to bring the lions to a Colorado sanctuary.

Question 8: D. Extra toes. When a cat has more than 18 toes, it’s called a “polydactyl,” but nicknames include mitten cats, thumb cats, boxing cats and Hemingway cats.

Question 9: C. Ailurophobia. “Love of Cats” is called Ailurophilia.

Question 10: D. All of the above. Catnip makes some cats wildly energetic, while others get sleepy. Most kittens under 3 months and some older cats are not affected by the herb at all.


10 Correct: You are a feline fanatic!
7-9 Correct: You must love cats!
3-6 Correct: You like cats, but need to brush up on your feline facts
0-2 Correct: You are a dog person

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