The Joys of Raising a Puppy

March 15, 2016

joys of puppy jelene morrisBy Laurie Darroch

It is both a joy and a challenge to raise a puppy. In the midst of activity exhaustion, sometimes you just have to sit back and look at the funny side of the situation and laugh. Puppies are love. Puppies are cuteness personified. Puppies know how to take advantage of both of those attributes to wrap you around their little toes and turn people into gibbering rag dolls.

It is a good thing a puppy arrives looking like a heart tugging ball of fluff that makes you coo with some form of infectious illness. Watch a group of otherwise “normal” behaving adults with a new puppy, and you’ll wonder if you were suddenly transported into an alternate universe full of adults who suddenly lost their mental acuity. They begin to speak in alien squeaky voices and talk ad nauseam about things like puppy potty accomplishments and puppy toys.

Puppies melt even the toughest hearts and turn them into liquid butter. My heart was never very stoic to begin with, therefore I was bound to catch this highly contagious illness. Yes…I was hit with puppy plague. I am now “Auntie Laurie” to a pair of puppies named “Teddy” and “Gigi.” I have sunk to new mental lows and my large vocabulary includes a whole slew of one syllable puppy related verbiage.

With a human baby, you get a chance to breathe once in awhile and build up your stamina before the age where they start getting into everything. With a puppy, after the first few weeks of excessive sleeping and moments of cute activity, the world is a giant playground for them to explore and try to devour or attack.

Puppies are instant mischief and bundles of joy. They are equipped with razor sharp teeth that cut into everything they grab. They have stubby little legs that move quickly and make the puppy look like a wind-up toy zipping around the room.  Their hunting instincts send them off to intently pounce on miniscule bits of blowing fluff or a passing ant as if they were wild dogs on a search of major prey. That naturally causes squeaky reactions joys of puppy John Voofrom the surrounding human adults and a chorus of “Oohs!” and “Awwwws!” that are coated in enough verbal molasses to almost cause sugar shock.

Puppies have tails that wag a mile a minute during play. It is some sort of wind up key, I’m sure. Any opportunity and that tiny creature will gleefully run off to chase whatever passes into their field of short attention span vision. Then on to the next excitement they run, playing puppy ping pong.

Suddenly the puppy passes out in exhaustion and falls into a tiny ball of fluff on the ground and sleeps as if they just ran a marathon. Twenty minutes later, some kind of internal alarm goes off and the fluffy wind-up toy is off and running again, barely giving you time to catch your breath.

The world is a super fun place to a puppy, and its theirs to conquer. Once they discover this, put your running shoes on and get ready to go. It’s marathon time!

Top photo by Jelene Morris/Flickr
Bottom photo by John Voo/Flickr

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