5 Good Reasons to Hire a Dog Walker

April 18, 2017

By Laurie Darroch

No matter how much you love your dog and pay attention to her, there may be times when you are not able to walk her as much or as often as she really needs. Hiring a reliable dog walker can help you provide your dog with a full day of activities. Here are 5 good reasons to consider hiring a dog walker.

Long Work Hours

Whether you are working overtime or traveling for business, the hours you’re away can be lonely and boring for your dog. Even if you leave music or the television on and provide toys, food and a way for your dog to relieve herself, those long hours alone can lead to destructive behavior or simply a very sad dog. Your dog needs varied stimulation in her life, the same way you do. Hiring a dog walker gives your canine friend a much needed break in her solitary day. The connection also gives her another person to trust and enjoy being with when her favorite human is not home. You also won’t have to worry as much about your dog when you have a good dog walker who spends time with her every day.


Much like us, our dogs need exercise to stay in prime condition, both physically and mentally. If you have a dog door and a securely fenced yard, your dog is at least able to get some exercise while you’re away. If not and your dog is stuck indoors all day, she may not move around much. The services of a daily dog walker can give her that needed physical exercise. The added benefit is that when you get home after an exhausting day at work, you won’t feel duty bound to exercise your dog the very moment you arrive home. You have a chance to unwind first and then play with your dog.

Bathroom Breaks

You can set up potty pads indoors or have an area outdoors where your dog can “go,” but having her on a routine that includes daily walks and outdoor time with a human companion allows her another way to find relief. If access to the outdoors is not an option, a routine visit from a dog walker during a long day allows your dog a time to get a potty break. You can’t expect your dog to hold it all day while you are gone.

Mental Stimulation

Besides physical exercise, your dog needs mental stimulation while you are away. A bored dog can be very destructive. She is not so much being naughty as simply needing something to do other than sleep. Some dogs are more prone to agitated activity than others when no one is home. Going out for a walk with a hired dog walker gives your dog someone to visit and interesting things to see and explore. For active dogs, puppies and dogs that love being social and exploring, the company and activity of spending time with another human will help keep them mentally alert, entertained and calmer.

Limited Home Space

Like you, your dog needs to move and stretch her legs periodically. Not everyone has a huge home in which their dog can move around during the day, however. The same scenery inside a small home, although comforting and secure for your dog, can also be very limiting, particularly if you have a larger dog. A small dog can easily run around an apartment, but a larger dog can feel cramped in a small home. A dog walker will help your dog stretch her legs and move freely outside where the space accommodates her better.

When looking to hire a dog walker, it’s important that they are reliable, responsible and capable of handling your dog in a positive way that puts you at ease. Whether you choose a licensed and bonded agency or an individual to do the walking, pick the person with care.

As a responsible pet owner, you want your dog to be healthy and happy in every way, and that includes during the times you cannot be there for her yourself. If you are not able to take your dog on walks very often, a dog walker can be a great help. A dog walker can be an ally for both you and your dog, someone you can work with for the benefit ofyour loved canine companion.

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