Loyalty Personified

February 18, 2014

The loyal Kira

The loyal Kira

By Laurie Darroch

Poetry is an art form dear to my heart. I was inspired from a very young age by my mother and maternal grandfather. I write my poems in every style and on every subject that touches or inspires me.

I have had poetry published on the web and in numerous books in print. With a few awards and prizes under my belt, and the title of featured poet in two anthology books, I continue to write and strive for more learning and achievement in poetry. I hope to eventually publish a full book of my poems.

I dedicate this poem to the three dogs who have given me unfaltering love and loyalty: Kusje and Kira who have reached the other side and are greatly missed, and Neela, the newest loved family member, who daily keeps me on my toes with her puppy antics.

Loyalty Personified by LL Darroch

If I was asked in all my life who showed to me,
the truest form of loyalty,
it didn’t come with wedding ring,
or daring sweetheart on a steed,
or magic partner who rescued me.
It failed to show in working mate,
who braved the daily grind with me.
It didn’t rise in friends untrue,
or teachers of great magnitude,
or many loving people in my life.

Loyalty personified came prancing in on tiny feet,
and grew in strength of heart and deed.
four paws that followed where I went,
who trusted me and was content,
to simply be there by my side,
a wagging tail, an anxious lick,
a greeting home each time I went,
and returned to find her filled with unbridled joy,
upon my arrival at the door,
5 minutes, hours, days, or more.

It didn’t matter just how long,
each second I was gone.
It meant everything to her to have me home.
She who worried when I lay in sickness,
comforted me quietly by my side,
and sniffed my tears whenever I cried,
sleeping trusting, close beside me,
sure I would care for her,
and asking little in return,
merely for food, comfort and to belong.

She didn’t turn away if I failed,hat
or made mistakes, or fell from grace.
She did not care what clothes I wore,
or where we lived, if rich or poor.
She did not see my outer flaws,
or judge me for falling short of dreams,
and goals that never came to be.

Unswerving faithfulness to me,
without a word in promise made,
but shown in every action true,
protector of the hearth and home,
of human sister small and new,
playmate, companion when all alone,
source of laughter and entertainment
student, child and teacher,
parent as her human sister grew.

And when she knew her time had come,
she held close to me to let me know,
she feared leaving me behind alone without her.
The last beat of her loyal heart,
the final breath taken, held in my arms,
against my heart, so she would hear it beating just for her.
In loyalty to me she passed.

So if you ask me, who in my life,
has shown unerring loyalty,
her name was Kira. She was a dog, a child of mine,
who came with grace to light my life
and loyal ‘til the day she died.

Mere mortals, we humans filled with,
supposed superior intellect and pride,
we can learn the wealth and meaning of loyal love,
from a simple creature, pure of heart,
and true without question.
Perhaps wiser in her simplicity than the wisest known,
who walks on two legs.

Who really was the teacher, she or I, of loyalty personified?


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