5 Fun Pet Websites to Lift Your Day

March 2, 2016

fun sites susanBy Laurie Darroch

If you’re looking for a fun pet-related way to spend a little time, the internet offers endless options. Whether you want to look at funny photos, play games, watch videos or just have a few good laughs, these five websites will provide you with a bit of pet themed entertainment.


This site is chock full of humorous photographs. Funnydogsite.com is updated daily with photos of every variety of dog and their antics. The site encourages viewers to send in their own dog photos as well, to add to the ever growing catalog of amusing pictures. For cat lovers, there is a sister site, funnycatsite.com, which has photographs, videos and animated gifs.


Although the Animal Planet website features all kinds of animals, there is plenty to please dog and cat lovers. Included in the site is a series of games to play. Among these are Mutt Maker which allows the player to create their own dog breed combination from a selection of dogs, Pet Spa Challenge in which the player has to run a pet spa, and Pet Picker, a quiz that helps people find the right pet for them based on their multiple choices picks. Animalplanet.com also includes videos, animal related news and a schedule of their shows.


Aside from the obvious resource of YouTube for the pet video addict, the web offers countless sites to while away the hours viewing pets from all over the world. Catsdogsvideo.com provides a large variety of general pet videos, documentaries, short films and animation categories for your viewing pleasure.

Obviously, people love their pets and enjoy sharing them with the web. Be careful not to get too addicted to the fun and endless viewing choices offered, or you may never get away from the computer! There is a free newsletter you can subscribe to if you want to stay connected and know about new additions on the site.


Game lovers of all ages are always on the hunt for new gaming experiences. For those who are looking for pet-related games, petgames.my-pet-care.com offers child friendly options that feature dogs, cats and other types of pets.Within each pet category are a variety of subject choices ranging from adoption games, personal care clinics, competitions, dress up, and many fun sites deniseothers. For the younger crowd, there is plenty to keep them occupied playing the pet games this site offers.


If you are planning a trip with your pets and need to find accommodations and travel arrangements that include your pet, BringFido.com helps you find the right place to stay worldwide. Not only does it include a list of places to stay, BringFido.com offers connections to local pet services such as groomers, pet walking, pet sitting, stores and kennels.

Special dog events, dog friendly restaurants, and activities that allow dogs are included. If you have experience in a particular lodging or event that is not included on the website, you can send in the information for them to add to this informative website. There is also a viewer photo section and a dog forum.  If you are itching to travel and want to take your canine buddy along, this website is full of information to help you make the trip a memorable one for both you and your dog.

The internet is filled with more pet related websites than most of us could peruse in a lifetime. These five fun pet sites are but a sampling of the millions of possibilities. Enjoy!

Top photo by Susan Gilson/Flickr
Bottom photo by Denise Rosser/Flickr

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