Whiskerslist: the Kitty Classifieds

October 4, 2013

By Julia Williams

Have you ever wondered what kind of kooky trouble cats would get into on the internet if they could type? (Wait, what? You mean they can’t type? Then how do they write all of those cat blogs, tweets and Facebook status updates? Oh right…“Staff.” Who needs opposable thumbs when you can get an unwitting human to do your bidding?).  So yeah, every cat who is anycat has an online presence and legions of adoring fans. =^..^=

And now, as if our internet-savvy cats needed any more inspiration for their online escapades, there’s Whiskerslist: the Kitty Classifieds, a clever book that is sure to become every feline’s favorite. Whiskerslist features 160 craigslist-style classified ads written by cats, for cats. With categories like Personals, For Sale, Help Wanted, Services, Discussion and Gigs, this book delves into the devious feline mind like never before.

Cats will find everything they could possibly want in Whiskerslist, whether they are looking for love (or just some heavy petting), trying to sell their slightly-used-but-still-in good-condition cat toys, hoping to rent out their sink, find a job or score a new nip connection.

Whiskerslist has a few recurring characters that I loved, including Mittens McCullen, opportunistic Attorney at Law, and the smarmy Hector, a Lothario wannabe. Hector starts off being picky about the type of female companion he wants to hook up with, but when that doesn’t work he attempts to seduce pretty much any female cat who will have him. E.G., “I am an 8-year-old gray-and-white mancat who likes whatever you like. You are a thin/fat/purebred/crossbred/stray/one-eyed/three-legged female with or without fleas, mites, ticks, kittens or mange.”

Excerpts from a few of my favorite Whiskerslist ads:

Saw you at the dump: We made eye contact while you were licking the inside of a plastic deli ham wrapper. It felt like there was a connection.

Who wants this mouse: Stinky, but maybe you like that. Come and get it.

Wingman wanted: My buddy just got fixed so I’m looking for a new wingman to accompany me to some back alleys tonight.

9th Annual Taste of Nip Festival: Free admission with one bag of crunchy cat treats or anything with extra gravy.

I like big mutts and I cannot lie: Do u know any big dogs who are open to interspecies PLATONIC friendships?

Webcam models needed: looks are not all that important, but must have a really great personality (kidding)

Whiskerslist is a funny, cute, creative and offbeat book – just what you would expect from the mind of Angie Bailey, whose great Catladyland blog is well known to everyone in the pet blogging world. I like Angie because she is quirky like me. I’m proud to be a quirky cat lady, and I’m pretty certain Angie is, too. Truthfully, I think she is a bit quirkier than me, but one can never really be too quirky, so it’s all good.

You can order your own copy of Whiskerslist: The Kitty Classifieds HERE. When you’ve finished perusing all the hilarious cat classifieds in the book, you’ll want more. So it’s a good thing there’s also a companion website, whiskerslist.com, where cats (or shameless humans pretending to be cats!) can submit their own classified ads. It’s great fun and very amusing. Just be aware that it will suck you in and you’ll spend hours laughing at all the silly postings. Best to do that in the privacy of your own home, after you’ve cleared your calendar!

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I received a copy of Whiskerslist from the publisher for the purpose of reviewing it here, but the opinions expressed in this post are wholly my own.

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  1. Thanks for reminding us about that fun site. 🙂

  2. Thank you for such a lovely review! xoxox

  3. meowmeowmans says:

    OMC! That sounds hysterically funny. “Saw you at the dump” made us MOL! Angie is so witty, and we are looking forward to reading her book. 🙂