Potty Grass for Dogs

January 13, 2016

potty grass topBy Laurie Darroch

Potty grass is a product that offers an option for your dog if they are stuck inside and need to relieve themselves, or if some situation or condition keeps your dog inside. Some owners find potty grass to be a good alternative for times when their dog does not have access to the real thing. Here are some of the reasons to consider potty grass, and tips on using it.

Night Trips

Your dog may need to find relief in the middle of the night. If they urinate frequently or you live in an area that is not conducive to outside potty walks, having an indoor option or one in an enclosed patio or balcony or even the bathroom or laundry room, may be just what you need.

Illness or Injury

In the case of a very ill dog, a dog with an injury, or one with lessened physical function, a grass potty pad offers your dog the dignity of a particular place to find relief that is close enough and easier for them because it doesn’t involve excessive painful walking.

If you are sick or disabled yourself and find that you cannot handle long walks, potty grass helps you be a responsible pet owner and may be a very helpful alternative for dealing with your dog’s calls to Mother Nature.


Dog-Animated-no-offerSome potty grass set ups are quite large and not easy to carry around, but for a long trip and extended stay, bringing along the potty grass set up may be helpful.

Inclement Weather

Not all dogs care for winter weather, and may fight going outside to go to the bathroom when it is stormy or cold. Although the indoor option is not the best one, it can provide an alternative when weather conditions are too extreme for your dog to do their business outside.

Potty grass can also be used outside as well. Set it up in a covered area or in an enclosed patio or deck for a modified outdoor potty option. The mess will stay outside that way, but your dog may be a bit more willing to brave the weather extremes if they do not have to dig or walk in the snow or rain. It is a compromise that will appease both of you.

Outdoor Substitute

Dogs often like to dig or sniff in the grass or dirt before they relieve themselves. They may be fussy about going on hard cement outdoors, and if that is all you have available close by, this may be an issue. An outdoor potty grass system allows your dog to go outside to find relief and still gives them the feel of nature in which to do their business. Using potty grass is also one way to keep your dog’s messes in one controlled area so you are not cleaning up the whole yard continually if they are prone to moving from one area to another to do their business.


Potty grass is available in everything from simple patches of grass to full framed raised systems that include an automated sprinkling option for cleaning, a full attachable drainage system, or optional removable drain bowls beneath the framed potty grass stand. There are even some that offer a choice of real or synthetic grass.

potty grassSome potty grass systems have an added hydrant or standing option for the male dogs to lift their legs on. You can add your own pole, hydrant or fake bush if you build your own potty grass set up.

Although outdoors in the yard or on a walk is the best place for a dog to do his business, that isn’t always an option. Potty grass can make life a bit easier for you and your dog when an alternative method is needed.  Do your research and shop around to find the best potty grass set up that works for you and your dog.

Photos by PETaPOTTY/Flickr

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  1. DMatsuura says:

    Potty grass is a good idea. You can also make a doggie litter box using a large plastic tray that is used as a drip pan under washing machines and specially made litter pellets. Diane @ CANIDAE