Two Dogs Dish about the Holidays

December 16, 2015

Frosty and Al 1By Frosty and Al Cornwell

Frosty’s point of view: We’re squarely into what we call “the holiday season” around our house. My crazy humans like to celebrate, so things are a little different in Casa Cornwell from around Halloween until the beginning of the New Year. That’s okay with me. It means more people are coming and going. My very big younger brother and I make a good greeting committee. We welcome everyone that enters the house with loud hello barks.

Once they have been properly greeted, the sniffing begins. Some of the people have been here before (I can tell by the way they smell). I also remember the ones who like us and the ones who wish the humans would lock us in the back room. My humans know how to handle things. I hear them give the people that don’t like us instructions so things always stay calm. They ignore us and we ignore them. No big deal. My brother and I always know we are safe, so everything is okay.

I don’t give those types of people much attention anyway, but I accept the extra snuggles, scratches behind the ears and pets on the top of my head from the nice people who like me. Then, once all the loving is dispensed, I’m out. Truthfully, I can only take so much of the extra activity. I usually find a place to lay down where I can see everything but where I don’t have to be involved in all the hustle and bustle.

Frosty with treeEven though things get really busy here around the holidays, my favorite time is when it’s just us. Like when we all pile up on the sofa and watch a movie on the television. I like to be on my end. After I get all settled in, I don’t really like my humans touching me. I’d rather snooze off and on. Sometimes my tongue hangs out and I can hear them laughing, but I don’t care. I’m warm and surrounded by love, and when I open one eye and take in the scene I know everything is right with the world.

Al’s point of view: Sometimes it’s quiet around here, and sometimes lots of people come and go. I’m never sure of the reason, but my sister Frosty seems okay with it so that’s good enough for me. We sure do like to make noise when the doorbell rings. We are loud! Frosty and I have a contest to see who can make the most noise; I always win.

I can tell that some visitors are afraid of me. I don’t know why. Oh sure…I’m very big and have a lot of muscles, but I’m a boy and I’m supposed to be big and strong. It’s my job to protect my family, and I’m good at that. But I’m learning how to behave. It’s something we Frosty and Al 2work on a lot in this household.

My people like it when I use good manners. If I’m on my best behavior, they give me some yummy CANIDAE treats. I’ve even figured out how to get extra treats. When people come over, I get right in front of them, look into their face with my soulful, seeking eyes and do what my humans call a proper sit. I’ll just sit down right in front of them and gaze into their eyes. I hear them call me a little gentleman. I make the rounds and sit in front of everyone that is in our house. I can tell by their tone that they like it when I do that. It’s my favorite thing to do. I know it makes everyone happy, and I get treats. Bonanza!

When it’s quiet and no visitors are here, we all snuggle up on the sofa. Frosty likes to be on the end by herself, they say she is independent. I don’t know what that means but whatever it is, I’m not the same way. I’m what they call a lap dog. Whether it’s during the holiday season or any other time of the year, my favorite place to be is right by my human’s side. Or, you know, on their lap.

Photos by Langley Cornwell

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