5 Pet Hair Removal Tools to Make Your Life Easier

March 31, 2017

pet hair removal tools
If your clothes give away the truth (that you are a loving pet owner), it may be time to get a good pet hair removal tool. While your dog or cat may have a beautiful, shining coat, the hair looks much better on them than it does on you.

Most dogs and cats shed; although hairless breeds may be exempt, and dogs that require grooming shed in negligible amounts. For example, poodles and wire-haired terriers tend to retain their hair until it is groomed, thereby avoiding the perils of shedding. This leaves the majority of pet owners to figure out how to keep their black clothes black (my cream Chihuahua is often evident on my black blazer) and keep dog hair in its place.

The long and the short of it

Short hair is typically hard and straight. It can work its way into carpets, upholstery, and linens. Short haired dogs and cats may be easier to groom, but they need regular brushing to remove loose hair before it hits the ground. Long haired dogs and cats typically shed less often, but these pets go through periods of “blowing coat” in tremendous volume. The long, soft hairs usually rest on top of carpets and flooring, eventually uniting to form hairballs and dust bunnies. These dogs need regular brushing throughout the year and extra combing during the seasonal blow out.

Effective brushing and bathing can help catch loose hair from your pets so that it can be tossed out before it lands on your clothes and furniture. While grooming can drastically reduce the stress of unruly loose hair, some is still likely to end up distributed in your environment. The following pet hair removal tools will gather these rogue strands and make your life easier:

1. Moisture

A little hair can be wiped up with a little water. Use a damp cloth, or even your own wet hand, to catch loose hairs on your clothes. Water adds weight to those hairs, making them unable to stick to your clothes. Just use downward strokes to catch the loose hairs. You can use this technique anywhere, anytime – including after meeting other people’s pets. The same technique can be used in your home, too. Just dampen a sponge or mop to clean hairy sofas and floors.

2. Sticky stuff

Use the sticky side of packing tape to capture loose hairs. Wrap the tape around your hand, sticky side out, and dust your clothes and furniture. Or, rather than mess with winding the tape around your hand for every use, invest in a few lint rollers designed specifically for this purpose. Keep one in your dressing area, one in your car, and one in your desk or locker. These rollers are inexpensive and available at pet supply stores and other retail outlets.

3. Grooming brushes and curry combs

Use grooming brushes and combs as intended to remove loose hair from your pets. You will notice that they love the feeling of being brushed and the opportunity to bond with you. These tools can also serve another purpose: pet owners can use the brushes made to collect pet hair on their dogs and cats to collect pet hair on themselves. Use a rubber curry brush to collect long or short hairs from your clothes or furniture. A pin brush may be ideal for use on carpeting.

4. Rubber glove

My favorite product in this category is a rubber glove with nubs on the palm side. These grab loose hairs when you pet your dog or cat, containing the hairs before they hit the floor. An added benefit is that pets love to be groomed with this glove—it’s like getting a mini-massage built into the deal. A rubber glove can also be used to collect pet hair from sofas and carpeting.

5. Specialty brooms and vacuums

You will find that rubber brooms collect hair nicely, and you may even find special “pets” to use for collecting hair on hardwood floors. These flat, pet-looking mop heads lie loose on the floor, and you can kick them around to attract loose hair. However, nothing beats the power of a good vacuum, such as the Dyson Animal, which can remove hair from carpet and furniture, or the Shark Rotator Professional.

Summing up

Hair removal is an on-going part of pet ownership. The routine should include meticulous grooming to remove hair from your pets before it lands in unwelcome territories, and using proper tools to collect hair in your home. You can share many things with your pet—but we don’t recommend wearing their coats around town.

Do you have your dog on a strict grooming schedule, or do you tend to procrastinate regular brushing and bathing? Find out the importance of being consistent in our article, “Three Common Grooming Mistakes Dog Owners Make.”

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