Puppy Bowl XIII Will Feature Dogs with Special Needs

February 2, 2017

puppy bowl
This Super Bowl Sunday, dog-lovers everywhere will get a very special treat on their televisions. No, not another tear-jerking lost-puppy Budweiser commercial, we’re talking about the Puppy Bowl! Animal Planet’s annual event keeps viewers on the edge of their seats as team Ruff squares off against team Fluff. Because what could be cuter than adorable puppies playing and fumbling around on a mini-football field? Answer: Nothing.

As in years past, the Puppy Bowl XIII starting lineup and the other animals participating in the event are all shelter pets. 78 puppies from 34 different shelters will take the field this Sunday as viewers watch them play with toys, drink water from the “bowl cam” and inevitably fall asleep in the middle of the action. What makes this year’s Puppy Bowl different is that the roster features three dogs with special needs.


Team: Fluff
Breed: Australian Shepherd
Sex: Male
Age: 14 weeks
Shelter: Double J Dog Ranch, Idaho


Winston is an impossibly cute, white and fluffy Australian Shepherd. He is hearing and visually impaired, but has a “sixth sense for the end zone.” Winston comes to the Puppy Bowl from Double J Dog Ranch in Idaho.


Team: Fluff
Breed: Terrier Mix
Sex: Female
Age: 16 weeks
Shelter: Operation Education Rescue, Tennessee


She may be petite, but she’s got enough spunk to play on par with the rest of Team Fluff. Lucky is a three-legged Terrier Mix who comes from Operation Education Rescue in Tennessee.


Team: Ruff
Breed: English Pointer
Sex: Male
Age: 15 weeks
Shelter: Green Dogs Unleashed, Virginia


Representing the East coast, Doobert joins Team Fluff from Green Dogs Unleashed in Virginia. Doobert is a 15-week-old English Pointer puppy who is deaf and so handsome he’ll probably leave the stadium with a modeling contract.

Will you watch the Puppy Bowl this weekend?

While millions will tune in to watch the biggest football event of the year, we’ll have a close eye on the game that really matters – Puppy Bowl XIII. The show kicks off at 2pm ET with a “tail gate” followed by the kickoff at 3pm ET.

For a complete roster of this year’s adorable Puppy Bowl participants, visit AnimalPlanet.com.

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