Incredible Things Dogs Sense Before They Happen

March 9, 2016

incredible things Takashi HososhimaBy Langley Cornwell

It is a well-known fact that most canine senses far surpass that of humans. This is most likely a survival trait from before dogs were domesticated. For example, since dogs often had to travel to find food, it’s understandable that their sense of smell would be so strong. There is most likely similar reasoning behind their other enhanced senses, but sometimes the details of what dogs can do are so incredible they boggle the mind and make us realize that dog is man’s best friend on more than just a personal level. Sometimes they are man’s best friend on a species level.

Here are just a handful of things that dogs can sense before they actually happen, and long before we humans have any idea of what’s coming.


There have been many documented cases of dogs being able to sense seizures before they happen. Some dogs are even trained for this specific purpose, and they know what to do when it happens. They might lie on top of a person to help keep them grounded, or they might seek medical help or do other things that are helpful to the individual in question.


Many canines can sense when a person has an illness. This includes life-threatening illnesses like cancer. Since a dog’s sense of smell is thought to be a thousand times stronger than ours, there is a very real possibility that they can smell a change in the individual’s scent. In cases where there is an infection, dogs can most likely smell the infection. So, the next time your furry pal seems to consistently sniff around one area of your body, it might be a good idea to pay a visit to your doctor instead of reprimanding your dog.


Animals are often able to sense when earthquakes are coming, and dogs are no exception to this rule. In part, this may be because they are so close to the ground that they sense a seismic shift long before it reaches the surface.

incredible things Rusty ClarkStorms

It’s fairly common for dogs to have a fear of storms. This may be because their sense of hearing is roughly a hundred times that of humans’ and the sound of thunder is most likely overwhelming to them. Even the sounds of rain can be so loud that your dog doesn’t want to go outside during a storm. It’s not that they don’t want to get wet. They simply can’t stand the sound of all those rain drops hitting a surface. In any case, if your pup starts acting like they do when it storms, but there isn’t a storm happening yet, you might want to start preparing. Again, this is most likely a survival trait so that a dog had time to seek shelter before a serious storm.

The assumption is that canines have such enhanced senses they may be able to smell things you can’t, or hear things you can’t, like thunder in the distance or high winds heading your way. At the same time, there is every possibility that energy fields and electro-magnetic changes in the atmosphere or the human body are sensed by your pup.

One thing my dogs can always predict is feeding time. Even before they hear me fill their bowls with CANIDAE kibble or they smell the food, they know it’s time!

Keep in mind that evolution has a large part to play in how all animals interact with nature and other living things. Dogs are pack animals that go to great lengths to take care of each other. Being able to sense danger in the form of natural events or illnesses may be a trait that is left over from the goal to perpetuate the survival of the species. Who knows, maybe at one time humans had similar traits.

Is there anything else that your dog predicts? Anything he knows is going to happen before it does? If so, let’s hear about it. Maybe I could write an entire article about you and your dog’s special senses!

Top photo by Takashi Hososhima/Flickr
Bottom photo by Rusty Clark/Flickr

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  1. Anna says:

    Lol someone needs to tell my dog he’s supposed to have earthquake intuition! We had a pretty big one recently and even during the quake he barely lifted his head.