What Do Dreams about Cats Mean?

September 12, 2014

By Julia Williams

I’ve long been fascinated by dreams, and even underwent a serious attempt at dream analysis years ago. I read countless books on dream interpretation and dream symbols. Each morning, I recorded what I could recall of my dreams, not an easy feat considering that most dreams evaporate quickly upon waking. (A tape recorder saves valuable time and is less jarring than reaching for a pen and paper and turning on the light to write).

What I eventually realized is that I could spend my entire life studying these nocturnal visions, and still not understand what they were trying to tell me. Do I believe that my dreams are an attempt to transfer valuable information from my subconscious to my conscious mind? Yes. Would understanding the messages help in my waking life? Yes again…but decoding the messages is the hard part.

The biggest problem with dream analysis is that it’s so subjective. There is no “one size fits all” interpretation, unfortunately. Dream symbols can mean different things to men versus women; symbols can also mean different things depending upon how you personally feel about them in your waking life. Adding to the difficulty is that dream symbols can have multiple supposed meanings. Whose interpretation is correct? It’s impossible to say. Nevertheless, I will offer here some interpretations about cats in dreams, mostly for your entertainment.

Cat Symbolism in Dreams

Some say that cats in dreams are a symbol for your intuition, and that the health of the cat indicates whether you are heeding or ignoring your intuition. A dream about a sick cat, then, might mean that you need to listen to your intuition more and rely less on intellect.

Other interpretations claim that cats in dreams symbolize femininity, softness, an independent spirit, creativity, power, misfortune, vulnerability, bad luck, deceit and falseness (see what I mean about multiple supposed meanings?).

dream_denise_chan revAn aggressive cat might suggest difficulty with the feminine aspect of yourself. Being afraid of the dream cat implies there is some fear associated with your femininity. A dream feline may be a symbol for someone in your life who is “catty” or malicious. Being scratched by a cat in a dream suggests that you feel threatened.

Dreaming that you cannot find your cat is a metaphor for your independent spirit, and that you feel someone or something is holding you back from being free. Saving a dream cat’s life suggests that you are reclaiming your independence and power.

To see a frisky cat playing in your dream suggests a need to be more carefree and playful in your own life. Cats in your dream can reflect your need to feel loved, or your fear that you’re being untrue to others so they will love you. A house full of cats in a dream represents excessive illusions or things that you believe to be untrue.

Dreams about a wild cat may indicate that a neighbor could be dangerous or that you will have some sort of dispute with them. Dreaming about fighting with a cat could be a warning that you’ll be robbed or cheated in some way, whereas cuddling with a cat in a dream suggests that your enemies can be “tamed.” A cat biting you in a dream symbolizes the loss of something, typically relating to those closest to you.

Dreams about Kittens

Although adult cats are usually associated with independence and self-reliance, kittens are seen as helpless beings. Dreaming about kittens, then, could indicate that you are feeling vulnerable, scared or need help.

dreams_Lucie revWomen Dreaming of Cats

When women dream about cats, the felines are thought to be a symbol of how she views herself. This includes not only her physical body but also her intuition, independence, creativity and her relationships with men.

Men Dreaming of Cats

When a man dreams about cats, the felines are said to symbolize his attitude towards women, or how he thinks women perceive him. A purring cat means the man thinks women find him attractive and he feels comfortable around women. A hissing cat suggests that he feels rejected by women or that there are problems in his relationship.

Have you had any intriguing dreams about cats lately? Now that you know a little something about the symbolism of cats in dreams, you can start to analyze what wisdom these wise felines might be trying to impart.

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Middle photo by Denise Chan/Flickr
Bottom photo by Lucie Provencher/Flickr

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  1. Angel says:

    I just woke up from a dream last night about being in my car with my mom and my male and female cats. Both had their harnesses on and a leash (I currently am working with the boy on leash training and leaving my girl alone). When I opened the car door and got them out, the girl broke the leash and ran. I chased after her, leaving the boy with my mom. She climb onto a house’s roof (maybe 2 or 3 story tall house) and she dissapeared. I gave up and remember calling for her as loud as I could. A few days later in the dream I tried again before we left the house we were staying at. I went in a different direction and found her on a main road. She was on her back and not moving or making sound. When I picked her up she was still alive but she didnt cry out and her side touching my left hand was cold around the harness. I took her back and set her on my mom’s bed on her back like how I found her, worried most she may have a spinal injury. When I took her harness off carefully, there was a small amount of dried, cold blood on that one side of the harness. I remember telling my mom I’d call her vet and my mom saying “they’re only open until noon!” It was around that point I started getting scared she was guaranteed to die and at that point I burst awake from the dream. I had to look behind me to see her and my boy curled together looking at me. When I used the bathroom my boy came and rubbed against my legs as he could tell something had me upset. What does it mean? I’m a girl by the way, 17. My girl is almost 3 and my boy is about 8 months old. I’m also going off to college in the fall and worried of not being able to bring them with as I need them for my emotional problems and because my girl especially is so attached to me as I’ve had her since she was 6 weeks old.

  2. Susie says:

    I dream of a gray cat sitting on my bed

  3. sibusiso says:

    Last night dreamed about a black kitten biting my teeth aggressively and it did not want to let go. The kitten’s teeth was stuck in my teeth and it was very saw and the cat refused to let go. So I am very lost.

  4. Rachael says:

    First I dreamt that a bear was trying to get through mu front door he was very angry but shut the door in time then I saw a tortashell cat being attacked by an unknown man in my front garden (now a driveway) very strange

  5. Andrea Ellison says:

    I was drifting off to sleep and felt I had a cat on my shoulder purring in my ear, I could then hear the cat playing with a ball but couldn’t see it, just wondering what this means in a dream.

  6. Bob says:

    In my dream I was walking in an alley and came upon a multitude of cats. Ranging in age from kitten to one big mom cat. The “Owner” of the cat’s tried to sell them to me and I refused. Then replied, “If they follow me then it is what it is.” Two followed me, a white with black stripes and a tuxedo cat. The friskier of the two, the stripped cat ran ahead to a crossing alley and was hit by car. Legs broken. The driver was drunk and I yelled at them and they took off I called the cops then woke up. It was a strange dream.

  7. Connie says:

    I dreamed about 2 cats on the foot of my bed under the covers rubbing the bottom of my feet the grey cat was the one rubbing and looking at me what does that mean.

  8. Sandra Collins says:

    I dreamed of my cat one night at work and can home to find him dead can someone tell me what was happening please

  9. Jordan Morse says:

    I had a dream that I was in the cosmos getting ready to come back to earth. But before I could go back I had to find a creature that looked Somewhat like a wildcat. This creature’s face definitely would look like a cat. The differences is that It had To have long pointed ears, sharp l, glaring eyes, and shark like teeth. Though this creature would seem fierce, it is actually elusive and docile, and probably only feed on much smaller prey, if any at all. I don’t know too much about this creature from my dreams, but I set out to find it. The place I entered in was like a mix between Forrest and building. Where I came from before I entered into this Forrest was on a high hill with a open cave and a pool of water, and there was a section at the top where light was emitting from. But down at the bottom, things were very wild. It was as if the Forrest at the bottom were like a maze of trees well organized, and at every opening there was a door to pass through that had hinges and could be opened and closed. This is the type of environment this creature lived in. So I searched for it, but it didn’t take long for me to find it. When I did see it, it was actually grazing on the grass floor and not eating some smaller animal. I was surprised by this. But i still had to catch it, because the whole intent was for me to use its body as a dress, which would be a representation of some sort I can’t remember – something like a conclusion, rallying, final destination; something where a realization is made and something is finished in the end of earth – when I came back to earth.

    So as I got really close to the catlike creature, I was so close to catching it, something unexpected happened. An aggressive bear came out of a place that I didn’t see or anticipate and I had to run. It had killed the creature I’ve been trying to find, then soon it started charging for me. Oh god I ran faster than I thought I could, and it was barely enough because bares are so much faster than humans. And every time it caught up, I was able to dodge and maneuver around it. I then found myself getting close to where I started where that hill was. I was getting closer to it running with all I had and jumped through the last door and slammed it shut just before the bear could make it through. I did notice that the door had a faint light emit from the sides of it. A random detail. But something I remember. I walked up the hill sad because I came back to the hill without that creature. Then these beings that looked like children came and showed me theirs that they had. And when they showed me, at first I thought it was the exact same, but then I looked again, and the teeth were human like and not like the one I needed.

  10. Brittany little says:

    I really don’t like cats but this is the second dream I’ve had about a white cat. In the first dream the cat came in the house and attacked my son. I put the cat out and it got back in. In the second dream I was laying in my bed sleeping and the cat sat on my chest I woke up in my dream and shewed the cat away and the cat bit my hand.

  11. Michael says:

    I had a dream of about 5 cats in my house. They looked rather huge and then I chased them awat

  12. Kamryn Daniels says:

    Well my dream was a bit strange because there were three cats one mamma then two kittens they were saved from there mom from a forest fire they came up to us and we took them in then we cared for them…then i woke up

  13. Sandy Burks says:

    My 12 year old daughter had a dream about a small ginger kitten that she dound on the streets, and decided to take care of it. There were times when that kitten escape or struggled put her grasp. The weird thing is that my daughter actually has an alleregy to cats

  14. rameen says:

    i had a dream that someone bought my lost cat back to me and it had a big cut at back of its neck and my cat was saying to me that she dosent remember us anymore. so what does this mean?

    1. Dakota McDaniel says:

      I believe your cat may have been killed but doesnt hold the bame on you. Just my opinion.

  15. Beth says:

    Encountered 3 cats pacing about while walking in an unknown and run down neighborhood. They were grey, spotted white and black/white spotted. They seemed fed but feral. They followed me up the sidewalk and began attacking. I climbed up an approximately 10 storey ladder attached to an apartment building with the black/white cat on my back. I intuited that I must stay calm or suffer a terrible and damaging attack. I could put my hand on its’ back and feel it’s warmth and a couple large lumps under its’ fur. It released me and I could see the other 2 cats pacing below on the ground from 10 stories up. Eventually I had to climb down the ladder that was metal and cold and aged with rust. The cats attacked and left me with deep scratches but I knew they could have harmed me much more.

  16. Teresa Turnage says:

    Well I had this dream and there were about 12 cats all together. They been outside and I open the door to let them in, and when I did they were like all meowing! I can’t explain why the 4 grey cats jumped on the window ledge and the two big orange cats were just laying down while the little cat was meowing? But the two black cats were trying to mate! So yea my dream was all over the place and I knew the color and how many cats were exactly in my dream.

    1. Mrs says:

      I just had a dream about a cat, canaries and love birds.

      At first this one lovebird was flying all over the house, sitting on my shoulder etc. And I was a little afraid it would bite me (though it didn’t).

      Suddenly, and later in the dream – I had a big cage with three stories; on top – a couple of lovebirds and two or three canaries. In the mid-section nothing. And in the lowest section a big, red/orange cat (with tiger stripes).

      I have a husband struggling with myelomatosis at the time. And a daughter going through surgery next week (nothing “heavy” – but still).

      I’m beat at the moment, and this dream puzzles me.

  17. Karl Culver says:

    One cat attacked me over and over and other cats just looked and no matter how far i ran or door i closed it found me and attacked me tl i woke up every time

  18. Blue Spares says:

    Today i saw a dream of getting rid of a cat from my house after removing cat from my house it stays outside and calls me i feel sooo bad and get emotioned while watching that in dream
    Can you please tell what will going to happen

    1. Dakota McDaniel says:

      Just let the cat inside. It’s your subconscious speaking with the cat outside. You will feel better about yourself.

  19. Joanne T Harvey says:

    The cat in my boyfriend dreamwas about awhite cat and he thought it strange to see the cat on its back. What do you think? Is there any symbolism or meaning fo this.

  20. Dorene says:

    I have many, many dreams about cats and kittens. Mostly, taking them in from the streets or adopting them. I believe the meaning for me is that I miss having a cat in my life. My last cat, Dixie, passed away suddenly in July and I haven’t gotten another. I don’t know if the dreams are telling me to get another cat or two or just that I miss the companionship.

  21. Dan says:

    I dreamt of cats, gray cats falling from tall trees. I saw them falling slow motion from trees like feathers or cotton when it dropped in to the air.

  22. Surrounded by 3 cats in my home. One of them standing on 2 legs

  23. Donny says:

    Had a dream a friend of mine tossed my cat by her tail. She wasnt hurt and she came right back to me when I checked on her. She even pressed her head against mine

  24. Joseph says:

    Had a dream about 3 cats that I was playing with all of them black like myself. 1 of the had kittens and while going around playfully gathering them and picking these cats up I kept getting scratched.

  25. Shirley Anker-simmons says:

    I dreamt that my cats were all pregnant but I was sitting with the one as she gave birth to 4 kittens…each one a different colour. We weren’t prepared for this and I had to quickly organize a made do ‘nest’ for her and the kittens. I was particularly fond of the calico kitten.

  26. Sara says:

    I had a dream that I was on the train full of cats. And that I was walking through the train cart and that there was this one cat trying to climb up my leg aggressively. And that I was trying to pull it off me but it wouldn’t budge

  27. Joe says:

    I’m 16 and a man. I just had a dream where I was walking around holding my friends kitten (it was cute and had white fur) and then another friend said we should see if it can swim. We found a small puddle a put it in. After a while it wasn’t coming to the surface so I started moving my hand around in the muddy water and found a hole. I grabbed a stick and put it in the hole and these claws grabbed the stick. I pulled it out and it was the kitten but it had no fur and its tail was broken (this freaked me out). I dropped it on the floor and then we all ran away. Turns out the mud had acid in it. Does anybody have any idea what this means?

  28. ravi says:

    I dreamt a wild cat in my dream I heard animal sound in a dark place then I went there to find out there I saw a wild cat making sound then I ignored went ahead suddenly the same wild cat appeared in front of me and attacked on my neck but somehow I managed to hold at my neck where it jumped on me then I woke up. it was in the morning time at about 8 am

    1. Phindi says:

      I dreamed of a big fat cat breast feeding three kittens in my kitchen, what does that mean?

    2. Shawna says:

      I was sleeping on my back the other night and I opened my eyes and there was this Morris the cat with green eyes staring at me..and I closed my eyes and it was gone then I rolled to my right side ..

  29. Frank says:

    I dreamt that a cat slid down the banister and when it made it to the bottom, it did not land on its feet.

    Then it turned into woman from my workplace. My sister came running to see what the noise was about. When the woman & my sister saw eachother, they started laughing. I started to laugh in the dream as well and i awoke from the dream laughing. I’ve had very little interaction with this woman from work. If this dream means anything, i haven’t the slightest clue about what it is trying to tell me.

  30. Jeremy Broadstone says:

    Hey guys I had a dream about a white cat that I adopted and the cat didn’t like me at first it actually hissed at me when I got it but after a couple of days the cat liked me. It constantly purred, I constantly petted it, it did that thing were cats put they’re paws on you and do that pat pat thing that they do on they’re mothers belly and at one point the cat used me as a cat scratcher on my shorts but it did not scratch me. I was living in my first home everything was the same just living with a white cat in my first house. I’m a guy and I’ve never really dream about cats or owning them or anything, what could it all mean? I’d appreciate any comments or suggestions, thanks

  31. chat says:

    Hi, last night I had a dream about saving a cat and thextreamly place I arrived in my dream for hame was like my actual hosue but bigger, and my basement was huge. Now what I can remember is going down to the basement (my baspent isn’the one of those creepy basements it’s comfortable) and there was a night furry from how to train your dragon, and it was super happy and was helping cats and kittens but for some reson I was extremely protective of the cat that I had saved. Dose that mean anythig?

  32. What does it mean if you dream of a cat in a green army suit ?

  33. ybeljev says:

    Last night I dreamed that a cat was playing with my hands. You know, playful bites and bunny kicks.
    It was so cute.

  34. Carol Graydon says:

    Hello, I went for an afternoon nap & I had this dream that in the dream I was being told my Cat has Cancer to me this is alarming as i’v one Cat a Main Coon with bone Cancer some time back & I didn’t even know about it until it was way to late & I don’t want to go through that again as this Cat is now a ten almost an 11 year old Liac Siamese I just need to know what does it mean

  35. Billy Casper says:

    Hello there! Last night in my dream, I was invaded by many furry cats. The place was dark enough. And for reference, the place looked a lot like the platform infront of the building, where Batman and Bane fight in the end of the 2012 film “The Dark Knight Rises”. I could also see tall and thick pillars. Well, I am not 100% sure if I was being ‘invaded’. But what I am sure about is that cats were coming to me one after the other and I was picking them up and smashing them as hard as I could. I wanted to kill them. But I dont know why, I didnt kill them simply. I was smashing them on the ground, hence, killing them slowly by breaking their bones. It was night time in the dream. I woke up very soon during the scene. You cant imagine how disturbed I am by this dream. Please guide me through. I love cats( and a true fan of The dark knight trilogy as well). I think I am getting psycho. I just dont know. Please help me out.

  36. Aras says:

    I have dreams about saving kittens and cats all the time. What does that mean? I just woke up from a dream where my father and his evil girlfriend had kittens in a snake cage, but the snake didn’t harm them until he pulled the snake and the kittens out. He put the snake and one of the kittens on the coffee table and the snake started swallowing it, but I pulled the kitten out. My father said that the kittens are really sick and he needed to kill them. I looked and some of their eyes were Orange and their pupil was a bit brighter. Some were losing fur and hat wounds on their backs. It was storming bad in the dream but I don’t know if that meant anything and My father used to have snakes. I’m not that close with my father so I don’t know why I would have a dream like that. I also had a dream that I thought my mother died. I don’t know if it was still part of the kitten dream or not because I was still at my father’s house. My mom has an bad tooth because she cracked and it’s getting infected and people can die that way. The infection can spread to your brain. Are the cat dreams trying to tell me my mom is going to get worse? Last summer she almost died from something she caught from my sister’s cat that had an abscessed foot. She got something only cats or dogs could get and it was so rare that some lady what to write about it. Could that be why I have cat dreams

  37. Brooklynne Rhinehart says:

    What do you think it means for a woman to dream of a cat eating another cat?

  38. Amanda Williams says:

    I am a female and I have had a the same dream multiple times about a cat that won’t leave my side ..I dream I sat on it and it stays clinged to me. What does this mean

  39. Karen E. Martinez says:

    Recently I dreamt one of our calico cats went outside on our balcony when my brother had fallen breaking the gate . Our cat too fell. I saw myself watching her as she looked up and prepared to get back up. She then jumped up towards the balcony and made it quick and safely onto the second floor balcony perfectly

  40. Will says:

    I had a dream of a lot of cats and kittens in my house. One time I was in the toilet. When I opened the door to leave a cat was on the other side of the door. I said “in Jesus name” then the cat growled and i decided to lock the door. Then I heard my brother chasing the cats out of the house and decided to help. We managed to chase all the cats and kittens out of the house. What does this mean?

  41. Kate says:

    Hi, I first dreament with a kitten seated at my balcony, and letter i dreamt seeing a cat ahead of me to the bank counter.What does this mean?

  42. Pamela Regeena says:

    My son Dream’t about his cat on my balcony (she is with me presently) 8 storys up. She walked on edge of building then jumped down and he thought she was dead. She wasnt landed on her feet. The he realized he had to go get her. She started running before he could get diwn there.

  43. Aish Bhowmick says:

    I just had a dream that I’m in my friend’s house, and under the bed a kitten is crying or I heard some voice of kitten not particularly crying,my friend tried to remove them, and I was standing near, then I saw a big extremely big grey cat who just came out under the bed and I just tried to expel him and suddenly he aggressively came to me and bite in my finger, that was the dream

  44. Mariana says:

    I had a dream I was in my grandmas backyard, and there was a litter of kittens at the very end of the yard by the fence. I saw that a mama cat was breastfeeding bunnies. When I went closer to say hi to the kittens, a kitten runs right up to me before I can get half way, claws up my pant leg and state attacking me. My family warned me not to get too close but I love cats sincerely; if I could be an animal, I’d for sure be a cat. When they attacked me it made me really sad. What could this dream mean?

  45. irma acosta says:

    I dream my ex brought me bunch of kittens they where all black with a white line in the middle dont know what the dream mean

  46. Christine Hilton says:

    I just had a dream about 7 or 8 grey tabby cats including our one sleeping on our bed while I was sleeping. I called my husband in to see them & we realised the window was open. Some of the cats weren’t well. One had stitches on its chest & was bleeding – it was a huge cat. Another smaller cat had an open hole on its body. A very graphic dream!

  47. Jordan says:

    I had a dream about two cats they looked well-nourished and they were striped gray and dark gray. I was teaching them to stay and sit. They were very obedient and they listened to my commands. I told them to high five and the right one did it first and i gave it a treat the second one did the second time. They were like puppies to me.

  48. Chethiya says:

    I just dreamed that I called my cat in my dream and she came but as well as so many other cats are trying to bite her. Weird thing is they all looks the same color. I am trying to help her and I woke up in bad shape. For the first time in my life I woke up so early like this

    1. Amanda says:

      My dream was very weird having 2/3 stories interlacing. But concerning the cats there was a large black cat stalking me from inside a cemetery behind trees and metal railings. It was night time and the path was sandwiched between the cemetery and a large playing field. Behind me was a housing estate and in front of me the path led to my old high school. As I approached the school, a body of security personnel appeared and they were guarding a collection of dead safari animals that had been mutilated. One pile was zebra heads, antelope and a giraffe. The other pile I could not make out the species but were of the albino colouring and included skeletons. My thoughts were focused upon how wasteful this was and they led me to think how well the black panther could eat if only the security would put away their guns. I turned and went back along the path being aware of the Panthers presence. Now I was only 30/40 yards away from the path but on a housing estate. It was a road I was very familiar with but it’s housing arrangement was not. Walking along I came to my residence which was of an Victorian fascade with 5 stories and yet was spread out and looked to be a ranch that wouldn’t be out of place in the southern state of Louisiana. My neighbour invited me onto her porch. We sat and were talking when a domestic cat appeared. Walking out of doorway beside the house. The 1 became 3 all of similar markings. The last cat that walked through the doorway stepped over a lump in the doorway. The neighbours daughter brought our attention to this as she shout. We approached and it was a mature cat in the stages of rigour mortis. A cat then dragged away the body. I was then invited inside the shed as my neighbour went about the feeding of the cats laying down a sheet of plastic and tipping on to this her choice of cat food. The shed was a brick build and in each corner there was a room to each packed to the roof with what seemed to me to be untreated sheeps wool, layered. And these rooms belonged to a domesticated pet cat. In the room to the left of me a mixed colouring of tabby patches over a white background was my pet cat bebe. She fell out of the layered wool and landed in the doorway. I told my neighbour the cat belonged to me. At this time tens upon tens of cats appeared. As I left and went towards my residence ( my recollection of what happens next gets all muddled. I remember find a mobile phone which I gave to the owner. My brother was leaving but wanting me to get him contraband to take with him. The people delivering were teenagers that tried to d3cieve me. Their boss recognised me???? Demanding that they treated me respectfully. They then over compensated and placed in my hands 20x what the value of my money was worth. The people became a family I knew as a child. This is where it all gets confusing. Because I now began to feel a weight upon me bearing down. The light and colours started to fade and take on a darkness that brought with it a deep sense limitation and feelings of deep depression. This caused the dream to tangled up losing me. There was a death, betrayal between the siblings. Leaving me to become a burden somewhat. Not sure how or why)
      I then found myself leaving the house. As i left to begin my walk there began appearing young kittens and older cats. They came ouf from the bushes that lined the path. I found myself getting glimpses of a leopard lurking behind me. As I started to leave the housing estate my foremost thought was back to the piles of dead wildlife and how much the cats and kittens could benefit from their meat. So I was trying to lead them all towards the bounty. As i approached thd path i felt the presence of the panther and leopard respectfully keeping a distance. Somehow though I became aware that five of the young kittens belonged to the leopard and this was her reason to keep up but the panther I felt none of this awareness however half way upon the path the black panther somehow had escaped the railings of the cemetery and was now walking behind me upon which this powerful majestical creature rose up onto his hind quarters and had placed his paws upon my shoulders, walking behind me step for step. The domestic cats and kittens were now being corralled by the also beautiful and visually awe inspiring leopard. The lion pride was playfully relaxing with their cubs. (If was at this point I was awoken by the constantly piercing tone of my mobile)

  49. Wicked witch says:

    I keep having this dream really real dream, like it’s so real I think it actually happens. What happens is that this one stray cat I find is suddenly attached to me. I know her gender, and she’s completely black expect she has this one white fur spot around left eye. She just keeps following me, and every time I’m around her, I feel happy. What does this mean?

  50. Rahel says:

    Umm this might be weird but i swear its true ive been in love with a girl since i was a child and yet we havent been married but everytime we meet we see a cat walk by us and i just want to know if you know what that means its not a dream btw

  51. Ava WARD says:

    I am a female and I had a dream that I was sleeping outside and this stray cat was walking beside I then stood up and the cat attacked me, I woke up seconds later. It is now the next morning and my sister told me there was a cat on our front porch. I love cats so I went outside and pet it until it ran away. I think that its not just a coincidence. Does anybody have any answers or comments on my experience?

  52. Denice says:

    I dreamt of two cats that belonged to a recently deceased niece. In a childhood home and I was trying to coerce the two cats up the stairs too the childhood bedroom of my sister the mom of my recent deceased niece. I did get them upstairs closing them in so the wouldn’t wander the rest of the house. I remember calling one cat by name of one of nieces cats. The name was Lucky I called the name more than once saying come on up. Concern of meaning.

  53. Molly says:

    Hello i just dreamed i was at a beach with a couple of people playing volleyball in the corner of my eye i looked at the sea and saw these giant lobsters 2 or 3 of them fly out of the water and land on the beach. So i ran a fair way to get one i was thinking cool maybe one for dinner. But some on else beat me to it. So i walked back to my group who i was just with. It was a hot day to but not much pple around. But what i saw on the way back were so many cats littered on the beach like in /on old boxes old blankets etc.discarded they were emaciated, sick and clearly not cared for. But they were alive I didnt want to touch them because i did not want to get sick i saw 1 black cat his tail was still so i knew poor thing died the rest were dying i was freaking out looking around 4 help I kept walking Back to the group i saw a dolphin hiding under the sand waiting for tide water to come and save it this was all above the high tide mark when i got finally got back to this house which was on the beach i was too busy looking for a phone so i can help the cats but got distracted with how fast and dangerous this tide water was coming up to and eventually rolled inside the beach house i looked at my cousin and we grabed his kids
    gaped it to the hills and with a puppy in tow. Then i woke up thinking about all these sick cats 1 blue dolphin wanting me to save it and some giant lobsters

  54. Jarvis says:

    I’m not a cat person… I had a dream a cat was sitting on my shoulder, and I was massaging it with my knuckles til I realized how much the cat was enjoying it, and it frightened me, so I pushed it off me. Then another cat jumped on my lap wanting my affection.

  55. Bala Singh says:

    I recently had a dream about my cat being warm and welcoming towards an enormous snake. It was abnormally huge with a big head and human eyes; it was smiling and was constantly kissing the cat on her forehead or cheeks. I was more scared in the dream than I should have been, but I couldn’t help myself. The snake was fur coated and looked soft and aged, and he was of the colour of one of the kittens of my cat. Ultimately I was woken up by another kitten, who jumped in from the window and accidentally landed on me.

  56. Diana says:

    I had the most bizarre dream, I dreamt about a huge cat that’s biting people’s heads off. When I saw it I felt such overwhelming fear in my dream that it felt so real. I escaped and then I came back to that place and I saw the cat, that now turned to a weird woman, impaled by a hook on the ceiling by my little sister. And then I was having a meeting about the huge deadly cat and the woman comes in and I start screaming that she is the one killing people but no one believed me and after that I ran away and tried to hide in my house from her.

  57. Jackie says:

    This article was incredibly fascinating and I agree with the comment of subjectiveness regarding each person’s unique dream. I do, however, have a small issue; I dreamt about a male cat eating a kitten! I tried to stop him eating the first kitten, but was too late, but managed to push him out of the way to save the other two! He was my old ginger Tom, (euthanaised over a year ago) and he was massive. A really big cat. The kittens were fluffy calico babies. I’m so confused by this dream. I follow dream interpretations as I firmly believe we are given “coded” messages and part of the lesson is in decoding them.

    Do you have any ideas?

    Yours in dream Land

  58. Sheila says:

    I had a dream last night and was searching for something in all my drawers and cupboards, and every one I looked in I saw many ginger or ginger and white dead cats, some where on their own and others were in twos or more, but they were everywhere I looked, hunched together or alone.it was horrible.I have never had a cat dream before.I don’t particularly like cats. I have a Bichon Maltese dog who is nearly six years old

  59. Henry says:

    I dreamed about a cat chanting in a different language standing like a human . Holding a yellow /white flower with his left hand and making fire with his right hand while burning the flower on the fire and when doing so the flower disappears into a black smoke like matter . It feels like there is fire all over me. The black cat still chanting with his big yellow and black eyes comes face to face with me and I look at him in to his eyes more like through his eyes and soul ,he does the unthinkable . Takes the black smoke like matter with his right paw runs it through my left shoulder and across to my right pelvis . What doesn’t it mean????

    1. Richard Stephens says:

      I dreamed a very weird dream about 2 kittens at a pet shop one was black and the other one grey I loved the grey one and wanted to take it home when a lady came up to me and took the kitten. I could see she was pregnant and I ask her when her baby was due she said I am about five months but I am not having a baby we do science expermints here and I am having kittens, seven of them! of course I am shocked and said how can this be? She said many things are possible now. I woke up shaking my head Not sure what this could mean

  60. Marian parker says:

    I’m not sure the day that this happened but I was dreaming of a black cat that is paused on my door open the door and laid there in front of the door I pushed him out but then he did the same thing again what is the meaning of this dream .

  61. Anonymous says:

    i had a dream of a large fluffy cat. I believe male. I remember exactly how he looks, he was a large ragdoll breed very fluffy and soft. he had yellow piercing eyes. his coat was mainly white with a upside down v on his forehead, trailing down to his flank. he was very friendly as I began to pet him and he purred. the cat’s position was on a red couch he made himself comfortable as he was surrounded by pillows. I was called over by someone and the cat followed, though the second he jumped off the couch he turned into my crush/good friend. She acted like nothing happened and I didn’t question it at the time. But once I woke up I thought it was strange.

  62. bongiwe says:

    i once dreamt about cats in different sizes up to a big one and they were lying on a mud like substance

  63. Karen says:

    I dreamt my little shih-tzu dog was a cat that was lost on my old school campus. I kept looking even and couldn’t find her.

  64. brianna sackman says:

    what i dreamed about a blind cat falling into the pool.

  65. JOEY HULLINGER says:

    I often dream about cats having kittens. There are usually several to hundreds. They are usually destressed, hungry, sick and deformed. Sometimes, they are trying to get in the door and I’m trying to keep them out. Or, trapped in a dark basement with no food. Why might I be dreaming this?

  66. Mahesh Kumar says:

    I dreamt of peeled cats lying as if in a meat shop layed in array. In that group one cat talks to some other cat and when sees me tries to be silent. This whole scenario I saw in a washroom right beside the place where we rest our right foot. Before entering into the washroom I just made a girl (whom I love wait for me outside. I never finished my work for which I entered in. Please interpret for me, this dream.

  67. Elias Hayek says:

    I dreamt that the cat was sitting alone sad, and than she went up the building and jumped and died infront of me

  68. BIDYUT says:

    I recently dreamt of a cat drinking lots of water.

  69. Kevin says:

    I had a dream that a whole bunch of cats got into my house durring the nite,jumped up on my bed and wanted me to let them out to do their buisness. I have been feeding tbe strays in my neighourhood for a while now and one of them apeared in my dream, one that i am particulary fond of. I am a 56y.o. divorced male and i live alone

  70. Jamuul Allah says:

    I had a dream of a wild square bodied cat that wouldn’t leave me alone im not sure if he was violent but i never let him get that close i know he was huge and fury and had a brown/greyish like tint to him….i tried everything to get away from him in the dream i even took my shirt off and tossed it away praying that he would fetch it and leave me alone but he only ran to it and jumped on it and came following me again…..i dont get that dream but i did see a dead cat infront of him before he arose into this oddly looking feline

  71. Atharv says:

    I dreamt of cat snatching my left eye

  72. James says:

    I had a dream within a dream within a dream. When I awoke the second time, I was in a homey, albeit ornate and large room of an 1800s house with my black cat in bed with me. I had dreamt I’d been possessed or marked by something sinister leading up to this second dream awakening. I felt unsettled about the room I was in and reached to pull her close to me. As I held this black cat on this ornate bed, my nose started to bleed as I was stricken by an invisible blow to the face. This also hurt my cat and we both were bleeding and in pain and duress. I panicked and screamed for help as I held this familiar black cat. I cried and yelled as I watched her suffer. I tried to run for help but fell to the floor when I stood. So I crawled to a doorway leading to a long hallway where I thought someone might hear me and come to help my cat and myself. I heard my mother say she was coming and could hear her footsteps but awoke to real life before I saw her. In real life, I don’t have a cat, my mother is loving and alive, and I wake up in panic and tears once or twice a year. I’ve tried to find meaning in these vicious dream sequences but have yet to find conclusion. It’s always different and just happened to be myself and a black cat this time.

  73. Benjo says:

    When the dream manifested I was standing at my window only to realise a presence on my bed. This white cat with vivid deep blue eyes was right next to me looking up; she head-butted my hand and I petted her. I was careful to keep my door closed because I already have a black cat in the waking world (Bentley) and I didn’t want a potential fight.

  74. Gracie says:

    Ok, well im my dream my dog (i dont have a dog irl) dropped its toy and it sunk to the bottom of a very deep pool i said (to the rest of my family) “its ok, ill get it” so i got in the pool and whent down but when i got to the bottom there was a cat suck in a crate like thing, it was ovs drowning so i grabed it and took it up then it clung to my shoulder like my two real cats do, what does this mean?

  75. Juliet Apostol says:

    I dreamed about cat bite me in my hand and I can’t remove immediately ,what does it mean?

  76. Sherryl Bennett says:

    I dreamed of 3 black cats, but one had a white shaped fur on its forehead. I was afraid of the 3 cats but all they wanted to do was to play. And they kept playing around me. Which made me feel comfortable around them. When I woke up I felt happy and relaxed.

  77. Donna Anderson says:

    First of all, I don’t like cats, never have, don’t trust what they are about to do. Their bodies are so agile the thought of them leaping up onto any counter or table scares the heck out of me. One jumped on the back of my coat and clung by it’s nails about 40 years ago when I was talking to it’s owner. My cat dreams have recurred every now and then over the last 30 years of my adult life. I’ll see it approaching to leap up toward me and cry out for help for somebody to take it away and no one helps. Trying desperately to analyze, it seems that if I encounter a woman the day before with any very mild to questionable conflict, there’s that cat dream. Last night there were 3 different cats all different colors that quickly entered a doorway where I was standing, the first on pushing through aggressively, rubbing against my legs, even forcing the door open that I tried to shut, but they didn’t approach me, just quickly entered the room that I quickly exited.

  78. Hi what is the meaning of seeing two white cats in a friends house. Love your article.

  79. Seyi says:

    I was surprised to see that there’s a cat in a compound I visited in my dream and another younger cat appeared. The first cat seem to be very fun of me; playful and show some intelligence but the second just literally like me.

    Could you help me with interpretation?

  80. Mumuni Abdul Bassit says:

    I have had a dream seeing 9 cats. 2 among those cats were black and 3 were white. and then 1 big grey cat who seems to be either the mother or the leader.. but the other eight were like kittens..I cannot identify the other 3 colors in my dream. The dream started with me seeing three or four ladies walking. not quite sure of the number of ladies though.. But I followed them and then stopped one of them because they were all looking at me while passing.. I started kissing with the lady I stopped then my fingers all over in her private part as we kissing. That was when this night cats appeared before me but at first I got scared until the big cat came close to me facing the kittens who seem not be a treat but playful and jumping on each other.. So then I counted them and woke up from the dream after counting the cats.. Please is there any interpretation on this dream that I can be assisted with

  81. Margo says:

    I dreamt that a cat from my childhood visited me . The cat was very friendly and was nudging rubbing against me in a polite and tamed manner. Not sure what to get from this but I am a man if that helps

  82. Aly says:

    I had I dream about 2 cats that were inside a house then one of them went outside for a long time, then a man with a tiny cat on his shoulder went to wait outside but the cat never came back and my dream made me think a man killed a cat because of how sketchy he was through out the dream

  83. Tianna Mendoza says:

    My cat is currently missing. He’s been gone for weeks. I had a dream that he came home and was badly injured, we didn’t want him to suffer so we took him to the vet to put him down but instead the vet gave him medicine and numbing shots to heal him. He was back to his normal self after a few days in my dream. What does this mean??

  84. Tracy says:

    I had a dream found bucket of white kittians I binned them

  85. Vicki says:

    I was dreaming that migh cat was in danger at house fire and I was doing anything possible to save him

  86. Theresa Eidson says:

    What does it mean when you dream of lots of cats giving birth to mice and then dogs trying to eat the mice?

  87. Louan says:

    Hi i dream about cats the cat color is like orange , and i dont know the exact what they are doing its like they are biting me

  88. renier abalos says:

    hello good day

    last night i dreamed of being bitten of 2 cats, i cant take them away in my hands, and suddenly i think that they thought that may hands are food because i am eating that time using only my hand, no spoon and fork. Then i feed them food while biting my hand but they never let go. then i suddenly woke up.

  89. Potatochild says:

    I dreamt about multiple cats. A black and white, just sitting staring at me, and then walks away. The 3 other cats walked away with it. A white fluffy fat cat with purple eyes stayed, seeking attention. Wanting me to pet, hug, and love it. It looked so happy when I was giving it my full attention and playing with it.

  90. Russell says:

    I had a dream of three grown cats fighting

  91. Cathy task says:

    I had a dream about a cat lastnught it wasnt Nice a nice cat I was trying scare it away but it started barking atme

  92. Tena Webber says:

    April 5 2019 i dream of lots of cats playing with me me following me and being very persistent one even took my eyeladh off

  93. Tamie Kaler says:

    What does that me when you dream about someone keeping you from getting your cat back By pushing you away

  94. Liz Syms says:

    What does it mean when a cat lives on me in a dream? This cat which was white kept purring and loving on me with its head…like cats do when they want to be petted. So what does this dream mean?

  95. Sara says:

    Hello, I have not long woken up from a dream..

    One of my three cats, a big black and white fluff ball, was outside (which is strange in itself as our cats are indoor cats, and not our place) and there was a big pvc/latex type bag (big enough for sack racing).. similar to this bucket (if link works – https://www.partycity.com/blue-plastic-tub-with-rope-handles-430034.html but it was a bag with larger rope handles and it was yellow).

    So my floofin’ was playing outside and got caught in the ropes and along came enough wind to pick this bag up and start floating off like a hot air ballon.. I started to panic but my partner didn’t seem fussed.. he was more interested in trying to get lucky!

    I grabbed my phone, some cat food in a Tupperware container and ran out the door straight over to my neighbours house; I could see my car flying further and further away.. unfortunately the neighbours are old and like to chat, even though I said I can’t. After a few seconds I said I really have to go, and had the thought my cat is long gone. I woke up at this point.

    Curious to know what the dream could mean, I picked up my phone and it was 5:55am.

    Any insight would be greatly appreciated xxx

  96. Virgilio sanico says:

    I dreamed my own black cat one of the back feet got a tape (not sure is a scotch tape or masking tape) on it. I pulled the masking tape as fast I can thinking he wouldn’t be so much pain. But I was shocked that after pulling it the entire skin was latched to the tape. My cat make a loud noise because of the oIn and I immedietly comfort him by petting him. A few minutes he calm down and start licking his feet and act it’s nothing happened.

  97. Lola says:

    I had a dream about a white stray cat that came into the house I was living in. No one was around and I just kept saying, “Why is this white stray cat in my house?” I was so confused. The cat never ran when it saw me in fact it didn’t acknowledge me it just kept walking like it owned the home.

    1. Aruna says:

      I saw this same dream what it’s meant

  98. Tracy Allen says:

    Last night I had a dream where a woman walked up to me with a cherub cheeked and fluffy faced short legged kitty. The kitty was wearing a bright colored floral print dress. The top part of the dress on kitty was form fitted and the bottom part was ‘skirted’ out. I remember admiring how darling the kitty looked. I smiled and leaned over the fluffy faced kitty. She sat up and gently cuffed my cheeks (no claws)as if to reassure me that things were okay. I remember feeling as if I was surrounded with so much love.

    1. Charli Mae says:

      I have this exact dream! I am spinning out because i woke up and posted the exact same recurring dream that id had but at 5.13 pm later that day, reading this i thought a friend posted for me, maybe, but looked at the times and mine 12 hrs later that day. Thats assuming you posted this the morning you had the dream. Probably not the case, but same dream and i wake up so emotional, angry at myself and like i could cry my eyes out.

  99. zya says:

    I have a recurring dream all the time. I have five cats now at one point I had 7. in my dreams I will travel somewhere and take my cats with me and put them in the house or the room or the hotel wherever I’m staying. When I return my cats are all missing. So I start searching and I’ll find them and I’ll bring them back one at a time and they’re constantly getting out again and so I’m constantly searching for them and my dreams and trying to bring them back. I usually wake up sad and frustrated because I can’t find all my cats or I can’t seem to get them all together back with me.

  100. ara api says:

    i had a dream i saw a cat with 6 eyes on his body he is a harmless cat what does it mean.

  101. Joyce says:

    Okay, I have this recurring dream that there are many many cats in my basement that I did not know about or forgot about. They were neglected, meaning no liter box etc. and I comfort them, say I’m sorry and get them the things they need. What does this mean?

  102. Min says:

    I’m here because, today i dream of a cats and birds in a big cage. The cats are all scratching and the birds are all trying escape because their head are already outside of the cage and they’re forcing their body to come out. And when I’m trying to touched one of them the bird bites me but it doesn’t hurt at all so i still hold him/her! And when i hold him/her he/she relaxed like nothing happens at all, like he/she didn’t bitten me at all. And in my dream it seems that they’re begging to be freed.

  103. ananya says:

    I saw a cat crying for love to me.That cat dnt want to leave me. I dnt like cat, i dnt want but i saw on cats eyes.lot of tears. He/She wants my affection,love.

  104. Scott says:

    Well my dream was that of a mother cat giving birth to some kittens, some were dead, the ones that were alive I was trying gather them up and save them.
    Not sure if what I read helps or not.

  105. Ernesto says:

    I have frequent cat dreams where they seem almost demonic in nature and often physically restrain me by sitting on my chest whilst glaring at me, and i have to summon up all my willpower to kick them out. Get shudders just thinking about them , help.

  106. DR says:

    Hey, I had a dream that I was in an old friends house, who I haven’t spoke to in years, and In the dream I was in her house visiting her because she was sick, then her mother walks in and so do these 3 small kittens. Two black and one white and they start attacking me, and there mouths were latched onto my hands. Scared me a lot.

  107. Nicole says:

    Hey, I had a dream where I was in a car with 3 other people and I was in the back while they were driving and I saw kittens on a side walk next to some bushes. So I told them to stop . When I saw the kittens I was like aww OMG so cute and there were like five of them . I told my friends im going to take some of them home . I picked up 3 , one white , one black And the other i can’t remember the color but I think it was greyish . I grabbed a towel from the car and picked up the 3 kittens and they were all meowing and being friendly while I petting them on the way home . Then I got dropped of home and I decided to wash the kittens since I thought they needed a bath . I wash them all 3 together and they seem to enjoy taking a bath and meowing again more then again I picked up the towel and dried Them and I put them on my bed . What does this dream mean ? Can someone please explain it to me ? Help me understand

    1. Mavis says:

      This seems like a really good dream! It sounds like you’re starting to develop an intuition for right and wrong as well as “gray” neutrality (black, white, and gray cats). Perhaps you used to see these ideas as somewhat elusive or unimportant, but as you live life and observe the world, you’re starting to see morality, truth, and justice as more significant, so you’re bringing it into your most personal ideas and everyday thoughts (bringing the cats from the bushes to your bed). Maybe you’re really trying to assess these things from a new lens and forgetting whatever ideas of right and wrong you used to have (bathing the cats). Either way, it certainly seems like you’re rediscovering your intuition, and that sounds like a pretty good dream to me 🙂

  108. Anushka says:

    Hey.. I’m a girl and I saw that a monkey tore the kitten’s stomach and he is grabbing the kitten with his one hand and playing with another monkey. Kitten is just raising her hand for help but is helpless.. I need to know it’s meaning… Plzzz… I already had a tragedy in my life and I got pre signal in my dream which I couldn’t understand…. Plz help me somebody this time…

  109. Stellaris Maxxion says:

    So I had a dream. I guess we were in this chinese place and this guy brought out a plate full of cats that we were supposed to eat though none of us did. I just sat there petting a few because i thought I heard meowing coming from them. Just then a grey cat jumped and ran to the nearest wall. I looked him in the eyes. He had these bright blue eyes that I can’t find anywhere on google. I remember screaming he was supposed to be dead but my mom told me to be quiet because we could sneak him out and keep him. All of my peers said the same thing. I started looking for places to hide him and then he started singing parodys of American Pie the lyrics being his thoughts. I haven’t heard that song in a few months. Anyway he kept escaping his hiding spots and he started singing again. I don’t remember exactly what he said but it had translated to I couldn’t keep him. I remember clearly though even though I had woken up that i had hugged him. My eyes opened. And I cried. Ha I cried over a cat i never had

  110. Sarah says:

    I saw that a cat was abandoned by his first family so I went and took the cat the cat acted like human and even talked and I was acting normal with that in my dream lik if it wasn’t weird but he even dressed like human but the next day his first family come to get him and he cries to me that he doesn’t wanna go therefore I kept him he was so young and adorable then he grows up and when he grows up he’s a fully grown human man and I fell in love with him he wasn’t a cat no more and when I wake up the person I liked betrayed me cuz I found out he was playing me

  111. Erin says:

    Interesting I had a dream about a loving sweet cat who had a white face and a gray tabby colored short haired body, she was blind in one eye and kept whirling in and out of my feet. What I find interesting is I had a right brain stroke over a year and a half ago, doing well so far in my recovery. She was so loving and sweet in my dream I just kept wanting to hold her.

  112. JoAnn Boyd says:

    I dreamt that I was in a car with the door open and a lot of people were putting cats in my car. The cats were jumping out of my car. I was running to try to pick the kids up and bring them back to the car. I found one cat dead.The others were running from me. I didn’t understand what that was all about.

  113. Christy says:

    I have a cat but I just started dreaming of him a few days ago but today he was in a room where he wasnt allowed to be in due to it having to many things that could harm him and the only way to get him to listen to me was to smack him and yell at him saying to him “get out your a bad kitty your know your not supposed to be in here!” In the real world I don’t smack or yell or punish him it only happened in this dream can you help me understand what it means please

  114. Megan says:

    Last night I had a dream about lots of cats that were diseased with blood dripping from their eyes and noses, they were trying to infect humans so everyone in the city was trying to escape. Next thing I was at my workplace and there was a cat trying to get in the door at me, there was a gap in the door that it kept sticking it’s head through and I had to push it back out with my foot. The cat didn’t appear to have the same disease as the other cats, also it was black where all the other cats were white.

  115. Mariam says:

    In all of my dreams, my dead cat always appears, but he was alive in my dreams, he would always be walking in the background or just sitting on the corner.
    In every dream.

  116. Robyn Pyers says:

    I dont know what I was dreaming about but twice a cat walked thro my dream. It was a big cat. the first time it walked through my dream the second time I just saw it on the edge of my dreams. both times I screamed out I was terrified of the cat? and my dogs came and woke me.

  117. Ethan Threlkeld says:

    I had a dream where a kitten was at the door on a very snowy day, he looked like my old cat so I brought him to my bed and then in the dream I saw him fully grown and staring right at me. I remember the dream like yesterday

  118. rhygt says:

    today I dreamt of 2 cats entered our home fighting (1black&white color & the other one is golden brown) they were like Ninja’s fighting on the ceiling & walls until the golden one got injured & blooded on her ears, nose & body then I was trying to scream to her to go out! she went out at the back door of our house but found her way back to get in again & I keep on shouting out! out! then I suddenly got my consciousness back because my husband beside me tried waking me up & I gained mY consciousness realizing its just a dream.. upon reading your article that cat symbolizes the fem side & fears & all that stuff now trying to figure out what my dream is all about..

  119. Tim says:

    I ha a dream that my roommate owned a cat. She ran it over or severly crushed the cats face. Cat didn’t die horribly disfigured… At the time of the dream the cat had healed but it’s mouth was crushed and permanently healed opened probably 20 times normal sized
    The Tom cat Couldn’t eat
    This cat was being cared for by a group of people who loved the cat and felt compassion for it
    It was in the middle of this table everyone was petting it and loving it.
    My roommate walked in the room and the cat realized who it was.
    Immediately it’s hair stood up on its back and it began to hiss and growl. The cat completely Freaked out.
    The lady said “It recognizes me” telling herself the cat was reacting positively to her presence. Everyone else realized the reaction was horribly negative and damaging to the cat
    So they ushered her out of the room while she continued to reiterate it recognized me Horrible dream. I discerned the cat was me, The utter complete blissful blindness to the situation made me wake up laughing.

  120. Adi says:

    A white and gold cat was comming to me for playing and I was funny saying go away go away and slapping on its checks slowing like we do with kids but it was not going what is the meaning

  121. Petrina says:

    i had a dream of many kittens moving and jumping around the us, just when i have entered a house with my two grandchildren’s and the man the owner of the house.

  122. John says:

    I had a dream of a domesticated cat trying to enter my house and steal my food so I hit the cat with a huge sandal which send it falling down the stairs what does this mean?

  123. Sravya says:

    Actually before I never saw cats in my dream….but now I really got a person in my life…now I’m bit confused about that persons mentality…and the dream was- my bf was trying to kiss me and hug me and I saw an injured cat coming towards me…then again we went for a journey but suddenly cat came in between us…immediately that person became cat…that is my dream…n I’m not getting what it means

  124. Tina says:

    I dreamt of my own cat being thrown out of an open window an it made me really upset..i looked out she was only a little kitten black an white an she was dead on the floor….

  125. REEM GIRGIS says:


  126. Mary lee says:

    I had a dream that I felt someone was trying to warn me about something or show me something,
    I saw my bedroom window and it was like a picture window and the curtain was open, and when I looked I only caught the tail end of a cat

    That was it. I normally have a 3 slim glass window, so I feel that it being portrayed as a picture window was to show me something. I really need help to find the meaning of this dream or warning maybe?

  127. Marilin says:

    In my dream I was being shown to look into my bedroom window and I saw the tail end of a grey cat that had obviously walked across the big picture window (I normally have a window with 3 slim window slats).
    It was like someone was trying to Alert me or make me see something, possibly going on in my home, someone in there?

  128. Marilin says:

    In my dream I was being shown to look into my bedroom window and I saw the tail end of a grey cat that had obviously walked across the big picture window (I normally have a window with 3 slim window slats).
    It was like someone was trying to Alert me or make me see something, possibly going on in my home, someone in there?

  129. Lis says:

    Love ur interpretation, in my dream I have seeing my cat lost all his hair

  130. Gavin says:

    I occasionally have cats that I’ve had in the past come to me in dreams and talk to me. Not through words as such, but I know what they are saying. Any thoughts?

  131. Will Deval says:

    I had a dream about carrying my cat along a busy main road. She kept trying to run into the road and I had to to hold her tightly and carry her home safely.

  132. Servant says:

    Dreams must be interpreted individually. There are no generalizations. You dream about your life. Dreams are nothing more than subconscious garble. They only tell you generally what your brain is digesting while sleeping and it returns as a mush mash of images and stories. Unless of course you are receiving a revelation from God Almighty And Daniel happens by, don’t worry about it. Time is better spent reading the Bible.

  133. William Keating says:

     I dreamt I went to basement to get dads glasses I saw down there earlier . On my way back up a plastic yellow ball hit wall and bounced back. I went around corner to see who threw it and a shadow cat on floor ran into wall and disappeared so I kicked the yellow ball. Then a grey cat appeared on a box jumped down towards ball but when it landed on floor it was a shadow on floor and moved across floor to become a shadow cat on the wall

  134. Alicesunn Scarlett says:

    I’m dreaming of cats everywhere, they don’t attack but act as they do, they are everywhere

  135. Sir / Ms I had a dream that a white light brown cat is gazing into my eyes and I am getting fear. PLACE is my work chamber where I provide consultancy services. I am getting fear to see that cat the way she was looking at me. Back ground is total black and suddenly that white brown cat appeared
    For your clarification: In morning I had a meeting with a very high quality women who was very sober but she was in some family trouble. Further Clarification ; Next morning I got around 30000/- towards my therapy and diagnosis for her and her friend. Kindly guide because everywhere in Internet it is written that Dream of a Cat in whatever sense or meaning is not good. Now please tell me what had is going to happen to me as per your analysis ?

    1. Servant says:

      You are capable and confident. The cat is just a stupid dream. Forget it. Concentrate on doing your job. Don’t be afraid of the woman. Prayer to God and Jesus will protect you.

  136. Christine Normand says:

    What does a white cat with green eyes mean

  137. Kelly says:

    I dreamt I walked out of my house and to My right was a gray cat just sleeping on the ground dusted in snow it opened it’s eyes and I woke up that is all I remember

  138. D.S.M says:

    I dreamed a cat was biting both of my thumb aggressively and they were both bleeding,what does this mean

  139. Denise boyd says:

    Hello I been searching everywhere and cant find my answer. I had a dream my pet cat was sneezing constantly I looked up and out my vents in my house feathers and dust was falling down like snow covering everything then I start sneezing and coughing we both there cat at my feet sneezing and coughing what does this mean?

  140. K. says:

    Good insight. I just dreamt of a cat, neither fully grown nor kitten. It was a british shorthair breed or something alike, dark grey and with short but fluffy fur. She was constantly jumping around, nesting in my lap then jumping some more until she got tangled in something. I heard a person making a remark that she should behave more, so i wraped the string around my wrist and pulled it so we would be like handcuffed together. It was content, but a bit disappointed. I’m also a woman. Now what I interpret is that I’ve let myself be carefree and followed my intuition (was so during summer) but now I’m in a relationship. The guy is funny and we have a lot in common, but he’s intrinsic, accepts very little outside the realm of science and material world (has no understanding of intuition, doesn’t believe in deja-vu as moments recalling past dreams, reincarnation, synchronicity, collective unconscious etc.) I think this represent a tighter bond within myself (intuition and femininity), but also a loss of independence regarding out I act out on it in the world because of him.

  141. Sydney Gunn says:

    I have 5 cats, they’re my everything, and I had a dream that my grandmother let them out and they ran away

  142. Kim says:

    I had a dream about a cat was In the middle of the road in traffic and I stopped my car and saved him

    1. Anonymous says:

      It means You are a Good Samaritan at heart. Merry Christmas.

  143. FrostCore says:

    I do dream about cats . But it’s not in the list above. You can consider me as a man because I’m a boy haha. But I’ve been dreaming about adult pregnant cats and the cat looks like it might give birth soon . I wonder what could my dream means about pregnant cat . That’s all

    1. J says:

      Perhaps the idea that the cat could represent intuition might apply here. Maybe you are developing your own intuition and the pregnancy may indicate that you feel your intuition is ready to ‘give birth’ (give life to) new understandings or capabilities.

  144. What is the dream about when bear multiple cats jumping on you

  145. alex says:

    i had a dream that there was a grey short haired cat with green eyes that followed me around, would pur when i pet it, and hissed and yowled at everything else around me. what might this mean?

  146. Amber Watson says:

    So I had this dream that my dad brought a toy cat, along with a stray cat in a blanket and he was checking if the cat had a chip. What does it mean?

  147. Lily Moyse says:

    What does dreaming of a black and white cat with green eyes and then seeing it the next night before you go to sleep mean? I know it’s a hard question to answer but… I’m worried about my own safety.

  148. pabz anino says:

    I dreamt of a kitten scratching and biting me. What’s weird is that after a few minutes of “fighting” with the kitten, his/her father/mother “adult cat” came and wanted to take revenge.

  149. Jennifer lazo says:

    Dream of cat singing what does that mean

  150. Jess says:

    I dreamed that I owned a puma but as big as a jaguar and it was very friendly but also wanted me to feed him but I had no cat food

  151. Grace corsino says:

    Could u please inyerpret about my dreams that there are so many cats n diff breed that went in my house and accepted them n even rescue the cats that are put in the plastic even tied up… what does my dream mean…

  152. Daantjie says:

    Dreamt of cleaning up after cats.

  153. Miriam says:

    I dreamt being attacked by cats.I really struggled with them but at the end I killed one.I woke up breathing very fast

  154. Ankit says:

    What does it mean when your father said you in a dream he kill a cat by riding car on it?

  155. Lisa L. says:

    I just had a dream that my three cats were bringing me one dead animal after another. Any thoughts?

  156. Evelyn says:

    I had my first dream about a black cat. The cat was in my and kept playing around trying to keep me awake when I just wanted to sleep. All of a sudden the cat hunkered down and started hissing angrily at something/someone that was on the left side of my bed. I really thought the cat was there. When I woke up and realized I was dreaming…I got scared. Was this cat warning me of something?

  157. Vianney Ortiz says:

    I dreamed that my brother received a cat as a present. What does that mean??

  158. Alex says:

    I dreamed that I had two pets : one black rabbit and one black cat. In my dream, it was the first time they encountered each other. They expressed curiosity, they approched each other. They respectively picked up their smell. They moved toward one another as if they were about to cuddle. And they did; they started fooling around, roughhousing. The cat’s claw and teeth rested on the rabbit’s neck. At this point I feared the cat would hurt the rabbit, maybe even killing it. I was ready to intervene. But the cat looked at me, and I knew, they were actually getting to know each other, their act was stange, but sincere and playful. The rabbit was in no danger at all, the cat knew about it’s strenght, and was not going to use it at the rabbit’s expense. The cat cared very much about the rabbit, and vice versa. I was surprise and relieved.

    I feel like I’m emotionaly heading in the right direction. I’ve felted melancholic and lost for the past few weeks. Even though I am able to see the big picture, and understand why I do the things I do, I’m building what will make me safe and happy in the futur : I study, I eat well, I do my sport 3-4 times a week, I got good friends and they got me, I’m part of something, and I function in this system; but still the melancholy and the numbness crept in. I’ve been meditating a lot lately about how to resolve this inner conflict and I feel this cat and rabbit dream is the beginning of an answer, if not THE answer.
    Thanks for your help! <3

  159. Avi. says:

    I had depression 5 years ago and a got a cat, he helped me through my bad times, I loved him so much I for his love and help…
    I lost him to cancer, and was so devastated
    And last night I dreamt about him for the First time…(miss him so much)….it was so nice to see him again, I woke up looking for him…R.I.P my guardian angel…x.

  160. Bob says:

    I dream a cat that spoke to me. She act as regular cat but then she said to me “Hey Bob, can we play baseball?” I was like “Yea, sure, why not! It’s sunday after all!”

    1. Temmie says:

      Maybe you see your cat as a friend

  161. gloria marshall says:

    I was going the wrong way in my dream and I was attacked by a grey cat I gave the cat the cookie I was eating and another cat came and I knocked it to the ground and it wasn’t able to get up I left. And I woke up. Can you respond to this dream?

  162. Siddhartha Srivastava says:

    I saw 31 kittens in my dreams, all brown in colour. What does that mean?
    I am a boy of age 21 and I am a student.

  163. Frane says:

    I had a weird cat dream, first time I dreamed about cats in a long time – so, I was in my apartment, very sad because I failed my year at college, failed the exams, and my grandma (who is long ago dead, just to add up) was comforting me. And in the midst of all that, three cats entered my apartment in this order (because my grandma forgot to close the apartment doors) – one full black, one full gray and one black and white! They wanted to play and cuddle, but because I’m really disgusted by cats, I barely managed to chase them away somehow without touching them – all the while, they were trying to cuddle with me, and were constantly meowing like they were sad.

  164. Hugh Janus says:

    I had a dream that i was Katniss Everdeen and my friend Lily killed my sister’s cat Buttercup.

  165. Angharad says:

    I dreamed l had a baby & was terrified as l know NOTHING about carring for an infant. The nurse brought the baby to me & it was a kitten. I was soooo relived, l embraced the tiny kitten with my whole being…l am a crazy cat woman & proud of it!

  166. Adnan M Nasser says:

    I had a dream that I saved my cat from drowning in ice cold water.

  167. Jaskiran says:

    I dreamt of making friends with a mouse on train, while traveling with two other friends and stealing coal. We jumped at different stations. And while dropping down along with my friend, I found that a cat quietly swallowed my muse completely. Earlier I didn’t realise that it was being eaten, but I had a few seconds to save it. I was so scared of cat that I didn’t. And cat swallowed it. I woke up disturbed post this. What it could it possibly mean ?

  168. henry says:

    I had A dream A cat was hugging me real hard from from my back

  169. Julie says:

    Two nights in a row I’ve had the same dream, second night was longer and violent. Four very fluffy feral cats are attacking my daughter, nieces, and our little dogs outside my parents house. We get the girls to safety as well as my dog with a few scratches but my sisters dog is killed by the cats and it’s teeth are ripped out and laying next to the dog. They are trying to get into the house and I am leaning out a second Story window trying to get them to get away from us.

  170. Airah Apulog says:

    I had a dream I think a week or two ago. I’m on a bed then few cats surrounded me. At first, they are very gentle then one of the cats suddenly had a tight grip of my arms. Followed by other cats. At that time I want to be awake but I couldn’t open my eyes. I tried to shout for help but no voice comes out. What I did to wake up is breathe heavily then move my fingers. I kinda avoid cats since then.

  171. Romaine Walker says:

    this morning I was sleeping and I had a dream about a cat coming to me for help and it led me to an hole where the cats kitten were trapped in a hole and a lil flower as hard as a big tree was above the hole and a ant ness with in the dirt in between. so I pulled out the flower and the whole expanded, suddenly as I did that the dream ended and I heard my baby brother crying. he had spill hot soup on his self. INEEDANEXPLANATION

  172. Teresa says:

    My dreams of cats have been a mix one cat gets out the door I go to look for it in worried, at the same time another cat looks like it needs my attenchon and others are just wondering around normal

  173. Christy says:

    I had a very vivid dream that I was looking for my cat and as I rounded the corner of the house I was face to face with a huge a bald eagle that had my cat pinned down and was pecking at my cat’s neck like he was going to eat it. I was trying to shoo away the eagle with stick without wanting to hurt it. I was in awe and shocked at being close to an eagle and also frightened for my cat. My cat was scared, his eyes were tightly closed and he was trying not to move as I attempted to rescue him. In real life My cat died around this time about 5 years ago.

  174. Julie says:

    Last night in my dream , I kept getting frustrated at my boyfriend because he kept forgetting to buy the cats food. these cats were outside cats and I was terrified they were just so hungry so I kept bringing them people food to eat. (also in my dream I found out my boyfriend was cheating) Does this mean anything ?

  175. Sudeshna Saha says:

    This early morning i had a dream where i saw a frightened kitten. I went to pet it and saw its mother coming aggressively towards me. I kept its kitten beside her and found that both the kitten and the motger were ready to attack me . Moreover during these time there was a change in the weather. It went from pleasant to stormy. I woke up feeling so sick. What does this mean?

  176. Susan Gluck Feuerstein says:

    I was dreaming last night that a cat came after me and was biting my finger came from behind and was chewing the back of my coat.
    I am still shocked up.