What are Your Pets Thankful For?

November 25, 2015

rocky-catpuchino1By Julia Williams

Every year for Thanksgiving, we like to write a little something here about what we’re thankful for. It’s always good to spend some time thinking about gratitude, but this year we decided to turn the Thanksgiving post over to our pets. We know our pets have a lot to be thankful for, and they were more than happy to meow and bark about it!

Rocky Williams: I’m thankful my Warden has such a soft heart that she doesn’t get mad when she finds lick marks in her butter or when she sees me lounging on top of her coffee maker. I’m thankful she doesn’t freak out when she catches me stealing hamburger from a pan on the stove. Most of all, I’m thankful that when I grab a bite of chicken from her plate (right in front of her!), she pretends she doesn’t see me.

Mickey Williams: I’m thankful that my Warden pets me and tells me good morning and good night every single day, which shows me just how much I mean to her. I’m thankful she understands that I don’t like kisses or hugs and she respects my individuality even though she really, really wants to kiss me (because I’m irresistible!).

Annabelle Williams: I’m thankful for the special loving bond I share with my human best friend. I’m thankful she lets me cuddle with her, brushes my fur every day and gives me all the kisses that my brofur Mickey doesn’t want. I’m thankful she will sit on the furthermost edge of her computer chair (even though it’s not the least bit comfortable) rather than make me move, and that she is never “too busy” to give me some loving.

Keikei Cole: I am thankful I have plenty to eat, a cozy bed and a warm coat to wear outside when it’s cold. I’m thankful the “Boss” doesn’t get upset if I forget my manners and get a little too rowdy (although chasing the cat is apparently pushing it). I’m thankful the Boss took me in when no one else wanted me, taught me all kinds of cool things, and tells me every day I’m a good girl and so smart. I’m thankful for walks in the woods and gentle massages. But at the top of my list is knowing I’m loved – just for being me.

Neela Bear Darroch: I am thankful for someone to cuddle with at night because I love my Mommy so much. I snuggle up to her so tightly that she says she can’t move. I am kind of a grump in the middle of the night when she makes me move over so she can breathe, but she loves me anyhow. I am thankful for my people sister, too. When she comes for visits I climb all over her to give her loves and licks, and she takes me for long walks and kisses my nose and forehead. I am thankful for all the bugs and birds to chase in the desert. The slow tarantulas are boring, but I like the great big beetles and the flying bugs because they move fast like me so I can chase them all over, even into the house.

Big Al Cornwell: I’m thankful these humans looked past the shape of my big head and my big muscular body. I’m thankful they looked past my background, my scars and my issues and anxieties. I’m thankful they didn’t believe the stereotype. Mostly, I’m thankful they looked into my eyes and decided it was time for me to have a warm, loving, forever home.

Jet Cornwell: I’m thankful the lady doesn’t know when the man feeds me, so she feeds me again. I get doubles almost every morning.

Frosty Cornwell: I’m thankful that I share my home with two big people, a slow-moving, slow-thinking canine, and a snuggle-loving, wicked-smart feline. All the wackiness somehow blends into a harmonious household.

Nite-Knight: I am thankful my Mom is an old softy. I was a stray who had an infected paw. She took me to the vet…now I am hers. She loves me!

Milo and Alfie: We’re thankful for mom and dad and our warm safe home, treats and tummeh snorgles.

Queen Bambi, Timmy, Buffy, Ninja-boo and Sunny-Boy all say in unison, “we will be thankful when CatMom gets rid of all dem foster kittens! Plus, she OWES us lots a turkey to make up for it!”

Scylla: I am thankful that I am invisible when I am on the pillows.

Lil Bear (who whines for chicken and a clean water bowl every morning): I am thankful fur water and chicken treats!

Peaches: I am thankful to have an audience on whom to practice my feline charms.

Paprika: I am thankful for Door-Tops and other high places I can scale like a flying bat.

Milita: I am thankful for good noms and humans who hug me whenever I want.

Carmine: Mes is thankful for my loving mom, my comfy kitty cubes, and warm laps.

Sammy: I am thankful I never have to go outside again and that I am loved.

Orion: I am thankful I have a warm lap to lay on. Oh, and a warm fireplace!

Emily (who has her own suite): I am thankful to have my own space, away from those stinky boys.

Ringo: I’m thankful for everything! I love it here.

Sadie: I’m thankful for my mom, who is the play person, and my dad, who is my cuddle person.

Benny: I am thankful for warm fuzzy blankets, my people, and don’t tell anyone, cuddles from my brother Ringo.

Wally: I’m thankful for my nip nanner.

Dezi: Me be fankful fur a luvvin’ mommy and pawsum sisfur. And meez purrfect furever home.

Panky: Iz thankful for lots of things: the kind Staff known as DaMa, the roof over mai head, da many warm places for a nap, and the gud fuds fur mai tummy.

Troyer: Me fanksful fur Meowmmy who sees to mai every needs, and sumtimes fankful fur mai big brofur.

Phoebe: I am thankful for my Grammie, I love her so very much.

Pixel: I’m thankful that the small human has been taught how to use the wand toy.

Raz: I’m thankful for my Daddy who naps with me.

Ellie: I’m thankful for Stinky Goodness!

Allie: I’m thankful for snuggles with Mom, and pets and chin scritches from her

Top photo by Julia WilliamsThanksgiving photo contest
Bottom photo by Langley Cornwell

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