What Has your Dog Taught You?

November 6, 2013

By Langley Cornwell

My parents let me get a puppy for my 10th birthday. A neighborhood mutt had puppies and I just had to have one. That precious dog was still alive and well when I went away to college. A lot of growing and maturing goes on during that timeframe, and much of what I learned came from the unwavering bond I had with that sweet pup.

From the earliest days of childhood, kids begin to learn about pets. Some children observe pet ownership from afar and others, like me, are given the opportunity to experience it personally. Either way, pets play some type of role in our growing up. If you were a child who enjoyed the privilege of sharing your young life with a pet, you are probably aware that your relationship with that pet taught you a number of different things.


Owning a dog requires an investment of time and responsibility. Our canine friends depend on us for healthy dog food like CANIDAE, shelter, water and plenty of love – at a minimum. This sounds a great deal like what is required to be a parent. When dogs or puppies need you, you have to be there. This is a great way to introduce your kids to the world of taking care of others. Pets are usually a child’s first experience with being responsible for a living thing.


If you have ever owned a dog, then you are keenly aware of the patience living with an animal requires. Dogs can push you to the very edge of sanity and then bring you back again. While dogs are a great joy to raise, you have to go into the situation expecting some trials. Any animal that is young and helpless will make plenty of mistakes along the way. Dogs are no different.


Dogs are among the most lovable pets on the planet. When you truly need a friend, your dog will always be there with a gentle nudge or a lick. To love a dog is to know the ultimate connection. We as humans are put on this earth to connect with other living things. That includes the precious canines that we welcome into our homes as part of the family.


Few animals, including humans, are as loyal as a canine. Dogs will defend you to the death and gladly put themselves in harm’s way to protect you. They will never turn against you, even when they may have every right to do so. Dogs literally love humans to a fault. Most dogs will chase their owners to the corners of the earth if they are lost. There are countless stories of dogs getting lost and then finding their way back home from incredible distances. That loyalty is what drives them to do so.


Over the years, I have known dogs that have lost their legs, sight, hearing and virtually anything else that most of us take for granted. A dog will often just keep on going and act as though nothing is wrong. Dogs adapt and overcome in a way that could be beneficial to humans as well. If humans were as strong as dogs in this area, we would probably know a greater happiness.


Have you ever watched a dog try to get to a bone that he can’t reach? He will try to get that bone (or other item he wants) from every possible angle. Once he covers the possible angles, then he will start trying the impossible. Dogs show persistence at the highest possible level. If they want something, they will get it or keep trying. That is a good virtue for us humans to have as well.


Has there ever been a dog that held a grudge? I’ve never known one. Dogs will forgive anything it seems, as long as you feed them, hug them, love them and play with them. Dogs need very little from us in order to forgive. You don’t even have to say I am sorry for them to extend a paw.

Dogs teach us all kinds of things. Like most animals, we get to see the very best of them in a loving environment. If you are considering a dog for a pet, consider the awesome lessons that dogs teach us every day. Most families could use a dose of all of them.

Top photo by Mollypop
Bottom photo by MitchD50

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  1. How true. Pets teach humans so much about how to enjoy life.