Hide and Sleep: Funny Places to Find a Cat

May 15, 2015

hide and sleep wylieBy Julia Williams

Last week as I was engaging in my favorite stress reducing time waster (aka Facebook), I happened upon the funniest video of a cat trying to squeeze into a small, empty fish bowl. The cat tried for several minutes to get into that bowl, and I couldn’t stop watching. I was sure he was too big to fit in there, but it was entertaining to watch him try. Lo and behold, he got in! I can only imagine his owner’s face the first time they walked in and saw their cat in a tiny fish bowl.

The video reminded me of all the times I’ve found one of my cats in a funny place. I wish I could say I took a photo every time it happened to me. Alas, I have not. Nor have I saved any of the hilarious photos I’ve come across over the years. Luckily, whenever I want to laugh at the antics of cats, it’s easy to find videos and photos online. I am thankful that others are not so lax at capturing those impromptu silly things cats do.

hide and sleep belleMy all-time favorite funny place I found my cat was in a large turkey roasting pan. It was a few days before Thanksgiving, and I’d gotten the roaster out of storage and set it on top of the dryer. When I walked into the laundry room and saw Annabelle curled up in there, fast asleep, I could not stop laughing! I also got a kick out of finding her hanging out with my collection of stuffed wolves. Likewise, seeing Rocky chilling out on top of my espresso maker is always good for a chuckle.

Like the ubiquitous box, it seems that vases, fruit bowls, baskets, suitcases and strange containers of all sizes are also cat magnets. Kittens have even been known to curl up in tiny teacups! I have the cutest photo of Annabelle at about 8 weeks old, fast asleep in my slipper. My cat Mickey likes to dig most of the dish towels out of the kitchen drawer and sleep in there; that always cracks me up.

I’ve seen photos of cats in the fridge, precariously sleeping among knickknacks on a mantel, and balancing on top of a door frame. The odd places that cats like to hide and hide and sleep kristinesleep are limitless. A Google image search for “cats in funny places” will net you a day’s worth of laughs!

Here are some other funny places to find a cat.

Birdhouse Kitty

Judging by the number of photos on the web of cats lounging in the birdfeeder or birdhouse, this “bright idea” is not unique among felines. Though I have no training in behavioral anaylsis of cats, this seems to be irrefutable proof that felines do possess logic and problem solving skills. I.E., to catch a tasty birdie snack, just go where the birds go.

The Potted Plant Cat

This is another common theme for funny cat photos – just Google “cats in flowerpots” and you’ll see. It seems that all felines can’t resist sleeping in flowerpots. And it doesn’t even deter them when there is already a flower or plant growing in the pot! To my untrained eye, that does not look the least bit comfortable, but what do I know?

hide and sleepUndercover Cat

My Annabelle likes to sleep under the covers of my bed, especially in the winter time. It always bring a smile to my face to walk into the bedroom and see that my bed has a “lump” in the middle of it. I swear I don’t know how she can breathe under the blankets and comforter, but she must be able to because this is paws down her favorite sleeping spot.

What are some funny places your cat likes to hide and sleep?

Kittens in a pot by Wylie/Flickr
Annabelle with wolves by Julia Williams
Birdhouse Kitty by Kristine Riskaer/Flickr
“Lumpy Cat” by Julia Williams

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