Choosing Healthy Treats for Your Dog or Cat

September 4, 2015

pet treats MartinBy Julia Williams

We have a bedtime ritual here that my three cats look forward to (I know, because if I forget, they are quick to remind me!). The ritual is simple: first, I give the cat treat bag a few shakes and voila – kitties appear instantly, as if by magic. I then dole out their individual allotment of the treats, and watch as they scarf up every last crumb. My cats like this ritual because they get yummy treats, and I like it because it lets me do a quick head count before I say my goodnights.

My cats love the CANIDAE PURE Taste cat treats. They dance around the kitchen in feverish excitement, and their loud meows and purrs let me know they think these grain free treats are the bomb. Dutiful Cat Servant that I am, my job is to give my feline friends what they want … BUT only if it’s good for them. So I enjoy the ritual because I know I’m giving them treats that not only taste great (so I’ve heard, haven’t eaten any myself) and make them happy, but they’re healthy for them too. June Cleaver would approve of these treats, I’m sure!

Our pets are highly intelligent creatures capable of doing amazing things, but they can’t read nutrition labels…yet! I wouldn’t put it past them to learn how to do that one day, but as of now their only criteria for the noms is a great taste. Smart humans that we are, we know lots of things taste good to our pets but aren’t necessarily good for them. Fortunately, CANIDAE makes a variety of healthy treats for both dogs and cats, and your pet will love them just as much as the ones with icky ingredients (like corn, soy, wheat or fillers).

Choosing Healthy Treats

The best way to make sure you are selecting a healthy treat for your dog or cat is by reading the nutrition label. Most of us have learned how to read the labels of our people food packages, because it helps us make better choices and lead healthier lives. I have made it a habit to read labels while out grocery shopping. I don’t scrutinize every package down to the last tiny detail, but I read enough so I can tell if it’s something I should be putting into my cart (and my mouth).

Many of the same label reading guidelines I use for my food are applicable to pet treats. Such as, if the ingredient list is a mile long or contains all sorts of strange things that sound like a science experiment, it’s probably not a good choice. Just as it is with our ingredient labels, simpler and shorter is always better.

treats MikeI would also steer clear of treats with chemical preservatives, byproducts, excess fat and sugar, and the aforementioned icky stuff. Look for cat and dog treats with natural preservatives as well as antioxidants, essential vitamins and other ingredients designed to improve your pet’s health.

I’m no June Cleaver, but I do try to be a responsible pet owner, and that means giving my cats healthy treats that are good for them. Luckily for me, CANIDAE has four different grain free flavors of PURE Taste cat treats. I’m all stocked up, because I know there would be a feline riot here if I ever ran out!

Oh, and if you have dogs, the CANIDAE treat options are even better – they have 15 different flavors of dog treats including 9 that are grain free. (Um…I’m ecstatic for the doggies and all but CANIDAE, isn’t it about time you gave the kitties a few more flavors? Just sayin.).

Top photo by Martijn Nijenhuis/Flickr
Bottom photo by Mike McCune/Flickr

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