Superstitions about Howling Dogs

May 15, 2014

By Langley Cornwell

Admit it, the melancholy sound of a howling dog sends chills up your spine, doesn’t it? If you’re not the superstitious type, then you may blame Hollywood for this association. We’ve all seen movies where the howling of a dog foreshadows something ominous, but do you know where the roots of this concept come from?

The idea that dogs are in tune with the supernatural has been around a long time, and is believed by many cultures. One of the most common superstitions is that a howling dog is an omen of death or extreme misfortune. It’s impossible to trace this concept back to a single source, but here are a few of the more widely accepted origins:

Nordic Countries

Norse legend links this belief to Freyja, the goddess of magic, love, fertility, war and death. The story goes like this – when Freyja is playing the part of the goddess of death, she rides her chariot on the crest of a storm. This fanciful chariot is pulled by two enormous cats. And since felines are considered canines’ accepted enemies, the belief is that when dogs sense the approach of Freyja they begin to howl at the goddess and her magical oversized cats.


Another superstition about howling dogs and death traces back to ancient Egypt. It is believed that the god that tended to the dead was named Anubis. According to ancient Egyptian religion, this god was also associated with mummification and the afterlife. One of his most important roles was serving as protector of the dead and their tombs. Because Anubis had the head of a jackal, when dogs howl it stands to reason that they are calling souls to Anubis.


The Irish have a much simpler concept. In Ireland, folklore claims that dogs howl when they hear the universal phantom pack of hounds. These mystical hounds are said to lead their riders on a wild, barren hunt through the sky gathering the souls of the dead.


In Wales, tradition has it that God gave the king of Annwn control over demons so he could protect the world. As such, he would ride on his supernatural rounds on a hunt for mortal souls. Only dogs could see the death-bringing “Hounds of Annwn,” and howled their acknowledgement.

Ancient Greece

The goddess Hecate played a prominent role in Athenian households, where she was worshiped for her protective abilities. Hecate was also associated with crossroads and entryways. According to ancient Greek legend, dogs howled when Hecate was at a crossroads foretelling an imminent death.

Southern U.S. States

Here in the south where I live, superstitions run deep. Regarding death and dogs, some of the old-timers believe that dogs will tell them when their time is coming. They say if a dog howls twice, close together, death is coming for a male. Three howls close together means it’s a woman Mr. Death is after. You can tell the specific man or woman that death is coming for by the direction the dog is looking. If he’s looking at you when he howls, you’re next. Following that same logic, some folks say it is good luck when a dog howls with his back side towards you.

Other superstitions include: a dog howl means the wind god has summoned death, and the spirits of the dead are being released; a howling dog in an otherwise silent night is the first warning of supernatural events; when you hear a dog howling it means bad luck for you or that someone you love will get sick or worse; a howling dog outside the house of a sick person means the person is going to die—especially if the dog was sent away and comes back to howl again.

It goes on and on.

It’s no wonder the plaintive sounds of a dog’s howl has inspired legend and folklore in a variety of cultures. It’s a spooky sound. I’ve covered a lot of ground here, but I know I didn’t get it all. Tell us about some of the superstitions you’ve heard.

Top photo by Phoenix Wolf-Ray
Middle photo by Matt Elsberry
Bottom photo by Nazreth

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  1. Patsy says:

    I believe the dog is lonely and wanting to run with the pac

  2. Akhup says:

    I just heard in our street so I search up why

  3. Kinski says:

    Last year, our dogs always howling at the middle of the night. My father was angry at the dog. He told to my mom that when a dog do that, someone will die. My mom has a cancer so whenever the dog howls, my father tried to stop the dog. Then last October 20, 2019 I asked my father to accompany me to go to the hospital for a lab test and that was around 6am. When we came back home, my mom told us that as soon as we leave the house, our dog howls. (The dog howls early in the morning). The next day, my father passed away due to cardiac arrest.

  4. GracieLou says:

    Every time i woke up early like 4am, i always hear our dogs and neighbor’s howl in just 5-8secs. It’s scary.

  5. Remy says:

    I just heard my dog howling and I stood there watching him because he does it sometimes when nobody is around, I searched it up to see what howling means and now I’m quite scared. Now he is doing it again.

  6. Karen says:

    I had 2 dogs that were very close and one day the one dog was howling and within four months we found out the other dog had cancer and died and a few years later my next door neighbor’s dog was howling and a few months later I found out my other dog had cancer and died.

    1. Lilly Demelo says:

      My brother-in-law was dying in the hospital and when the pulled him off life support.My dog went near his picture on the wall and started howling.My mini pincher never howled a few mins later my phone rang and I found out he had passed away. Dogs howl when someone is dying..

  7. Boston Terrier Howled a little after I put a squeaky toy sound on but doesn’t howl
    unless it’s bcuz of the squeaky toy. So idk

  8. DM says:

    My mother told me, when you here a dog howl that it was a sign of death. I went to the store once and brought my dog. When I came out he was howling like crazy. Another time when we came back from a walk he howled once. Went into the room where he was he was facing the back of the house looking out the window. I had my radio on. I’ve read they will howl at certain music tones. What ever it means, it gives me the creeps. All I think of is what my mother told me. It’s a sign of death.

  9. Kamlesh Ariga says:

    My neighbour dog howl every night for one week, and my mom sadly passed away. I totally believe this, if you ask me it’s not superstition.

  10. Dirk strider says:

    we have 3 big dogs outside the house and every single night the dogs will howl either when it hits 11am or 12am my grandmother told me when dogs howl like that it means they see the devil or the devil is near and now every time I hear dogs howling at night now it scares the crap outta me

  11. Vec says:

    My dog just howled randomly at around 1 am then howled again 10 minutes later. My mom says it’s means someone has passed away.
    I don’t like that superstition ..

  12. Unknown says:

    My dog on 4-29-19 howled at 2am and this happened only ONE other time in 2017 but in 2017 there was no sign of death I could remember but on Friday my grandfather passed away and he just now started to howl which dont make sense. I’ve been so scared I don’t know what this means

  13. McDough says:

    Hi my mom went to a family funeral on friday.She slept there friday night because the burial was on saturday and she said around 12:00AM a dog howled out side.In the morning she told my grandmother about it and my grandmother beleives that it howled becouse it had seen a ghost.

    1. Magen says:

      A dog outside of our house howled two times and stopped flat, when I asked my mom why it did that, she said it’s because it saw ghost. I still don’t know who’s dog it was but it was right behind our house.

  14. Lauren says:

    A dog howling senses death, I have 4 dogs and I’ve experienced much of the howling, they also sometimes howled when they hear an ambulance, if they howled it means that the person they were trying to rush to has passed away. March 18, 2019 my godfather passed away from cancer my dogs had howled around 7am I woke up around 8 to a message saying he had passed away my dogs howled the whole week before he passed away.

  15. Joan A Price says:

    I am looking for a male or female that will get along with my 10 yr old Tibetan Terrier. She is very submissive Probably I would like a beagle type about 25-45 lbs. Thank you

    1. Patsy says:

      I have a hound dog 1yr or 2 Male very skiddish probably 35 plbs

  16. Ruby says:

    I believe in the howling and death.I have paid attention to this.just experienced it 3deaths in a month.Dog is Zeus.lab and pit.

  17. Cheryl says:

    We have a Chihuahua. After a walk Wednesday 12-19-18 he ran upstairs jumped on the bed and howled next to my husband 6-8 times. Then again today 12-21-18 he howled next to my husband on the couch but only twice. I would like him to stop howling. Any ideas?

  18. SHIRLEY LOPEZ says:

    my dog woke me up at 3 am howling when i was asleep in my room ever sence then hes been crying and never leaves my sight ..he feels uneasy in my room .wht could it be .and my daughter dog looks at the corner of her room a growls with razor back..

      1. Sarah says:

        Pray to God, and have someone from church bless your house.

        1. Ashlie Crozier says:

          Do they have to come to the house to bless the house or can you just ask your pastor of your church to bless your house

  19. Schmoopy Kins says:

    My dog was sound asleep when she let out a deep, scary howl at about 11:30pm. I never heard anything like it. The next day, the owner of my dog’s sister called to let me know that their breeder had died last evening at about 11:30pm!!!!

  20. I have two dogs who rarly bark or howl they started howling in the middle of night and the next day my little brother gets rushed to the hospitle I live alone and at night i feel as if thers somone waching me doors open and im thinking of moving out what does this mean

    1. Mike paranormal investgator says:

      You probably have an active spirited or a paranormal anime that is trying to tell you that there with you but be for warned if its a evil spirit it will try and trick you

      1. Ashlie Crozier says:

        Do they have to come to the house to bless the house or can you just ask your pastor of your church to bless your house

  21. Donna Baker says:

    My younger schnauzer suddenly began to howl one morning last week. He had ever done s before and I could see no reason for it. The next day, my older schnauzer went to her cushion after her walk and breakfast, and never moved again. I had her put to sleep next morning.

    My husband told me years ago that his dog had howled the night his grandmother died, several streets away.

    If dogs can sense illness and impending death in humans, it seems reasonable that they can sense it in their own kind.

  22. anita says:

    My neighbors has like 5 rescue dogs and they howl like crazy, what could it mean?

  23. Hi everybody
    I am from India. Here too we believe that dogs can see the messengers of death ie Yamadut. When they decend to the Earth to take away any soul the dogs begin to howl. It is considered as a death of somebody in that area. It may be a superstition.

  24. Desert Willow says:

    My aussie howled creepily at 2am twice within a month waking me up and he never had before. 1 month later my teenage son died tragically.

  25. Deirdre Fox says:

    Interesting article. When my Dad passed who was from Ireland. My Mom opened the front door, as the funeral people were taking his body out of the house, all the dogs in the neighborhood started to howl. It was the strangest thing, not normal for the neighborhood. Thanks for some clarity on the topic.

  26. Kim says:

    I have a question I don’t have a dog and I just heard a dog howl from out of no where and I live in apt building and we can’t have a pet and the howling sound came from right ear no TV on either what does that me

  27. James says:

    2AM howlin’ outside
    Lookin’ but I cannot find
    Don’t you fall asleep this time

  28. Nicole says:

    I have a family of 7; 3 brothers and one sister. And recently ; yesterday night 7:24:18 around 2-4 am I heard one of my 2 dogs howling, a while!. 2 to 5 minutes straight. Then again today 7:25:18 I hear them howling again, and it’s 2:30 am ! Shoud I worry? What if they howl again tomorrow !??

  29. Nikki says:

    My dog howls every time I come home, he hears me coming up the stairs and emits a howl and I am told lays down at the door and awaits my entry… What does this mean?

  30. Danika says:

    Hi!just few minutes ago I heard howling dog inside my house.?so scared!omg 2:55a.m!and now 3:09huh!only once !

  31. Mary Smithson says:

    My dog began to howl one Sunday afternoon around 14:30. Unbeknown to me approximately 50 miles away my husband had fallen 55 feet underground while potholing ( a fall that should have killed him ) he broke both legs, an ankle, tore the
    kneecap off one leg broke a collar bone and a few other minor injuries.
    When I asked him a few days later what time he had fallen he said he was not sure of the exact time but it was between 14:00 and 15:00.
    The dog had never howled before this day or ever again after.

  32. Taylor says:

    What I was told from my mother was that when you hear a dog howling someone is really sick & near to their death. Same meaning when a dog digs a hole for absolutely no reason. As I was searching the web what my mother said was somewhat true .. what the web said was that there’ll be supernatural events , blah blah all that good stuff – just kidding ! Pray when you hear a dog howling in such sad tone 🙂 may god be with you

  33. TaoTaoMona says:

    Reading this made my stomach growl , I’m hungry now

    – unknown

  34. golden says:

    I experience it just a hour an a half ago wen I heard about 4-5dogs howling and barking which made me wake up, time period was 3-4:30am n because of this I can’t sleep… So I’m awake till now, the howling was so scary that I thought someone was outside trying to break In… The dogs was barking so loudly just outside my room n instead of barking in other direction it didn’t it just kept barking at my window for that hour…. Is it a bad sign? Wat does it mean??

  35. Njonje mbua says:

    I experienced it today when the sound kept going on air. I could not sleep again. I had all sorts of thoughts both positive and negative in my mind. The crying sound of a dog is so frightening that you can’t continue to sleep. It’s so disturbing if one really comes across it. The sound was completely close to the window of my bedroom at about 4:30 am. My eyes went automatically dry that i could not have any sense of sleeping again. I wish to know the meaning behind this.

  36. I love this website because I learn so much about animals. And I also got a promotion as a Zoologists and I can learn soooo much from this website. Yaaaaay!!!!

    1. Aka says:

      My neighbors dog started howling a week ago. Day and night he keeps doing that. It’s really a pain hearing it all night and also again at the day time. I’m not sure what kind of effects they have. Since no one died. I would like to assume that this brings bad luck because me and my housemate have trouble finding jobs and i kind of have depression and anxiety now.

  37. Kim mangubat says:

    This is why I love dogs

  38. Catalina Velazquez L.A., CA says:

    I am of Mexican decent there for we are moved with variouse European, Indian, and Spanish blood. My father, ebracing our Mexican Indian anscestry, taught us to observe nature to help us stay safe. For example; Where we live nights are usually auiet, but when birds sing past midnight natural disaster is eminent. In the past I’ve notices when dogs howl they do this every night. The night they are quiet, there has been an eart quake at the time dogs would have usually howled.

  39. I have just experienced a vixen screaming in my street. So relieved when I accessed the information on it. This was not an omen of death at all, they were mating calls. Thank God!

  40. martha p thompson says:

    Mexican folklore says that your pets are to be your protectors, if anything wrong happens to you, eg., accidents, diseases, or, god forbides, anybody casting any craft on you, the animal, whichever type is your pet, will take it for you. In the case that such events would have resulted in your death, but it is not your time, then your dog, cat, bird, etc., will die for you. I have to say that I have witnessed such happenings as I was growing up. I am 62 now.

  41. Prarthana says:

    The dogs on my street start barking at 2:59 and stop at 3:01…is that bad?

  42. Sandie says:

    I had a 15 yr old Toy Poodle who just didn’t howl. Well, her health was deteriorating so I made an appointment with the vet to finally put her down. It absolutely broke my heart but I knew I did not want her to suffer. So the day of the appointment came. I spent every second with her; loving her and gently talking to her. Well, a couple hrs before we had to leave, she started trying to howl. This went on for about 15-20 mins, and then she just stopped. It’s like she knew her time had come. When I found out the reasoning behind her attempts at howling, I couldn’t believe it. This was a little over a week ago. I miss her so, so, so much–my sweet, beautiful, precious, little best girlfriend. I am so lost and lonely without her. There are no words for the pain in my heart. I love you Peaches. Forever.

  43. Brandy says:

    When the police, fire truck , or ambulance sirens
    are passing by the dogs do not always howl!!
    Sometimes they do and other times they don’t.
    I was told recently that they only howl when
    someone has passed away!!

  44. Pamela says:

    In 1992, I was talking with my Mother on the phone when a strange dog started howling outside my living room window. I thought it odd and report to my Mother what I am looking at.
    My Mother flipped out! Her Dad always told her a strange dog howling at your door means there is going to be a death in your family.
    Within a week, my family of four was in a serious life altering car accident & I had a life after death experience (YES! There is a God!).
    At 8 a.m this morning, my own dog began howling & has howled only twice. I do know that I have a beloved Aunt in another state who just recently discovered her cancer has returned

  45. Denise Paknik says:

    Hi there it is 830pm in dothan, al. We live pretty much dwntwn and this dog all the sudden has started howling 4about a hour straigt w\2-5 min breaks. He i believe is across the street….we all live n house side by side bk2back…wtheck does this like pain sickness never heard a dog cry like this plzzzzzz help me

  46. Emerald says:

    Dogs can howl to communicate or when someone is dying, is what we’ve most read. My dog howls almost every other day and the reason is her husband died. My baby handsome (dog) he was a poodle they had 3 liters 1st one made it 2nd one died 3 one made it. After 12 years handsome died. A week after his death someone stole our puppy only 2 months(barely) and she is devastated sad depressed and that’s how she expresses that. We don’t exactly know what type of dog she is like an Australian huskee mix, she is 2 years old.

  47. Kuubzo says:

    This is weird to be reading , I remember one time I was walking home from being out with some friends and it was night time and I started hearing howling , I stopped for a second . Then the howling grew bigger and bigger coming from all angles , sounded like a harmony . I grew chills hearing that. Sounded like at least 50 dogs

  48. alchemist says:

    A dog is like a crow That howls at night fore telling or directing the super Natural

  49. Jade says:

    I just heard a bunch of dogs howling and it was exactly 3:33 is that bad?

  50. It was on a Sunday around 8 or 9 at night on march 5 2017, my two adult kids son an daughter an staying temporary at my husband house, we have been separated for about 11 years . Anyways he wasn’t home since every weekend he stays at our other two kids place, so my kids had fallen asleep I was the only one awake I have 5 dogs 1 cat my ex has one dog out of no where his dog starts howling with like a cry almost. None of my dogs howls , it was creepy, next morning my ex comes with an evil look aruging with me saying I want you out.. it felt as if he was possesd , I just ignored him an went to my room .. he soon left for work.. I think his dog felt it.. his evilness.

  51. brat intruder says:

    Well I know this to be TRUE. Or VERY VERY close.. My dog and my mothers dog howls at night, we live in seperate towns. I found out that I have cancers cells in my cervix today. Now I have no idea if Im going to die, but dogs CAN APPSOLUTLY scense things like death, paranormal, and sickness.

  52. Rick says:

    I used to have a springer spaniel, and he would howl now and then. My mom told me one night that when a dog howls, death is near. Nobody in our house had died until years later. Maybe it was an early indication. He passed away in 2002. 🙁 I have two shih-tzu seniors. One male, and one female. Sometimes, the female barks when i am bot home. I know this because i had a network camera set up and checked up on my home with my smart phone. She was barking a lot. She NEVER barks at anything except when i have food in my hand. She never barks when someone knocks at my door, or for any other reaaon. My male barks at anything and everything!

  53. Layla says:

    my dog shes old it was like 2:30 in the morning and I was watching a movie and out of nowhere she started to howl for like 4 seconds straight she never howled before she’s a shizu poddle also. It was just so weird. And when I looked it up it said death apon you or someone you love and that’s when I just jumped up and called my mom to see if she was okay.

    1. Asher says:

      Is this in Philippines?

  54. Jan says:

    okay this may sound strange but theres a belief in our country that dogs howl if there is something out of the ordinary happening. it happend first at around 10p.m at my friends house there was this stinky smell. it smelled like rancid feet. my friend then told me that there was an aswang (philippine for shafeshifters) somewhere in the property of the house. okay i was a bit skeptical at first but a few days later i came back to hang out at his house again. but we had a few extra visitors and one of them claimed that she was a phsycic (okay not sure of the spelling) anyway we hanged out until it was 2 a.m then i got out to buy more beers and a few minutes im back when i sat down one of the empty beer bottles suddenly fell from the table and broke to pieces on the floor. she asked me if i was followed. i said followed by who? she asked me again “were you followed?” i said “i was the only one walking on the street on my way back here” she then was acting all histeric and suddenly she said that something bad was going to happen and that she wanted to leave all here friends believed her because they said that she was always right about those kind of things. so all 4 of them left leaving just the two of us behind. we decided to continue drinking and after about 20mins after the others left. there was a chill running in my back and all the hairs of my body began to stand up. then there was it again. the strong rancid foot smell. i begin to ask questions to my self if this was real paranormal activity or is there some kind of scientific explenation to it. okay now to the part about the howling dogs. it was about 2 or 3 months after that strange experience at my friends house. it was around 11:30p.m i was at the bathroom doing a number one. when i heard this cat sound comming from our roof or the nieghbors roof a few steps away from our bathroom i could clearly hear it because the bathroom window was open. i just ignored it thinking it was just a cat when the sound slowly changes to this deep sound until it didnt sound like a cat anymore it was an unfamilliar sound and it really was scary it was like a cat that was laughing and then as things couldnt get any creepier the odor of rancid foot smell filled the air of our bathroom when i smelled it all our dogs outside the house started howling. i got out of the bathroom as fast as i could thinking that i might see something in the window that would haunt me all night. (i was the only one at home that night) i closed the bathroom door and went to my room and locked the door. our dogs just kept howling until i was a sleep. well thats my experience. thanks for listening.

    1. Veronica says:

      Okay so, one thing I know for sure is that sudden waves of rancid smells or rotten meat smells indicate something demonic. And if a psychic believes that something’s very wrong and the dogs were howling right after you heard that almost inhuman voice just proves that it could actually be something demonic. And if that’s the case then you need to get help asap. And I get that I’m posting this after like a year so I really hope you’re okay and got help

  55. Dont says:

    I heard many dogs howling at the same time for at least a minute last night. Initially, it sounded as if emergency vehicle was passing by. Than it was obvious, these were dogs. All in all, there is only one dog on my street, between 10 houses. that one dog is a Chiwawa. Second, there were many dogs howling at that time. Third, I backed to Highway, and it was pitch dark between the walls of highway. I could hear this howling few houses west of my houses. This howling stops all of a sudden after minute or so.

    can someone tell me what this means? It was scary. I normally don’t get scared that easy, and i am outdoor person. Yesterday, I myself chickned out to step out of my house during this howl.

  56. Darrick says:

    We have an American Foxhound, and she rarely barks, let alone howls. The only thing she does is whines when she hungry, thirsty, or needs to go out.

    Late one night, I’m in the living room watching tv, and I hear he emit this low, mournful howl from upstairs. She had never howled before or since, and that really disturbed me for some reason. I hadn’t heard of the superstition before, but I just knew something wasn’t right. A few days later, my grandfather passed away unexpectedly. This was last spring, and I still get the chills thinking about it.

  57. Shanice says:

    Two nights ago my dog and a neighbors dog. Howled 2 different times throughout the night. The following day my dog goes to the dog park and comes back home lethargic. We take him to the animal hospital where he later passes of a heat stroke. Out of the blue. Very strange. And very heartbreaking.

  58. Pratismita says:

    Thanks for this post. Out here in India too there are loads of superstitions around howling dogs-most frequently with death

  59. luci james says:

    My dogs don’t howl often. I have four chiwawas. It’s been at certain peoe that were not very nice folks and I am from the south. I sure don’t need any more bad luck or death cause around here it comes in threes.

  60. Brian says:

    After i had reading this now i really really believed about why my dog howling all night..recently my favourite dog,(Hitam) was dead for about 4 days ago..first my great dane some kind alerting me to go outside the house and when i looked outside i barely saw my dog (hitam) second day when i slept i was dreaming about my dog (hitam) asking for forgiveness for he had a short time with me…he is 2 years old..his death remain mystery..

  61. mc says:

    I just read this post today. I had heard this howling sounds from different dogs last night. The next day, my family were informed that one of our neighbors died last night. It was so creepy. I believed now that it is not just a superstitious belief but this is real. That’s why I tried to search for reasons why this really happened for real. I wonder why my neighbors suddenly die one by one in our area here in Davao, Calinan, Philippines.