“Dog Speak,” a Poem with Dog Related Phrases

October 27, 2015

dog speakBy Laurie Darroch

It’s amazing to see how much dogs have become interwoven in our speech. Even references related to their behavior and interactions with humans and other dogs make an occasional appearance in our vocabulary and conversations. These loyal companions influence us in every walk of life, ranging from day-to-day living all the way to the military and politics, and everything in between. Dog references appear in expressions about our strengths and weaknesses, in humorous anecdotes, in serious commentaries and light hearted bantering between friends.

Whether you are a dog lover or not, chances are that you have used expressions that harken back to our interactions with these beautiful creatures. This poem is in honor of the depth that dogs have touched our lives. It is written with a touch of humor using just a few of the words and expressions that have become part of our communication. “Dog speak” is a wonderful and colorful part of our spoken and written language.

Dog Speak

If I were a dog instead of me

Just what kind of dog would I be?

Would I be alpha dog and pick of the litter,

and put on the dog  to set all a twitter?

Would I be a hot dog that vies for attention,

or a big dog of important dimension?

In a dog-eat-dog world would I come out on top,

or a sweet little lap dog who craved just one spot?

Could I be a dogface- stalwart and determined,

who fights over a bone of contention?

Perhaps I’d be quick as a bird dog minute,

and leap in a dog pile with other dogs in it.

Maybe I’ll be an old dog, slow to learn new tricks,

or a possessive junkyard dog, grumpy and defensive.

Will it seem like a dog’s age waiting

for my human to arrive,

bringing me the doggie bag

from their favorite dive?

Could I be a bloodhound,

focused and determined,

that jumps through hoops

to find more than the learned?

Might I be a watch dog alert, fierce and protective,

or be a Cerberus with music distracted?

Would a lucky dog rule save me in a race,

and enable me to save my dog’s face?

Might I be like a dog with a bone,

tenacious and stubborn when guarding my home,

or meek in my doghouse sleeping curled up and calm?

I could let the dogs out

and bark loudly and run freely,

or quietly play, muzzle myself up.

Could I rest in a pup tent

or up on a bed?

Would I lie like a dog,

avoid trouble instead?

You’ll triple dog dare me

to try a new game,

but don’t loose the hounds

if I might misbehave;

sometimes I am naughty

and sometimes I’m brave.

I might be a singer,

bark like Gabriel’s hounds,

flying by in the sky

with the world all around.

Would I work like a dog

or be lazy as me?

There just is no telling what kind of dog I would be.

One thing I know, no matter my type

I would be man’s best friend,

of that there’s no doubt.

I’m one lucky dog to have figured that out.

Photo by Michael Gil/Flickr

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