America’s Top Large Dog Breeds

December 3, 2013

By Suzanne Alicie

While there are several well known giant breeds of dog available, some folks just want a “big” dog, not necessarily a giant dog. Large dog breeds are thought of as fun and playful while also being quite capable of guarding and protecting their families. For folks like me who love big dogs, the list is quite extensive. Here are four large dog breeds that are popular in America:

For the past 22 years, the Labrador Retriever has been the #1 dog on the American Kennel Club’s Most Popular Dogs list. Labs are intelligent, friendly, loyal and playful. They are good with children and require very little grooming, which makes them an ideal large dog for families.

German Shepherds are often used as police dogs because they are very effective security animals. However, they are also very loyal and loving, playful and gentle. Some of my favorite photos on the internet are from a Facebook group called the German Shepherd Dog Community which features members’ dogs cuddling with their kids, other dogs and even kitties. If you’re looking for a large and loving dog that will protect his family, then you can’t go wrong with a German Shepherd.

Golden Retrievers have long held a position of popularity among dog lovers. They are energetic, kind and playful. People all across the U.S. love this happy, large dog breed as hunting companions, pets and loving family members.

rottweilerRottweilers are special dogs that are very intelligent and often very playful and loving despite their intimidating appearance. Rather than judging this large dog by his appearance, look a little closer and you may fall in love with their playful personality.

Large dog breeds may seem threatening to anyone who has only been exposed to small dogs. But once you get past the intimidating appearance and get to know a big dog, your whole outlook will change. When you experience the joy of romping in the yard with a big dog, or playing tug-of-war without any fear because you know the dog is gentle and only playing, you will feel a rush of adrenaline. I love dogs of all types and sizes, but to me there is nothing like roughhousing with a big dog to really get my blood pumping.

All dog breeds can be effective at protecting their family, but a big dog is much more than teeth and a scary bark. They are loyal and cuddly; they love their families and enjoy spending time with people. While a guard dog is a good thing to have, keep in mind that your large dog is a member of your family and not just a security measure. The more time they spend with the family the deeper they will bond with you, which will lead them to instinctively protect you. Be a responsible pet owner and your big dog will care for you in return.

A high-quality dog food is an important part of caring for your large dog. CANIDAE offers large breed adult and puppy food that is designed specifically to help keep big dogs healthy and happy.

Top photo (Lab) by Pete Markham
Bottom photo (Rottweiler) by Gregg

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