New CANIDAE Grain Free Puppy Food Passes Taste Test!

July 14, 2014

by Marcus Price, Canine Guest Blogger

I had never had a package delivered just for me, but suddenly there were two with my name on them! I did a few leaps of joy and a zoomie or two. I couldn’t wait to try out the new puppy food that I wouldn’t have to share.

The next morning I was fed outside so the adult dogs wouldn’t drool into my breakfast while my human, Jan, took pictures. But it took her so long to open the bag! She couldn’t pull the top apart and had to hunt for scissors. Then she droned on and on about the merits of the food I was about to eat and I ended up drooling into my own breakfast.

The kibble in my bowl was the new CANIDAE Grain Free Pure Foundations for Puppies formula, made with only 9 key ingredients and none of the stuff growing pups DON’T need, like fillers and artificial flavors. The food has fresh chicken, menhaden fish meal, lentils, peas, potatoes, dried whole egg, chicken fat, suncured alfalfa and flaxseed, plus natural flavor, vitamins, minerals and fermented probiotic mix, which is good for the gut. I have no idea why Jan smiles when she stresses the word “fermented,” but that’s evidently a very good thing.

It also has CANIDAE’s unique HealthPLUS Solutions applied after cooking so every piece of kibble is coated with probiotic cultures, antioxidants and omega fatty acids. One cup provides me with 45 grams of protein. It has no corn, wheat or gluten that can cause food sensitivities.

Yes, Jan, I heard you. I wasn’t listening, but I heard you. I didn’t understand all the talk about nutrition. I just waited for the word “okay” so I could dig into my bowl and taste test the new food. Finally, I heard the magic word. I dug into the food with gusto. Hey, Jan, this is mmmph (great). You should tumph (try) some.

I also taste tested two flavors of canned food: Grain Free Pure Sea and Grain Free Pure Elements. I don’t read labels but Jan said salmon, fish broth, sardines, mackerel, peas, sweet potatoes and suncured alfalfa are the main ingredients of the “Sea.” Lamb, lamb broth, turkey, turkey broth, chicken, peas, sweet potatoes and suncured alfalfa are the main ingredients of “Elements.” Both flavors were yummy!

Jan says the new puppy kibble should be a big seller. I don’t know anything about marketing, just whether or not I like the taste of something. I give two paw prints to the new CANIDAE Grain Free Pure Foundations puppy kibble!

Hey, this was fun. I like being a taste tester. I think I’ll go email CANIDAE and ask if they have anything else they’d like me to try while I’m still young and have sensitive taste buds. Perhaps a t-bone steak, some fresh salmon, a …. Oh, I’m so sleepy after that good meal. I think I’ll write it after my nap.

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Marcus photos by Jan Price of Jan’s Funny Farm

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