What Do Dreams about Cats Mean?

September 12, 2014

By Julia Williams

I’ve long been fascinated by dreams, and even underwent a serious attempt at dream analysis years ago. I read countless books on dream interpretation and dream symbols. Each morning, I recorded what I could recall of my dreams, not an easy feat considering that most dreams evaporate quickly upon waking. (A tape recorder saves valuable time and is less jarring than reaching for a pen and paper and turning on the light to write).

What I eventually realized is that I could spend my entire life studying these nocturnal visions, and still not understand what they were trying to tell me. Do I believe that my dreams are an attempt to transfer valuable information from my subconscious to my conscious mind? Yes. Would understanding the messages help in my waking life? Yes again…but decoding the messages is the hard part.

The biggest problem with dream analysis is that it’s so subjective. There is no “one size fits all” interpretation, unfortunately. Dream symbols can mean different things to men versus women; symbols can also mean different things depending upon how you personally feel about them in your waking life. Adding to the difficulty is that dream symbols can have multiple supposed meanings. Whose interpretation is correct? It’s impossible to say. Nevertheless, I will offer here some interpretations about cats in dreams, mostly for your entertainment.

Cat Symbolism in Dreams

Some say that cats in dreams are a symbol for your intuition, and that the health of the cat indicates whether you are heeding or ignoring your intuition. A dream about a sick cat, then, might mean that you need to listen to your intuition more and rely less on intellect.

Other interpretations claim that cats in dreams symbolize femininity, softness, an independent spirit, creativity, power, misfortune, vulnerability, bad luck, deceit and falseness (see what I mean about multiple supposed meanings?).

dream_denise_chan revAn aggressive cat might suggest difficulty with the feminine aspect of yourself. Being afraid of the dream cat implies there is some fear associated with your femininity. A dream feline may be a symbol for someone in your life who is “catty” or malicious. Being scratched by a cat in a dream suggests that you feel threatened.

Dreaming that you cannot find your cat is a metaphor for your independent spirit, and that you feel someone or something is holding you back from being free. Saving a dream cat’s life suggests that you are reclaiming your independence and power.

To see a frisky cat playing in your dream suggests a need to be more carefree and playful in your own life. Cats in your dream can reflect your need to feel loved, or your fear that you’re being untrue to others so they will love you. A house full of cats in a dream represents excessive illusions or things that you believe to be untrue.

Dreams about a wild cat may indicate that a neighbor could be dangerous or that you will have some sort of dispute with them. Dreaming about fighting with a cat could be a warning that you’ll be robbed or cheated in some way, whereas cuddling with a cat in a dream suggests that your enemies can be “tamed.” A cat biting you in a dream symbolizes the loss of something, typically relating to those closest to you.

Dreams about Kittens

Although adult cats are usually associated with independence and self-reliance, kittens are seen as helpless beings. Dreaming about kittens, then, could indicate that you are feeling vulnerable, scared or need help.

dreams_Lucie revWomen Dreaming of Cats

When women dream about cats, the felines are thought to be a symbol of how she views herself. This includes not only her physical body but also her intuition, independence, creativity and her relationships with men.

Men Dreaming of Cats

When a man dreams about cats, the felines are said to symbolize his attitude towards women, or how he thinks women perceive him. A purring cat means the man thinks women find him attractive and he feels comfortable around women. A hissing cat suggests that he feels rejected by women or that there are problems in his relationship.

Have you had any intriguing dreams about cats lately? Now that you know a little something about the symbolism of cats in dreams, you can start to analyze what wisdom these wise felines might be trying to impart.

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Middle photo by Denise Chan/Flickr
Bottom photo by Lucie Provencher/Flickr

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  1. Diana says:

    I had the most bizarre dream, I dreamt about a huge cat that’s biting people’s heads off. When I saw it I felt such overwhelming fear in my dream that it felt so real. I escaped and then I came back to that place and I saw the cat, that now turned to a weird woman, impaled by a hook on the ceiling by my little sister. And then I was having a meeting about the huge deadly cat and the woman comes in and I start screaming that she is the one killing people but no one believed me and after that I ran away and tried to hide in my house from her.

  2. Jackie says:

    This article was incredibly fascinating and I agree with the comment of subjectiveness regarding each person’s unique dream. I do, however, have a small issue; I dreamt about a male cat eating a kitten! I tried to stop him eating the first kitten, but was too late, but managed to push him out of the way to save the other two! He was my old ginger Tom, (euthanaised over a year ago) and he was massive. A really big cat. The kittens were fluffy calico babies. I’m so confused by this dream. I follow dream interpretations as I firmly believe we are given “coded” messages and part of the lesson is in decoding them.

    Do you have any ideas?

    Yours in dream Land

  3. Sheila says:

    I had a dream last night and was searching for something in all my drawers and cupboards, and every one I looked in I saw many ginger or ginger and white dead cats, some where on their own and others were in twos or more, but they were everywhere I looked, hunched together or alone.it was horrible.I have never had a cat dream before.I don’t particularly like cats. I have a Bichon Maltese dog who is nearly six years old

  4. Henry says:

    I dreamed about a cat chanting in a different language standing like a human . Holding a yellow /white flower with his left hand and making fire with his right hand while burning the flower on the fire and when doing so the flower disappears into a black smoke like matter . It feels like there is fire all over me. The black cat still chanting with his big yellow and black eyes comes face to face with me and I look at him in to his eyes more like through his eyes and soul ,he does the unthinkable . Takes the black smoke like matter with his right paw runs it through my left shoulder and across to my right pelvis . What doesn’t it mean????

  5. Marian parker says:

    I’m not sure the day that this happened but I was dreaming of a black cat that is paused on my door open the door and laid there in front of the door I pushed him out but then he did the same thing again what is the meaning of this dream .

  6. Anonymous says:

    i had a dream of a large fluffy cat. I believe male. I remember exactly how he looks, he was a large ragdoll breed very fluffy and soft. he had yellow piercing eyes. his coat was mainly white with a upside down v on his forehead, trailing down to his flank. he was very friendly as I began to pet him and he purred. the cat’s position was on a red couch he made himself comfortable as he was surrounded by pillows. I was called over by someone and the cat followed, though the second he jumped off the couch he turned into my crush/good friend. She acted like nothing happened and I didn’t question it at the time. But once I woke up I thought it was strange.

  7. bongiwe says:

    i once dreamt about cats in different sizes up to a big one and they were lying on a mud like substance

  8. Karen says:

    I dreamt my little shih-tzu dog was a cat that was lost on my old school campus. I kept looking even and couldn’t find her.

  9. brianna sackman says:

    what i dreamed about a blind cat falling into the pool.

  10. JOEY HULLINGER says:

    I often dream about cats having kittens. There are usually several to hundreds. They are usually destressed, hungry, sick and deformed. Sometimes, they are trying to get in the door and I’m trying to keep them out. Or, trapped in a dark basement with no food. Why might I be dreaming this?

  11. Mahesh Kumar says:

    I dreamt of peeled cats lying as if in a meat shop layed in array. In that group one cat talks to some other cat and when sees me tries to be silent. This whole scenario I saw in a washroom right beside the place where we rest our right foot. Before entering into the washroom I just made a girl (whom I love wait for me outside. I never finished my work for which I entered in. Please interpret for me, this dream.

  12. Elias Hayek says:

    I dreamt that the cat was sitting alone sad, and than she went up the building and jumped and died infront of me

  13. BIDYUT says:

    I recently dreamt of a cat drinking lots of water.

  14. Kevin says:

    I had a dream that a whole bunch of cats got into my house durring the nite,jumped up on my bed and wanted me to let them out to do their buisness. I have been feeding tbe strays in my neighourhood for a while now and one of them apeared in my dream, one that i am particulary fond of. I am a 56y.o. divorced male and i live alone

  15. Jamuul Allah says:

    I had a dream of a wild square bodied cat that wouldn’t leave me alone im not sure if he was violent but i never let him get that close i know he was huge and fury and had a brown/greyish like tint to him….i tried everything to get away from him in the dream i even took my shirt off and tossed it away praying that he would fetch it and leave me alone but he only ran to it and jumped on it and came following me again…..i dont get that dream but i did see a dead cat infront of him before he arose into this oddly looking feline

  16. Atharv says:

    I dreamt of cat snatching my left eye

  17. James says:

    I had a dream within a dream within a dream. When I awoke the second time, I was in a homey, albeit ornate and large room of an 1800s house with my black cat in bed with me. I had dreamt I’d been possessed or marked by something sinister leading up to this second dream awakening. I felt unsettled about the room I was in and reached to pull her close to me. As I held this black cat on this ornate bed, my nose started to bleed as I was stricken by an invisible blow to the face. This also hurt my cat and we both were bleeding and in pain and duress. I panicked and screamed for help as I held this familiar black cat. I cried and yelled as I watched her suffer. I tried to run for help but fell to the floor when I stood. So I crawled to a doorway leading to a long hallway where I thought someone might hear me and come to help my cat and myself. I heard my mother say she was coming and could hear her footsteps but awoke to real life before I saw her. In real life, I don’t have a cat, my mother is loving and alive, and I wake up in panic and tears once or twice a year. I’ve tried to find meaning in these vicious dream sequences but have yet to find conclusion. It’s always different and just happened to be myself and a black cat this time.

  18. Benjo says:

    When the dream manifested I was standing at my window only to realise a presence on my bed. This white cat with vivid deep blue eyes was right next to me looking up; she head-butted my hand and I petted her. I was careful to keep my door closed because I already have a black cat in the waking world (Bentley) and I didn’t want a potential fight.

  19. Gracie says:

    Ok, well im my dream my dog (i dont have a dog irl) dropped its toy and it sunk to the bottom of a very deep pool i said (to the rest of my family) “its ok, ill get it” so i got in the pool and whent down but when i got to the bottom there was a cat suck in a crate like thing, it was ovs drowning so i grabed it and took it up then it clung to my shoulder like my two real cats do, what does this mean?

  20. Juliet Apostol says:

    I dreamed about cat bite me in my hand and I can’t remove immediately ,what does it mean?

  21. Sherryl Bennett says:

    I dreamed of 3 black cats, but one had a white shaped fur on its forehead. I was afraid of the 3 cats but all they wanted to do was to play. And they kept playing around me. Which made me feel comfortable around them. When I woke up I felt happy and relaxed.

  22. Donna Anderson says:

    First of all, I don’t like cats, never have, don’t trust what they are about to do. Their bodies are so agile the thought of them leaping up onto any counter or table scares the heck out of me. One jumped on the back of my coat and clung by it’s nails about 40 years ago when I was talking to it’s owner. My cat dreams have recurred every now and then over the last 30 years of my adult life. I’ll see it approaching to leap up toward me and cry out for help for somebody to take it away and no one helps. Trying desperately to analyze, it seems that if I encounter a woman the day before with any very mild to questionable conflict, there’s that cat dream. Last night there were 3 different cats all different colors that quickly entered a doorway where I was standing, the first on pushing through aggressively, rubbing against my legs, even forcing the door open that I tried to shut, but they didn’t approach me, just quickly entered the room that I quickly exited.

  23. Robina Khan says:

    Hi what is the meaning of seeing two white cats in a friends house. Love your article.

  24. Seyi says:

    I was surprised to see that there’s a cat in a compound I visited in my dream and another younger cat appeared. The first cat seem to be very fun of me; playful and show some intelligence but the second just literally like me.

    Could you help me with interpretation?

  25. Mumuni Abdul Bassit says:

    I have had a dream seeing 9 cats. 2 among those cats were black and 3 were white. and then 1 big grey cat who seems to be either the mother or the leader.. but the other eight were like kittens..I cannot identify the other 3 colors in my dream. The dream started with me seeing three or four ladies walking. not quite sure of the number of ladies though.. But I followed them and then stopped one of them because they were all looking at me while passing.. I started kissing with the lady I stopped then my fingers all over in her private part as we kissing. That was when this night cats appeared before me but at first I got scared until the big cat came close to me facing the kittens who seem not be a treat but playful and jumping on each other.. So then I counted them and woke up from the dream after counting the cats.. Please is there any interpretation on this dream that I can be assisted with

  26. Margo says:

    I dreamt that a cat from my childhood visited me . The cat was very friendly and was nudging rubbing against me in a polite and tamed manner. Not sure what to get from this but I am a man if that helps

  27. Aly says:

    I had I dream about 2 cats that were inside a house then one of them went outside for a long time, then a man with a tiny cat on his shoulder went to wait outside but the cat never came back and my dream made me think a man killed a cat because of how sketchy he was through out the dream

  28. Tianna Mendoza says:

    My cat is currently missing. He’s been gone for weeks. I had a dream that he came home and was badly injured, we didn’t want him to suffer so we took him to the vet to put him down but instead the vet gave him medicine and numbing shots to heal him. He was back to his normal self after a few days in my dream. What does this mean??

  29. Tracy says:

    I had a dream found bucket of white kittians I binned them

  30. Vicki says:

    I was dreaming that migh cat was in danger at house fire and I was doing anything possible to save him

  31. Theresa Eidson says:

    What does it mean when you dream of lots of cats giving birth to mice and then dogs trying to eat the mice?

  32. Louan says:

    Hi i dream about cats the cat color is like orange , and i dont know the exact what they are doing its like they are biting me

  33. renier abalos says:

    hello good day

    last night i dreamed of being bitten of 2 cats, i cant take them away in my hands, and suddenly i think that they thought that may hands are food because i am eating that time using only my hand, no spoon and fork. Then i feed them food while biting my hand but they never let go. then i suddenly woke up.

  34. Potatochild says:

    I dreamt about multiple cats. A black and white, just sitting staring at me, and then walks away. The 3 other cats walked away with it. A white fluffy fat cat with purple eyes stayed, seeking attention. Wanting me to pet, hug, and love it. It looked so happy when I was giving it my full attention and playing with it.

  35. Russell says:

    I had a dream of three grown cats fighting

  36. Cathy task says:

    I had a dream about a cat lastnught it wasnt Nice a nice cat I was trying scare it away but it started barking atme

  37. Tena Webber says:

    April 5 2019 i dream of lots of cats playing with me me following me and being very persistent one even took my eyeladh off

  38. Tamie Kaler says:

    What does that me when you dream about someone keeping you from getting your cat back By pushing you away

  39. Liz Syms says:

    What does it mean when a cat lives on me in a dream? This cat which was white kept purring and loving on me with its head…like cats do when they want to be petted. So what does this dream mean?

  40. Sara says:

    Hello, I have not long woken up from a dream..

    One of my three cats, a big black and white fluff ball, was outside (which is strange in itself as our cats are indoor cats, and not our place) and there was a big pvc/latex type bag (big enough for sack racing).. similar to this bucket (if link works – https://www.partycity.com/blue-plastic-tub-with-rope-handles-430034.html but it was a bag with larger rope handles and it was yellow).

    So my floofin’ was playing outside and got caught in the ropes and along came enough wind to pick this bag up and start floating off like a hot air ballon.. I started to panic but my partner didn’t seem fussed.. he was more interested in trying to get lucky!

    I grabbed my phone, some cat food in a Tupperware container and ran out the door straight over to my neighbours house; I could see my car flying further and further away.. unfortunately the neighbours are old and like to chat, even though I said I can’t. After a few seconds I said I really have to go, and had the thought my cat is long gone. I woke up at this point.

    Curious to know what the dream could mean, I picked up my phone and it was 5:55am.

    Any insight would be greatly appreciated xxx

  41. Virgilio sanico says:

    I dreamed my own black cat one of the back feet got a tape (not sure is a scotch tape or masking tape) on it. I pulled the masking tape as fast I can thinking he wouldn’t be so much pain. But I was shocked that after pulling it the entire skin was latched to the tape. My cat make a loud noise because of the oIn and I immedietly comfort him by petting him. A few minutes he calm down and start licking his feet and act it’s nothing happened.

  42. Lola says:

    I had a dream about a white stray cat that came into the house I was living in. No one was around and I just kept saying, “Why is this white stray cat in my house?” I was so confused. The cat never ran when it saw me in fact it didn’t acknowledge me it just kept walking like it owned the home.

    1. Aruna says:

      I saw this same dream what it’s meant

  43. Tracy Allen says:

    Last night I had a dream where a woman walked up to me with a cherub cheeked and fluffy faced short legged kitty. The kitty was wearing a bright colored floral print dress. The top part of the dress on kitty was form fitted and the bottom part was ‘skirted’ out. I remember admiring how darling the kitty looked. I smiled and leaned over the fluffy faced kitty. She sat up and gently cuffed my cheeks (no claws)as if to reassure me that things were okay. I remember feeling as if I was surrounded with so much love.

    1. Charli Mae says:

      I have this exact dream! I am spinning out because i woke up and posted the exact same recurring dream that id had but at 5.13 pm later that day, reading this i thought a friend posted for me, maybe, but looked at the times and mine 12 hrs later that day. Thats assuming you posted this the morning you had the dream. Probably not the case, but same dream and i wake up so emotional, angry at myself and like i could cry my eyes out.

  44. zya says:

    I have a recurring dream all the time. I have five cats now at one point I had 7. in my dreams I will travel somewhere and take my cats with me and put them in the house or the room or the hotel wherever I’m staying. When I return my cats are all missing. So I start searching and I’ll find them and I’ll bring them back one at a time and they’re constantly getting out again and so I’m constantly searching for them and my dreams and trying to bring them back. I usually wake up sad and frustrated because I can’t find all my cats or I can’t seem to get them all together back with me.

  45. ara api says:

    i had a dream i saw a cat with 6 eyes on his body he is a harmless cat what does it mean.

  46. Joyce says:

    Okay, I have this recurring dream that there are many many cats in my basement that I did not know about or forgot about. They were neglected, meaning no liter box etc. and I comfort them, say I’m sorry and get them the things they need. What does this mean?

  47. Min says:

    I’m here because, today i dream of a cats and birds in a big cage. The cats are all scratching and the birds are all trying escape because their head are already outside of the cage and they’re forcing their body to come out. And when I’m trying to touched one of them the bird bites me but it doesn’t hurt at all so i still hold him/her! And when i hold him/her he/she relaxed like nothing happens at all, like he/she didn’t bitten me at all. And in my dream it seems that they’re begging to be freed.

  48. ananya says:

    I saw a cat crying for love to me.That cat dnt want to leave me. I dnt like cat, i dnt want but i saw on cats eyes.lot of tears. He/She wants my affection,love.

  49. Scott says:

    Well my dream was that of a mother cat giving birth to some kittens, some were dead, the ones that were alive I was trying gather them up and save them.
    Not sure if what I read helps or not.

  50. Ernesto says:

    I have frequent cat dreams where they seem almost demonic in nature and often physically restrain me by sitting on my chest whilst glaring at me, and i have to summon up all my willpower to kick them out. Get shudders just thinking about them , help.

  51. DR says:

    Hey, I had a dream that I was in an old friends house, who I haven’t spoke to in years, and In the dream I was in her house visiting her because she was sick, then her mother walks in and so do these 3 small kittens. Two black and one white and they start attacking me, and there mouths were latched onto my hands. Scared me a lot.

  52. Nicole says:

    Hey, I had a dream where I was in a car with 3 other people and I was in the back while they were driving and I saw kittens on a side walk next to some bushes. So I told them to stop . When I saw the kittens I was like aww OMG so cute and there were like five of them . I told my friends im going to take some of them home . I picked up 3 , one white , one black And the other i can’t remember the color but I think it was greyish . I grabbed a towel from the car and picked up the 3 kittens and they were all meowing and being friendly while I petting them on the way home . Then I got dropped of home and I decided to wash the kittens since I thought they needed a bath . I wash them all 3 together and they seem to enjoy taking a bath and meowing again more then again I picked up the towel and dried Them and I put them on my bed . What does this dream mean ? Can someone please explain it to me ? Help me understand

    1. Mavis says:

      This seems like a really good dream! It sounds like you’re starting to develop an intuition for right and wrong as well as “gray” neutrality (black, white, and gray cats). Perhaps you used to see these ideas as somewhat elusive or unimportant, but as you live life and observe the world, you’re starting to see morality, truth, and justice as more significant, so you’re bringing it into your most personal ideas and everyday thoughts (bringing the cats from the bushes to your bed). Maybe you’re really trying to assess these things from a new lens and forgetting whatever ideas of right and wrong you used to have (bathing the cats). Either way, it certainly seems like you’re rediscovering your intuition, and that sounds like a pretty good dream to me 🙂

  53. Anushka says:

    Hey.. I’m a girl and I saw that a monkey tore the kitten’s stomach and he is grabbing the kitten with his one hand and playing with another monkey. Kitten is just raising her hand for help but is helpless.. I need to know it’s meaning… Plzzz… I already had a tragedy in my life and I got pre signal in my dream which I couldn’t understand…. Plz help me somebody this time…

  54. Stellaris Maxxion says:

    So I had a dream. I guess we were in this chinese place and this guy brought out a plate full of cats that we were supposed to eat though none of us did. I just sat there petting a few because i thought I heard meowing coming from them. Just then a grey cat jumped and ran to the nearest wall. I looked him in the eyes. He had these bright blue eyes that I can’t find anywhere on google. I remember screaming he was supposed to be dead but my mom told me to be quiet because we could sneak him out and keep him. All of my peers said the same thing. I started looking for places to hide him and then he started singing parodys of American Pie the lyrics being his thoughts. I haven’t heard that song in a few months. Anyway he kept escaping his hiding spots and he started singing again. I don’t remember exactly what he said but it had translated to I couldn’t keep him. I remember clearly though even though I had woken up that i had hugged him. My eyes opened. And I cried. Ha I cried over a cat i never had

  55. Sarah says:

    I saw that a cat was abandoned by his first family so I went and took the cat the cat acted like human and even talked and I was acting normal with that in my dream lik if it wasn’t weird but he even dressed like human but the next day his first family come to get him and he cries to me that he doesn’t wanna go therefore I kept him he was so young and adorable then he grows up and when he grows up he’s a fully grown human man and I fell in love with him he wasn’t a cat no more and when I wake up the person I liked betrayed me cuz I found out he was playing me

  56. Erin says:

    Interesting I had a dream about a loving sweet cat who had a white face and a gray tabby colored short haired body, she was blind in one eye and kept whirling in and out of my feet. What I find interesting is I had a right brain stroke over a year and a half ago, doing well so far in my recovery. She was so loving and sweet in my dream I just kept wanting to hold her.

  57. JoAnn Boyd says:

    I dreamt that I was in a car with the door open and a lot of people were putting cats in my car. The cats were jumping out of my car. I was running to try to pick the kids up and bring them back to the car. I found one cat dead.The others were running from me. I didn’t understand what that was all about.

  58. Christy says:

    I have a cat but I just started dreaming of him a few days ago but today he was in a room where he wasnt allowed to be in due to it having to many things that could harm him and the only way to get him to listen to me was to smack him and yell at him saying to him “get out your a bad kitty your know your not supposed to be in here!” In the real world I don’t smack or yell or punish him it only happened in this dream can you help me understand what it means please

  59. Megan says:

    Last night I had a dream about lots of cats that were diseased with blood dripping from their eyes and noses, they were trying to infect humans so everyone in the city was trying to escape. Next thing I was at my workplace and there was a cat trying to get in the door at me, there was a gap in the door that it kept sticking it’s head through and I had to push it back out with my foot. The cat didn’t appear to have the same disease as the other cats, also it was black where all the other cats were white.

  60. Mariam says:

    In all of my dreams, my dead cat always appears, but he was alive in my dreams, he would always be walking in the background or just sitting on the corner.
    In every dream.

  61. Robyn Pyers says:

    I dont know what I was dreaming about but twice a cat walked thro my dream. It was a big cat. the first time it walked through my dream the second time I just saw it on the edge of my dreams. both times I screamed out I was terrified of the cat? and my dogs came and woke me.

  62. Ethan Threlkeld says:

    I had a dream where a kitten was at the door on a very snowy day, he looked like my old cat so I brought him to my bed and then in the dream I saw him fully grown and staring right at me. I remember the dream like yesterday

  63. rhygt says:

    today I dreamt of 2 cats entered our home fighting (1black&white color & the other one is golden brown) they were like Ninja’s fighting on the ceiling & walls until the golden one got injured & blooded on her ears, nose & body then I was trying to scream to her to go out! she went out at the back door of our house but found her way back to get in again & I keep on shouting out! out! then I suddenly got my consciousness back because my husband beside me tried waking me up & I gained mY consciousness realizing its just a dream.. upon reading your article that cat symbolizes the fem side & fears & all that stuff now trying to figure out what my dream is all about..

  64. Tim says:

    I ha a dream that my roommate owned a cat. She ran it over or severly crushed the cats face. Cat didn’t die horribly disfigured… At the time of the dream the cat had healed but it’s mouth was crushed and permanently healed opened probably 20 times normal sized
    The Tom cat Couldn’t eat
    This cat was being cared for by a group of people who loved the cat and felt compassion for it
    It was in the middle of this table everyone was petting it and loving it.
    My roommate walked in the room and the cat realized who it was.
    Immediately it’s hair stood up on its back and it began to hiss and growl. The cat completely Freaked out.
    The lady said “It recognizes me” telling herself the cat was reacting positively to her presence. Everyone else realized the reaction was horribly negative and damaging to the cat
    So they ushered her out of the room while she continued to reiterate it recognized me Horrible dream. I discerned the cat was me, The utter complete blissful blindness to the situation made me wake up laughing.

  65. Adi says:

    A white and gold cat was comming to me for playing and I was funny saying go away go away and slapping on its checks slowing like we do with kids but it was not going what is the meaning

  66. Petrina says:

    i had a dream of many kittens moving and jumping around the us, just when i have entered a house with my two grandchildren’s and the man the owner of the house.

  67. John says:

    I had a dream of a domesticated cat trying to enter my house and steal my food so I hit the cat with a huge sandal which send it falling down the stairs what does this mean?

  68. Sravya says:

    Actually before I never saw cats in my dream….but now I really got a person in my life…now I’m bit confused about that persons mentality…and the dream was- my bf was trying to kiss me and hug me and I saw an injured cat coming towards me…then again we went for a journey but suddenly cat came in between us…immediately that person became cat…that is my dream…n I’m not getting what it means

  69. Tina says:

    I dreamt of my own cat being thrown out of an open window an it made me really upset..i looked out she was only a little kitten black an white an she was dead on the floor….

  70. REEM GIRGIS says:


  71. Mary lee says:

    I had a dream that I felt someone was trying to warn me about something or show me something,
    I saw my bedroom window and it was like a picture window and the curtain was open, and when I looked I only caught the tail end of a cat

    That was it. I normally have a 3 slim glass window, so I feel that it being portrayed as a picture window was to show me something. I really need help to find the meaning of this dream or warning maybe?

  72. Marilin says:

    In my dream I was being shown to look into my bedroom window and I saw the tail end of a grey cat that had obviously walked across the big picture window (I normally have a window with 3 slim window slats).
    It was like someone was trying to Alert me or make me see something, possibly going on in my home, someone in there?

  73. Marilin says:

    In my dream I was being shown to look into my bedroom window and I saw the tail end of a grey cat that had obviously walked across the big picture window (I normally have a window with 3 slim window slats).
    It was like someone was trying to Alert me or make me see something, possibly going on in my home, someone in there?

  74. Lis says:

    Love ur interpretation, in my dream I have seeing my cat lost all his hair

  75. Gavin says:

    I occasionally have cats that I’ve had in the past come to me in dreams and talk to me. Not through words as such, but I know what they are saying. Any thoughts?

  76. Will Deval says:

    I had a dream about carrying my cat along a busy main road. She kept trying to run into the road and I had to to hold her tightly and carry her home safely.

  77. Servant says:

    Dreams must be interpreted individually. There are no generalizations. You dream about your life. Dreams are nothing more than subconscious garble. They only tell you generally what your brain is digesting while sleeping and it returns as a mush mash of images and stories. Unless of course you are receiving a revelation from God Almighty And Daniel happens by, don’t worry about it. Time is better spent reading the Bible.

  78. William Keating says:

     I dreamt I went to basement to get dads glasses I saw down there earlier . On my way back up a plastic yellow ball hit wall and bounced back. I went around corner to see who threw it and a shadow cat on floor ran into wall and disappeared so I kicked the yellow ball. Then a grey cat appeared on a box jumped down towards ball but when it landed on floor it was a shadow on floor and moved across floor to become a shadow cat on the wall

  79. Alicesunn Scarlett says:

    I’m dreaming of cats everywhere, they don’t attack but act as they do, they are everywhere

  80. Sir / Ms I had a dream that a white light brown cat is gazing into my eyes and I am getting fear. PLACE is my work chamber where I provide consultancy services. I am getting fear to see that cat the way she was looking at me. Back ground is total black and suddenly that white brown cat appeared
    For your clarification: In morning I had a meeting with a very high quality women who was very sober but she was in some family trouble. Further Clarification ; Next morning I got around 30000/- towards my therapy and diagnosis for her and her friend. Kindly guide because everywhere in Internet it is written that Dream of a Cat in whatever sense or meaning is not good. Now please tell me what had is going to happen to me as per your analysis ?

    1. Servant says:

      You are capable and confident. The cat is just a stupid dream. Forget it. Concentrate on doing your job. Don’t be afraid of the woman. Prayer to God and Jesus will protect you.

  81. Christine Normand says:

    What does a white cat with green eyes mean

  82. Kelly says:

    I dreamt I walked out of my house and to My right was a gray cat just sleeping on the ground dusted in snow it opened it’s eyes and I woke up that is all I remember

  83. D.S.M says:

    I dreamed a cat was biting both of my thumb aggressively and they were both bleeding,what does this mean

  84. Denise boyd says:

    Hello I been searching everywhere and cant find my answer. I had a dream my pet cat was sneezing constantly I looked up and out my vents in my house feathers and dust was falling down like snow covering everything then I start sneezing and coughing we both there cat at my feet sneezing and coughing what does this mean?

  85. K. says:

    Good insight. I just dreamt of a cat, neither fully grown nor kitten. It was a british shorthair breed or something alike, dark grey and with short but fluffy fur. She was constantly jumping around, nesting in my lap then jumping some more until she got tangled in something. I heard a person making a remark that she should behave more, so i wraped the string around my wrist and pulled it so we would be like handcuffed together. It was content, but a bit disappointed. I’m also a woman. Now what I interpret is that I’ve let myself be carefree and followed my intuition (was so during summer) but now I’m in a relationship. The guy is funny and we have a lot in common, but he’s intrinsic, accepts very little outside the realm of science and material world (has no understanding of intuition, doesn’t believe in deja-vu as moments recalling past dreams, reincarnation, synchronicity, collective unconscious etc.) I think this represent a tighter bond within myself (intuition and femininity), but also a loss of independence regarding out I act out on it in the world because of him.

  86. Sydney Gunn says:

    I have 5 cats, they’re my everything, and I had a dream that my grandmother let them out and they ran away

  87. Kim says:

    I had a dream about a cat was In the middle of the road in traffic and I stopped my car and saved him

    1. Anonymous says:

      It means You are a Good Samaritan at heart. Merry Christmas.

  88. FrostCore says:

    I do dream about cats . But it’s not in the list above. You can consider me as a man because I’m a boy haha. But I’ve been dreaming about adult pregnant cats and the cat looks like it might give birth soon . I wonder what could my dream means about pregnant cat . That’s all

    1. J says:

      Perhaps the idea that the cat could represent intuition might apply here. Maybe you are developing your own intuition and the pregnancy may indicate that you feel your intuition is ready to ‘give birth’ (give life to) new understandings or capabilities.

  89. What is the dream about when bear multiple cats jumping on you

  90. alex says:

    i had a dream that there was a grey short haired cat with green eyes that followed me around, would pur when i pet it, and hissed and yowled at everything else around me. what might this mean?

  91. Amber Watson says:

    So I had this dream that my dad brought a toy cat, along with a stray cat in a blanket and he was checking if the cat had a chip. What does it mean?

  92. Lily Moyse says:

    What does dreaming of a black and white cat with green eyes and then seeing it the next night before you go to sleep mean? I know it’s a hard question to answer but… I’m worried about my own safety.

  93. pabz anino says:

    I dreamt of a kitten scratching and biting me. What’s weird is that after a few minutes of “fighting” with the kitten, his/her father/mother “adult cat” came and wanted to take revenge.

  94. Jennifer lazo says:

    Dream of cat singing what does that mean

  95. Jess says:

    I dreamed that I owned a puma but as big as a jaguar and it was very friendly but also wanted me to feed him but I had no cat food

  96. Grace corsino says:

    Could u please inyerpret about my dreams that there are so many cats n diff breed that went in my house and accepted them n even rescue the cats that are put in the plastic even tied up… what does my dream mean…

  97. Daantjie says:

    Dreamt of cleaning up after cats.

  98. Miriam says:

    I dreamt being attacked by cats.I really struggled with them but at the end I killed one.I woke up breathing very fast

  99. Ankit says:

    What does it mean when your father said you in a dream he kill a cat by riding car on it?

  100. Lisa L. says:

    I just had a dream that my three cats were bringing me one dead animal after another. Any thoughts?

  101. Evelyn says:

    I had my first dream about a black cat. The cat was in my and kept playing around trying to keep me awake when I just wanted to sleep. All of a sudden the cat hunkered down and started hissing angrily at something/someone that was on the left side of my bed. I really thought the cat was there. When I woke up and realized I was dreaming…I got scared. Was this cat warning me of something?

  102. Vianney Ortiz says:

    I dreamed that my brother received a cat as a present. What does that mean??

  103. Alex says:

    I dreamed that I had two pets : one black rabbit and one black cat. In my dream, it was the first time they encountered each other. They expressed curiosity, they approched each other. They respectively picked up their smell. They moved toward one another as if they were about to cuddle. And they did; they started fooling around, roughhousing. The cat’s claw and teeth rested on the rabbit’s neck. At this point I feared the cat would hurt the rabbit, maybe even killing it. I was ready to intervene. But the cat looked at me, and I knew, they were actually getting to know each other, their act was stange, but sincere and playful. The rabbit was in no danger at all, the cat knew about it’s strenght, and was not going to use it at the rabbit’s expense. The cat cared very much about the rabbit, and vice versa. I was surprise and relieved.

    I feel like I’m emotionaly heading in the right direction. I’ve felted melancholic and lost for the past few weeks. Even though I am able to see the big picture, and understand why I do the things I do, I’m building what will make me safe and happy in the futur : I study, I eat well, I do my sport 3-4 times a week, I got good friends and they got me, I’m part of something, and I function in this system; but still the melancholy and the numbness crept in. I’ve been meditating a lot lately about how to resolve this inner conflict and I feel this cat and rabbit dream is the beginning of an answer, if not THE answer.
    Thanks for your help! <3

  104. Avi. says:

    I had depression 5 years ago and a got a cat, he helped me through my bad times, I loved him so much I for his love and help…
    I lost him to cancer, and was so devastated
    And last night I dreamt about him for the First time…(miss him so much)….it was so nice to see him again, I woke up looking for him…R.I.P my guardian angel…x.

  105. Bob says:

    I dream a cat that spoke to me. She act as regular cat but then she said to me “Hey Bob, can we play baseball?” I was like “Yea, sure, why not! It’s sunday after all!”

    1. Temmie says:

      Maybe you see your cat as a friend

  106. gloria marshall says:

    I was going the wrong way in my dream and I was attacked by a grey cat I gave the cat the cookie I was eating and another cat came and I knocked it to the ground and it wasn’t able to get up I left. And I woke up. Can you respond to this dream?

  107. Siddhartha Srivastava says:

    I saw 31 kittens in my dreams, all brown in colour. What does that mean?
    I am a boy of age 21 and I am a student.

  108. Frane says:

    I had a weird cat dream, first time I dreamed about cats in a long time – so, I was in my apartment, very sad because I failed my year at college, failed the exams, and my grandma (who is long ago dead, just to add up) was comforting me. And in the midst of all that, three cats entered my apartment in this order (because my grandma forgot to close the apartment doors) – one full black, one full gray and one black and white! They wanted to play and cuddle, but because I’m really disgusted by cats, I barely managed to chase them away somehow without touching them – all the while, they were trying to cuddle with me, and were constantly meowing like they were sad.

  109. Hugh Janus says:

    I had a dream that i was Katniss Everdeen and my friend Lily killed my sister’s cat Buttercup.

  110. Angharad says:

    I dreamed l had a baby & was terrified as l know NOTHING about carring for an infant. The nurse brought the baby to me & it was a kitten. I was soooo relived, l embraced the tiny kitten with my whole being…l am a crazy cat woman & proud of it!

  111. Adnan M Nasser says:

    I had a dream that I saved my cat from drowning in ice cold water.

  112. Jaskiran says:

    I dreamt of making friends with a mouse on train, while traveling with two other friends and stealing coal. We jumped at different stations. And while dropping down along with my friend, I found that a cat quietly swallowed my muse completely. Earlier I didn’t realise that it was being eaten, but I had a few seconds to save it. I was so scared of cat that I didn’t. And cat swallowed it. I woke up disturbed post this. What it could it possibly mean ?

  113. henry says:

    I had A dream A cat was hugging me real hard from from my back

  114. Julie says:

    Two nights in a row I’ve had the same dream, second night was longer and violent. Four very fluffy feral cats are attacking my daughter, nieces, and our little dogs outside my parents house. We get the girls to safety as well as my dog with a few scratches but my sisters dog is killed by the cats and it’s teeth are ripped out and laying next to the dog. They are trying to get into the house and I am leaning out a second Story window trying to get them to get away from us.

  115. Airah Apulog says:

    I had a dream I think a week or two ago. I’m on a bed then few cats surrounded me. At first, they are very gentle then one of the cats suddenly had a tight grip of my arms. Followed by other cats. At that time I want to be awake but I couldn’t open my eyes. I tried to shout for help but no voice comes out. What I did to wake up is breathe heavily then move my fingers. I kinda avoid cats since then.

  116. Romaine Walker says:

    this morning I was sleeping and I had a dream about a cat coming to me for help and it led me to an hole where the cats kitten were trapped in a hole and a lil flower as hard as a big tree was above the hole and a ant ness with in the dirt in between. so I pulled out the flower and the whole expanded, suddenly as I did that the dream ended and I heard my baby brother crying. he had spill hot soup on his self. INEEDANEXPLANATION

  117. Teresa says:

    My dreams of cats have been a mix one cat gets out the door I go to look for it in worried, at the same time another cat looks like it needs my attenchon and others are just wondering around normal

  118. Christy says:

    I had a very vivid dream that I was looking for my cat and as I rounded the corner of the house I was face to face with a huge a bald eagle that had my cat pinned down and was pecking at my cat’s neck like he was going to eat it. I was trying to shoo away the eagle with stick without wanting to hurt it. I was in awe and shocked at being close to an eagle and also frightened for my cat. My cat was scared, his eyes were tightly closed and he was trying not to move as I attempted to rescue him. In real life My cat died around this time about 5 years ago.

  119. Julie says:

    Last night in my dream , I kept getting frustrated at my boyfriend because he kept forgetting to buy the cats food. these cats were outside cats and I was terrified they were just so hungry so I kept bringing them people food to eat. (also in my dream I found out my boyfriend was cheating) Does this mean anything ?

  120. Sudeshna Saha says:

    This early morning i had a dream where i saw a frightened kitten. I went to pet it and saw its mother coming aggressively towards me. I kept its kitten beside her and found that both the kitten and the motger were ready to attack me . Moreover during these time there was a change in the weather. It went from pleasant to stormy. I woke up feeling so sick. What does this mean?

  121. Susan Gluck Feuerstein says:

    I was dreaming last night that a cat came after me and was biting my finger came from behind and was chewing the back of my coat.
    I am still shocked up.

  122. Alberto Romero says:

    Last night I dreamed that my dog was trying to look thru the window shades. I opened the shades and a cat was lying behind. What does this means ? I’m

    1. Sam says:

      I dreamed last night and its not the first time that i seen it in my dream a cat,and then when i woke up I’m too scared what does it mean?

  123. Jorge Parrado says:

    I am a male and I keep having a dream with a dead cat. I am holding it in my dream.

  124. Chona Infante says:

    Just before i woke up this morning, i dream about floating cross in the Sky without the image of Jesus Christ. The cross was so huge up the sky and shinning with light of the Sun. Suddenly while looking to the cross up the Sky i saw my Dad in my dream as well i told him to look up the sky to see the floating cross. After a while the cross come close to me and began to become a white cloth entwine to my body gently then fly again.
    After that, i saw my self in dream laying on the couch beside a cat.
    I really want to know the meaning of my dream. Can someone help me to this.
    It will be a big help for me.
    Thanks in advance.

  125. Miranda Mould says:

    Well, I have read word to word and I just can’t complain because I hardly dream about cats, but naturally I love cats and currently, one comes to my store every now and then to toast it’s self, eat or just chill under the sun. Just today, I woke up haven dreamt of a black cat, walking from my back under my feet, twice in my dream. That actually brought me here. What’s the meaning of this dream please?

  126. Kenny Powers says:

    I have a new one! And I’d love you to make sense of this. I split up with the love of my life for 6 years (she still Is and always will be because she’s the mother of my child) about three week ago, and I had a dream about a black cat talking to me (not in a human voice) and it said “she’s gone” but in a mowing voice. I’m a but who likes to make sense of things, but that literally made no sense at all

  127. carmen torres says:

    A year ago I had to put my 16 year cat to sleep and a second one of 15 years old a month later. Sunshine sister is still alive . She came to visit me on the day she passed. She was happy to see me and went and sat on her usual spot on the bed.

  128. Nandhu says:

    I got a dreams that one cat entered into home but i pour water on it but it go out i force it and throw pack from my home… why this dream happen is their any intution??

  129. Amanda says:

    I have two cats, an orange and gray cat. They are both my babies and I love them dearly which is how I viewed them in the dream. My boyfriend hurts them (not abuse) and gets impatient with them sometimes, but I get scared sometimes that he would lose his patience with them and just freak out. I used to have this friend who is very pretty but stabbed me in the back once or maybe more times by taking every guy that I even liked a little. That’s a background story. So in the dream, it starts off in the car, and I’m driving with my boyfriend Alex and his best friend Nick. We stop at this girls house (the backstabber) and at the beginning I didn’t think anything of it, but almost 5 minutes later I see her with my boyfriend on his lap and playing with his hair. I felt really upset but didn’t act out irrationally. “It’s time to go,” I said, through my gritted teeth. Nick was following me and helped me carry one of my cats out with me, and Alex was still inside. When I went outside, I saw my ex in my car. This is one of the most emotionally manipulative people I’ve ever met in my life. He brought me flowers and I said, “Are you kidding me? Get out of my car, why are you here?” He was confused why I was so upset. I felt demeanered and angry. So he got in his own car and waited for Alex to come out and he was then going to follow us. Alex brought in another cat that wasn’t ours and it was a little bit bigger than my orange cat and hissed at my orange cat. Now I was acting irrational and was trying to yell but nobody was listening to me, like my words didn’t even matter at all. I said, “Alex you brought in this cat that isn’t ours, look it’s hissing at Tony!” “Get this cat out of here!” “Why won’t you do anything” and I just kept crying and screaming, but it scratched me on my arm, and then I woke up.

  130. Catdreamer says:

    I have dreams that im being chased by cats, or kittens an they attack me.. in my dream i throw tgem out the window or manage to get rid of them but some how they always come back.. help! What does this mean?

  131. Amanda Marie says:

    I had a dream that my fiance brought me a black kitten as a surprise gift. He even woke me up with it. It was a very sweet kitten with large yellow eyes.

  132. Percy says:

    Just woke up. Had a dream of a screaming cat that sounded like a crying baby. Thinking that it was a baby I looked for it and found it was a white cat with orange patch,half-eaten by a black fat pig lying on the ground. For one second I thought of giving up because no use to help it even if I pulled it out its body would be cut half. But when I saw that the cat was trying to escape and still could move , it gave me an indication that it was still whole that it still had its legs. So I pulled it out from the mouth of the pig. And it was okay and walking. It came to me and brushed its head and body onto my legs . I extended my hand and petted it. I noticed it had scabies. So this cat looked a little bit pinkish, white and orange. I didn’t see the gender. As I was petting it , it turned into a young woman. Her belly was exposed and there was a small bump so I asked her if she was pregnant , she said she was. And said she had nowhere to go. Her husband was a gardener and nowhere to be found. I thought of helping her the way I am helping cats in my waking life. In my waking life I am helping cats without expecting any in return. But in this dream , I thought of helping her survive her pregnancy and then maybe ask her later if she’s interested to be my surrogate.
    The dream faded away and I woke up. I am wondering how is this dream related to my waking life . If you could enlighten me, I would appreciate it. Thank you.

  133. Quiandel Rodriguez says:

    I dreamt about my cat getting run over by a car,,he was hurt and I was crying.
    What does that mean?

  134. Kritti Batra says:

    I had a dream I just woke up from now. I used to have two cats, Xavier (grey) and Sinbad (black), but now they are adopted by someone else because I have major allergies and financial issues. Anyway they were in my bathroom once again as the age that they are (5 yrs) and there were also black kittens too playing around in the hallway and my bathroom. Xavier was smiling at me (like a Chesier smile). Sinbad was using the bathroom. The other black kittens were playing. There were people in my house in the living room wanting the cats to be free and have them live with them in the forest and stuff. A lady said “Look are they really happy here?” And I kept trying to point out facts like “They are loyal, they listen to me,” and stuff but it was no use. That’s when Xavier smiled as he got up to eat food I guess and then use the bathroom with Sinbad. And that’s when at the end of the dream I said “I can’t let them go! Please don’t take them.” The man in my dream came to me and held me as I went from standing to broken down crying on the floor in between the doorway of the bathroom and hallway. He said “Don’t worry! Everything will be alright.”

  135. Angel says:

    I dreamed that I had a white and light grey cat in my home with me and she had a black kitten. The Black kitten was sickly and was laying down snuggled with my 3 year old son. We all were next to a window in my bedroom where a big crowd of other cats who were aggressive and trying to get into the window but the glass was shut. The white and grey cat was angry at them and wanted me to help boost him up on the window seal where she would his at them to go away. Weird. Anyone have any idea what this meant?

  136. Johanna says:

    I dreamt that a cat was knocking on my window when I was sleeping,so I woke up and went to chase it away but it kept coming back… What does these mean?

  137. Winter says:

    My cat was sitting on a stack of books in a mansion, and the first three books weren’t what I needed, but the fourth one was…I don’t know the title of the fourth book though. So I guess what I’m asking is; why did my cat help me?

  138. Lutuf says:

    I dreamed about a lot of cats in my house and they suddenly got aggresive and of of those cat trying to attack me after a while i was able to calm tge cats

  139. Lucas says:

    I had a dream last night that i went on a trip away from home, In the wheat fields of The Shire (From The Hobbit / Lord Of The Rings) of all places, (with a highway in the backround exactly like the one i can see from my bedroom window), after leaving him at home. He is an indoor cat that freaks out after being outside for more than 15 seconds. when he came out of the field, peeking onto the dirt road that i was on, next to a cart selling apples, he looked at me as if i had betrayed him. I have never harmed my cat. His coat (hes a Maincoon) looked shaggy, yes somehow neat. He looked free, and happy, as if he was trapped the whole time he was locked in a house.

    Anyone know what this means?
    I know its extremely presice, but any detail may help.

    Thanks all!

  140. Bardhi says:

    Hi i just head a dream that i was biten by big white cat she bite my on my left heand it hapend while i was with one of my friends and we soo a big white cat she was angry in same time i saw a sing with a pictur of the same cat that was seying dont stop if u see this cat at that moment the cat start runing after us my friend run in other directon and the cat bite my on my left heand after that i think i did kill the cat

  141. Brittany says:

    I’ve been have the same dream for a few nights now, that I was a cat, in the middle of the forest. I was also surrounded by others, like a clan. In my first dream I was curing sick cats, and in the next I was in a battle with another cat. What could this mean? :,)

  142. Michael says:

    i JUST had a dream where I/we bought this old huge rock house with beautiful hardwood floors. I went upstairs to see it, and I went into this room where like children slept. The room had 2 sides where beds were, but everything was still left on like they just left, i.e. a boom box playing a radio station. I heard something and looked up to see this black birdlike object outside the window flapping it’s bat wings. The bird was looking at me and it flew up to an open top window and flew into the room, and when it did It was flapping the bat wings but the wings were attached to a black cat. The cat/bird was flapping, growling and hissing at me until I shooed it away. I then closed the top window and went downstairs in the kitchen to find my gf in the kitchen sitting at the table and an 8 foot Christmas tree hanging above the dining table. I told her, it looks good there, and then turned and looked at the counter to see a life like head sculpture of Michelle Obama. What the hell is that all about?

  143. L says:

    I dreamt that I was on a road that I didn’t know and there was one cat. I played and talked to the one cat and then there was another and another until there were to many to count. But, the cats never attacked, they just listen to me talk as I walked. And the odd thing is I was never worried about being loss. Can you tell me what this is about?

  144. Patricia Caira says:

    Hi maybe you can help me with this I had a dream well first of all my cat is out in the street because he was let out the door and I can’t get them and he’s still good thank God he was in my dream that I got up and he had no tail can you me what that means please

  145. Josie says:

    I had a dream involving 2 of my mums cats. The oldest cat (20 year old) was bleeding her fur was all red, the top of her head graphic blood an her head matted with blood. Dream switched between her an youngest cat (2 +year old) who had been bitten into an whatever it was was still biting him an I had to pull/stretch him away, there was no blood though he was limp an had meowed like a kitten (he does meow like a kitten in waking life). Woke up after saying “I told you we should of put her down”…These have upset me, I do have stresses some I am not heard on so no longer attempt to talk about them.

  146. T Mitchell says:

    I had a dream last night. I dreamed that a cat bit me. It was a severe bite. I just looked up what a cat bite in a dream means…. fitting…. I have breast cancer and Monday morning I will be having a double mastectomy.

    1. Lai says:

      My mom whose who had a breast cancer 2years ago, had similar dream and I’m really worried.

      How did your surgery go? Hope you’re doing good.

  147. Cora says:

    I’ve had a weird dream coincidence regarding kittens. Back in September, I dreamed that someone brought me a tiny black kitten to my door and said, “You need to have this kitten, he should be with you.” The next day, I found my dear 3-year old cat after he had gotten out of the yard and was killed by, I believe, a coyote.

    Fast forward to last night. I had dream of three black kittens, but in the dream, I was adopting only one of them. I don’t remember many other details.
    Just 30 minutes ago, my cory catfish died.

    Just seems a bizarre coincidence that the only two times in my life I can ever remember dreaming of BLACK kittens, an animal has died with 24 hours.

  148. Bryan says:

    I had a dream that I strangled my cat and damaged her neck. So she couldn’t stand up correctly anymore, I was in shock because I would never ever do that to her. What could this possibly mean?

  149. Amy says:

    I had a dream about a kitten,one that I was trying to find my cat, and the last on is that I saw the same stray cat twice .

  150. Susan says:

    I had a dream about a dead cat,and about one of the stray cats I feed with her kittens,both were on top of my fridge

  151. John Doe says:

    I like catz

  152. Jessie Thom says:

    Thank you for your insight. In my dream I saw a cat descending a grass-layerd stairs. When it approached me, myself and the cat somehow ended up in an embrace, a laying position but when I saw its face was that of a man, actually with features of someone I know. A bit later I saw a flight of wooden stairs but I cannot recall if I ascended or descended these stairs were.

  153. Trice John says:

    I dreamt about a bunch of cats. One was black with long hair. It came up to me with a mean look and began following me around. I was running from it crying and saying I don’t like cats. The cat continuously followed me and started growling with this deep devilish sound. Finally, the cat stopped chasing me around, stood on the window pane and said in a deep voice “I don’t like you”, after I said I don’t like cats. I then started to explain myself. I said it’s not that I don’t like cats, I’m just afraid of them. I even acknowledged the fact that the cat could talk, just so he would back off. The cat vanished then more cats came around me. This one particular black cat came over next to me and started to stretch. It was close but not too close to hurt me. It stayed long enough to assure me that I would be okay.

  154. Rodric D Rose says:

    I had a dream about two cats one was hungry and had half a tail.i was going to feed it but it ran around the corner. Then another popped up it was nice and playful it was hungry so it climbed up a tree and ate a birds baby egg then. It heard the other cat then ran around the corner. Then a lady invited me in her house to work what does this mean.

  155. Eve says:

    I had this dream many years ago about some cat that my grandma had. He was a very smart cat and got to live a long life. Sadly, one day went out and never came back.
    In that dream I was watching the fire in the stove and found this cat in there, sleeping in the fire. I tried to pull him out of there and tried to convince him to come out, but he wouldn’t budge. He was sitting there curled up while the flames took over his body, looked like he was at peace. He meowed once, closed his eyes and then I woke up.
    I was kind of terrified of that dream and it left me really sad too.

  156. Kaelon says:

    i had a dream a grey cat came in my room and the cat was meowing at me but it was like it was asking for me to let it on my bed.

    it tickled my feet with its claws and i ignored it and thought about basketball for some reason.

  157. AntoNIA says:

    I dreamt of a cat that looked like my friend’s son’s cat. I think the message in it was that a change would do me good.

  158. Sheila Gary says:

    I dreamt an old white couple came to my house with kittens and cats to be buddies with my cat and all was black just like my ca

  159. Kendrell says:

    I had a dream about a gray cat that was laying on my bed purring it was cool but when i got off the bed that when i knew it was three morw cats in one of thrm attack me!

  160. Hi, I’m Stephanie
    Ive dreamt that my black cat was hissing, growling, he bit me and scratched me…….. I’ve had this dream before but it was another black cat, actually two….. But I always have this dream at my bf’s house, could this mean he’s not being faithful…… I’ve never been attacked by a dream cat other than that

  161. Sandra Roque says:

    Last night i have a dream that I have the door of my house open and my husband tall me look those cats are in side there were 4 cats and then I was trying to push them out of the door,but only two of then when out the other two refuse ,so when i saw that I told them ok you don’t want to leave i will trou some water when I was ready to do that they vanish?

  162. Chandra Rose says:

    I had a dream that I was relaxing Laying across a couch with my leg on a chair arm and a very healthy black seductively walked while arching it’s back walking under my legs. I lifted my legs and the cat attempted to crawl through my legs, just as it started to I woke up

  163. Marie says:

    I had a dream that I was at a house, not mine, and a little cat jumped on my lower arm and stuck all of it’s claws to hold on tight. I had to shake and pull it off. I had to pull so hard that the cats claws were left in my arm, without the cat…..

  164. DAISY says:

    Dreat of a big black cat who was biting my daughter shoulder and then both of them vanished. I started calling my daughter. Then she reappeared looking somehow droggy

  165. Bhavya says:

    I had a dream of some demonic acts(40%of dream)me along with my friends were trying to escape from it!so we thought we have to leave cats.. the place wch they go is the better place to hide from the parnorml ghost acts!one mother cat and her 2kitties.they are fully white furry!!went to my old school in a room and kitties are trying to escape outside a window.one kitty scratched me on my finger tho!what does this dream mean…
    I wanna know

  166. DaRell says:

    I had a dream last night that I was wrestling with a cat in a playful manner. The at was a stout but beautiful creature. Black and gray stripes with green eyes. A typical household cat. She didn’t hiss about anything as we playing. What could that possibly mean?

  167. S says:

    I had a dream where an old cat of mine that went missing (him and I were super close) was attacking me and it was like he was trying to kill me. In the dream everyone is walking around fine and I’m crying and screaming, but when I wake up I’m fine. Could anyone tell me what this means?

  168. Isaac says:

    I dreamt that a cat was trying to eat my food. please what is the meaning?

  169. Ally h. says:

    I had a very strange dream about a tabby cat asking my for directions. I was in a car with my friends and we stopped when we saw a cat on the road. I had a feeling it would bite, but it just asked me for directions. I forget where, but it is confusing me.

  170. Lizzy says:

    What does it mean… the double colored cat (black/white) jump on me. Not hissing or scratched me. Just jump on me and it disappear somehow after it jumped on me. Pls help. Thank u very much

  171. laurie evangelista says:

    My cat Peewee died 10 months and 10 days ago – last night i saw him in my dreams he was in my neigbours’ arms staring right at me – i smiled and petted him and he purred – i know this means he came to tell me he crossed over and is happy –

  172. R says:

    Please tell me i just saw a dream and sooo much scared.a white kitten follow me every where.i was runnin up of buildings and others to get out from its way.i wear some soil that it can’t find me.but it once find me and sooo badly bite on my right thumb finger bone.soooo much pain.that after i am awake its still paining like.after that i killed the kitten.and my family give arnica medicine to me.i saw.what its mean?please tell me.i am soooo much scared.

  173. Sushisea says:

    I recently had a dream with lots of different, unique, and strange looking cats that I’ve never seen irl. They’d be scared when I open my door and a few wanted to come in and eat my cats food (its happened irl, they know where the canned/snack food is at lol) and I’d have to carry the cat and carry him outside, a few coming inside too. The End 🙂

  174. Angel says:

    I had a dream of my pet cat, she’s 15yrs and we have a bond like nothing else. Mother & child, sisters, soulmates. I just moved out of home, and (start of dream) I dreamed that I brought here to my new home. In my dream she was pregnant, and had a litter of 4 kittens, then another litter of 4 dogs, then another litter of 4 kittens. They all grew up within minutes, and the litters were around 20mins apart. Then after the three litters had already aged to teens, my cat walked over to the door, then turned to look at me and said “it’s time for me to go” so I let her out into the front garden where she sat and stared at me for a short while, then began to disappear into thin air. (End of dream). She’s old, fragile, de-sexed and has a lot of issues so it’s a shock for me to dream of her having children. My family and I have assumed that she will die soon. When I woke up and remembered my dream, it felt like a heat rash spread all over my body and I’ve been crying everytime I think of her gone! Luckily she is still alive, but I’d really like to know what this dream means. It’s been stuck in my mind all day. I don’t usually get dreams often, so I think this is important.

    1. Kemi says:

      I personally believe that she won’t actually have kittens (bcuz she’s so old) but I think it means that if she does happen to pass away, to not maybe scared or sad bcuz she is always with you

  175. milan says:

    Sometimes i saw a cat in my dreams…there is a balck and white cat in my neighbourhood.Last night, i saw a cat in my dream…she is at the stage of illness…nd suddenly cat is talking to me that she is going to die. What does that mean?

  176. naak says:

    I had a dream about a cat coming in my room and then I woke up & went back to sleep I was walking in a store a person had the cat when I enetered the store I realized a tail was in my pants in my side and I got scared because then I realized the cat was in my head and I got frantic because im scared of cats but the cat never got off my head I then woke up

  177. Jen says:

    Ok, huge story really. I have recently been diognosed as epileptic. The thing is I have bad sleep deprivation which I believe caused my most recent episode. But when I am sleeping I remember everything. I awaken every 2 hours having a small dream and remembering the most of it as I wake. But fall back asleep and don’t recall the last dream as a new one comes. But I remember bits in the morning from all of them. So that’s the back story, here is the most recent. I am on meds now and sleep for my full 8 hours at a time. Sometimes more. But I have dreams still every night. My dreams used to be mostly flying almost every where before the meds. Now I am dreaming of kittens? A few nights ago I saw a kitten get smashed in a garbage compactor! Horrifying! I didn’t want to sleep after that! I was actually pretty upset about it for 2 days, then last night I had a dream I saved 150+ kittens and cats from an abandoned house and gave them medical care. What is going on? On top of it all, I don’t own any cats or haven’t had any since I was 10 years old.

  178. SANDRA SPIVEY says:

    Ok, I dreamed that a small dog that was very dirty with matted hair had come to my house and would not leave. A man told me that it was now my responsibility. He also told me that my cats needed to be spayed and neutered and to be seen by a vet. He said that he had hit one with his car, but it was only a glancing blow. He said that the cat’s leg might be broken. I went to find my cats (I have 2 and both are well cared for and “fixed”) and found three lying on their backs in a box side by side sleeping. All three were healthy, well-fed, alive and clean. The fourth cat (apparently I had 4 cats in the dream) was lying separately, also asleep, from the others with no sign of injury, healthy, well-fed and alive. What could this mean?

  179. Raghav says:

    Hi. I had a dream yesterday night around 2am. In the dream I saw a mamma cat and 3-4 kittens. Mamma cat was just in front of me lying and feeding the kittens. One of the kitten instead of going for Mamma’s nipple it cought hold of my stomach with it’s teeth and pulling. All were white cats with little greyish colour on their back. Could u tell me what does it mean. Plz.

  180. Dru says:

    I frequently have dreams about cats, and many of them, I cannot forget. But the one I had this morning, the day after Christmas, I think, is really speaking to me. A lot of the dream has to do with my feelings toward my grandmother and my aunt. My aunt was very judgemental and my grandmother always favored my brother over me–to the point where it was obvious. But, whenever my grandmother needed something, she would call on me, because my brother was so unreliable. My grandmother’s house is a fixture in the dream. In the crawl space, under the house, I hear kittens. I open the door to the space and there are many solid white kittens. They are all white in color but they have different colored eyes, some have smooth fur, some have rough fur, some are long-haired, and one in particular has a wavy coat that feels like velvet to the touch. And there is one that has a thin red line that runs from his neck to his butt. I wonder if the line is something he was born with, or if it is something that someone drew on him. I want to take care of them, but there are too many, and I all ready have enough pets. That is where the dream ends.

  181. Bella Pearson says:

    I had a dream aboit a kitten that was burned. I rescued him and another cat attacked him. I broke up the fight and continued helping the kitten. What does it mean?

  182. Lucy says:

    In a recent dream I met a cat who distrusted, hissed and bit me until I fed him milk. Upon waking I heard purring and felt something hop on my bed. I want to know what it means but im getting no answers from anywhere. Anyone here have any ideas?

  183. Kyle Alexander Mickey says:

    I just had a dream about a cat jumping out a bush because it was scared but when I thought it would run away it circled around me and jumped on me with a pur but it looked angry. What could that mean?

  184. Sg Ng says:

    hi, hope you have some time…
    I had this dream
    Im in a gathering at a dinner table, 10-13 people, everyone seems to know everyone, Im ‘the new guy’.
    I have 2 ‘micro’ kitties. less 2″ from head to but & everyone is admiring them and passing them to one another
    I seem to have them on tiny collars and held to my key chain (cruel I know, I wouldn’t actually do that:) when Im about to leave I asked for the whereabouts of my 3rd Kitten (which looked exactly like one of the other two I had with me)…some people ignored me, a couple smiled and maybe 2-3 laughed. But and the hostess (60yo+) was rather violent and while screaming and slamming onto the table with her right hand palm open. keeps shouting how insulting I was requesting something that never existed and my insinuating that they had it. when she tried showing me out. I became pretty upset and innervated. and when I was about to grave the guy nearest me by the neck…I woke up 🙂
    I have interesting dreams maybe once every 1-2 years…this is the one
    what do you think

  185. laura richardson says:

    I keep dreaming there are stray cats in my utility room and I’m trying to shoo them out as I already have 2 cats of my own, but they won’t move they just go to sleep?

  186. Jasper says:

    I had a dream last night about my lost cat, after my family and myself moved. The cat was in my dream, but she could speak English, she had 3 kittens, two black ones and another looking like herself when she was a kitten. Me and my mother took the cats home, I was holding two of the kittens, a black one and the other who looked like my cat while my mother was holding the other two. They were all scrambling but I just wanted them home. Can you tell me what this means please?

  187. Ashley says:

    I dreamt last night that my kitten was attacked & one of his front legs was bitten off. I don’t remember much else, but I woke up & cuddled my kitten close to my chest unable to sleep. I am having a lot of trouble in my relationship, could that be a sign that I need to let go?

  188. Amber Ashley says:

    3 timrs now ive had dream where my cat now has been lost but i find her within my dream as a kitten . i have an old cat that had passed away and i saw him elderly anf sickly very aggresive in my last dream. I am thinking of moving out but have never done something that independent before. These meanings symbolize a lot to me

  189. Nazima says:

    I dreamt of a cat that I owned previously. It was seriously injured on the abdomen.I was crying badly.Please give me an interpretation. Thanks

    1. laurie evangelista says:

      when you dream of you cat that passed on – i know it means he made to the other side – i just had the dream it took my cat 10 months and 10 days to tell me he is fine he made it to heaven

  190. Maressa says:

    I had a dream where I was on my belly crawling through a dark cave of some sort, and when i got to the other side there was a family of farrel cats. One mother cat and approximately 4 kittens. I looked at the mother cat and tried to scare it so she would leave but she attacked me on my back and neck. And then i woke up. (this dream was playing over and over again throughout one dream) What could that mean?

  191. Jeannette says:

    Hi good morning. I dream last night that I went to my mother’s room and find she has a beautiful cat inside her room. And its so cute can’t help my self to hug her.then the cat poop. Please help me to find out the meaning of this dream. Thanks.

    1. aashima thakran says:

      if you see poop that means good luck and money will come your way.

  192. sham says:

    i dreamed of a cute grey kitten..and a few moments later it disappeared and then someone left a red kitten in my hand..it was little but not that cute..i tried to put it away looking for the grey kitten. Could you please help me in the interpretation of this dream..my life is quite a mess right now and i fear losing the one i love..

  193. Cj says:

    Hi! How about when you had a dream. You are just walking and suddenly a cat came to you and went under your legs while you are walking. The cat is calm and just like seeking a care.

  194. Tricia says:

    I had a dream about 4 or5 cats and they were scratching a elderly lady from the place im employed.

  195. Aljon says:

    I was dreamed about my own cat that playing around and then it holding a stick of fire on it’s mouth. What does it mean? Please reply as long as you read my comment.. thanks.

  196. Helen says:

    I had a terrifying dream last night (I started crying in my dream but couldn’t wake up until it was over). I dreamt my eldest cat (he’s 10 and pure white) was ill and in heart failure. He came and sat on my lap. My husband was with me and as he passed, I was holding his right front leg and rubbing his paw. As he began to pass away, his fur gradually turned darker (he was curled up in a circle on my lap). Then another man (not a vet or my husband) took my hand and said ‘he’s gone to sleep now’. I woke up then but cried for about an hour after. He’s my first cat and if I leave him for periods of time (4 days max) I’m filled with overwhelming anxiety til I check on him. If anyone has any idea I’d be grateful 🙁

  197. Kristel Gwyn Q. Ugat says:

    I had a dream that a white with brown colored cat hypnotized me and I can still speak in my own will but cannot control my own body my friends and cousins tried to catch the cat that hypnotized me an tried to scare so that it will not hypnotize me anymore but it didnt then I woke up .

  198. yazmin says:

    I had a dream about a black cat that became a demon trying to get me but then the same cat turned yellow and was loving. I grabbed the loving cat and I prayed and the cat dissapeared. Strange dream !

  199. Reyna says:

    I had a dream that I saved a cat.. then all of a sudden I was in a room full of cats and one cat kept following me everywhere.. like she loved me

  200. gayathri says:

    Four cats have come in my dreams , they did not harm me but I got
    scard of cats

  201. Charisma says:

    How about if One dream witnessing a kitren eat greedily that choke her to death?

  202. Dalila says:

    I had a dream I was in my new apartment and found a kitten he was white and resembled a cat I had as a child. I went to pet him and 4 more cats including the mother came out and scratched me. To the point their claws were stuck in my arm and i was bleeding the other cats were black black and brown and grey what does this mean?

  203. Angela McRae says:

    Hi my name is angela. I just like to say my dream about a fat cat. And the thoughts you had on them help me make action decisions thank you.

  204. Kyle Vignali says:

    I’ve been having excessive dreams of a girl I liked during and even after high school. They went on and there was a moment when I had dreamt of her five days in a row! I feel there is something I need to do about this, or her. I forgot to mention, she’s currently mad at me over a misunderstanding, of a stolen object whom was not me. Just today I had a dream, I was looking for her in someway. I was with brother about the whole time, then I heard a cat meowing very loudly, but dominantly. I looked off to my right, and told my brother to go left, and I went to go check out the cat. Just then I saw a white puffy confident cat standing on a small altar with people in robes praising it. I felt confused as to why there was people standing and praising it in robes, but there is somekind of meaning to this.

  205. Alyssia Eirienwen says:

    I had a dream that I saved a black dog who was best friends with my real life pet cat, who I also saved from drowning in my neighbor’s pool. But I think that that’s just a sign that I love my cat and so I saved him. Or am I gaining independence and power over my own life?

  206. Maribel Ivory says:

    I dreamed last night a white cat in a restraurant flew on my lap and it surprised me so bad I threw him off of me. I need to know what it means? I always follow my dream, and I live by them.

  207. Pinky says:

    I I dream two big cats open my neighbour’s door and eat all KFC but me and my sister try to stop it but it was hard

  208. Mia Tavonatti says:

    I had a strange dream the I found two full grown cats buried in my cats litter box when I went to clean it. One was very much alive and wanted to jump out as I carried the box, cats and all, outside to find a place to to set it down. The other was alive but very weak, or still…then the dream shifted to the location being where I went to kindergarten, but now I was a senior in high school going back for my last year at a place that does not hold good memories for me…

  209. Josh McClintic says:

    I had a dream where I was given a small kitten and told to return it if fate was ever against me. Can you tell me what that means?

  210. Mohit Gupta says:

    I had a dream of two colorful cats playing and i am watching them.

  211. katherine jefferson says:

    had a dream that my husband of 30 yrs bought me a kitten and apuppy home .my husband who tolerate my 2 cats and one stray and will feed and water them is not an animal person so knowing this I turned it into numbers and used the fact that his love for cats or me was that I used the dream and his birthday and my cats age and years and played the lottery treasure hunt as I live in Philadelphia and won. when my son gives me dreams I always do the same and play their dream and birthday and 6 times out of 10 They or I will win I like numbers so this is my stratergy.

  212. Ana says:

    What if you’re hanging with your ex and y’all are walking to his truck and he finds a cat in the seat and he picks up the cat and says “what did I tell you about coming back” and let’s it out of his truck? Then y’all go off about talks business?

  213. Nina says:

    I was sleeping peacefully but I started to feel weighed down as if something was on top of me or trying to attack (Spirit) so I opened my eyes in waking life but I could not move or speak my tounge felt pushed back and numb during the dream I was unable to speak. Even though I could not move or speak I could see a cat grasping my wall in my bedroom but facing in a downward position that was unusual for me. Suddenly conciously I started to think what’s a cat doing in my room it looked as if it was going to attack but I’m unsure if it would have attacked me or the spirit that was weighing me down I also felt my arms raise a little bit but I started to pray in my conscious and I was released . Any feedback is greatly appreciated thank you

  214. Zamirhans says:

    What if u dream you wanted to save a cat and it happen the cat fall and it seems u killed the poor cat. What does it means?

  215. Heather Taylor says:

    I had a dream that my favorite cat got hurt, he was cut up and it looked bad, people thought he wouldn’t live. I started to believe them and then the next day I thought I would just get another kitten but it couldn’t replace my favorite. Then I went to check on my dying cat and he was still alive, I thought maybe I could save him if he was strong enough. So I took him to the vet and they seemed to know just what to do. Then my dream ended I never knew if my cat survived. What could this mean? My cat in reality is alive and healthy. But I don’t know if was about my cat or about something else.

    1. Kyle Vignali says:

      I think it’s a premonition, keep an eye on that kitty, along with yourself, you could possibly be put in the same situation.

  216. Darma says:

    I dreamt of my sister’s cat who has passed away a few years ago and it was allover my room walking and I noticed it’s bottom privates were a little bloody. I noticed round fresh blood stains on the carpet. As usual it was difficult to get it to come to me because it was mostly coy unless it wanted loving. I then noticed it had picked something up in the mouth and chewed and later started having breathing problems. The noise was like a little plastic elastic or something was caught in its throat and it was suffocating. I couldn’t get to it for some reason.

  217. Kim says:

    In my dream i saw my neighbors cat it was on a leash as usual
    And me and some other people were peting it.Then one of them pinted at a small kitten that was sick and dirty i felt bad for the kitten and petted it. I will be very happy if someone tells me what it means to see 2 cats in a dream one happy and healthy and one dirty and helpless

  218. FRnoush says:

    I dreamed of holding two very beautiful white kitty cats , like they were given to me and when I was holding them they made me feel so good and relaxed . They were so calmed. I would like to know what it means?

  219. Desmond says:

    I dreamt we walked trough remote bushes and requested sleepover at a strangers home,we had money,and rusted silver chains but kept getting up,as the owner came back I tried to gather my brothers to go,my missing chain reappeared, I grabbed my money,I was lame couldn’t get up from the bed my brother did not helped me,all sort of weird cats seemed to appear. A toffee striped ginger style cat with wide mouth and rotten teeth started threatening and approach ed to bite my middle finger its teeth seemed striped and rusted sharp serrated ,dangerous gleaming with silver edges. I woke up screaming

  220. Jay says:

    Dreamt that I crushed a cats neck with one hand because it was biting my own cat behind it’s neck and wouldn’t let go. Explain that

  221. Marinelle Alcantara says:

    I dreamt about I was inside a restaurant filled with people. I was with some unknown teenagers there. In the middle of the restaurant,there was a stage and an open accordion. Inside, there is a locked room with a glass door. My “friends” (the unknown teenagers) walked through the stage and attempted to open the locked glass door and they were shocked in what they saw. I had no idea in the things inside that room. I just remember that I saw a human-sized white cat with a small wound on her left chest. The cat stared at me and then she walked away. My “friends” in my dream were crying. I thought they saw dead cats there. My mood in my dream is frightened. Later, I just woke up when my husband is knocking horribly on the door. I think that was a nightmare. It’s so weird and I want to know what my dream symbolizes..

  222. Michael says:

    I had this terrifying dream that I was watching tv and then my cat walks towards me covered in deep cuts jumps on my lap then bleeds out while I sit their crying not being able to do anything

  223. Brian says:

    About big wild cat my wife holler in my dream and said it was bear it then smell and I had car oil smell all over me and crawl over my bed too my wife and was getting ready to bite her head, I woke up. What does this mean

  224. Lynn Johnson says:

    I dreamt my sons cat was in living room and I saw him at our door he turned around and looked at me but was scary looking and I couldn’t scream for my son and I was scared and I opened my eyes

  225. Steve says:

    Hi I had a very vivid dream this morning before awaking about two cats that came in from outside I don´t have cats anyway they were happy then they were sitting upright by the front door at a small cat and chair table eating with knives and folks any dream interpretations would be appreciated thanks Steve.

  226. Shaun says:

    I dreamt our cat was attacking our elderly chihuahua, I went to smack/shoo the cat away, but then it viciously leapt onto my face and scratched my face like crazy. Even mum was shocked at how badly my face was scratched up.

  227. Cheyenne says:

    I had a terrifying dream, I was laying on my couch and I woke up in the dream my black and white cat that I currently have is laying on me, hes about 4 months old. But he was laying on my chest and I saw something on his fur I went to check it out with my finger and it opened up to be a black widow and it was crawling all over his head and I tried to kill it and get it off of him and off of me. But I couldn’t get up I was stuck but I could still move my hands but it was like it didnt even notice my attempt to get it off of me. I woke up in real like sweating bullets, I’m terrified of spiders and I’m terrified of my baby kitty getting hurt.

  228. VL Ramnghaka says:

    Had a dream of white kitten this afternoon, its front left paws were cut off by knive for a reason i can’t remember, i took the paw but was still alive and moving and running. I saw blood of the cut off paw staining my hand. I then see the cat still happily playing with his moving paw (that was cut off). I can also see that the cat’s front left paw is missing.

  229. Shaun says:

    I had a weird dream that started out with school but it wasn’t my real school. It was fun and we played games for some reason and I was seeing my old friends and my old teacher. Later on that day I was like the student of the day or something. Later on my mom helped the school out and the school was very happy. My mom and I were walking home and then as we arrived at the front door, there was a cat. It was playful and I think I even saw this cat smile(that part was weird). I got the toy and I played with it and then it bit me and my mom got scared and she was opening the door and got really mad and she grabbed something and I was still being bit and after it stopped I ran in the house and she grabbed it and started beating the cat with in the face! I ran to her and I told her to stop and the cat had a red eye and a little cut on the face and it ran. Then my mom said something creepy like “I guess I have to be controlled” or something like that.

  230. Sunshine says:

    I had a very wild dream last night. In my dream I was at my mother’s house and her two male cats were playing around (very roughly) the two cats were old and they was throwing and tossing their selves into the wall. One cat actually ramed his head into the wall and broke it’s spine. I was disturbed by my dream and do not understand its meaning. If you or anyone has an idea of what this represents in my wakening life, please email me 🙂 thank you

  231. LP says:

    Any assistance with this dream would be helpful. I am going to preface my dream by telling you that a cat that had found it’s way into our home and heart the night after Christmas 2015 passed away unexpectedly in May (2017). My husband and I were never really fond of cats prior to this one. We considered ourselves dog people. We gave that cat a home and he was the coolest, sweetest, cats I’ve ever met. His death really hit me hard…super hard. I cried everyday for over a week and was extremely sad for several weeks. Thoughts of him still bring tears to my eyes, but I’ve gotten much better.

    My brother currently has many outdoor kittens from his many outdoor cats on his land. During a visit a couple weeks ago, there were two that I spotted and told him I would consider bringing home (one or the other). One was a creamy white color with a tail, the other white with grey spots and not tail (most of my brothers cats don’t have tails). The kittens should be ready to go in a couple more weeks so in the meantime my nieces are doing what the call “taming” the two I am interested in, since the cats and kittens are all outdoor and don’t come in constant contact with humans.
    So, last night I dreamed that I was at my brothers and my oldest niece and I were outside trying to catch one of the kittens, but it wasn’t the size of a kitten that was 7 or 8 weeks old, it was the size of a kitten about 9 to 12 months old (the size and age our former cat was when he came to us). In my mind the cat was the white and grey kitten, but his color as I seen it in the dream was red. A beautiful deep red color, with black spots instead of grey. He also still didn’t have a tail, which is the one thing about the little kitten I don’t like. He was playfully running from myself and my niece as I was there to pick him up and take him home. The only other thing that stood out in the dream was my brothers big red barn. I mean it was there were it should’ve been, and I guess maybe because the cat was red and his barn is red it just made it more prominent in my dream. IDK. I didn’t feel sad, upset, afraid. I recall feeling a little shocked that the cat was red but thinking how cool it looked and I hoped we were able to catch it so I could take it home. My niece and I were laughing at the difficulty we were having at catching the cat.

  232. Colette says:

    I opened my door to go into the garden and there was lots of black ferrell cats and a dog was sat in the middle with flies all over it I was trying to coats the dog in it was coming to slow so shut the door what does this mean ?

  233. Cats are neither “catty” nor malicious. You are applying “human” traits to dream symbolism which is not correct.

  234. Nakul says:

    I had a dream about 2 cats one black and one brown playing at my home at midnight. And when i woke up n went near the cats they showed the super natural powers and entered my car even though it was completely locked. I was curious to see how and they converted to humans and tried to catch me. I really got scared and woke up from my dream to see tat i was same in my bed.

  235. I just had a dream where I was at this really cool party with my friends from school at a water park kinda thingy and when we went to a safe island(I don’t get it either we just went there for no reason) and I was looking for my grand ma and her/my cat and when I was looking for her I saw these two really bad guys about to do like a ritual or sum thing (she was stuck and the cat to a wheel in chains) and it was like a puzzle and I had to move them out of the room to save them but I then end up killing the man evil persons body gaurd or something and behind there was my friends dad pushing me forwards and helping me but I don’t know why he is here and the I.choke the main guy unconscious and I then go save my grand ma and I try to save my cat Miki ( She is al a black cat white white paw but kinda scared of me ) but my Ct is cover in this tine string that is stuck to here so I then have to cut it off my granges walks into the room and says if she is alright but she then screams! And I’m like what is wrong and she then points st the cat and I look at the cat and the cats eyes have tired from black TO ORANGE and I’m so scared the cat then kinda pounces/leans on me and I think she is going to bite me but she then lays there an I think is is laying on me trying to say thank you. And it ends there . I am still crying about it and I don’t now what to think about this! Sorry this was so long I just love writing/typing and I hadsooooo much to say about this.please help me answer this dream!!!

  236. Salma says:

    I had a dream I was kidnapped outside my house at nighy by a person with a cat’s head and human body.What does that mean?

  237. Raquel says:

    I dream I was chase by a big fat black pig and out of nowhere a cat came out and distract the pig from chasing me..what is the meaning of that

  238. nada says:

    I dreamt of a white cat and she was dying I think, she wasn’t moving at all and her hand or arm I don’t know what they call it was broken, I was terrified of it. then my dad came home and carried her and told me off because I didn’t take her to the vet and while he was carrying her he shouted at me saying ‘ don’t be scared of the cat ‘ and pushed it on me and I moved back at that moment I woke up and I actually moved back in real life I almost fell off my bed.
    so what does that dream mean?

  239. I had a dream that I turned into a cat! Can you explain that please?

  240. Amarissa says:

    I lost my cat Oliver in one dream he ran to me then my freind tried to kill him but they didn’t he ran away in time then my other dream he was very mellow and weak not playfull it was weird I talked to him no message I prayed that night though I’m nine years old that cat Oliver is dead please tell me what it means this is my third site and last one I’m doing as soon as you can please get to me

  241. Kenny says:

    I had a dream of a fluffy playful cat it was cute and was in a bed with me I think it talked not to sure but what does that mean I want to know because I am a screen actor in the entertainment industry

  242. Neema Meta says:

    I had a dream the night before this morning. we were sleeping inside the big room with lights off, me, my fiance and the other one, a lady i didnt recognise, then i heard like someone searching the next room. i asked my fiance what is that but he did not reply and the other person kept quite. sudden the small white cat fly from that room and inter our room to the direction i was. before reaching me i screamed loudly cause i thought is going to harm me then i woke up from the dream. and am afraid of cats. what does this mean?

  243. Tasha williams says:

    It npt a dream i had but where i live i have a tray cat that i feed and today he jumped up on my lap and layed down on my breast and he haven’t did that before what do tjat nabor said i might be pregnant is that true.

  244. Jessica Irizarry says:

    Yesterday I had a dream where there was a demon in my room. I scared the demon away then I let a stray cat in. That cat had many babies which in turn turned to adult cats. Toward the end of the dream, I kept taking adult cats and kittens & trying to get them out my house through the window/fire escape window. They still kept coming in though. What does this mean?

  245. last night the dream was that i passed a pile of cats maybe 5ft tall rounded sleeping on top of each other then some cuddling movement even a little lovemaking i think? then another pile , and some large cat faces behind some fence looking at me… i am 68, a retired talent agent, living in newport beach. what could this mean?

  246. Sam says:

    I had a dream last night I got 5 kittens. And all I did was roll around the floor and play with them. I received a bunch of nibbles from them too.

  247. Essam Ibrahim says:

    I have dreamt of a cat was hanging on to me wherever I went. The Cat was sweet and cuddly towards me. I would love to know what this dream means. Please can you help?

  248. Jennifer says:

    I dreamt of two cats trying to escape from a stair case runung away from their owner. I’m the proses the white cat was injured and the taffy colored was successful in escaping. Then I grabbed the white one because it was injured cradling him in my arms. I called out to the other cat calling it taffy and he walked beside me. For a second I thought he was gonna run away but he came back to me. Then some guy told me about a bar that was shut down. I then told the kittens that I won’t let anything happen to my kittens. What does this mean. I’m so confused

  249. Tasha Davis says:

    Had a dream that a cat was on my driver seat in the car stretched out and there were kittens on the floor on the back seat.

  250. Amiee says:

    I dreamt of a cat stuck in my bathroom window pane.
    The backend of the cat was inside on bathroom window.
    There was Pee on my windowsill and sponges.
    The window wasn’t shattered, just like it came thru the glass.
    The cat colour was tiger stripe, black and grey.
    Does anyone know the meaning of this very disturbing dream?
    I am very worried.

  251. Eric gibson says:

    I had s dream about a 12 eyed black kitten. He loved me and I loved him. At one point me and my mother in law counted his eyes(because previously I thought he had 3 eyes). Now he had 12. N I carried him around loving on him. But when I counted the eyes I stare into them n felt helpless but proud at the same time. Do u understand this?

  252. Leo says:

    For the past few nights I’ve been having dreams about stray cats. Whom I took in. At first they didn’t trust me but after time they came to. In this same dream there were a group of dogs. Two weeks ago I dreamed of tortoises. Tonite two stray cats popped up outside my house. One on the back porch meowing at the door.

  253. Heather L Pllana says:

    I dreamt that my male cat gave birth to four black kittens and they plumped into the bathtub that was leaking water and stopped up and I found them drowned to death but my Sketchy ( male cat ) was still alive but I could see the blood from the child birth. My interpretation is that I have a person in my life who is suffocating my independence. Drowning=suffocating

  254. Leah says:

    I am a born psychic & Spirit communicator…
    Also an Animal activist/ Cat lady.
    This morning, one of the Ferals i caretake in a dream was standing on his little 2 feet wearing pure white clean sneakers.
    ( he’s had a bad ear infection & frequently wounds)

  255. julia says:

    I dreamt I was in my house surrounded by cats and I was trying to find them all homes . My mother put some in a bag and left the house and managed to find 6 of them homes as they were all strays

  256. Karel Howell says:

    Me and an ex have been going back and forth for months about moving back in together. Last night I dreamed he was laying in bed with 3 kittens while we laughed and talked about his new job. The kittens were gray and white with 1 brown patch on them. Two were laying on his stomach and the youngest kitten was laying near his head. I was standing and unfolding a big handful of money. He said his manager was leaving because she was getting married. I instantly said you are going to get the managers position. We laughed and agreed and the dream ended.

  257. Sundaie says:

    Hi I dream about cats pretty much all the time but sometimes it’ll stop so last night I dreamt about cats jumping on me on my back but not in a attacking way I guess they wanting to play it was a lot of them and I would swing them around and then another one would latch on and I’ll swing them it was kind of scary because I’m actually kind of scared of cats just the thought of them make my heart Trimble can you please advise me on this?

  258. Cecilia says:

    I had a dream once where I had found a cat a bit darker than my cat who’s white lurking around my home. This cat was nice for a while, but then I found my cat cowering in the corner and saw the other cat with a devilish grin and sharp pointed teeth. Instead of running away though, I beat it with a broom until it died.

    Whenever I think about this dream, however, I have a chill run down my spine. But, the reason I came out to say this is because recently my cat has been sitting in the same corner of my room and refusing to move. Even as bad as scratching me to go back to that corner…

    I don’t know what to do, but I know I need some help.

  259. Claudette says:

    Good morning, I dreamt that my dead mother and a big fat black cat was sitting at the foot of my bed. The was not mad but just look pensive. Can you please advise. Thanks

  260. Ellen Bihler says:

    A month ago an old childhood friend told me she had a vivid dream of a white and orange cat that came into her house and looked at her. Last week, my 90 yr old mother told me she had a vivid dream that a white and orange cat came into her apartment and woke her up. (she had, in fact, fallen asleep in a chair and did wake up from the dream). Mom didn’t know about the dream my friend had. I thought it strange indeed.

    1. Anita says:

      Ellen (my living sister’s name is Ellen), I believe the dream I had last night was of a white and orange cat that in the dream belonged to my (deceased) grandmother in her house. The cat was eating. I saw the cat from the side/back as it ate and also my grandmother from the back. In the dream I was told my responsibility was just to get my grandmother another cat when this one died. Strange. There was also a dark dog in the dream that I had almost suffocated accidentally by throwing plastic (like shrinkwrap) under it. Just thought I’d share…Acts 2:38 Acts 22:16 Mark 16:16. Don’t let them deceive you that it’s not scripture.

  261. Zak says:

    Thank you so much.
    From zak

  262. Amy says:

    Had a dream that I woke up to my house full of cats, what does that mean?

    1. D says:

      You’re in heaven.

  263. Hope says:

    I had a dream that a mother cat and her kitten were playing in my bed. I attempted to move the mother along with her kitten off the bed. The mother cat attacked me and I woke up. What does that mean?

  264. I had a dream about a Panther in my bedroom. I got up ,Not being afraid and walked him or her to the patio door and let it out. I did stroke him and there was a deep purring . The dream is still very vivid to me .

  265. Ash says:

    what does it mean if you are pretending to be a cat to distract someone?

  266. DaRell says:

    What does a hungry, but eventually fed cat symbolize in a male’s dream?

  267. sandy says:

    I dreamt of multiple cats fighting, hurting one another. I then picked one up to take to a vet, it was hurt pretty bad , then I woke up.

  268. Angelstar3 says:

    I dreamed about my cat almost dying in a fire and I still cannot find what it means.

  269. I’m dreamt many Cats Last night 22nd February 2017 what that’s mean is that’s good or bad please reply me thanks.

  270. Roberto says:

    I had a dream that my house was full of rats then when I tried kill it it was transforming into a cat we had a strong connection then another cat appeared the mother and suddenly kittens I felt extremely overwhelmed and they were all cuddling me and I started to weep like never before and all this happed Infront of my younger brother. Could it mean I’m very vulnerable and need love?

    1. maybin musonda says:

      Rats are a symbol of negativity related to financial loss. In your waking life it means many problems that you will solve with your finances. I am talking through experience. When I dream about that I sometimes remain without a coin to buy a sweet. So be on the watch on who to clear debts, support financially and what you will remain with.

  271. Lori says:

    I keep having dreams about adult cats. They’re always friendly. Ongoing dreams. Weird. Lori

  272. Travis Nodgaard says:

    Hi i have been having dreams of cats most of my life. Dating back to my childhood. Most very scary. But recently i fell into a deep sleep. In my dream i found myself high up in cloud tops like in a shuttle of sorts. It reached the cloud tops then it stalled out and i began falling. I had a sense of panic and twrror in my dream. Thought death was comimg to me. Then not long after i found myself in the dream laying on the bed to encounter an adult black cat with deep bright yellow eyes starring intently in mine laying on top of my girlfriend. She must of heard me yell out in my dream and i seen her hand move right over the cat but only to go thru it. Like it was a ghost. Then it vanished. I woke up to her wondering what i was yelling out for in my sleep.

  273. Debra Witt says:

    I dreamt of my pet cat – felt loving toward her. Then a poisonous snake started growing out of her back, and I couldn’t keep track of her. She stayed in the same room as me, but sometimes I lost sight of her. I was scared. I woke up with my heart pounding, fearful, feeling like something was stalking (like hunting) me.

  274. Shilpa says:

    Elaborately discribed , helped me to analysis my dream , thnx

  275. AndrewSE says:

    I had a dream of a cat with broken leg and it look very familiar to me. The details were i was walking alone the dirt road with trees around, and then i saw a bunch of cats in front of me, suddenly a cat with broken back leg crawled to me and spoke human language as ” Help me “. I got scared and try to run away but it still there trying to get closer… And then i woke up. ( I don’t know why its leg got broken ).

    Please tell me its meaning !?

  276. lorna vergara says:

    I dream of 2 cats in my dining eating foods in the floor (many food spread in the floor color is bage and maybe 1 cm long shape like keecham

  277. Paws says:

    I write this as it’s still fresh in my head, hoping to help myself remember this for analysis later.
    I dreamt that a white, orange eyed cat I didn’t know was stolen by an old lady who I felt didn’t care for it much, because as I followed her and the cat refused to get back on your her old lady scooter and just looked at me. Like it waited for me to give a god reason for it to follow me instead. I think I backed off, though, because the old lady was getting aggressive. Then, returning home, I went out of my way to cross the street to the edge of a park, because I saw a bunch of young adolescent kittens there, and felt a strong need to go to them. Three of them looked just like one of the cats we used to keep, white with heterochromatic, blue and yellow eyes, one dark steel blue with dark blue eyes, and one dark gray siamese whose eyes I can’t remember. All of them came to me upon little calling, little wait. One of the white ones was… not looking good. In fact, I were surprised it was still moving ax lively as it was, even if it kept meowing when touched. It had a big, ugly wound scabbing on it’s shoulder, thinned fur, and almost greenish tint to it’s skin in some points, but it’s eyes were still sharp. It had trouble being touched, but still tried to come for some form of attention and affection to me. I felt they all were hungry, or had some problems. Another white one, distrustful, thin, but I knew that this was a hunter. I knew that it’s thin not because it’s bad at it, but because it’s doing it’s best to feed the others. Can’t remember what the deal was with other kittens, but I remember feeling desperate to help them, and helpless to do so. Lastly, as I sat there with them in distress, wishing I could at least feed them, there was another old lady with a cat, but I could tell that her slate tabby was very attached to her, asked me what am I doing, and advised that even if I can’t save them all, nor take any of them home, doing anything is better than doing nothing. That I could try to leave them food in the park when I have some. And then I woke up.

  278. John Wick says:

    I had a dream about a cat that lived in my home and I let the cat roam free. I urged the cat to go out and catch mice and it did just that.

  279. sara says:

    i lost my cat.she has diabetes.my dream she running in door.when it opens she stays in my place.i hope find her.

  280. christoher says:

    I dreamed of a cat sitting in my window sill when it decided to jump out the open window to its death as it was 2 Stories high in a flat after it first looked at me and then jumped!

  281. Itu says:

    I dreamed of me and my new girlfriend in a place where all rooms are full and decided to sleep in a storeroom since there was a bed, while sleeping I heard a cring dog only to find out that it’s my father who passed away ten years back, coming from the back of the house and there was two gold and brown kittens then I urinated on then suddenly they became bigger and started barging like dogs coming my direction and suddenly my father was not feeling well and went to the room my girlfriend slept
    What mite be the meaning of that

  282. smaqntosh says:

    I’ve posted this dream twice because the first entry has my email address instead of my WordPress user name. Can you delete the first ‘try’ please? Thank You.

    This lovely light-brown, speckled gingerish cat, rather fattish, but defo not obese. With a large round, kind inquisitive face, was sitting atop something, inna relaxed position, was just looking at me, at what I was doing constantly. The expression on the cats face, was delightfully absorbing and kind. I was an incy bit worried about its size though, coz in realife, I’ve never encountered a domestic cat that is both unusually large and healthy and appears to be so healthy too.

  283. Vicky Coley says:

    In my dream there were kittens in a box but this one kitten just was lying on his side looking at me with big soft eyes it didn’t try to attack me it looked as if it wanted to play or just be petted its coat was sort of grayish black and shiny. What does it mean?

  284. Nerubi says:

    I had a dream that my girlfriend, me and a bunch of people were inside a place sheltering ourselves from a big stormy oceon waters outside. A cat tried to enter through the window, but noone tried to help her. Too afraid that the stormy water would hit them. I felt sorry for this cat, enen though i would have liked to help, i did nothing.

  285. Harish says:

    Last night I had a dream that as I was driving a motorcycle at night, suddenly i found a wild (seemed like a demon kind) cat over my lap, i got scared and threw it away. But soon found 3-4 cats over my lap. I started throwing one by one and my sleep broke with a fear.

  286. Mario says:

    Hi, I just had a dream that woke me up, but the dream seemed to have lasted a long time. I was in an apartment complex with a small kitten, but the small kitten was being attacked and I was trying to protected it. I had taken the cat with me in order to leave the apartment complex, but seemed impossible to leave. I just couldn’t leave that place. As I tried several times to leave the small kitten was being attacked and so was I. I took action and I physically attacked the cats that were attacking us, but they seemed not to go away, they kept coming back, until I suddenly woke up. What is this dream trying to tell me? What does it mean? (I was in a relationship but we separated, but still remain married. We have not spoken in two months, I do miss her every day. Does this dream relate to my situation???)

  287. Jack says:

    I had a very short dream about a cat. I was lying on the sofa and fell asleep for like 2 min and i saw a dark (probably black?) cat on the top of a tree. It wasnt a domestic cat, but it wasn’t a panther either, maybe something in the middle. It came down the tree and walked in front of me for a moment. I wasn’t scared, just observing it. Then, suddenly, it jumped at me with the paws stretched forwards and with the teeth out. And i woke up! Despite short, the dream stuck to me, and i was very curious about its possible meaning. Could you help?
    Thank you

  288. Gwen says:

    I dreamed of an animal, looked like a rat with a squirrel tail running into my home. When my husband picked it up to throw it out, I looked at it and realized it was a pretty brown cat. When he threw it outside, the cat turned around and looked back at me. I immediately went outside and picked up the cat, who was a little standoffish, but let me hold it. I remember feeding the cat inside the house and petting it.

  289. Lupe Luque says:

    I had a scary dream of a cute grey young cat that was very angry with me and would attract me and clutch onto my hands digging its nails in me and starring into my eyes.

  290. Madi says:

    I had a dream that I found a little black kitten in a field behind my house. He was sick and so so small, so I took him back and wrapped blankets around him. Someone tried to give him cows milk, but I stopped them and fed him wet cat food with tweezers till he felt better. I was happy in the dream, because he reminded me of a cat that I used to have in real life, before he died in an accident.

  291. Julia r says:

    I had an interesting dream that I was dreaming about a cat. I can’t remember the details but I believe someone abducted my cat . He was was copper and white. I was sorry that I didn’t write the details. What was interesting was when my grade schoole aged daughter came to me te next day to tell me that she saw multicolored cat with white and tan spots, followed her almost up to the steps and pass the gates of her grandmothers house and she felt like a strong connection to the cat at her grandmothers home as her grandmother tried to scat it away! I never mentioned this dream to my daughter but was researching the dream on line when she came to me to share her story.?does this mean anything? I didn’t tell my daughter initially about my dream but later she described the same cat… she said it loooked like the one who followed her further than any cat had .

  292. J. says:

    In my lucid dreams, of which I have begun to control consciously, there are always cats. They cuddle with me even to the point of sometimes fighting one another for a popular spot. But the cats are always here, and when I am lucidly aware while asleep, falling asleep, semi awake, they are there. I feel their breath, whiskers, purring.

  293. Kibbles says:

    I dreamt of a mother cat and her two beautiful kittens jumping out a long grass as I was walking along a canal on a sunny day, my brother was with me he was adopting a kitten and I was taking one, we got separated by water and I ended up with both kittens which I was happy about.

  294. I had a dream about my cat. I was on the toliet and it hop up and down on me. I also felt his body and i could feel his fur and i woke up.

  295. Taressa says:

    I had a weird dream tht a cat ate a baby i was suppose to be watching nd i ran upstairs like nun ever happened tht dream really made me cry in real life

  296. Hahaahaaha….Last night I saw a Silver-Brown cat on the stove staring at me with golden-red eyes and its nipples were like rapid+ color+changing LED’S…It wouldn’t scare though its furs were melting down…
    Pushed away and it panicked away behind a huge pan ,
    it became my pet though I was burning-angry, Then I got out of the underground cave….
    It was a Trip to Hell…. xD

  297. Felicia says:

    I hade a dream about a cat kept trying to follow me. I threw dirt in the cats eyes and he still end up following me everywhere I went. Why is this cat following me…..

  298. Debby says:

    I had a dream that my ex-was holding a cat in his hands and all of sudden I heard a pop noise and I show that he open the head of the cat in 2 with his hands.

  299. Debra Granby says:

    Last night I had a dream about two cats my cousin was trying to sell me one of his cats was a large cat sitting up front with him the other one was a small cat in the backseat that was dressed in a sheep’s costume the cat in the front was a great big cat that he Said that he would give to me if I bought the little cat for $30 I said no but if it was a sheep that I would take it

  300. Teresa shackell says:

    My husband had a dream that cats were coming into our house at night but had squares on them can anyone explain

  301. Me says:

    In my dream, the kittens were brought to me to be nursed by me..the kittens were happy, frisky, and jumping all over me…i wasn’t scratched or bitten. I am a male

  302. 2TT says:

    I had a dream about a random orange and white (or maybe just orange) cat or kitten that randomly when inside our car coz’ my mom was driving it in my dream! Any idea what that means?

  303. Loveanj says:

    I once had a very short dream about a cat.
    I was about to wear my shoes boots to be exact. When i one boot was already on my foot then as i was to wear the other side i felt somethinf furry inside my boot and as i looked inside a cat was inside my foot. The cat scared me but mostly surprised me

  304. Eric says:

    I had a dream about a cat softly head butting me while I was sleeping. Something was telling me it was maybe a former cat that I had as a pet years ago. I got the feeling that she was trying to tell me something.

  305. kaila says:

    In my dream.. my cats were actually aliens and tried to eat me and my family.. what does this mean?

  306. Andjie says:

    In my dream, i felt like something is biting me, Like ant bite. I see a small ginger cat got its teeth stuck to something .like bal of messed up nylon tread. Every time i feel the sting i see the cats teeth stuck. And i realise its teeth breaks every time a small piece. I think why does it do that and i help the cat.. from its .. dilemma…

  307. Areli Chavira says:

    I had a dream of a lot of cats coming from all sorts of places these cats would turn into human would come in and out Being Human and being a cat they were trying to get my attention or competing against each other to marry me then dog came into the picture and it was the same thing with them what does this mean can someone tell me and help me thank you

  308. Ty Harrison says:

    I had a dream last night about a cat jumping on my bed and running towards me . Any idea what that symbolizes?

  309. Vera B. cash says:

    September 25, 2016

    I dreamed that a small kitten was in my arms and I tried to breast feed him but I tried to breast feed it but no milk came out, but the kitten looked up at me and smiled. So I went to get him some milk in a bottle to feed him.

  310. priyanka says:

    hey after reading the above article i am scared. I had a dream of a black cat last night where by the cat is constantly trying to enter my house due to which am annoyed and constantly try to scare it away my home. But it still enters my house and bits me twice. That’s all i remember till know about it. I was angry at the cat in my dreams and i too likes cat. And had them at my place too. Please tell me what does this dream means. I also saw money in the same dream. where i counted them and took them in my custody. I learned how to count them according to their numbers and stuff and i was happy at that time in the dream. But this two were not connected. They were different events in my dream.

  311. Brenda says:

    I dreamed that I went to a flat next to mine to complain about their 4 cats. when they answered the door I saw 4 women and 4 cats. They argued and I told them I would report them to Lindy. When I went back later again the 4 women were still there but I saw a smallish suitcase with 3 of the cats laid out next to each other on their backs dead and them busy with the other cat still to put in the case to bury them . What is the meaning of this dream

  312. Josh Venning says:

    I just woke up from a dream where i was in a very big house that was unfamiliar and i felt an evil presence that lurked somewhere inside. i felt like it would especially be present in certain rooms and i was very afraid to go in or even pass by their doors. but at the same time i remember opening one of the doors and yelling; like i was challenging the evil spirit or whatever that was in there. nothing happened but i sensed that it would try to “attack” when i wasn’t expecting it later on. but then i came to the room that i knew as my bedroom and i felt safe, except for the fact that i had a closet or something that i worried had the evil presence in. so i was afraid to go to be alone/go to sleep. but then suddenly a young playful cat came in the room and i felt very reassured, although it wasn’t really paying me much attention. then an older motherly cat came in and i felt even more reassured and it was very affectionate toward me. the younger cat looked and acted almost exactly like the younger cat that i have as a pet. and i have an older girl cat who is very sweet but the cat in my dream was different.. she seemed joyful and wise and like she knew i was concerned and meant to help. being comforted in the dream by the older cat was one of the greatest feelings in the world.

  313. Li Pere says:

    I dreamed that I was moving to a new state and leaving my family and friends behind. I couldn’t find my cat cause she was ignoring me because all my belongings were in a pile on the floor. I heard her hacking up a hairball in the next room so I decided to go check up on her. As I sat next to her waiting for her to cough up a fireball she instead coughed up an empty travel size lotion bottle. I thought how in the world did she swallow this item! Them she looked at me and hacked out another empty bottle! She would have just enough time to take a breath just cough out another empty bottle! I felt helpless!I remember sitting next to her trying to assist and comfort her and feeling a sense of helplessness because there was nothing I could do yo help her! She kept looking at me as bottles just kept coming! My second thought was how I could have been so naive to have kept all my things in a pile in the middle of the floor. She finally did stop coughing up the empty bottle and she felt much better. Things were back to normal with her. She just watched me as I continued packing our belongings and gave me loving eyes and purring. Then I woke up! In real life my cat and I are moving to another state leaving behind people I truly love and care for. Any thoughts? greatly appreciated 🙂

  314. Cath says:

    Last night I saw in my dream my white pet cat. He was curled next to me and my immediate thought was ” did he find his way back home ? He is back to me ” I felt content. In real life my cat passed away over a year ago. I miss him very much. We adapted him from a shelter and he was so nice to us , never misbehaved and would always come home. My husband said that the cat spirit is watching over me and he dropped by to say “hi”.

  315. Ileen says:

    I had a dream that our male cat for some reason was now a female and had kittens but had them under our couch cushions.. And I was trying to get them on a basket before anyone could sit on them.. And there ended up being 11 of them.. And the basket was too small. I have a three week old son and am not getting much sleep.. in the same dream an old friend who chose drinking over having a girls night in.. was also in my dream.. she was trying to give me money to be her friend again. I threw the money back at her.. then found the kittens..

  316. amber says:

    I had a dream i was a catwoman. And i was pregnant. It was in the future because the buildings were like a futuristic sci-fi movie. My best friend (in my dream who i dont know in real life) had just lost her baby and her boyfriend was happy about it so she broke up with him. My boyfriend and i went to my place to start building baby stuff but then war sirens when off and we ran. People were trying to attack me and he was trying to protect me. But i told him id be able to beat them because i was stronger. But as i started to i began going into labor.

  317. Agi says:

    Last night I dreamt I had a little black kitten that also belonged to my daughter and her partner and little son, my grandson – to all whom I’m very close. I moved to a different house and the kitten disappeared – others there were helpful but noone could find – we could hear it scratching and miaowing under the house for a couple of days, but a group of us searching under there couldn’t find it. Then we couldn’t hear it any more and I felt awful, that it had/must have, died, very sad and disturbed and also how was I going to tell the rest of the family…
    Then suddenly at the end of the dream, the cat turned up – at least, someone delivered me a cage with two black cats, slightly older (it would have grown up probably after a couple of weeks or so) – they looked almost identical, and having grown up a bit, I couldnt tell which was our cat.
    So, it was great news that cat was alive, against all odds and after all that time. But, which one was it? And did that matter?
    I have never written in anywhere about a dream before – in fact I’m a clinical psychologist and try to help some of my clients decipher their dreams. But this one left me really curious and intrigued, and with mixed feelings – the good news turn up of missing cat thought dead, coupled with the slight bafflement of now there were two, and not knowing which was the one we had lost. Also the cage factor, which just felt like someone had put them both in there for ease of bringing to me.
    I would love any thoughts if anyone has and is interested to share them….?? Thanks! Agi

    1. Claire says:

      Hi Agi!

      This will be interesting, one psych to another. I’m a child psych.

      I think you should concentrate on the cage bring a symbol not of ease but of choices. The 2 cats makes me feel like you have a big decision to contemplate and the opinion of loved ones though helpful and wanted, can’t help you truly decide what I’d best for you. The fact that the cat has grown after being lost, makes we wonder if there is a change in path awaiting you that have been avoiding – or an issue that is getting bigger in your own mind that you need to contemplate. What happened on the few weeks post dream?

      I found this site purely be a use I has my own cat dream last night and was looking for inspiration. I’m not a cat person (and I’d seen a clip of someone playing with a cat earlier in the day) but in my dream it was a black cat that I was taking care of, despite my severe in life allergies to them, and people were trying to take it away from me. I’d asked for help with one thing and it blew up to the point that I was facing a judgement of some type where I may not get to keep the cat and I was devastated. I tried everything, specialist and legal help but no one could help me. I feel it’s warning me about intuition and losing my own desires and outlook. Any other input from anyone?

  318. marie says:

    I dreamt of a very dep blue cat that was bigger (in length) than all the other house cats finding itself on my porch. I didn’t take it as a pet but it would coe on the porch all the time like i owned it. I never fed it but it always came back purring jumping around. It had no owner.

  319. noname says:

    i dream about my cat riding a bigger version of my dog…

  320. Shakila says:

    26 of July 2016 time 3 pm I see in my dreeam I’m and my brother in low and sister in low my casein we all nixt to the waiter play I go home I cooked the meat pot one peas in my heand the cat come and jump in pot I’m scared removed the cat

  321. brian lee says:

    i had a dream that my computer crashed and my mom was sleeping and
    my brother was sleep and my dad was the only one woked up! SO WEIRDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

  322. Lindsay says:

    I had a dream that a friend and I were listening intently to someone’s conversation in another room (my husband was out of town for some reason), but we were having trouble understanding what was being said. All of a sudden, I decided to turn into a cat and walk in there to listen better. The people we were trying to listen to thought I was a stray and they took me in. I spent the whole time trying to escape even though they were very friendly to me. Then I woke up.

  323. Jennifer says:

    I dream that I was taking 3 kittens in a cloth cage to the vet to get fixed. I put the cage on a wooden bench and a snake tried to eat the cage with the Kittens then i unzipped the end of cage and grabbed the 3 kittens and I could fell one of the snake fang pierce my knuckle as I grabbed the last kitten. I held all 3 kittens to my chest and ran while the snake was still swallowing the cage

  324. Jade says:

    Two nights in a row I’ve dreamt of cats. The first night was two lionesses and a lion. One lioness scratched my husbands back in the dream and then last night my beloved 16year old pet cat (who pasted away 3 years ago) arrived at my dog step alive and well and had obviously been trying to find me?? So bizarre, two nights, both dreams about cats! Thanks for the read 🙂

  325. Dunstan says:

    The dream that i had of the cat.
    This cat was silver, with some black stripes: It looked very similar to a Maine coon cat. The cat was quiet, it looked very wise, and had a white aura around it. The cat in the dream, was in my closet and from the closet it walked to my bathroom, and then stood their looking at me. I don’t know how to fully describe it. But i can say; that the dream felt peaceful. … And i told myself in the dream: That. That is one good looking cat!

  326. akanksha says:

    It was not dream I was awaken I just close my eyes n see that a cat is coming inside my house n suddenly I opened my eyes what does this means plz anyone tell me.

  327. Mary101 says:

    I had a dream about a bunch of black cats in my backyard and they refused to leave there was one cat that was grey with stripes and suddenly the all disapeared.

  328. Uros says:

    i had a dream about 2 talking cats still remember what they said to me
    go to her, go see her, go now so i went in my dream to the airport then the dream ended the next day i was dreaming about how i actually visited her
    and i want to know what those kind of dreams mean

  329. Arw says:

    I dreamed I had two grown cats: one gray with stripes and one dark brown. Then I got two newborn kitties which were too young to survive and I breast-fed them with milk. (I have never had a baby, nor am I pregnant) The grown cats got a malicious, unnatural gleam in their eyes and I felt really threatened. I thought they’ll kill me and drink the milk when I’m dead. They also wanted to kill the little kittens and after a harrowing, frightfull struggle I suffocated the two grown cats. The little kittens grew a little and one was especially helpfull and kind to me: it was a tortoiseshell cat. The other was dark grey.
    What does this mean?

  330. Kira says:

    I dreamt of a cat I had as a pet 39 YEARS AGO and who I haven’t thought of in almost as long! What would a dream like THAT mean?? He was being somewhat playful at the end of my bed, or rather maybe I was just being playful, he was being the way he always was: a very tame, friendly cat allowing me to “mess with him” by lightly pushing him off the end of the bed over and over again as he was trying to hop up. And then I go into my old living room and he is sitting upright behind a couch pillow and I lean against him again playfully and not being rough at all -the whole time concerning the cat in this dream. This dream has other elements in it not related to the cat – but has my deceased female cousin in it who always visited my sister in the 1970’s and stayed for days and weeks on end sometimes WHILE this cat WAS a part of my family- aside from the cat in it: this dream was very forgettable & not really about much of anything, just a typical day: I wake up, the cat is trying to jump up on the bed, my cousin is over, she walks past me a couple times, nothing, then the couch and I lean back against the cat who is sitting behind one of the pillows laying in the corner of the couch. Only thing I can say ODD would be the 2 CORNERS mentioned: 1st corner is the right corner of the end of my full sized bed (right from my point of view as I start this dream just sitting up in bed for the day) and 2nd corner is what would also be the right corner of the couch. But I haven’t thought of my cousin in years and I haven’t thought of my old cat in many MORE years. The house is the house I lived in when I was a kid and owned this cat and the house my cousin DID visit us in, and it’s the house I went back to and lived in from 1986-2012, but I never owned a full-sized bed in the 70’s and I never had a bed placed on the wall where this one was placed and the couch was not a couch we owned in the 70’s either. Not even sure if we EVER owned the couch in my dream or not but it was a vintage couch maybe from the late 50’s or 60’s. It all felt normal in the dream, like it was still the 70’s but I was not a kid I was an adult but not a mother as I am now. What do you suppose any of this means?

  331. brent says:

    i had a dream of not one but two cats biting on both my hands then right after that the girl i had a baby with but no longer with but still really do love was dating another man what does this mean

  332. Michael says:

    I just had a dream where I was observing a giant house cat. I don’t think I had a body, but there were other people in the frame of the cat. A single claw was about as big as a person, it massive. I had an impression it was all powerful, and somewhat dangerous, though not aggressive. It was walking amongst a crowd of people who were indifferent, and then into an ally. There was only one man in the ally. A fear grips him, and he starts running. The cat behind to nonchalantly follow. The ally is dark and dirty, and not very big. The car must have gotten smaller

  333. Meagan Moreno says:

    I had a dream about a very specific cat it was an Irish fold and i had to look it up because the thing i noticed most was its small ears. I’ve seen cats like that before but my dream was very detailed. It was a soft gray with stripes on its tail like a raccoon. It was a stray but I wpuld go visit it and feed it any chance I got. The cat was loving and soft and very playful. One day it took off and so I followed it through the woods but ended up losing sight of it becoming lost… Then I woke up.

  334. Angel says:

    It was midnight and i was with my family here in our apartment then when we are having dinner there is a yowling cat from neighbor that sounds like the cats yowling was blending with humans yowl or dog’s yowl i am not sure to remember but when my cousin went to the door she came back at us and said to me that heyy our neighbor said your cat is dying and want to go with u before she dies.. the cat in my dream was my cat before but adopted by my neighbor. It freaks me out and dunno what to do. Til i woke up i am wondering what is the meaning my dream.

  335. Alyson says:

    I was always told that when a women dreams about Cats and/or fish that either she or someone close to her is or will become pregnant, is that true????

  336. Cassandra says:

    I had a dream that a Big Striped cat jumped on the counter and i shoed it away with my hand so it can get down. It did, then i went up to the cat and put my fingers in front of its face close to its nose in , while i was talking to the cat in a nice way. What does it mean?

  337. Crystal Dias says:

    What does it mean to be surrounded by cats and they are protecting you in your dreams

  338. Quinn says:

    I kind of had a sad/scary dream that involved cats.
    My dream involved my papaw, but it did occur until the end of the dream & it frightened me so bad that it woke me up.
    In my dream I remember driving down the road with my current boyfriend, my mom, & my ex step dad of probably 12 years, we drove by my papaw’s house in the same location that it sits in real like. As we drove by I noticed (& was the only one) that he was sitting his yard in a swing with his head flung back, lifeless and all kind of cats hanging by strings around him. We turned around and I approached him, calling his name, asking him if he was okay & that he needed to go to the hospital, the cats woke up & scattered off, he awoke but unable to control his eyes (rolling in the back of his head, eyelids heavy). He kept telling me that he was okay , he would be fine, & that he was ready to go home. I remember in my dream feeling like cold chill sensation and waking up. I was able to fall back asleep and continue the dream (which I’m not always lucky to do that), whether or not the dream remained the same, I had him go inside his house to a nurse, & her saying his heart was dehydrated.
    My grandpa has had 2 heart attacks the past and we just lost my nanny in May, her birthday was also Nov 9, this dreamed occured 2 days after.

  339. Gerre says:

    I had a dream I was walking down the street and there was a tree with a kitten and an adult cat in it super lovely I walked over to them and was petting them. Then I walked to the other side of the tree and there were like 6 more cats in the tree only these were different colors and markings compared to the other two and they were all fat. While the other two were normal weight lol.

  340. Noemi says:

    I dreamt that my dog was barking at my daughters bedroom door. I was asked why she is barking so much without knowing I said “because they is a cat in the room.”and as I opened the door I saw the cat walking across my daughters bed and leave through a window. And then I woke up.

  341. Encladus says:

    I had a dream about a cute girl who looked at me and probably was the same age as me(age 16-17)and was near the window who was laying on a hammock and she looked at me and said something that I didn’t understand(She spoke nothing but she was moving her lips). Than I had a feeling that I should get her out of there because it was dangerous she was heavy but I got her out of it with someone who appeared out of nowhere and went toward a the door behind me. Then she turned into a blue cat and I named her “Kuro” But I had a feeling that it wasn’t her name so I just called her it anyways. Then my dream transitioned to my house in the kitchen then outside of the house in the street. I was riding some bicycle and I saw couple of dogs then a dog came up and snatched Kuro away and I chased after the dog and I saw Kuro fighting with the dogs but I took her before she done any harm to the dogs. Her cat nails scratched me and then I transitioned into my house in the middle of the kitchen and I let go of Kuro and she disappeared saying something I couldn’t understand(She spoke nothing but she was moving her lips). And then I time traveled and saw my sister saying it is Monday exactly the Monday the day I woke dreaming in the morning of Monday. I time traveled to speak with my sister to lose my cat I cried in my dream then woke up.

  342. Chrissie says:

    I had a dream last night that my cat (a little over a year old, I’ve had her since she was very small) we sick and dying and for some reason around her neck was very skinny and almost no fur. She is a pretty big cat ( fat actually ) it was sho disturbing I woke up right away and couldn’t go back to sleep.
    This not the first dream I’ve had like this. I had one other that I walked in the bathroom and she was on her back with all fours inn the air stiff as a board, dead. That was recently and very disturbing as well

  343. Patty says:

    I dreamed last night, that I was back at my parents house. The house I grew up in. I was in my old room and I heard kittens mewling. Lots of them. So I went to the front door and it was partially open. I opened it further and we had a screen door. Outside on the porch was around 7-8 kittens. Some were trying to climb up the screen. One was black and for some reason was stuck to the glass window that was beside the screen door, but he had only 1 eye, right in the middle of his forehead. Weird I know. Then there was one, who had found a small hole in the screen and had his head stuck in it, on my side of the screen. I put my palm on his head, to push him back through and his whole head just collapsed, like felt apart! Then the next thing I knew, there were kittens inside, walking around and falling apart, like zombie falling apart. And the weird part, there were worms coming from them. Not really maggots, but, oh gosh, I cannot describe them. They were just gross. So I turn around and tell my husband, to go get towels, so that we can clean up the blood and mess and he comes back with 2 blankets, that I had just washed. And truly, I had just washed these blankets 2 days before this dream! I wake up, while yelling at him to NOT use those blankets! I said towels!! I have not had a weird dream like this in years!! What could it mean??

  344. Simon Davies says:

    Here is a dream I had a couple of hours ago which led me to searching the net.

    I was sitting on the floor with a cat I know from our neighbourhood. It seemed like I was asking the cat about the future or it was trying to reveal some hidden truth about the universe. Anyway, the cat was draped across my legs and stretched out like a human would be and it was extremely heavy and rigid. It seemed to be drifting in and out of some hypnotic state/fit. It wasn’t healthy at all and seemed to be sad. When I looked at it’s face it had a hint of humanity about it or it was not completely animal. I remember feeling uncomfortable and trying to remove it from me but it was stuck like a leach. I did eventually manage to get it off but remember thinking that I shouldn’t give it to anyone else for fear it would stick to them too. That’s all I remember.

    How do I interpret this dream?

  345. Amethyst says:

    I just drew a cat and when I was going to go outside, it was about 9:20 maybe, and I saw a cat that wasn’t ours and she or he ran away, I’m guessing it was a she because female cats are usually shy, that cat ran really fast when I went to see where she/he went I didn’t see the cat in sight at all? What does this mean?

  346. Kate says:

    I had a dream that I was on a boat in the past. Going from Ireland or England to America. I had my cat in a carrier and everyone was like “why do you have a cat here?” And I was like “Idk…” and I felt very embarrassed. Then, we went to another part of the boat to watch Age of Ultron (dream logic). All of a sudden, Ultron ripped through the screen and started attacking everyone. My cat (now a hundred times her original size and flying) saved us all from Ultron. They thanked me for bringing her and I woke up.

    Interpret that shit.

  347. Haripriya says:

    I have feel cat ..growing whole around me in my bed nd I m just feelied helpless..to run away that cat from me…my whole wase just like paralysed ..that time look like even I can’t move my single figures of my hand….and that incident I just woke u….nd filled that she is under my bed nd she is skrching my bed…bt when I went to see…there was nthing..now I couldn’t understand what to do…feeling littel feared

    1. lucky shrimali says:

      my mom saw same dream like what u saw & in my moms dream cats with human faces attacked a yellow dog…she also couldn’t move .she was just shouting ….but she couldn’t do anything..
      did u found your answer that whats that means ?
      i didnt find yet ?

  348. Naz Rahim says:

    I dreamt of my late mum and dad and baby kittens.

  349. Desty says:

    I just dreamt of my black cat (that was missing and probably dead already) coming back home. He was pretty sick and I was trying to call 911 and see if they could help.

  350. Cweibel says:

    During the bad days of fear and anxiety I’d have dreams of being bit by a cat. It would be friendly at first and then I’d realize it was sinking it’s teeth in my hand and I couldn’t get away. I would always wake myself up. But last night I dreamed of two adorable cats that were smallish, very soft, very cuddly, and I was tickling one of them and enjoying it very much. They weren’t like other cats, not the least bit aloof. When I woke up, I was in a good mood.

    I will take it as a good omen.

  351. meowmeowmans says:

    Interesting stuff! It’s probably no wonder there are cats in my dreams, since we live with them and volunteer so much time with the kitties at the shelter. I love it when our angel kitties — Graphite, Sammy, Maggie, Bitsy and Lady Madonna — come to visit my dreams

    Funny, I don’t remember ever dreaming about a hissing or aggressive cat. Thank goodness for that, because I’m the possible interpretations of those things aren’t that great. 😉

  352. Eileen says:

    Very interesting read.

    1. Dragon tamer says:

      Keep in mind guys… That the mind goes to sleep to “reset” itself, so if you had been thinking of cats, or have a cat etc. Then it could just be the mind’s way of organizing that memory. So if you have a bad or scary dream that involves a cat, then it could be just a dream. Not every dream has a meaning. I speak from experience. (Trust me, I have had some seriously wierd dreams that make absolutely no sense)

      1. madhav says:

        i saw few cats friendly mostly white and i somehow saved cat’s life as they were stuck in a crowd of men, what does it mean ?