The Cat Lady Box Will Make You Purr!

March 11, 2016

cat lady box 2By Julia Williams

Monthly subscription boxes are all the rage these days. At least, it would seem so given the range of products available in the boxes – everything from beauty products, snacks, cookies, art supplies, wine, children’s toys, vitamins, razors (lol!), tea, coffee and yes…even pet products.

In fact, there are quite a few different monthly subscription boxes with goodies for your dog or cat. I’ve subscribed to a few, so I understand the appeal. It’s really quite fun – like getting a “gift” every month. Even though all of the products were for my cats, I still enjoyed opening the boxes and checking everything out. Suffice it to say, my cats now cat lady box totehave a nice stockpile of toys.

There’s a new pet-related subscription box now, and this one is different because the products are for the “cat lady” of the house, not the cats. All I can say is…it’s about time! I mean, we give, give, give to our furry feline friends and yes, they give us unconditional love in return. But we want gifts! And I’m not talking about the kind (still alive) some cats bring us – sure, those may be gifts in the eyes of a cat, but the things in the Cat Lady Box are infinitely better! No comparision really.

The Cat Lady Box I received included a really cute black tote bag with “CATS are my cat lady box watchBAG” printed in bright gold. It’s roomy and looks very durable. My box also included an adorable little kitty keychain and a kitty-face watch with a leopard strap – it is the cat’s meow!

Each month’s Cat Lady Box has 2 to 3 fabulous feline-themed items – such as magnets, mugs, jewelry, tees, socks, scarves, wall decals, home décor and books. All of the high quality items are carefully hand-selected by Cat Lady Box founder (and cat blogger) Dorian Wagner. As a longtime cat lady herself, Dorian knows what cat ladies want and love, so each box is filled with presents guaranteed to make us purr. Heck, some of us might even be so over the moon with our Cat Lady Box that we do that “happy biscuit making” thing. (I plead the fifth).

Of course, no cat lady worth her salt would want to receive a box of goodies without cat lady box Belle 1there being something in there for her feline best friend. Am I right? My Cat Lady Box had some treats and an adorable catnip toy that was promptly confiscated by Annabelle. Some of the goodies in past Cat Lady Boxes are also available on their website.

The Cat Lady Box starts at $31.33 per month; the CRAZY Cat Lady Box (with at least 2 surprises for your kitty) starts at $36.00 per month. You can choose a month-to-month, 3 month or 6 month subscription, and you can even buy a gift subscription for your favorite Cat Lady (that’s me…right?) Shipping is free to the U.S., $6.95 to Canada and $12.95 to the UK.

If you need another incentive to order your own Cat Lady Box, here are two: they support independent artists and small businesses with their box contents AND they donate a portion of all profits to cat rescue organizations each month!

Intrigued? Visit the Cat Lady Box website to learn more about this meowvalous subscription box.

Top photo by Sonju Photography
All other photos by Julia Williams

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  1. meowmeowmans says:

    Cat Lady Box sounds like a lot of fun for ladies who love cats (and their cats)! 🙂