2015 Top 10 Googled Dog Questions

January 14, 2016

google rexBy Linda Cole

For the last 15 years, Google has published a list of topics that garnered the most searches for that particular year. The total number is compiled from searches on YouTube, Google Search, and Google News. Curious humans searched for information about the “dress” (was it white/gold or blue/black?), movies, celebrities and diets – to name just a few popular topics. Our canine friends also have a category. So what dog questions did people search for most often in 2015?

10. How to Stop Dogs from Biting?

Correcting this behavior requires patience and persistence. When your dog bites hard enough that it’s painful, yell “Ouch” and turn your attention away from him for around five seconds. If he bites again, yell “Ouch” and move away. Ending your interaction with him is negative punishment to a dog. Repeat this exercise each time he bites hard. Reward with tasty CANIDAE treats when he controls his bite. He’ll learn through repetition about bite inhibition.

9. How to Paper Train a Puppy?

Take him to the paper and give him a trigger word or phrase like “do your business” or “potty.” Don’t rush and be patient while he decides if he needs to go. Give treats and praise each time he uses the paper. Take him to the area when he wakes up in the morning, after a nap, after each meal and every couple of hours. Never punish him for having an accident off the paper. Clean up accidents with a paper towel, put it and your pup on the paper and let him sniff it. Training (piddle) pads are absorbent and work better than papers.

8. What Breed is the “Target” Dog?

All of the Target mascots have been Bull Terriers and named Bullseye. The current Bullseye is a 7 year old female whose real name is unknown because Target is fairly secretive about their mascots. Nikki, a rescued Bull Terrier, served as the Target mascot for 10 years before recently retiring. The red bull’s-eye around the eye is painted on using a pet safe vegetable based paint.

7. Why Do Dogs Chew Their Paws?

Allergies are one reason, but the behavior can also be genetic, Canine Compulsive Disorder, arthritic pain, cuts, burns or other foot injuries, Red Mange, integoogle AJUrdigital furuncles, a tick, rocks, thorns, burrs or other foreign objects. In winter, snow, ice, road salt and other chemicals used on roads and sidewalks can collect between their pads. If the hair between the pads is too long, foreign material can get tangled in the hair and cause pain.

6. When Do Puppies Get Shots?

Each vet has their own protocol they follow for puppy shots and boosters. However, a general schedule begins at 6 to 7 weeks old. A second combination of shots is given around 9 weeks of age, then at 12 weeks, and the final combination of shots at 16 weeks. Talk to your vet about his protocol for giving puppy shots.

5. How to Keep Puppy From Eating Poop?

The most effective way is to make sure he doesn’t have access to any. Keep him on leash when he’s outside to do his business and pick up after him. Don’t allow him to sniff poo piles he finds by teaching him to “leave it.” Most pups outgrow this stage, but it can become a lifelong habit for some. If your pup looks for “treats” in the cat litter box, put it behind a barrier or higher up, out of his reach. Provide your pup with a quality food like CANIDAE to make sure he’s getting all the nutrients he needs, has plenty of exercise, and isn’t hungry or stressed.

4. How to Register a Dog with the AKC?

Both parents must be AKC registered, as well as the litter your pup came from. A good breeder should have already registered the litter. Visit the AKC website for information on registering a dog.

3. How to Register a Dog as a Service Animal?

Under the Americans with Disabilities Act, there is no requirement for a service dog to be certified or registered. However, a service dog is defined as a working animal and not a pet, and must be well trained, socialized and perform specific tasks for his handler.

google smerikal2. How to Crate Train Your Puppy?

Laurie Darroch wrote an excellent article with tips for crate training a dog.

1. Why do Dogs Wag Their Tail?

Dogs use a tail wag as a social statement to convey emotions like happiness, anger, irritation or annoyance. Just because a dog is wagging his tail doesn’t mean he’s friendly and wants to interact with you. To understand how a dog is truly feeling, you need to observe his overall body language.

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