Does Your Dog Hog Your Bed?

January 15, 2016

dogs sleep joaoBy Laurie Darroch

Dogs love being close to their human companions, even when they sleep.  If your dog is allowed on the bed or furniture, they will very soon take it over and make it their domain as well as yours. In their minds it must be allowable to establish the most comfortable arrangement they can on their sleeping spots, even if it makes your sleeping arrangement uncomfortable. For our loved dogs though, we often make concessions that we don’t even do for our human companions.

Unerring loyalty is sometimes worth bending the rules for when it comes to rest time. The sense of safety and security humans and dogs get from each other is an added bonus, but dogs know how to push the limits of sleeping comfort if you allow them to. Sometimes they are quite humorous about their sleep time maneuverings. They have a way of wiggling in where they want to be, to sleep right next to the person they love most.

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

It’s time to rest our weary heads,
Come right now, it’s time for bed,
I’ll stand and stare until you rise,
And lead you in with drooping eyes.

Bedtime is on my sole command,
Not when you feel the need to stand,
And shuffle with your sleepy head,
Hours after I said, “Time for bed!”

I know the bed is very big,
And that I am a bed space pig.
But it’s so nice to spread right out,
And take the largest bed amount.

Perhaps my legs are way too long,
My bony toes feel hard and strong,
Right in your back they stab and dig,
Just like a sharp and pointed twig,

Or that my snoring in your ear,
Is much too loud for restful cheer,
And kicking, running in my dreams,
Can make you shout out with a scream,

That pillow your head settles on,
Is also for me to rest upon,
Don’t be perturbed I share that too,
It’s soft and squishy just like you,
dogs sleep michel
I pull the covers off your toes,
While turning, twisting to and fro,
Then sitting right on top of it,
I make you shiver in a fit,

But when temperatures begin to rise,
My furry hide is your demise,
Make up your mind, which will it be,
Never mind, it’s up to me,

Once I invade your sleeping space,
Do not expect much restful grace,
The bed I share is on my terms,
With fur and noise and wiggly turns,

Against the edge you still have room,
For me to cuddle up and spoon,
Against your back like second skin,
While breathing out and breathing in,

And aren’t you my own heating pad,
My coziness should make you glad,
To feel me right up close to you,
Plastered against you just like glue,

You should not get me up to move,
When I have found my perfect groove,
Even when it makes it so,
You can’t move, not one small toe.

I’m sorry your arm goes quite numb.
From all the weight of my big bum,
But that was the perfect spot for me.
And it is how it’s going to be,

I love you so that I must stay,
Where I can rest most cozily,
To feel you breathe and hear your heart,
And know we’ll never be apart,

Have patience with my nightly tossing,
It isn’t you who’s in charge bossing,
I’m ruler of the family nest,
And how you sleep and where you rest,

Now close your eyes and sleep with peace,
Into the bed I let you squeeze,
Be happy you get a small spot,
In my comfy bed that is a lot.

Top photo by Joao Vicente/Flickr
Bottom photo by amateur photography by michel/Flickr

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  1. DMatsuura says:

    Do my dogs hog my bed? Why yes. Yes they do. It is amazing how much space a Corgi needs. Diane @ CANIDAE and the Corgi Princess.

    1. Laurie Darroch says:

      I turn on my side in bed and my dog plasters herself against my back like a second skin. Then she nuzzles against my back like she is fluffing a pillow until she gets me just right. On cold days it feels nice. On hot days it is like having extra heat. She grumbles when I make her shift back to give me room. I get 1/4 of the bed. She gets the rest and stretches everything out to take as much room as she can. Have to laugh.